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  1. Hi, I'm new to unity and modelling in general, my wish is to modify an existing modded IVA for personnal use. I was adviced I needed KSPparttools for that (aalthough, I'm not sure ? since I'm not creating an actual part ?) So anayway, I followed JPLRepo post and instructions : Download Unity 2019.4.18f1 and run it. Then open your Mod project, upgrade it to Unity 2019.4.18f1. Uninstall the built-in Unity TMPro package from Unity 2019.4.18f1 - Go to Window - Package Manager in Unity and Select TMPro and uninstall it. Download this exact file "TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 " from https://forum.unity.com/threads/useful-information-download-links.458634/#post-3304434 and import it into your Mod project in Unity using Assets - Import Package, Custom Package menu option. Import the custom bundle in the zip file above into your Unity project. Disable "Validate References" for the KSPAssedCompiler.dll and KSPAssets.dll in the "Assets/Plugins/KSPAssets" folder. Restart Unity and reopen your mod project. That's ALL you have to do. Currently I'm stuck at "Disable "Validate References" for the KSPAssedCompiler.dll and " etc. As I don't know where this folder is, and how to access it and disable the said thing. Also, if you do have general tips to get started with IVA modelling/modifications, I'd be happy to take them ! Thanks a lot Cheers
  2. KSP IVA Editor Station SETUP To create a functioning workstation for editing KSP IVA's and props, follow this installation manual EXACTLY and everything WILL WORK. STEP 1: DOWNLOADS Download the following files from the internet. Names and versions are PRECISE. a) Unity Hub - Install current version from website, register and login. b) Unity (Main Editor Program) "Unity 2019.4.18f1" c) PartTools_AssetBundles_2019.4.18f1 d) TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 e) ImageMagick - download installer from website STEP 2: INSTALLATION If all pre-requisite software has been downloaded, begin with installation of the main UNITY program. Confirm installation success and note installation path. Next, open UNITY HUB and select "INSTALLS" from left Menu. Select "LOCATE", and show "UNITY HUB" where you installed the main UNITY program. "2019.4.18f1" should now show on the list. Now navigate back to the "Projects" menu. Select "New Project" button, and select "3D Core". Give your project a name under "Project Name", and select "Create Project". Unity will now launch. Minimize Unity, and launch "ImageMagick" installer. Upon completion, close "ImageMagick" if running and return to Unity window. STEP 3: Modding UNITY With the UNITY window open, select "Window" from menu bar, and select "Package Manager". Scroll down the list and find "TextMeshPro", highlight it and select the "remove" option. This gets rid of the version you DO NOT need. Allow un-installation to finish and close "Package Manager" window. Now select "Assets" from menu bar, and select "Import Package > Custom Package". Select your download of "TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3". When extracted it will be a "Unity Package File". Click OPEN. Now an "Import Unity Package" window will open. Make sure everything is selected and hit "Import". Now select "Assets" from the menu bar again and select "Import Package > Custom Package" again. After the "Import Unity Package" window opens, select your "PartTools" download after extraction, and once again check that all boxes are checked and hit "Import". Now you will see a new entry on the menu bar called "KSPAssets". Now on the bottom navigation window, make your way to the following path: Assets > Plugins > KSPAssets. Check that BOTH "KSPAssetCompiler.dll" and "KSPAssets.dll" have the checkbox "Validate References" UNchecked. To check, highlight the .dll and look at the info that shows up on the right menu panel. "Inspector". (WITHIN UNITY) CLOSE UNITY. OK now you're done setting up the tool. STEP 4: Setting up your KSP content. Install a fresh copy of KSP In a folder of your choice just note the installation directory. Within THAT particular installation of KSP, now add any mods required if the target you are trying to edit is part of a mod pack. Dont worry about mod pre-requisites for functionality, just put the mod that contains the IVA and PROPS you want. This will be your "UnTouched" GAMEDATA folder. Now create a new folder somewhere you can find it, this will be your "Modded" GAMEDATA folder, and copy the GAMEDATA folder into your new "Modded" folder. After this point only work in/on the "Modded" GAMEDATA folder. Carefully go through the stock and mod folders and trim as much as you can. Most things can be deleted except the "Spaces" and "Props" folder. Just keep in mind the IVA you want to modify has to BE there. AND all the stuff you want to use prop wise has to still be there as well. When done trimming, return to the root of your "Modded" GAMEDATA folder in file explorer. In the file explorer address bar type CMD to get a command prompt window to show up within GAMEDATA. Copy and paste the following command. (assuming you DID IN FACT install ImageMagick as instructed) FOR /R %f IN (*.dds) DO mogrify -verbose -flip -format png "%f" Now the textures of all things you are about to work on will show up in Unity. All your content is now setup to work. Open Unity Hub and you should now see your project listed by name. Open your project and select from the Unity Menu Bar, "Tools > KSP Part Tools". Drag and drop the "Part Tools" window over to the right beside "Inspector". (common usual location for it) Now click "Set Data Dir" and select your "Modded" KSP GAMEDATA folder. You should now see two menu columns labelled "Spaces" and "Props" populate. INSTALLATION COMPLETE Tested in 2022 on KSP 1.12.2 Now you can spawn any IVA or prop and re-decorate it to your hearts content! Have fun!
  3. Hi , For last two days I tried to create a KSPedia JNSQ delta map chart, but I can't get past the problems with missing TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56 - Unity 2017.3 link. Please if someone has a free version of TMPro available and could kindly share, I would be very gratefull Edit: after doing some research I have found that 1.0.26 TextMesh Pro is the same as 1.0.56 as described here in Unity Docs . Also I have found a way to obtain package 1.0.26 from Unity package manager by dynamically editing package.json in project files. What I can't figure is how to make the ksp part tools recognize the Text mesh pro as the required 1.0.56 instead of 1.0.26. Anyone could help or help me at least take a direction?
  4. How do I load in a prefab into KSP? My prefab(s) are smoke particle effects that I would like to instantiate in code, and they are created in the Unity Editor. How do I export them into a format KSP recognizes and load them via code?
  5. I think the KSP2 team was waiting for the 2021 LTS release for Unity so they can lock features into a stable product. Now we can expect some very cool features in the game related to environments and like it was designed with KSP in mind (I wonder if there was some collab between Intercept and Unity): "HDRP performance upgrades and features like NVIDIA DLSS for desktop, Volumetric Clouds, and Static Shadow Caster." I've seen some pre-LTS environment videos, everything looks absolutely amazing. Some of them even show storms with wind, rain, lightning and snow. There's also Expanse with some impressive demos, I don't know if the KSP2 uses this or their own tools. Wonder if we'll also have Ray Tracing..
  6. Useful Tips & Great KSP Content to Use with KerbalEdu KerbalEdu + KSP community: remarkable real world learning both in game & in the forums, human exploration, real rocket history, powerful aerodynamics & n-body gravitation models, beautiful artistry, physics studies, power of collaborative exploration & design. This topic thread is a summary of remarkable & inspiring KerbalEdu relevant KSP content that the KSP community has created. You are welcome to post your recommended additions. NOTE 2022 January: With TeacherGaming closing its doors, the login based KerbalEDU 1.4.5 & 1.3.1 are no longer available. Private Division has released, to current holders of KerbalEDU, the old installer based KerbalEDU 1.2.2 with a much more flexible license. This keeps KerbalEDU alive. The information below remains relevant in concept (just not the version numbers any longer) as many of these mods below have versions compatible with the old KSP 1.2.2. Consequently, I recommend using CKAN to help find KSP 1.2.2 versions of any mods you desire to use with KerbalEDU 1.2.2 A few example ideas: Study Friction by Exploring with KSP Study Atmospheres, Airships & 'Rockoons' while Exploring with KSP Compare Jupiter & its moons to a transit accurate n-body gravitation model of M class star system TRAPPIST1 Quick TGdesk KerbalEDU Reference Links: How to view lesson slides on TeacherGaming student app How to edit a lesson Links to the Files needed for TGdesk's lessons & also to the KerablEDU Earth History Campaign (EHC) How to install the TeacherGaming Student App Section 1) 'EDU Helpful Mods & Tools' Listed below are select KSP Tools & Mods that I work with frequently in KerbalEdu this is just a tiny example of EDU Relevant KSP Community MODS & Crafts since KSP has mods to do just about everything, these are just some I use often with KerbalEDU: Note: "Mods" are what you place in your GameData folder to add tools or otherwise change the Kerbal environment "Mods" come in versions so (usually) use the version of the Mod that was built for or most closely matches your KerbalEDU version, e.g. 1.3.x or 1.4.x etc. that said, I do use some 1.5.1 through 1.7.3 mods with 1.4.5 *.craft files are things you make in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) or SPH (Space Plane Hangar) surprise complications: *.craft files are not always in the main Ships folder...they often are in a Ships folder inside your Saves folder Craft Manager is a mod that can help deal with that...e.g. load ships from anywhere *.craft files will ONLY load if all the parts are available, so *.craft with KerbalEDU function tools, energy spheres etc WILL NOT load in stock KSP ( KerbalEDU has its own Mod folders EDUegg & KerablEDU Mod folders after all ) so make sure all mods a *.craft needs are in your game data folder before KSP launch...for example, this include Tantares for EHC mission VI. ( & here are links to spreadsheet lists of many more mod combinations I sometimes use: TRAPPIST1, PlanesOnOtherPlanets ) KerbalX craft sharing; example modest Mod load FAR craft for 1.3.1: SU-35, Lockheed UAV, MiG-23 there are many unusual & amazing craft (including trucks, submarines, aircraft carriers with catapults & landing cables, helicopters, Interstellar Endurance, Star Trek ships, etc. often using additional mods. KSP's built-in DEBUG menu & 'Cheats': ALT-F12 easily toggle infinite propellant, electricity, unbreakable joints, no thermal destruction, etc if needed to focus time on a specific lesson topic that is not related to fuel mass, or limited electric, etc. Community created Online tools: a list of community built calculator tools for all sorts of requirements: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Calculation_tools for example, Resonant Orbit Calculator KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool (MATLAB) @OhioBob's remarkable "Make your own Atmospheres for KSP" & "Modeling Atmospheres in KSP" (advanced real atmospheric modeling discussion/lesson) other solar constants RemoteTech Player’s Guide Visual RemoteTech Planner for KSP link to a great online list of KSP mods sortable by category: Community Mods and Plugins Library Convenience Mods: CKAN (the meta mod to 90% of the time manage most of the rest of your mods & DLC missions? ) (CKAN merged the pull request to recognize the new KerbalEdu 1.4.5 build ID, so make sure to update your CKAN ) Draggable Navball (yes, the old version still works even in 1.4.5) Craft Manager Boot Print Tracks: (a.k.a. 'See! I really was there, but then....') EVA footprints! with Kopernicus Backport & Kopernicus Expansion Continued: KEX-EVAFootprints-1.7.1-5.zip Control Mods: TimeControl (e.g. students can slow down scenarios for better study or control ) TweakScale MechJeb2, MechJebForAll HyperEdit RCS Build Aid Editor Extensions Redux Recover and/or splice a craft from save files (.sfs): ShipSaveSplicer (verified working in 1.3.1 but not yet figured it out in 1.4.5) instructions: Other potentially helpful tools for Students: Science related: KerBalloons Trajectories Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEdu comes with some of the code but I find the up to date full version more useful especially if other mods are installed) CorrectCoL (note this excerpt from post: "Stockalike CoL indicator for stock Aerodynamics, accounts not only for ILiftProviders. Please, don't try it with FAR (mod disables itself if FAR is found)." ) Kerbal Wind Tunnel ( only 1.4.5+ also support for FAR Continued is in development ) Transfer Window Planner, Astrogator Useful Tools: Landing Height All Y'All Continued - One-Button Common Action Grouping Surface Mounted Lights KAS EVA Enhancements Continued Easy Vessel Switch Take Command Continued Kerbal NRAP - Procedural test weights! DebugStuff Some Popular Aircraft & IVA Parts Packages: B9 Procedural Wings (see B9 collection via CKAN ) Procedural Parts Airplane Plus R 24. works fine in 1.4.5 Nice MKseries Body ASET IVAs: ALCOR, , MK1 Cockpit, MK1-2 Pod, MK1 Lander Can I use the 1.5.1 version in 1.4.5 with Textures Unlimited v. (on windows use -force-d3d11 ) ASET Props & Avionics I use the 1.5.1 version in 1.4.5 Some Rocket Models (both historic & current): Launchers Pack SLS RealScaleBoosters (good for RSS, TRAPPIST-1. If using in Kerbin System add the 'stockalike' configs to reduce rocket power = no longer 'realistic delta-v' models ) RaiderNick maintains a bunch of historic rocket packs FASA with RO FPS & Physics Frame Time Ratio management: KerboKatzUtilities Mods that alter parameters that break some EDU event triggers in some Missions or change the solar system which obviously breaks all stock scenarios/missions/training : FAR (Ferram Aerospace Research) 1.3.1 & FAR Continued for 1.4.x+ by @dkavolis...here is an _old_video of FAR aero model experiments... also note until a working transform exception can be created, do not use the EDU force Indicator with FAR: Realistic Atmospheres RSS (Real Solar System) SLIPPIST-1 RO (Realism Overhaul meta mods) RO & RP 1 Installation for 1.6.1 x64 KerbalEDU ONLY: Principia ( possible conflict with KJR ) precise n-body iterations...can even observe very nice real date & time solar eclipses in RSS: TRAPPIST-1, now a very good n-body gravitation model matching observed published planet transit data Fun (for example with a Kerbal School Club or extra-curricular event ): Planetary Domes We even assembled 'Bob's Bubble' @Thrimm: great for containing Kerbals & objects while kids practice EVA controls etc in space (or falling in atmosphere ;-)...here are some screenshots: Chatterer & Chatterer Extended Ship Sounds, docking sounds (search in CKAN) Omicron Flying Car (included this here because you can climb around inside these parts which is different...concept related to 'external command seats') Pood's Skyboxes or Oinker's Skyboc Brighter v2 or make me a properly aligned one with constellation markers using Space Engine (fyi for those newer to Kerbal...following KSP forum (and Github) members with mods you find interesting is one good way to find relevant KSP content, for example...linuxgurugamer has taken over maintaining a bunch of interesting mods ) Visual improvement mods: planetshine distant object enhancement heavier hitting = more strain your gpu but fun 'visual' mods: Astronomer's Visual Pack (AVP) SVE & SVT for the default Kerbol System RSSVE for RSS scatterer (we love it, but this is _the one_ biggest FPS slow down hit for our systems) again the above is just a tiny sample of KSP community made mods, for those new to Kerbal, there are many more fun or useful mods by the KSP community...depending on class topic...lots of great aircraft parts mods Section 2) 'Easier Useful Tips' General notes: KerbalEDU versions 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 have been more stable, less buggy, & more useful in my environment than prior versions especially when used with mods...Taking time to upgrade to 1.4.5 strongly recommended KSP 1.8.1+ runs even more smoothly...so hopefully TeacherGaming will eventually update KerbalEDU... EDU Mission Editor tips can be found at link. (note the TG mission editor recently went offline ~ 2019 July...waiting to hear from TG the reason why) These observations are based on KerbalEDU in the Windows 10 (updated slow release channel) environment running on 2nd & 3rd gen Intel I7 chips (e.g. 2700k & 3820qm) with older GPUs ( e.g. Radeon HD 6970 or 6950 or NVIDIA Quadro K3000m, or K2000m ) this post aims to cover the most common & biggest "in practice" issues: Please reply with your top additional insights & I will add them to this summary. EDU Relevant DLC missions: (to be determined) DLC is not currently included in KerbalEDU licences so requires additional purchase ( & 'install' = it is a "SquadExpansion" mod folder dropped into GameData) KSP "Making History" expansion DLC 1.4.0 DOES run its version of 'missions' in KerbalEDU 1.4.5 DLC missions are seperate & different from KerbalEDU missions DLC is not included by default with KerbalEDU. TT/SQUAD & TG should look into tax deduction opportunities for releasing this to KerbalEdu licenses...useful stock missions for grade schoolers. DLC 1.4.0 will run in even x32 KerbalEDU 1.4.5 RAM limitations BUT in Windows environment one must use -force-d3d11 to keep x32 KSP.exe RAM use at around 2.5 GB : see this topic Startup parameters (KSP wiki link): Unity engine flags that I use all the time in the windows 10 environment: helps easily switch focus to other window programs (e.g. file explorer) while keeping KSP on the screen -popupwindow helps reduce memory use if stuck using x32 KerbalEDU, also good x64 KSP performance in KerbalEDU 1.4.5 when used with Textures Unlimited: (use at least the version for 1.5.1 with KerbalEDU 1.4.5. Gives nice shading of parts plus removes the 'blue icons' issue in VAB & SPH when using DX11 with 1.4.5) -force-d3d11 Here is a screenshot of what a shortcut to launch KerbalEDU looks like with these two flags (you can use as many or as few flags as you want): Community KerbalEDU youtube channels: EDU explore & observe channel includes playlists of select top remarkable EDU Aero-Astro content we have found so far on youtube...here are a few examples of amazing & beautiful real rocket history & astronomy from the playlists: Community Kerbal youtube channels especially relevant to KerbalEDU: Tutorials: Scott Manley @illectro (links to his "tutorial playlist"...he has other interesting KSP playlists as well). two examples in box below of EDU relevant KSP talk through tutorials with key distinctions students could study at home History: Bob Fitch e.g. "Project Alexandria: the history of human spaceflight from the 1500s all the way to today, carried out in Real Solar System." and other series Matt Lowne @Matt Lowne has some interesting 'real' craft history explored in KSP & a 'special box' & 'related channels' that list KSP players making interesting KSP youtube content. (note: any may need a brief edit before use in the classroom, etc.) Example KSP Youtube Tutorials & History What is KerbalEDU v. KSP: TIPS for when you encounter unusual lags: New Portal: TGdesk KerbalEDU 1.3.1 & 1.4.5+ integration = REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION TO LOGIN EACH TIME but is PORTABLE & CAN BE RUN FROM USB DRIVES (versions 1.2.2 and earlier were "installer" based = not portable and only required internet 'once' for activation): Section 3) 'More Technical Useful Tips' TG App & KerbalEDU: adding various forms of EDU Missions & KSP Community Mods to "TeacherGaming\games\kerbaledu\" Where are...? in the "TeacherGaming\games\kerbaledu\" Changes While 'In-Game' etc. = About GameData, & EduMission .sfs Files & Kerbal Folders & KerbalEDU missions (note: these are different from KSP "Making History DLC" missions): USB drives & GameData & KerbalEdu 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 TGdesk login Portability: This is helpful when you are building your class/lesson plan...you can make & keep 'master" KerbalEDU folders or even just the GameData folder. Then copy these to your student computers (efficient ways to do that vary depending on the complexity of lesson mods, # of student computers) TGdesk versions of KerbalEDU ( = 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 ) are portable so you can easily copy/revert to whole preconfigured folders & you can even give each student a USB drive with KerbalEdu & your custom GameData folder (or even let advanced students modify their own GameData folder to meet their needs for the project)...students can run KerbalEdu from their USB drive from any sufficient spec computer with an internet connection. Saves, Ships, & GameData folders generally contain all you need to make one whole KerbalEDU 'install' folder the same as another (using the same kerbalEDU version, of course) if you do not want to copy the entire 2+ GB all the time). for example, I often create a folder "1Var" and put just the Saves, Ships, GameData & CKAN folders in dedicated folders for various configs...e.g. KerbalEDU, KerbalEduFAR, KerbalEDUroRSSprincipia, KerbalEduTRAPPIST1, KerbalEduPrincipia, etc...then you can just copy the folders as needed or drop junction links... Here is a screenshot showing an example folder structure: Enjoy Exploring! & the KerbalEDU Flight Recorder ;-) Section 4) 'Archived/Outdated...relevant history' Original Portal: KerbalEDU mission links: KerbalEDU made the original Mission Editor that uses its own EDU event system. stock KSP now also has a Mission Builder in its 1st 'extra cost' expansion. The Making History Expansion missions do run ok in KerbalEDU but are NOT linked to KerbalEDU event system.
  7. Ok, so I grabbed ASET props to put together a custom IVA for the new MK1 pod, but I cant find any unity files or tutorials on the subject. Could someone nudge me towards the answer?
  8. Hello! I am currently trying to make my own mod for KSP, allready done the modeling, texturing and all the stuff. I imported the blender file into Unity and succeed to have the main texture and the normal map imported. But I do not succeed to import a roughness/smoothness map and a metallic map. I read that I have to make a RGBA file with the metalic in R, normal in G and smooth in A. If it is that, how can I do so? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, I am very new to add-on development, and I was wondering why part attach nodes are written in the CFG if they're configured in Unity along with the materials, CoM etc. (photo of node lines in the CFG) Also, a little side question, does anyone know of any good tutorials for developing parts? The one on the KSP wiki is quite outdated.
  10. So, sometimes the game freeze and the last lines of the KSP.log are: [WRN 16:25:46.084] Internal: JobTempAlloc has allocations that are more than 4 frames old - this is not allowed and likely a leak [WRN 16:25:46.084] To Debug, enable the define: TLA_DEBUG_STACK_LEAK in ThreadsafeLinearAllocator.cpp. This will output the callstacks of the leaked allocations Any idea of what is this and how to avoid it?
  11. Hi, I've been encountering an annoying unity crash when playing. It's not easily reproduced (unfortunately), seems to happen more often in the VAB than anywhere else, but it also occurs in flight - so far never in the tracking station or any other scenes. With high part / large craft it occurs more often, but it also occurs if I play KSP for more than a couple of hours at a time without restarting it. Unfortunately the KSP log file is not helpful when this occurs - it simply outputs the last "in game" event and then nothing. It's a Unity crash (the Unity window pops up and it's trying to generate a crash report), so I'm not convinced that it's something in the mods I'm using. I've put the Player-prev.log (from C:\Users\<name>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program) above in a spoiler that shows everything after the crash occurs. This is outside of my technical comfort zone, can anyone offer any assistance please?
  12. Hey yall, What are some good resources to learn how to make animated parts?
  13. Hi, when I launch KSP with Steam, it shows me this window and crash. https://imgur.com/a/fUwmEvv EDIT: I don't have any mods and if I run KSP_64.exe it shows me a same error EDIT 2: I tried to reinstall game - same problem
  14. As the title says, whenever I've tried to launch any version of KSP from 1.8 up the game immediately crashes; the screen goes black and the cursor changes to its in-game appearance for about a second, but then the Unity crash handler throws up an error window: and the application closes itself. I've had this issue for months now, and it started occurring with a copy I'd already been using for some time but has persisted throughout the numerous times I've tried to use fresh installations. As I wrote this, I downloaded portable copies of 1.8.1, 1.9.1, and 1.10.1 from KSP's website (because I tended to use the installer and frankly I'm grasping at straws) to make sure they still weren't working, and they all failed in exactly the way I described. For the record, there was no crash log or anything, and while normal logs have (I think) been created they're pretty much empty, only showing very basic information about my system and the application. My computer's specifications (copied from that log) are: OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz (8) RAM: 8079 GPU: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 (2147MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]) I've tried to solve this problem before, and it's clear that there are other people that have had this problem, but to be honest I don't understand what the solution is or if there even is one. From what I've gathered I think it has to do with my graphics driver, but if that's the case I don't know what I'd have to do exactly to resolve the issue. I've tried updating the driver, at least, but that didn't do anything; I'm thinking I might have to just trial-and-error my way through older drivers until I find the one that worked. I've managed with keeping the game at 1.7.3 for now, but it'd be nice if I didn't have to.
  15. The link to my log is here. (Note: I also play 1.3.1, it is affected.) Mods: RPM 0.31.1 De_Iva extension 1.0.2 ASET props Toolbar Controller
  16. Hey, I'm having some issues making a docking port; I have the whole docking thing worked out (finally), but I can't figure out how to make them detach when they're already put together in the VAB. I'm pretty sure it's the same mechanism as a decoupler, but I can't find any (working) documentation on it. So... anyone know what to do?
  17. Hi folks, I have a curious issue that has reared it's ugly Kerbal Krashing head a few times so I'm wondering if any of you fine Kerbalnauts have had (or fixed) the same problem. I can't recall specifics from any previous times it happened but on this occasion, I had reached space (in a ship with 30 parts - started a new career save) and separated down to my final stage all without issue. I then went EVA to do a report, but when I boarded my capsule once again and adjusted to a retrograde profile, the program seemed to erm… 'half-crash'. My vessel became unresponsive and figured the battery in my capsule had died so my reaction wheels were unable to counter my turn to retrograde and thus continued spinning on the axis I turned. Alas, the battery was still 75% charged. I tried some other controls, beginning with another EVA which worked but I couldn't board the vessel again, I could look at the messages, contracts, deltaV info etc, I could minimize the navball and bring it back upt yet I could still not enter my craft or get it to respond in any fashion, then I also noticed I could no longer move the camera - but still I could do the other things. I brought up my task manager to see if it has stopped responding but according to that it was still fine. Then I noticed a 2nd program running under the KSP heading - this was the UnityCrashHandler64.exe - THIS file was listed as not responding. I am using the latest 64 bit version of KSP - recently purchased on the COVID cheap through steam with both expansions on a nearly new Intel i5 MSI gaming laptop and apart from a little occasional stuttering, it runs perfectly 99% of the time. I can only confirm this as unity crash for this specific crash but I believe it has been the same crash previously (3 or 4 times) - each time the only ting I can do is end the task on KSP and restart the application. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has a solution to this issue, Thanks Kerbalnaut #55487 --- EDIT --- I could find no output.log file in my KSP folder but I did find a KSP.log file, the last entries were - [LOG 17:50:36.075] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 0 [LOG 17:50:36.079] [FLIGHT GLOBALS]: Switching To Vessel Untitled Space Craft ---------------------- [LOG 17:50:36.079] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Untitled Space Craft [LOG 17:50:36.090] Camera Mode: AUTO [LOG 17:50:39.835] [Experiments]: Setting FX Modules to 1... [LOG 17:50:39.835] [Experiments]: FX Modules set: 1 [EXC 17:51:07.857] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ManeuverNodeEditorManager.ModifyBurnVector (NavBallVector axis, System.Double amount) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) ManeuverNodeEditorTabVectorInput.<Start>b__15_3 (System.Double value) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) InputFieldHandler.OnValueChanged (System.String text) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) UnityEngine.Events.InvokableCall`1[T1].Invoke (T1 args0) (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0) UnityEngine.Events.UnityEvent`1[T0].Invoke (T0 arg0) (at <5aeafee3fea24f37abd1315553f2cfa6>:0) TMPro.TMP_InputField.SendOnEndEdit () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) TMPro.TMP_InputField.DeactivateInputField () (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) TMPro.TMP_InputField.OnDeselect (UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) (at <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0) UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (UnityEngine.EventSystems.IDeselectHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0) UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute[T] (UnityEngine.GameObject target, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData, UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents+EventFunction`1[T1] functor) (at <e7863072d20d4124957779539fa3ff58>:0) UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update() [LOG 17:52:00.614] Untitled Space Craft Debris Unloaded [LOG 17:52:00.614] Untitled Space Craft Debris Unloaded [LOG 17:52:44.482] [FLIGHT GLOBALS]: Switching To Vessel Jebediah Kerman ---------------------- [LOG 17:52:44.483] [PlanetariumCamera]: Focus: Jebediah Kerman [LOG 17:54:22.161] [UIApp] OnDestroy: CurrencyWidgetsApp Hope this helps... EDIT -- Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB, 8GB RAM - passes recommended specs
  18. Memory Mapped Files The closest example to this technique is kRPC, which I experimented with about a year ago when developing my F-22 drone racer. I discovered there was a significant delay between the server and client however. I was drawing a Vector3 representation every frame at my vessels position, which would fall further and further behind the craft as it's velocity increased. I have used Unity's uNet client and local server and have not experienced this lag before, which has me stumped on the cause. I would be interested to chat with someone who knows more about this mod, or anyone who has also experienced this. Because of the lag I was experiencing with kRPC, I decided to build my own "bridge" using Memory Mapped Files. These allow multiple processes to share memory space, which can be used to store several different types of data structures. While these are easily the fastest way to send data, there is one major complication for this project. Mmap files are only supported in .net 4+, while KSP targets 3.5. My solution to this is to start a custom process at launch, which handles the memory map "bridge", then I send/receive values via the process's i/o stream. This allows me to send hundreds of values back and forth each frame, at 50+ ksp fps, which is perfect for the time being. My next goal however is to send much larger data structures over the bridge. I really want to get camera feeds from KSP into Unity, so that I can begin implementing VR control into my mods. I have successfully sent a Texture 2D byte array from a camera across the bridge on a frame-by-frame basis, but the problem is when I need to incorporate the process i/o. Converting the array to a string every frame gives less then 2fps in Unity. The solution to this is to get mMap files working in .net 3.5. I tried many different ways before settling on the additional process, with no luck. I do have a potential solution however, but could use some input from any .net guru's out there. Inverse Kinematics The IK code is all custom, but it's pretty amature. I rely on SOHCAHTOA and the law of cosines for everything. Unity gives me a lot of cheats that aren't available in real time. Vector3.distance for example easily gives me the distance between two points. It all works though, and I plan to expand it out to more joints. The neck arm also allows rotational target matching. PID Controller Servos Each servo has it's own tunable PID loop which uses the error between the actual and IK servo angles as its process controller. This output sets the speed of the servo on a frame-by-frame basis. I only have a basic knowledge of PID tuning, so if anyone out there would like to share some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Gait Sequencing & Steering Right now the only gait sequence that exists is walking at a set speed. Steering is the last thing I still need to do. I wrote some simple stride length adjustment code, which allows setting the desired stride length for both the right and left legs at the beginning of each stride. The actual steering is adjusted by a PID loop which decreases one side's stride length by a percentage of its default length. So my stride length is 2 meters, and the steering PID can shorten that by up to 5%. Terrain Mapping & Active BalanceThe hexapod now has full terrain mapping and navigation capabilities. Instead of using the vessel height to position the ground and foot targets, each foot target is now placed on the ground directly beneath it.Each hip target is now set according to the ground position of it't foot. There are two ways of setting the hip targets. Right now the hip targets are set at the average height of all the foot ground positions plus the target height. I've realized since recording the video it would be best to just set the hip targets so that the vessel is always the target height above the ground. Or some combination of the two. The first method helps going up hill, while the second is preferable for down hill. Also setting the hip height half way between the highest (foot ground + target height) and the lowest would be the way to insure each foot has the best chance of hitting it's target when going over extremely rugged terrain.The vessel also knows if it is traversing up a hill, is level, or traversing down a hill, and sets the color of the ground accordingly. Right now nothing changes according to that, but eventually the gait will respond to the different slopes. I tried taking it out to the mountains but I still need to find a way to orient the gyroscope to a level surface, even when the launch point is not level. The triangle begin drawn on the ground represents the leg group that is actually moving the hexapod forward. VR Implimentation As soon as I can get the camera feed from KSP to display to a render texture in Unity, I will be able to start moving forward with VR implementations. I have several things that will be pretty easy to accomplish right off the bat. I will be able to have the robotic head match the rotation of the HMD head, and display the camera feed to a HUD. I will also be able to control the arms of the mech using touch controllers. I have some thoughts on getting VR to work natively in KSP as well. This has been done before, with mixed results. I'd like to see if I could do better. Collaboration and Testing Let me know if you'd like to contribute in any way. If you'd like to help and know any Unity/C# that would be great, but I could use help with tuning and design as well. There are a lot of variables that need to be tweaked, as well as design changes to the mechs themselves. Let me know if you have any interest in helping and I can probably find something for you to do. There is also the potential for a real life counterpart. This is something I would definitely need help with, as my hardware skills are almost non-existant. I am planing on buying a frame in the near future, and would love to have some help implementing my Unity controller in the real world. If this interests you, there is lots of info already on this thread page. TODO Veering while walking Turning in place Terrain Mapping Traversing slopes Quadrapod/Bipedal Mech Jumping/Extended flight Thanks for checking it out, lots more to come.
  19. I stopped working on my mods for some time, however I want to update them for 1.8. Thankfully the parts work just fine in terms of functionality, the problem is that the textures now look very strange. It looks as if half of one part has one shader while the other half has a different one. This doesn't happen with all parts, so I'm at a loss about what might be going on here. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below are some images of the weird looking textures Strange dividing line: Another strange dividing line: Normal looking one, for comparison:
  20. Buenas: Algo ha debido pasar con la última actualización de Kerbal con la expansión "Breaking Ground", porque resulta que cuando aterrizo en Muna o Minmus, si me acerco a alguna "anomalía" para tomar muestras, el juego se "crashea", y aparece un mensaje de Unity. Es más, si tras esto, vuelvo a entrar y cargo partida, y voy a algún Kerbal sobre la superficie, también crashea….. Es desesperante.... ¿Le pasa a alguien más también?????
  21. I'm trying to follow DMagic's UI tutorial, and I am currently trying to get my head around interfaces - and buttons. I can call any public function with OnClick(), but I'm not sure how to send that event to the KSP assembly. What I've thought of are setting some variable to a certain value and checking every once in a while through the interface if that variable has changed, and calling a GameEvent which gets picked up by the other assembly (I'm not sure if that's possible). Would either of these methods work, or is there a better way to do this?
  22. Hey guys. I've been having some trouble with Unity lately. (I'm using Beale's beginner modelling tutorial) Whenever I drag the model and collider OBJs with its textures into Unity, the materials folder does not appear. I don't know if there is a work around it (AKA Beale's way isn't the only way.) But if anyone has a clue as to why it's not working, that would be great.
  23. So whilst trying to put together some new model for a current mod I opened the project in unity (5.4.1) which I had built the entire mod in originally only to find tat the 'Part Tools' in the inspector is broken. I have no function for the KSP Part Tools (script) no option to set 'game data directory', no option to 'write', Nothing! The little expand arrow expands nothing, there is no option. As you can imagine I find this concerning as presently I can creating no new models as a result. So far I have tried: Re-installing the latest PartTools (both onto my machine and into the project). Restarting my machine (numerous times!) un-installing and re-installing my current version of Unity (5.4.1) Installing the latest version of Unity (5.5.1) and importing the project there. The result is the same; my KSP part tools script in the inspector has no functions/options. I have google'd and scoured the site and I can't see any solutions, any clues?
  24. I'm using Unity 2017.1.3p1 Personal and am seeing different .anim file structures based on the following: 1. Project Settings ---> Editor ---> Asset Serialization Mode = Force Text (KSP fails to load part) 2. Project Settings ---> Editor ---> Asset Serialization Mode = Force Binary and then do Project Settings ---> Editor ---> Asset Serialization Mode = Force Text (part and animation work fine after editing) In scenario 2 I remove material from the attribute and change classID from 23 to 21 for it to work. Is this a known Unity problem, a known work around or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks [snip]
  25. This thread will instruct you on how to create Kerbal parts using animated meshes, known in Blender as Shape Keys and known in Unity as Blend Shapes. Disclaimer: This guide assumes you already have a basic understanding of modeling, animation and creating simple Kerbal parts. Why??? The benefit of using animated meshes over regular scaling or rotating of a part allows you to yield complex animations from a single object, regardless of its shape. In the Kerbalverse, these parts are most noticeable with inflatable habitats. To my understanding, the only few on the market are those created by myself. With that said, I am hoping this will encourage others to take advantage of our new ability to use Blendshapes in Kerbal thanks to the hard work of @Shadowmage and his Textures Unlimited plugin, which allows for the loading of Asset Bundle-based models. Asset bundle based model loading is currently the only way to accomplish having these parts in Kerbal. For example, it would not be possible to create the egg-shape of the KEAM (BEAM module recreation) if I were to just scale a cylinder. The end resulting animation and shape would not be appropriate. See wireframe example of the KEAM's expansion using a single object: To start, create your model as normal. Create your desired animation with your object using Shape Keys (if Blender) (please Google for simple tutorials on this if you are unsure about animating with Shape Keys. The idea is very similar to animating a regular object. Where you would hit the I key for keyframe over the timeline, you instead do it over a new Shape Key on the side menu). If using Blender, it's best to save the .blend file within your Unity project location and work from that file within Unity. If you prefer or require FBX format for any various reason, ensure you have the "Baked Animation" option checked under the Animation tab in your export options. Check "Key All Bones" if using bones for anything. Inside Unity, you only need to verify your BlendShapes numbers under the Skinnded Mesh Render component of the animated object match the numbers in Blender. Warning: I noticed some issues above 9 Shape Keys where it seems that Unity only recognizes a total of 10. Avoid going above 9. It is very important to note, if you are using a model that contains any sort of part triggers, layers, or tags, like an Airlock or a Ladder, is is MANDATORY that you set up your part tags EXACTLY as shown in the following picture or they WILL NOT WORK when loaded in Kerbal: The final result on your model must still contain the proper tags and layers, for example with an airlock / hatch: To create the prefab ("Asset Bundle object file," as I call it), simply drag the ROOT part of your model FROM the hierarchy into the project folder window below. This action will create a prefab file. Select this prefab file so that you are viewing the preview of it in preview window. There is an AssetBundle "tag" location on the bottom of this window. Select the dropdown and create a new name for your asset bundle. Click KSPAssets on the top toolbar of Unity and select Asset Compiler. Click "Create" for your asset bundle, followed by Update and then Build. This outputs an assetbundlename.ksp file to your Unity project's "Asset Bundle" folder, one directory up from your Assets folder. The final step is to rename your finished asset bundle file to have an extension of .smf instead of .ksp Finally, drop your .smf file into your Kerbal addon folder inside GameData along with its textures and config file and as long as you have Textures Unlimited installed, the .smf file will be loaded like a normal part. I hope this can be of great help to the community or even just one person as I would love to see more complex animations in the Kerbal universe! Thanks!!!
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