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  1. MAP Contract Pack for Air flights to bases in Kerbin Side Remastered Current status: Current V2.1.7 bug fixes Overview Trans Kerbin Airlines: Each base to have 4 Airline flight contracts The initial test flight to the airport can be done once Flight service for 4-8 passengers depends on completion of mission 1. Can be run multiple times Flight service for 8-12 passengers depends on completion of mission 2. Can be run multiple times Flight service for 12-80 passengers depends on completion of mission 3. Can be run multiple times New base missions open up as the first mission 1 is completed. Bases are ordered by their distance to the KSC. Each base mission #1 completion opens the next base mission #1 United Knations Navy: Two initial certification missions available; Helicopter or VTOL aircraft Rescue Certification Seaplane Patrol Certification 4 Patrol missions for all Naval Air Stations 4 Rescue missions for all Naval Air Stations If you try it let me know if you run into any issues. For more information visit the Wiki Notes: Contains flight contracts from KSC to Bases in the Kerbin Side Remastered mod. modeled after flight missions provided in Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) V1.6.1 but not dependent on this mod Contains flightplans for Kramax Autopilot Continued mod Flightplans provide landing information for the various runways at the individual bases Runways where the AoA of the landing sequence proved to be too steep due to terrain were omitted from the flight plans. Complete site to site flightpalns as provided by the original Kerbin Side GAP mod are not included. Install: Available on CKAN Published on Space Dock - https://spacedock.info/mod/2573/Kerbin Side Remastered GAP Download from: https://github.com/caerfinon/KerbinSideRemasteredGAP place directory KerbinSideRemasteredGAP and all sub directories and files in your Gamedata/ContractPacks directory (Create if it does not already exist) Thanks and Acknowledgements: Lots of inspiration and ideas from the following creators inigma - Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP)- https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129208-contract-pack-giving-aircraft-a-purpose-gap-161-milestones-air-flights-coast-guard/ Keniamin - Kerbin Side GAP - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/133545-13x-kerbin-side-gap/ TranceaddicT - For the fork of Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) - https://github.com/7ranceaddic7/GAP Nations States - Kerbin - https://www.nationstates.net/region=kerbin For providing the Geographical backdrop for the flight contracts. Required Mods Eskandare - Kerbins Side Remastered - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174336-kerbin-side-remastered-101-173/ AlphaAsh,ozraven,Ger_space - Kerbal Konstructs - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/151818-181-kerbal-konstructs-18115-15dec2019/ nightingale - Contract Configurator - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/91625-1101-contract-configurator-v1305-2020-10-05/ Optional Mods (support files in "Patches" directory) linuxgurugamer - Kramax Autopilot Continued - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/150846-19x-kramax-autopilot-continued-course-guidance-and-auto-land-for-spaceplanes/ Ser - NavUtilities continued - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162967-140-181-navutilities-continued-ft-hsi-instrument-landing-system-v072-2018-apr-1/ Test Planes from KerbalX.com My list of useful Aircraft for use with this Contract Pack Mod I've used, built or modified these aircraft to fit the parameters of the flight missions in the Mod. Kudos to the original creators on their builds! License: MIT Change log: Kerbin Side Remastered Gap Extras v1.0.5 Overview Provides 20 additional Airstrips for Kerbin Side Remastered which can be used during flight missions that require ground operations. For more information see the Wiki Install: Available on CKAN Published on Space Dock - https://spacedock.info/mod/2685/Kerbin Side Remastered Gap Extras Download from: https://github.com/caerfinon/KerbinSideRemasteredGapExtras place directory KerbinSideRemasteredGapExtras and all sub directories and files in your Gamedata directory (Create if it does not already exist)
  2. Career Evolution Contract Pack The smart contract pack that fixes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. I only play Career mode in KSP because I need to have a direction, a mission, a plan. The contracts give me something to do so I can plan my missions around them. However, I have not played stock career mode since my first career. Thanks to @nightingale and his Contract Configurator mod, I haven't had to. There are amazing mod packs created by @nightingale, @severedsolo, @inigma, @Yemo and many many more. The issue I had with all of these modpacks is that they work together to some degree, but the do not necessarily progress logically because they are all from separate packs. WHAT IS THE CAREER EVOLUTION? It is a Contract Pack that takes the player from uncrewed launches like sounding rockets, to the first satellite into crewed launches that explore the solar system. There are contracts for uncrewed exploration of the solar system as well as crewed exploration that includes space stations, surface bases and more. It uses a logical progression so you will explore your nearest planetary neighbors before getting contracts for the rest of the solar system. You crawl before you can walk before you can run. WHAT ARE THE MISSIONS? Early Space Program (No Crew) Satellites (No Crew) Mun & Minmus Exploration (No Crew) Crewed Milestones Planetary Flybys, Orbits & Landings (No Crew) Space Stations (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) Crewed Flybys and Landings Surface Bases (with MUCH influence and code from @severedsolo great pack) WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? These contracts support all modpacks where the HomeWorld is the 3rd planet from the Sun. This means Stock, and stock resizes, RSS, all RSS resizes as well. This currently does NOT support Galileo's Planet Pack but I am looking at ways to remedy that. I HIGHLY recommend Stock with Outer Planets Mod by @CaptRobau or one of the RSS variants. The contracts are designed to take advantage of the extra planets. You MUST use a Unmanned first Tech Tree. These are the ones I recommend: Historical Progression Tech Tree by @pap1723 (me) Unmanned Before Manned by @Yemo Engineering Tech Tree by @Probus REQUIRED MODS Contract Configurator from @nightingale Module Manager DOWNLOADS GitHub SpaceDock License: CC-BY-NC-SA
  3. I accepted a contract to take a tourist on a sun fly by AND on an orbit around the sun. Now, I was expecting that just peeping out of Kerbin SOI would have fulfilled both the mission requirements (Sun fly by and orbit). instead, when I left kerbin SOI, the flyby condition was green-checked on the contact window, while the orbit condition remained grayed out. This is sort of puzzling, since I can see on the map view that my ship is on a clear orbit around the Sun. Any idea on how the game award the condition of orbiting around the sun?
  4. I just accepted a contract which I have to use the Sentinel telescope to map out 14 Kerbin threatening asteroids over the inclination of 16°. According to the contract, the mapping process would happen over time. What does this mean? And what should I do now, I have already put the sentinel telescope in the given orbit between Eve and Kerbin. Do I have to still track them in the tracking station or do I just leave it to do it in the background? Lastly, what defines Kerbin threatening asteroids?
  5. There's a lot of parts in bdarmory you can use to build your life annihilator, but there's no any contracts available where you can destroy vessels. You can spawn armed vessels by your own, but this is uncomfortable. How hard to create a mod which creates different armed vessels around Kerbin and orders to destroy them for reward?
  6. I am a new player. I have a heat shield contract to be tested at 18,000 - 30,000 m at 2060 m/s - 3,300 m/s speed. But my bloody rocket is too slow. Max it can reach is 1500. Both upwards and downwards. What to do?
  7. The Gold Standard! Version 1.5.2 (2017/06/18) (Now with full SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack Compatibility!) This mod adds the pursuit of gold and an extremely rare resource called Unobtainium to the game! Gold Ore now appears on planets/moons Gold Ore can be mined and smelted into Pure Gold with the Smelter Return either Gold/Gold Ore back to Kerbin for profit Gold is heavier than Gold Ore, which is heavier than Ore Full integration with Vanilla drills and scanners Vanilla Drills and Surface Scanner available slightly earlier in the tech tree Only 8 parts (Under 10Mb download), low memory usage. Get over that mid-career fund grind in a fun and challenging way! What is Unobtainium? Unobtainium is an extremely valuable resource that generally spawns on high-G and extremely distant worlds. You can mine Unobtainium using the vanilla drills without needing a converter in-situ. Drills mining Unobtainium operate much more efficiently with both a scientist and engineer aboard. Unobtainium is a little more dense than gold, so ensure to bring adequate Dv! Finally a monetary reason to land on Eeloo, Eve, Moho/Icarus, or any of the other seldom visited worlds! This mod is not meant to be an easy cash cow; rather, a difficult alternative to contract spam. There is no gold on kerbin, and be careful when choosing a mining site as only deposits of >2% (mini drill) or >1.5% (large drill) will yield gold ore. The gold ore can be returned for an okish profit, but be aware that gold ore is basically 9/10s ore. So there are obvious benefits to smelting in-situ. The Smelter needs power, cooling, and an engineer to function at its full capacity. Pure Gold is, by design and irl, HEAVY! Feel free to post any working ship/base designs! Note on returning with your space booty: Land near or on the space center to avoid diminished returns. Supported mods: - Scansat - Galileo's Planet Pack Downloads Version 1.5.2 for KSP V3: SpaceDock Available on CKAN! *ModuleManager included and required Planned Features Will be adding one more resource beyond Kerbin's influence Community Tech Tree integration Further Weight/Cost Balancing (need feedback) Change Log Update 1.5.2 •Packaged the latest version of MM to bring the mod upto 1.3 Update 1.5.1 •Complete Compatibility with SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack •Changed the way resources spawn on planets (more small concentrated veins, less large low concentrated blobs). Update 1.5 •Improved Weight/Balance/Distribution of resources. It should now be a little easier to make money, and more worth it to make a trip out farther. •Fixed the Unobtainium texture •Cleaned up files •Improved compatibility with Scansat and Galileo's Planet Pack (Thanks go to Jadeofmaar for helping me here) Update 1.4.2 • Fixed stupid typo ftw. Update 1.4.1 • Fixed a value that was preventing unobtainium from spawning in large enough quantities to be mined. Update 1.4 • Finally got of my butt and updated the mod to 1.2.2 • Added Unobtainium • Added support for GPP and Scansat Update 1.3 • Updated to for KSP 1.2 • Fixed a potential problem with unlimited output for both gold smeltery and stock miniISRUVersion 1 Update 1.2 - Updated some part descriptions - Slightly reduced concentrations of gold on Minmus - Made orbital scanner unlock earlier (The satellite targeting gui is disabled until survey scan) - Adjusted Smeltery Output to prevent a very minor exploit Version 1.1 - Cleaned up textures - Fixed radial attachment points - Added Mission Flags Version 1.0 - Release License The Gold Standard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license does not apply to the bundled plugin ModuleManager. This is my first mod so if you have any tips or suggestions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.
  8. Brief Deep Sky (a sci-fantasy, far future agency... mine) would like to test the muscle of any agency capable of producing interstellar class ships. The challenge: To gather at least 2 super-heavy asteroids in orbit of either the homeworld or whatever celestial body that your space program doesn't mind performing full industrial exploitation of. The asteroids are presumed to be rich with 1 or more rare resources that won't easily, or at all, be found in the surfaces of most planets. This challenge is of the sort "something for you to do and use for progression" and is not "a comparison of ships built with the same parts/performance" so you will find generous limits on part mods. In fact... this should simply be impossible to do without part mods. If you wish, you may emulate this as a contract in a career game with the following specs (as a baseline anyway. Tune them as you see fit): +1 million investment +/- 5 times the invest amount if you succeed or fail +/- 30 if you succeed or fail Mission Reporting Provide at least these details of the vessel(s) you use: Ship dry mass, wet mass, propellants, launch cost. Mission start time, elapsed time, per asteroid, and total mission time. If you use one ship for all asteroids, then idle time between pursuing asteroids counts. Less time is better. Mass of each asteroid at the time of capture; Mass after you used out whatever necessary resource(s) to fuel your ship and parked the asteroid. Screenshots or video highly recommened but not required. (Honesty is key.) Mission Unique Bonus Participation (Anyone can get this) Big Daddy ISRU Program (A): Use the Ore to produce propellants other than <any stock resource> or LqdHydrogen. Big Daddy ISRU Program (B): Use resources other than Ore to produce your propellants. (You must keep all the Ore. The rest of your space program will find use for it.) Champion (Only one can get this) We run on efficiency!: Use the least average asteroid resource out of all the space programs. (Does not count if you rely heavily on gravity assists. We want those asteroids within the next decade at most, not next century.) No order is too tall: Bring the most asteroids. Rules You must be using a planet pack that makes asteroids wider and heavier. Known packs allowed: Galaxies Unbound JNSQ Whirligig World RSS HyperEdit, VesselMover and other obvious cheat tools not allowed, obviously. No restriction on part mods (except for propulsion systems). Propulsion system mods allowed: KSPI-E OPT Continued (for its Dark Drive) Far Future Technologies (especially with "Calvin's patch" or equivalent, that buffs their Isp's so that they're properly interstellar grade) Karbonite Plus (for Karborundum) MEV Heavy Industries Interstellar Technologies Propulsion mods and techniques disallowed: Wormholes, Jump gates or (other) FTL tech Anything resembling EM Drive, GN Drive, or other self-fueling/infinitely fueled engine Anything that causes engines to be infinitely fueled (I know of mods that contain "fuel cells" and "generators" that produce fuel, Ore or EelectricCharge for practically no cost) Any obviously extremely imbalanced or "sandbox fun" propulsion mod Goals / Points +1 for basic finish +3 if you bring a 3rd asteroid +2 for each asteroid (after 3) that you bring +1 if the target body has > 1g +1 if the target body has > 2g +5 if you use one ship and don't do parallel missions Un-scaled Asteroids If you would like to attempt this challenge without the asteroid sizing then the requirements are as follows: You must bring home 3 E-sized asteroids. Goal changes: +3 if you bring home 5 asteroids +1 for each asteroid (after 5) that you bring
  9. (I have Leadership Initiative strategy active at 100% commitment, so that reduces my reputation gained from contracts by 75%) So I completed a contract that were supposed to reward me 3 (-10) reputation. Before contract completion, I have exactly 532.65 reputation. After contract completion, I have exactly 528.43 reputation. Where does my 4.22 reputation go‽ Looking at the output log, it's clear that I was supposed to gain some reputation: [LOG 01:11:40.696] Awarding 63368.5304172696 funds to player for contract completion [LOG 01:11:40.696] Awarding 13.62797 reputation to player for contract completion [LOG 01:11:40.696] Added 8.854749 (13.62797) reputation: 'ContractReward'. [LOG 01:11:40.698] Contract (Recover Module JBJD0 from orbit of Kerbin.): Good job! Module JBJD0 has been recovered in one piece and is being analyzed as we speak. <b><color=#8BED8B>Completion Rewards:</color></b> <color=#B4D455><sprite="CurrencySpriteAsset" name="Funds" tint=1> 15,842 <color=#feb200>(-47,526)</color> </color> <color=#E0D503><sprite="CurrencySpriteAsset" name="Reputation" tint=1> 3 <color=#feb200>(-10)</color> </color> [LOG 01:11:40.700] [VesselRecovery]: Dekesslerizer Mini recovered 1089.2Km from KSC. Recovery Value: 47.1% [LOG 01:11:40.700] [Research & Development]: +1 data on Recovery of a vessel returned from Kerbin orbit.. Subject value is 0.00 It seems that the game doesn't give you the deducted reputation. Rather, it gives you the full reputation, then it deducts your reputation. And since the game also reduces your reputation gain/loss the closer you're to the reputation limit (and vice versa), it decreases my reputation gained, but it also increases my reputation lost! So instead of me gaining 3 reputation, I gained 13 reputation and lost 10 reputation. Which translates to 8.85 reputation gain and some amounts of reputation lost, resulting in a net loss of 4.22 reputation! Yes, this thing still happens in the 1.12 update I just downloaded and played. Squad. Pls fix.
  10. Air-Klaciers Compagnie d'aviation What is Air-Klaciers: Air-Klaciers is a contract pack aiming to bring the swiss mountaineer into the game ! I do enjoy to play with contract pack just to have a bit more immersion and one type of contract I've always liked were the rescue mission in GAP but there are only two. So I've tweaked them and finally created my own rescue and transport contract. Purpose: Air Klaciers is a Kerbal aviation company that offers air transport services as well as an emergency service just like the real-world counterpart Air-Glaciers. It's a well-known swiss company what mostly use helicopter and I like to play with them in KSP, so why not create a contract pack to bring an incentive to play with either a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) or a helicopter. How to: There are two types of contract, the rescue mission and the transport. Rescue Mission: For you to access these missions, you have to complete a first flight contract "Land on a helipad !". It is needed for you to learn how to fly a helicopter or a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) to ensure you'll be able to rescue the poor kerbals in precarious situation atop the mountains. Rescue kerbals lost in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere Transport Mission: For you to access these missions, you have to complete a first flight contract "Retrieve a scientist looking for old technology". These are little missions to retrieve a kerbal somwhere on Kerbin and bring her/him back to the KSC. All contracts and vessels included in this pack are completely playable in stock KSP and this contract pack is compatible with my heavily modded game (160+). Dependencies: Module Manager Contract Manager You need them both in order for the contract to appear Mod Recommandation: Airplane Plus (need a small tweak to work in 1.11) ColdwarAerospace Both add really nice helicopter. Waypoint Manager just because I use waypoint for the contract and it's easier to manage them Aircraft: I've used helicopter with small tweak from blackheart612 on KerbalX Agency: Air-Klaciers, a new custom agency which gldlay offer transport and emergency services Download and Installation: License: MIT SPACEDOCK CKAN when I understand how to ALTERNATIVE LINK (Google Drive) If downloaded, drop the "GameData" file into your "GameData" which is located inside "Kerbal Space Program". Know Issues: If you go to the tracking station after accepting a contract, the kerbal in distress will appear so you know where he is. It can break the immersion so you can either turn-off the display of kerbals on the Tracking Station or play along. I usually give a lot of clue for where to look so it shouldn't be hard to find them. To do: Create more contracts Balance the contracts Find new points of interest More immersion More spelling and grammar checker Exit the atmosphere ? Credits: @nightingale for creating contract configurator and the awsome wiki @inigmaand @Tudor Aerospace for their respective contract pack which help me understand how to write a cfg @L0ck0n and @blackheart612 for their respective mods which add some really nice stock-a-like helicopter parts
  11. Hey everyone, New guy here. I’m trying to complete the Test RT-10 “Hammer” challenge, and I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll try to make this quick. Contract: Activate the part through the staging sequence when all test conditions are met: -Kerbin -Flying -Alt: 34,000-41,000m -Spd: 100-260 m/s Meeting the conditions is easy enough. I’ve tried by activating the stage when all four have the green check mark, AND clicking “Run test” on the part options. I’ve even tried creating a new stage mid-flight and activating it after...I’m at a loss for ideas. I’m playing on a PS4 if that makes any difference. What am I doing wrong??
  12. As the title says, the Test RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster at launch site contract does not complete after staging while necessary conditions are achieved. Details: Platform -> Xbox Version -> Latest update 31/03/2019 without Making History DLC (I'd suggest that the version number be displayed in the main menu screen or the settings screen!) Control Preset -> Cursor Steps Taken: Accepting contract at Mission Control; Building a ship with a Hammer SFB as first stage; Checking both testing conditions are met: At Kerbin; At Launch Site; Launching rocket trough staging; Recovering rocket and re-launching through manual part activation with the cursor. Results: -Contract does not complete through staging or manual part activation; Notes: -There was no problem completing the same contract for the Flea SFB; BACC "Thumber" SFB and RoveMax Model S2. I believe this problem may be related to the part redesign, with the game believing the object "Hammer" SFB from the contract is not the same SFB I have fitted in my ship. Video: https://xboxclips.com/Arch3rAc3/4a6517ce-1b65-4840-93ee-f0d822c082b9
  13. So I accept a simple RT-10 test on the Launch Pad, then I clicked the "run test" button (I set the thrust limit to 0 and the solid fuel to 100, so it won't fly away). When I clicked the contract bar, it displays: Test RT-10 hammer SRB:❌, Launch Pad: ✅, Kerbin: ✅, but why it's not complete yet?
  14. Welcome to this modded tank design competition, And firstly, You'll need this modpack to make and submit your designs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmkfcnew87ij8wt/Modpack.7z/file How this competition came to be I was inspired by HB Stratos's "KSP Original Design Competition" But it was about planes instead of tanks.I originally wanted The Creator of FDC to make an addon that uses same vessel interaction to make custom turrets but since he is busy so I guess we will have to make do with the ones in FDC.(if anyone can contact him it will be great) Notes&Rules Also originality and realism(in original designs) are encouraged as that the point of the design competition Plz only use FDC armor as the hull armor Don't clip turrets or Armor together Please don't go over 300 parts per vehicle Use Ksp 1.10.1 This takes place in a version of Kerbin ravaged by war throughout the 20th century. Thus, the years and dates of the wars are different but they do parallel the real life wars in tech. Now,There are four eras in this tank design competition: pre-war(1930s),earlyWW2(1943-1945),late WW2(1946-1949) and the early cold war(1950s-1960s). And your design shall reflect the design choices and technology of each era(along with the details of each contract).The tanks will be reviewed and evaluated on video over on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeaU7ksRT3GhBW496LnQyQ Anyway,here are the contracts: Pre-War Era(1930s) Early WW2 Submission format [contact no. xy][author(s)][craft name][description][pictures (max 3)][Download link (if possible KerbalX)]
  15. I have got this contract many times. But I never accepted one. I decided to try one out today. But I want to know what kind of rescue mission is it. How should I do it? Can I control the ship I am going to rescue? Does it have engines? What resources does it have? Lots of question. These are thing I need to know before doing any rescue mission.
  16. I created a space station and put it in low orbit (15 km) around the mun. It appears that I have all boxes checked, but the contract isn't marked as complete. The only thing that I can think of is that could be preventing a success is that it needs to be made after the contract was taken--which it was. Is there a way to check the date it was made and the date that I took the contract? Is there any other reason why it might not be marked as complete?
  17. After about many tries, it appears they must be rendered unconscious WHILE greater than 70km and sub-orbital. I have knocked them out both on the way up and way down on suborbital flights but the contract didn't fulfill. I manage to get the ship up to sufficient altitude and the contract sheet marks that I complete the suborbital flight. But when re-entering when under 70Km, it removes the mark and there is no way to complete the contract. Can someone give me an idea, I feel stupid with this topic Thanks
  18. I have tried completing this contract with all 3 variants of the Terrier engine's shroud, no joy. I have both the "at Kerbin" and "at launch site" green in the contracts tab, then tried activating the engines both by staging and by manual cursor activation, it does not complete the contract. My guess is that when the Terrier has been updated, it's code changed while the contract part code has not been updated, therefore the Terrier engine the contract is looking for is not the same engine we have now. This is just like the bug I reported back in march with regards to the "Hammer" booster (which I believe was also updated by that time).
  19. Working on a 3 person suborbital contract. First flight with one passenger successful. During the second flight, a 2 passenger flight, I made it to 70k, landed, clicked retrieve vehicle, and the game crashed while loading the success retrieval screen. The crash was an issue switching resolutions...which I was not doing. Anyway, the real problem is the 2 passengers have flown and now are not available to select for another flight. I cannot complete the contract. Is there a way to reset it? Or do I need to throw it away and take the incomplete hit? Any other options? Also I just went to the Astronaut center. The pilot and 2 passengers are in the assigned tab. And their status says they are in the pods. The contract status looks like: Glecan's Travel Itinerary: Complete Completion: 24,275 Suborbital spaceflight on Kerbin: Complete Daphnard's Travel Itinerary: Incomplete Completion: 24,275 Suborbital spaceflight on Kerbin: Complete Seangun's Travel Itinerary: Incomplete Completion: 24,275 Suborbital spaceflight on Kerbin: Complete
  20. Welcome To The Clever Sats Development Thread (Marketing) Clever Sats is a contract pack for Contract Configurator aimed at improving the stock satellite contracts. Contracts added by the pack are intended to improve the realism replayabilty and depth of satellite contracts. ^Clever Sats's New Logo^ Tired of satellite contracts asking for the same thing over and over again with no end insight? Finding that launching satellites feels pointless? Unrealistic orbits annoying the space nerd in you? Try Clever Sats for some realism replayabilty and depth in your satellite contracts! [Clever Sats Github] Development "Continued" by @Mark Kerbin and @VaPaL with permission from @severedsolo Future Development Plans; This "Roadmap/ Changelog Is Pulled From The Github, If You Want More Upto Date News & Info Use That. =) Less colorful tho. [Roadmap On Github] Info/Key; (P) This is planned but not necessarily going to happen (T) This is in testing (D) This is ready for next release (R) Planned And Required For Release (TBD) Planned Feature But Not Currently Worked On Rewards are marked based on the "level" of funds and rep. This is for comparisons sake. Plans; Contract Types (R) Generic (T) Rewards: 1 fund : 1 reputation Launch generic satellite into a generic orbit - very common Weather (T) Rewards: 3 fund : 3 reputation Launch a weather satellite into keostationary orbit Mass Cap = 3t Uncommon Launch a weather satellite into polar orbit Mass Cap = 3t Rare Satellites must be above a certain region Spy (T) Rewards: 4 fund : 2 reputation Launch a spy satellite into keostationary/tundra/kolniya orbit Mass Cap = 5t Very Rare Communication (T) Rewards: 3 fund : 3 reputation Launch a communication satellite (3-5t) into keostationary orbit Mass Cap = 3-5t Common Launch a communication satellite (3-5t) into tundra orbit Mass Cap = 3-5t Uncommon - Rare Satellites must be above a certain region and have a relay antenna Observation (R) Rewards: 2 fund : 3 reputation : 2 science Launch a Kerbin observation satellite into polar orbit Common Miniaturized (T) Rewards: 1 fund : 2 reputation Launch a cub/mini/micro satellite (500-100kg) into generic orbit Mass Cap = 500-1000kg Common Multiple satellites per launch per launch (could be a bonus parameter) Science (T) Rewards: 3 fund : 3 reputation : 3 science (body dependent) Launch a science probe to another body (Mun, Duna...) Uncommon The idea is to give science points even when there are no more to be collected Survey (R) Rewards: 2 fund : 1 reputation Launch satellite equipped with scanner into a LKO generic orbit Uncommon Navigational (T) Rewards: 5 fund : 4 reputation Launch a navigational constellation Size = 24-27 Satellites Max Completed = 2 Rare Multiple contracts, one for each orbit inclination in the constellation Move (R) Rewards: (?) fund : (?) reputation : (?) science Move a satellite to a new orbit (within reason if possible) Uncommon Only launched by this pack contracts Excluding Weather Spy Communication Navigational Investigate (R) Rewards: 2 fund : 1 reputation Investigate a malfunctioning satellite (only manned?) Uncommon Decommission (R) Rewards: 1 fund : 1 reputation Decommission a science probe outside Kerbin system by crashing it into a sterile body Mission Time = 5+ Years Rare Decommission a science probe inside Kerin system by deorbiting it Rare Decommission a satellite (in LKO/MKO) by deorbiting it Common Decommission a satellite (in HKO) by moving it to a graveyard orbit Common Licensing Clever Sats 1.5(?) + licensed under MIT @Mark Kerbin & @VaPaL Clever Sats 1.4 & prior versions licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 @severedsolo Acknowlegments "Continued" (But not actually) by @Mark Kerbin and @VaPaL with permission from @severedsolo @nightingale as ever for his tireless work on Contract Configurator (you rock!) @severedsolo For the original Clever Sats pack.
  21. Is there anyone knows where this contract is from, and what it want me to do? Every time scene changes, it's briefing changes too. I've searched for a while, but there is no result other than Wildblue industry's github page listing unrelated contracts. Only experiments I have now, which can be 'Completed' is Surface Experimental Pakage, but it can't land or splash completed experiement at all, since it's transmitted automatically. Only other thing flying in space is Jeb and his tourist, and some DMagic Orbital Science stuffs. EDIT: Figured it out, it was from Pathfinder mod. I needed to reconfigure buckboard 6000 to research science. Case Closed.
  22. Hey Guys! I am pretty new here and I am having trouble with a contract. The requirements state that I need to recover a stranded Kerbal on the surface of the Mun and return him back to Kerbin. I can get to the Mun and return him, but I am having trouble with locating him. There is nothing on my screen telling me where to land or where the Kerbal is. I must be missing something, however I couldn't find anything that answers my question. My vessel is manned with two pilots and one seat for the kerbal. I have full connection to Kerbin and full control of the craft. Battery is at 100% and life's good. Your guys' help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Get Rice
  23. I am doing one of the explore Duna contracts, one of the criteria is that I 'Enter the atmosphere of Duna'. I have landed my probe now on Duna and It is still unchecked.
  24. Welcome To Kerbal Academy's Developement Thread (Marketing) Kerbal Academy is a contract pack consisting of training mission scenarios for educating your Kerbals. These missions are intended to provide in-field training experience to kerbonauts, advancing their skills for use on future missions. Each Kerbal Academy contract awards the trainee being trained experience when a specified mission task is completed. Are you tired of your Kerbals not being able to reach the highest levels without planting a flag on Duna? Ever wondered how planting a flag on Minmus shows your engineers how to fix wheels? Enroll your Kerbonauts in the Kerbal Academy today! We provide logical and simpler Kerbal experience progression contracts for a better training experience! (Kerbal Academy is NOT liable for any injuries or rapid unplanned disassembles during missions)\ [Kerbal Academy's Github And Wiki] General Super Detailed Future Plans; This "Roadmap/ Changelog Is Pulled From The Github, If You Want More Upto Date News & Info Use That. =) Less colorful tho. [Roadmap On Github] Info/Key; (1.3) This is planned for 1.3 but not necessarily going to happen (1.3) This is in testing for 1.3 (1.3) This is ready for 1.3 (1.3) Planned And Required For 1.3 Release (TBD) Planned Feature But Not Currently Worked On Bug-fixing for spelling/grammar errors reported in v1.2.x (1.3) Re-balance Contract Pricing (1.3) Contract pricing will now be generated on new factors such as next kerbal hire cost, contract difficulty and possible experience gained. Add updated logos (1.3) Working on a new flag a logo to replace the older one. Old flag will live on as Legacy Add mission patches (1.3) Mission patch for engineer training Mission patch for pilot training Mission patch for scientist training Kerbalize contract descriptions (1.3) Just want to make the contract descriptions a bit more kerbal and in universe sorta All will improve and add notes to contracts for less confusion Split up all contracts into profession specific ones. This will lead to more contracts and file size, but user friendly-ness will be worth it. (1.3) New mission profiles for Pilot training (1.3) New mission profiles for Engineer training (1.3) New mission profiles for Scientist training (1.3) Design "Stock" Crafts For Use In Contracts (1.3) Light Trainer Aircraft (1.3) For use in pilot bootcamp Mini Science Ground Station (1.3) For use in scientist bootcamp Various Lander Probes (1.3) For use in certain engineer contracts Drill Outpost (1.3) For use in intermediate engineer drill training New Docking/ Rendezvous mission profiles for Pilot training (TBD) No further information at this time Create New Function For CC To Add Kerbals To Roster (TBD) This would be used to make the bootcamp contracts a bit less weird Continue Apologizing For 1.2 (1.3) Licensing Kerbal Academy 1.1.9+ licensed under MIT @Mark Kerbin Kerbal Academy 1.1.8 & prior versions licensed under MIT @severedsolo Acknowlegments "Continued" (But not actually) by @Mark Kerbin with permission from @severedsolo @nightingale as ever for his tireless work on Contract Configurator (you rock!) @severedsolo For the original Kerbal Academy pack, and a good bit of this forum page @severedsolo 's wife for creating the original Kerbal Academy flag.
  25. I am not sure of how to match my own orbit's inclination with the orbit that is shown on the map by a contract. I had to send a satellite into a specific orbit which was shown on the map. I had no problems with the apoapsis and periapsis (except for matching the exact spot for the ap and pe, I just eyeballed it, would appreciate a hint here as well) but when it came to matching up the inclination I was really struggling. The contract said the desired orbit had an inclination of 170 or so degrees but relative to what? I also had the argument of the periapsis and longitude of ascending node, just didn't know what they meant (still don't know). If I aligned the map/ planet with the orbit it looked like about 290 degrees. If I launched and put the navball on 170 I got nowhere. Can someone tell me how I can launch at the correct angle or sort of figure it out? And also how to adjust my orbit too once in the air, like you would do for a moon (using maneuver nodes doesn't work because I can't set an orbit as a target so I'm not sure how much normal of delta-v to add/ subtract)? In the end I just had to eyeball things by aligning the planet with the orbit and stuff like that which was fine but still way to much hassle in comparison to other things in this game. Also if you add normal or anti-normal the contract orbit tells you your ascending and descending nodes but maneuver nodes would be useful in this situation. I have Kerbal Engineer installed so I think there has to be a better way of doing these sorts of missions just not sure how. Would MechJeb help in this situation? Thanks in advance for any answers although I'll probably thank you again later
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