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  1. KSP Version: Operating System and version : Windows 10 CPU and GPU models: Intel i5 10400F / GTX 1080 8gb Description of the bug. On the VAB while the sun is rising if the orthographic camera is activated one side of the vehicle it's gonna shine really bright (i think it happens too while the sun is on the top). Steps to Replicate Wait until sunrise > Activate orthographic camera Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..) Video: https://imgur.com/HSuNWgL
  2. There simple objective: Go to the sun and go as close as you can without any part on your craft being destroyed. Screenshot your closest approach to the sun without blowing up and post it here. Send a probe close to the sun = Grilling expert Send a Kerbal close to the sun = Bacon Expert Send a SPACE STATION close to the sun = Cooking enthusiast (only counts as space station if it has docking ports) Return to Kerbin after doing any of the previously stated = Grilling Master (Must not return the space station to Kerbin must send a crew to station and then return the crew)
  3. Flare Replacer is a mod to replace the stock sun flare without using Scatterer. Currently there are 15 different flares to choose from. These sun flares are ported over from Galileo's Sun Flares. All flares are 4k (stock's are 1k if you are wondering). I think I covered most niches when it comes to sun flares. There are some basic, no-nonsense flares for those who like realism, and there are some flares that JJ Abrams would be proud of, and a few in between. Here are some screenshots Aichmiros Avrams Classico Fusion Grande Megalo Mellontikos Omorfia Lampros Grat Foveros Zesto Epos Fotia Enkavma Just a cool screenshot Screenshots are also available in the each zip file, so you can easily see what each looks like without having to come back to the forums over and over. How to change the color Open the FlareReplacer cfg and find the parameter %sunLensFlareColor = 1,1,1,1 The color is in decimals, or float value. Replace the value 1,1,1,1 with any of the recommended values below: The higher the value, the more saturated the color. 1 should be the minimum, and there is no maximum, these are just the values I prefer. R,G,B,A 1,1,1,1 = White 4,1,1,1 = Red 1,4,1,1 = Green 1,1,4,1 = Blue 4,3,1,1 = Yellow 4,1,4,1 = Purple 4,2,3,1 = Pink 4,2,1,1 = Orange 1,4,4,1 = Blue-Green Using a value less than 1 causes some odd looking sun flares. You can come up with whatever color you can think of, these are just examples and probably the most popular. Here are some screenshots of the colors in action To add compatibility with other planet packs *NOTE: ALL planet packs have a star named "Sun" as the center of the system, or should. They may be renamed once kopernicus loads but they are still technically "Sun". That being said, you can leave the first Kopernicus node alone. To add a star from a planet pack to this mod, copy the entire body node in the FlareReplacer cfg. and paste it directly below the first one. All you have to do is change the name of the body name in @Body[] as shown below. You can add as many of these as you like to cover as many stars as you have in your planet pack. This will allow you to define a color for each individual star. Feel free to include your new cfg in your planet packs and add this mod as a recommendation! It should look like this: @Kopernicus:FINAL:NEEDS[FlareReplacer] { @Body[starNameGoesHere] { %ScaledVersion { %Light { %sunLensFlareColor = 1,1,1,1 %sunFlare = FlareReplacer/FlareReplacer.unity3d:sun_flare } } } @Body[anotherStarNameGoesHere] { %ScaledVersion { %Light { %sunLensFlareColor = 1,1,1,1 %sunFlare = FlareReplacer/FlareReplacer.unity3d:sun_flare } } } } @Scatterer_config:Final:NEEDS[!FlareReplacer] { @fullLensFlareReplacement = True } Be sure to include this ^^^ at the bottom of your cfg. This enables the Scatterer sun flares again if FlareReplacer is uninstalled. @Scatterer_atmosphere:FINAL:NEEDS[FlareReplacer] { @Atmo,* { @m_mieG = 0.2 } } ^^^ You may also want to add this bit of code so that the sun flares are not super over-exposed when you are inside an atmosphere. v1.0.3 Change Log Update for 1.4.2 To install: Drop the FlareReplacer Folder into your GameData folder Install the latest Kopernicus (https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/) DOWNLOAD Unfortunately, there are too many files to have on CKAN. I don't feel comfortable flooding CKAN with all of them. CC BY-NC-ND
  4. Hey, I’m Matt. If you want, you should try and cram those radiators together and send a screenshot of how close you can get to the sun. Have fun.
  5. Does anyone know how to implement the attenuation of sunlight intensity with distance? Where can you edit the sun light source? Now, even if you fly very far from the native star, the light intensity does not change. I want to fix it. If there is a ready-made mod that does this, tell me. (English) Кто-нибудь знает как реализовать ослабление интенсивности солнечного света с расстоянием? Где можно отредактировать источник света Солнца? Сейчас даже если улететь очень далеко от родной звезды, то интенсивность освещения не изменяется. Хочу это исправить. Если есть готовый мод делающий это - подскажите. (Русский)
  6. Hello there, and welcome to Kerbol Kurves! This mod aims to add better sunlight curves to the sun, and that's it. There's literally not much more to it. I'm sure someone has already done this, but it took me 5 minutes, so why not. The curves make it more realistic for the planets in the Kerbol System. I haven't done it completely realistic however. If you want to bundle this with your mod, ask me first. I'll probably say yes anyway. Repository and download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ngkt7oVNpTQkHoysq6dWYSemDeY3N_5r Requires: ModuleManager Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator This mod is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ First.
  7. This mod is intended to give your celestial bodies the greeting they deserve each day! Thanks to @blackrack for creating Scatterer, which allowed me the opportunity to give back to this awesome community. Latest version: 1.8.3 LET ME SEE YOUR SCREENSHOTS! v1.8.3 Updated version file for 1.3.1 v1.8.2 Ok, for real, no more stripes! Fixed case sensitivity stuff for Linux and Mac users No more stripes. For real this time Better exposure on all sun flares TO INSTALL: Download and install Scatterer Drop the GSF folder into your GameData folder DOWNLOAD I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DISTANT OBJECT ENHANCEMENT FOR DYNAMIC SKY DIMMING Enjoy! License is CC BY-NC-ND Every time you donate a puppy is adopted... Not really, but it does help keep my motivation up!
  8. I've recently begun considering launching a flyby probe to the sun, making a quick pass just below 16 km to grab science, then transmitting it back to Kerbin once at a safe distance. However, I'm struggling with actually finding a way to get there. The intended payload: 1 x HECS core 1 x thermometer 1 x barometer 3 x Z-200 battery 2 x DTS-1 antenna (Antenna Helper says this gives 18% coverage at Moho for DSN level 2, so I'm hoping it's just enough to reach the sun) 2 x Solar panel 1x6 (retractable) 4 x Thermal Control System (small) 1 x Heat shield (1.25m) at the very front, to be pointed radial-in during final approach Strapping this payload to an FL-T800 tank with a Spark gives about 4100 m/s; however, the maneuver node says (and the community dV map concurs) I need nearly double that amount to reach the target periapse. I am not trying to achieve orbit, just a close flyby. How do I get it, without nukes or ions?
  9. I need some help with my KSP 1.2 install. I have been having a lot of fun with it but my sun is too big! It's about 100x as big as the normal sun, and no matter what I do, I can't get rid of super sun. Here is an imgur link detailing my problem. It started after I installed RSSVE, although I know that probably isn't the problem. Anyways, some help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Ministry of no better things to do has decided to fund yet another project to try to establish the closest safe distance from Kerbol for unmanned vessels, and to test their performance as part of a longterm study of the effects of solar wind on materials and structures. The probe was named after Eugene Karker-Kerman, notable Kerbal heliophysicist who hypothesized that Kerbol is smelly in all observable directions. Notable mods and add-ons: Probes plus, Hullcamera VDS, Kerbalism, Mandatory RCS, Solar science, Making history DLC The probe established its first perihelion of less than 0.6 million kilometres above Kerbol by thrusting to counteract Kerbin's movement. Initial perihelion was closer to the star than the overbaked dwarf planet (naked planetary core) Ablate, but it still performed well. Several more swings are planned, each approaching closer and closer to the star.
  11. What would happen if you were to edit the game and reduce the SOI of Kerbol so that it is not infinity, and then escape from that SOI, thus putting me in true zero gravity flight. Would a kraken strike? Would the game ignore it and keep me in Kerbols SOI? or would I fly in zero G?
  12. So, I have just gone back after a couple of mod updates (automatically on CKAN) and now the sun isn't illuminating the craft or the light side of the planets properly. It seems to create the right haze at the edge of the planet but it is all dark including my ships and my buildings. Can anyone help please. I have removed graphic mods such as EVE, Distant Object Enhancement.
  13. Hi there, fellow KSP enthusiasts! I am AJDerpatron, a zany person who enjoys making other people laugh through random and silly YouTube videos I make involving gameplays, skits, and other videos. I often play Garry's Mod and Rocket League on my channel, as well as some FSX:SE sprinkled in here and there. I have also gotten back into KSP very recently from one of Matt Lowne's recent SSTO videos. Yes, I do have an old account on here where I did make some stuff for the KSP community(one of my old ship packs is farther down below), but I felt as if I If you have ever heard of Big Shaq, then you will definitely understand what I did here in my latest YouTube video. https://youtu.be/kT1B6CpPdS0 This video is really more of a silly take on how Big Shaq claims he is “never hot” and a HuffPost article I read about how NASA wanted to send Big Shaq to the sun to see if he can ever get “hot”. Whenever I can, I’ll post a link to a forum post where I’ll upload the craft file used in the video soon, and maybe another variation of it(probably with higher capability and function as opposed to the original craft). I’ll also probably include it in a future Ship Pack that I’ll make during Christmas In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy this silly video of mine that I created. I hope to see more of the KSP community that I’ve never seen before and I hope to be able to contribute more to this amazing community that I found. See ya, AJDerpatron Old Ship Pack:
  14. Just a quick mission to the Sun. Goal : Collect a sample of stardust and bring it back to Kerbin. How hard can it be ? (: Kerbol probe + Spacecraft : Probe: Name : Kerbol probe + Mass : 6895 kg Propulsion : Ion engine Power supply: 4x RTG Dv : around 11 km/s Communication : 1x High gain antena Shielding : 1000kg sunscreen Recovery equipment : none Sample return capsule : Mass : 700 kg Propulsion : none Power supply : 4x batteries Communication : 2x low gain ominidirectional antenas Shielding : Heatshield Recovery equipment : 1x main parachute. Mission Log : T - 0 Launch T + 20 seconds : Titan X rocket performs pitch and roll manuver to maintain optimal ascent trajectory. T + 1 minute and 30 seconds : Solid rocket boosters burnout and seperation : T + 2 minutes and 30 seconds : Payload fairing separation : T+ 4 minutes Main engine cutoff and stage one separation. T+ 5 minutes and 30 seconds : Second stage engine fires for 5 minutes to put the probe in a solar orbit. T+ 20 minutes Kerbol probe + seperates from a second stage. Spacecraft is now on a highly elliptic orbit around the sun with with AP far beyond Jool's orbit. T + 1 month Spacecraft enters hibernation state for next 3 years. T + 3 years and 256 days Kerbol probe + fires it's Ion engine for 2 hours and 20 minutes. This maneuver drops Pe to around 500 000 km. (Unfortunately, the communication system was not sufficient enough so I had to waste some fuel and perform this maneuver much earlier. ) T + 5 years and 120 days : After 5 years of flight, Kerbol probe + finally reaches it's destination. Due to the really high orbital speed, (>120 000 m/s), this part of the mission will last only for around 30 days. T+ 5 years and 135 days: The spacecraft pases it's peryapsis, 490 000 km above Sun surface. T+ 5 years and 217 days Spacecraft fires it's propulsion for 3 hours and 20 minutes in order to put spacecraft into return trajectory. T+ 7 years and 90 days Kerbin system entry. Probe performs slowdown burn to ensure that the return capsule will survive reentry. T+ 7 years and 91 days : Return capsule separates from the main probe. T+ 7 years 91 days and 2 hours. Return capsule reenters the atmosphere and lands in an ocean. The end
  15. So we have alot of argument on the colonization discussion of Mars and Venus. Now the conversation has drifted to space colonization and gamma rays. All of these are things are equally fanciful, except for the fact not the better of any of our space agencies are capable of doing any of these and now everyone is on a race to land on the Moon (deja-vu) and colonize it. None of these plans, at the moment are credible. Primarily there has to be the drive to do it, and maybe the chinese have that drive. We need a project of our own, I propose the colonization of Mercury, not because its doable or easy, but because its hard and true kerbanauts are willing to take the risk. THe project is not to get kerbs to Mercury but humans. Each human needs the resources of 8 Kerbanauts. He also needs to eat and breath oxygen (food and mercury have neither) To start off this project is not going to be an overnight thing. And I think people can participate by designing their own 3D space craft and submitting examples of various landers. I will be submitting from time to time to try to stir the debate. ITs not a project that needs to be done in one step, for instance if a colony needs a solar shield before assembly this can be done. The colony is a one way trip (for relatively obvious reasons), and settlers need to come up with ways to harvest resources. Any and all resources can be used from earth, but only existing technologies. Let us assume that Putin has decided to make the Biggest rocket, but has nothing to launch on it, to you create the payload and he will launch it for you (as well as all future profits of your heirs). The problem is that Russians have no Equitorial launch sites. So you will be launching the mega Rocket from S. Kazakhstan. 45°57′54″N 63°18′18″E This the way I see it. Cons. 1. The sun is very hot and carbonization of human flesh is more than a little painful. 2. Mercury is either very hot (surface tempature) or very cold, there are very few places that are mild. 3. Mercury only has a transient atmosphere as nominal solar winds pass around its surface and sublimate along its sides. 4. Exposure to ionizing radiation from the sun and solar storms are at their highest. 5. Surface is hard (vulcanized) and lacks subsurface water. 6. Mercury is not strickly tidally locked. and so static sites on the light termination might be perilous. 7. sensitive electronics, kiss them good-bye. All electronics will need to be shielded. 8. Zero warning for solar storms. 9. Certain commonly used metals and plastics used in space become unstable with high levels of irradiance. Even solar panels have to be tilted to prevent over heating. 10. The dV requirements are insane for anything larger than a satellite the launch required is enormous. Pros 1. You beat out Mexico as the number one sun destination. 2. There is an endless supply of cheap energy for ion drives and habitation. 3. Its easy to land and take off of, and allows precise targeting of landing sites. 4. Nobody else wants to do it, you don't have to compete with hype like "Zubin said" this or "Musk said" that. Everyone will think you are completely insane which means you are free to design and revise in relative peace and quiet. 5. In terms of Hohmann transfer times mercury is close, on average mercury is closer to every planet in the solar system relative to all other planets. 6. Along the termination water and other less volatile gases sublimate. 7. There is more elemental hydrogen in Mercurys very thin surface hugging atmosphere than any other rocky planet in the solar system. Oxygen is also present (both are at very low levels but pockets of these still exist). Mercury is a great place to harvest solar winds. 8. Mercury has the highest differential between daytime and night time temperatures in the solar system, this might be useful. 9. Its a great place to drop dreamy-eyed martian colonist!
  16. On a Jool mission I noticed some odd behaviour with the sun, as I timewarped through the system it should be moving across my cvew in a constant, smooth motion, right? Well it seems to 'update' its position every x distance traveled. Is this a bug, or by design, and is there a mod to improve this?
  17. Does anyone know how/if you can replace the default sun texture in 1.3.x? A few releases ago I was able to edit an asset file to get this... I've tried editing the sharedassets10.asset file (which I "think" is the right one) but I'm not having any luck. I'm thinking I just need the right editor, maybe the one's I've tried (UAE, UAV) aren't compatible with the newest version of Unity? I've also tried various sunflare mods (which are all awesome!) but the flares are still superimposed on top of the default sun texture. Or maybe there's a way to create a ghost in Scatterer that blocks the default sun, but I haven't figured it out yet. Seems the default sun texture always has priority. Anyway, thoughts and suggestions very much appreciated, thanks!!! -S
  18. So, I"m not sure if this is a bug, or if this is considered normal, but I cant seem to complete tourism contracts that require you to orbit the sun. I've figured out a work around, but it doesn't seem quite right. My problem is that I can not get "Orbit the Sun" mission parameter to go green, even though I'm clearly orbiting the sun and do not have any encounter with any planet. I get "Flyby the Sun" to complete, but "Orbit the Sun" will not complete UNLESS the kerbal's vessel is the active vessel when orbit is acheived. Like I said, I've been able to figure out two ways to make it complete once I am in orbit around the sun, but I shouldn't have to do it this way: 1) I had a transfer stage that had a lander docked to it that made it to solar orbit ("Orbit the Sun" was not complete for 2 tourists). The kerbal tourists that needed "Orbit the Sun" were in the lander. The transfer stage was the root vessel. I undocked the lander from the transfer stage and suddenly the two tourists mission parameters of "Orbit the Sun" went green. 2) On another occasion, i didn't have the same lander/transfer setup so I couldn't just undock. I set up a maneuver to re-enter Kerbin SOI, then right after I'm in Kerbin SOI, I set up another maneuver back to solar orbit and just keep the vessel active while it leaves Kerbin SOI and enters Sun's SOI. I've tried playing around with KLM to see the data in the save file. It appears that my kerbal's are not getting "Orbit,Sun" attribute added to their Roster / Flight_Log. I was thinking maybe there was something with Kopernicus causing an issue with solar orbit identification, and I tried removing that, but it didnt help. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what could be causing this? Here is my Game data directory and a screen shot with some "proof" of flight condition/situation.
  19. I am having some visual bugs with E>V<E and/or scatterer and/or sci fi visual enhancements. So basically there is a weird ring around the sun and i also have distant object enhancement and was looking at jool and saw that it too had the bug. I have included some screenshots so you can see what is happening. If you know what is causing this or how to fix it please leave a reply
  20. I've recently noticed that the wiki page for Kerbol says that it has no biomes. Well...
  21. Hello All. I have accepted a sun flyby contract and I'm having a small issue. The game does not allow you to set the sun as a target, therefore, I am not sure how to aim for it. This is my first attempt at leaving Kerbin space before accepting the explore Duna contract. Any tips?
  22. this is a challenge to crash into the sun as fast as you can. you have to have a video of you doing it, from launch to crash, the timer will be of the real life time it took so no speeding up video and no physics warp. time warp is allowed. only rule: no cheats, stock or non stock but must be said which. it can be any controllable payload. if you just can't have a video then post a picture of the complete craft and the time, what my time is shows you what kind of time I'm looking for. my attempt, which won't count towards the leader board: leaderboard: 1. Cunjo carl with 3:15
  23. Sun is an only star that can be explored,orbited and visited in stock KSP. Though we can't explore it so much. There is a lot of missions that are aimed to study and watch the sun in real life. Why can't we have different periods or zones of the sun that can be explored,so we could get some science points? Perhaps we can have a moments in Kerbal year when the sun is very active/not very active for it to affect the work of the relay. For example: once a year at a certain time a powerful magnetosphere storm strikes, relay stops working and many probes lose connection. Ain't that would be cool, at least exciting?
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