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Found 14 results

  1. These parts are still in game, I can find them in the category of the Filter mod, but none of them shows in the stock 'connection' category, there are only docking ports and radiational decoupler. I have tried to uninstall all category and filter related mod, doesn't work.
  2. I encountered the same bugs just several time. This bugs definitely appears when you make 2 stage rocket with fairing and it has 2 probes on upper and previous stages. So stages can't decouple or craft crashes. In my video I have 2 examples: 1st when stage didn't decouple, 2nd when craft crashed
  3. Hey, I'm having some issues making a docking port; I have the whole docking thing worked out (finally), but I can't figure out how to make them detach when they're already put together in the VAB. I'm pretty sure it's the same mechanism as a decoupler, but I can't find any (working) documentation on it. So... anyone know what to do?
  4. Please please please make it easier to attach fuel tanks or boosters to radial decouplers. It seems to be VERY hit and miss on trying to place one of these objects right over a decoupler and have it attach to the tank instead of the decoupler... If I'm hovering my mouse over the decoupler, I'm pretty sure I want to attach this thing TO the decoupler.
  5. Hello, I'm building 2 stage rocket similar to Falcon 9 with reusable first stage, but as I use decoupler showed on image, as I launch a rocket, second stage is wobbly and it immediately snap from first stage. What is wrong with it. I've built multiple 2 stage rockets before but it happened to me for a first time today. Under decoupler is Remote Guidance Unit to control that first stage at the reentry and Advanced Reaction Wheel Module. Thanks for some advice.
  6. I'm stuck at this challenge. Even with this small decoupler having a zero detach force, it still pushes like a small docking port. It doesn't allow you to do precise maneuvers as it imparts around 1 m/s and when you decouple it. If it says zero in VAB, I want zero pushing. Can we have this fixed? Also, if someone knows a quick solution to this, I'd really appreciate it.
  7. what's the difference between tr18-a adn tr18-d? same size, same ejection force, same tollerance... the first has less weight and price. same for tr-2c and tr-2v
  8. Hi, im pretty new in KSP but since the new patch i have a problem. The radial decouplers are not working one FL-800 Tanks anymore. They work fine with the solid fuel boosters, but once i switch back to the liquid ones, nothing workes. And yes i tried turning them (so they are attached to the Center or the fuel tanks on the outside), bringing them further away from the attaching point, even so far they dont touch anything anymore, and still they hold everything together (even after decoupling....) Just one more thing, this problem is since yesterday, and even saved spaceships that worked fine do not work anymore! (first post and im not sure where to upload the pictues so just take this here and i will read it up later...) http://www.pic-upload.de/view-31893916/decoupler.png.html
  9. As the title says, i have a ship in mun orbit and i cant undock it to land it on the mun. Before you say go to that post where i need to change the file, i'm not doing that. and i have the mod that is supposed to force undock and it wont work either. So how can i fix this other than navigating through 300 pages of text?
  10. I have reached to a point in the career where I have to head to the mun. I have been having problems building a spacecraft. Now that I have built one, the radial decouplers have stopped working lol. I use liquid fuel boosters, 2 of them, and obviously radial decouplers. I have always make sure that the fuel tanks are attached properly to the decoupler and I still face this problem. I do use struts just so that nothing wobbles. Is this because of that? It would be amazing if anyone knew what I could do. http://imgur.com/a/jI4L9
  11. Is there a mod that makes effects like in the video, I think i saw it before but i never found it again. (around 1:50) Preferably the effects only happen in space and only happen in inline decouplers, not radal ones. I thank you for your help!
  12. I'm using Fasa's mod for making the apollo mission and realism overhaul. Everything works except for one thing that drives me crazy and I can't find any solution on the internet. The problem is with the decoupler that conceals the lunar lander. When I decouple it everything starts going crazy and the craft explodes. So I tried to put another decoupler under it to make it float away from the rest of the craft and decouple that concealer later. Still the same thing. Everything starts going crazy! I'll add some images to demonstrate. Please can someone tell me whats going on and how I can solve this.
  13. With the update to KSP 1.0.5, some parts changed and now some of my constructions don't work anymore (how could it be any different ). I used the Structural Pylon to attach Strut Connectors to spacecrafts inside the fairing to have them stable without any remnants after staging. Now that the design changed from structure to wing all rockets that use this method are messed up. The TT-38K Radial Decoupler and directly attached struts leave traces and I don't like this because it disturbs the plain view on ships. Do you have any tips for residue-free decouplers? btw: Is there a way to change from WYSIWYG editor to BB code?
  14. At the moment when a decoupler is staged it detaches from the part it was placed on and remains attached to the parts placed on it. For the most part this is fine, but there are situations where it can be a real pain in the neck, for example: - Releasing air-launched craft (eg. X-15 or Spaceship One style craft): you end up with a draggy, wierd looking decoupler stuck on the craft you release, when in reality the decoupler would remain attached to the carrier plane. - When using hardpoints to attach weapons or drop tanks to a military plane, the hardpoint stays on on the weapon, completely screwing up it's flight characteristics and making it impossible to reload anything on the hardpoint if you're using KIS/KAS. There are probably a lot more situations where having the option to choose which side of a decoupler detaches would help, but those were the ones that sprang to mind. A simple tweakable option to choose which side a decoupler detaches from could solve a lot of design headaches, and (although I have zero KSP modding experience) I'd imagine it'd be quite a simple change to make. EDIT: Sorry, forgot to say I'm talking about radial decouplers.
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