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Found 7 results

  1. These parts are still in game, I can find them in the category of the Filter mod, but none of them shows in the stock 'connection' category, there are only docking ports and radiational decoupler. I have tried to uninstall all category and filter related mod, doesn't work.
  2. I know that having telescopes and gradually obtaining information about celestial bodies is already semi-confirmed by this comment. But what do you think about also having a some filters / overlays for unmanned craft 3rd person view that improve as technology gets better? Some combinations of.. black and white vintage / sepia noisy blurry VHS CRT fake colors instruments (infrared, ultraviolet) etc. best color version would be the same as the manned craft 3rd person view of course. This would differentiate between manned and unmanned craft and give a better gameplay experience for tech progression. It could be applied to first-time visits based on tech level, to limit information and incentivize discovery. After sending better probes or manned missions the image could be normal. Also we could also have: telescope (science instruments) that can zoom in when orbiting / passing by a planet so we could see things happening on the surface or more details ability to record videos
  3. I came into the KSP community not too long ago, but i now have the need for a part sorter. Filter Extensions just doesn't seem to do it, because I need to just click a few buttons and just see the parts normally. Filter Extensions also doesn't mod sort by default and modders have to specifically implement the tabs. I want to just be able to throw something together, even if I have a lot of mods.. It would also help if there were multiple filters for mods. Does anyone know of a mod that can help?
  4. Hey guys, there was in idea in my mind for a long time, i decided to make a suggestion for it; Color filters! As many of you know, similar engined game "Cities Skylines" has color filter option where you can select filters to apply, so i thought why ksp cant do that too? They both have same engine, Unity 5! Imagine doing a moon landing mission with Black & White filter, or saturated flight in Laythe? Wouldnt it be pretty?. Here are some screenshots to help your imagination; Soo, what do you think, worth to implement?
  5. MOD UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Welcome to Contract Filter! This mod was created as a "more extensive" version of Rejector. I used to use Rejector but found it had little problems and annoying windows to it. So I created this! What Contract Filter allows you as the user to do, is to configure how you want each type of contract to be when you accept it or reject it. For example, if you need 60 science to get that next node, and you know there's going to be contracts with a reward of 60 science, then you can click on the type of contract you want to receive, whether it's Part Testing, Collecting Science, ISRU contracts, Body Surveys, or Science Gatherings, then you scroll to the textbox for minScienceComplete and put that from 0 to 60. Now after you save that up, you can start sorting your contracts! When it sorts the contracts, it'll check all the conditions of the contract to match all the numbers and letters you gave it. So since you had a minimum requirement of 60 science upon completion, all those little contracts with 12 science and 5 science go poof. But all the 60+ science ones stay You can do this for funds, science, reputation, contract parameters, bodies, and strings! If you don't like those pesky Part testing while flying over a planet contracts, it's simple! Just click on PartTest tab, then go to Blacklist Strings, then type into the box "flying over" (be careful, it's case sensitive!) and then add in the string to the blacklist. Save your settings, then start the sorting, and now all of those "flying over" contracts will vanish! As another handy feature, you can just not get part test contracts at all! When you click on a contract type, just click the "Reject" button, and it will turn into an "Accept" button, letting you know that the type is now rejected, and you have the ability to accept the type again at any time. WARNING: NOT SAVING YOUR SETTINGS CAN RESULT IN SETTINGS LOSS IF YOU CLOSE YOUR GAME, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SAVE! Pictures: As you can see above, I don't want any Science collecting, Base making, or Planting of the flag contracts. Also, when I get my Explore x body contracts, I don't want to get them for Eve, Laythe, or the Sun. Now with a newly added Edit All button! You can edit all the type preferences at once! Like here I'm telling every type of contract to be declined if it's for Kerbin. (and a new toolbar icon thanks to BadSector/Luca!) Download: http://spacedock.info/mod/696/Contract%20Filter ALL PROBLEMS/ISSUES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SETTINGS FILE AND OUTPUT LOG!! Changelog: v1.5.2: -Fixed OutofSync exception when closing EditAll window. Now properly closes and saves. -Fixed Bug with contracts being declined instead of deleted. -Re-added app buttons. v1.5.1: -fixed an NRE that happened at Main Menu scene switch v1.5: -Updated to work with KSP 1.1.2 v1.4: -Updated to work with KSP 1.0.4 v1.3: -Configured Contracts are now not shenanigans -Added in a throttle for contract acceptance rates -Fixed things -Added in hotkey to sort -Fixed Sandbox mode throwing errors -Added in new graphics for showing the state of the filter -I forget the rest... v1.2: -new toolbar icon -Added new Edit All button -Fixed some underlying save/loading bugs v1.1: -Changed name to Contract Filter -Fixed loading/saving bug -Fixed contracts being removed when they shouldn't be v1.0: Initial release Source: https://github.com/wased89/ContractFilter Thanks to BadSector/Luca for the toolbar icon! THIS MOD IS UP FOR ADOPTION IF ANY MODDERS WANT TO PICK IT UP, TALK TO ME ON IRC All Rights Reserved SilverFox8124~
  6. One of the biggest problems I have in some of my larger save files is scrolling through pages of craft files, or selecting the wrong ship type when I reopen a save after a while. I would be interested in knowing how difficult it would be to add more classifications for ship types? What I'm suggesting would be the ability to create more classifications of crafts. The ability to more specifically label ships in the Map screen would be quite an improvement. While in the Tracking Station, imagine that you click on the ship filter, but a drop down list with more options appears. You can select just your SSTO's, your airplanes, or your typically shapecraft. Some of my ideas for new categories include: Probes: Relays (the kind you need for RemoteTech 2), probes, surveyors, satellites Rovers: Manned, probe rovers Landers: Ships: Aeroplanes, SSTOs, ships Stations: Unmanned Stations, Manned Stations, motherships, fuel depots Bases: Mining, Science EVA: Flags: Markers (pennants instead of flags), Flags Asteroids: Asteroids, asteroid bases This is just a few of the ideas I had off the top of my head, and would love to add more and maybe tr to get this considered for the game or a mod (with help of course).
  7. Can developers add a filter checkbox in VAB/SPH load window where is vessels/planes/space craft. To hide *** Contains locked or invalid parts *** (VAB/SHP) in caree mode. Because it is especially in the beginning completely pointless, since these vessels can not even be used. And the discovery of their own vessels to accelerate. I do not want to remove them because they open up the technology tree is long enough. The filter would be a good addition to the game. Load menu show *** Contains locked or invalide parts *** check image in my www-site. http://linux.ylasiirtola.net/muut/KSP-hangar.png
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