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Found 19 results

  1. I've noticed that when you timewarp and then go back to normal x1 speed when near another vessel, to dock for instance, the other vessel 'pops' away in the distance, as if the position is actually incorrect? I've had this happen numerous of times and its made me waste fuel and time to correct this sudden change in position
  2. Two of my vessels have an unknown status/trajectory, even though its clear where they are/going
  3. Catflier126

    KSP2 bug

    My non-stock vessels will take a long time to load when I enter the VAB. If I go on vessel selection menu, only the stock vessels will be there and I have to wait for my vessels.
  4. There's a lot of parts in bdarmory you can use to build your life annihilator, but there's no any contracts available where you can destroy vessels. You can spawn armed vessels by your own, but this is uncomfortable. How hard to create a mod which creates different armed vessels around Kerbin and orders to destroy them for reward?
  5. Have you ever build silly features for your vessels? Put your ideas here! Typical examples include a swiming pool in a Laythe hotel, a maze, etc. I'll start: a table in my Lander. Seats 6 Kerbals with hot chocolate.
  6. I can't see marks of my vessels neither within 100 km nor it has been loaded in 2.4 km.
  7. Guys i had a rendezvous vessel and ready to go the mun. The poblem is how to switch active navball on others vessel... Thanks.... Note : ASAP
  8. Hello, I am woking on a "multiplayer" mod now, and I have run into the following problem: I need to spawn a craft (on the launchpad or runway, maybe in the atmosphere/orbit). I can think of 2 ways to achive this: 1. Spawn it from a .craft file (file shareing not a problem) 2. Some way to serialize a a craft with its settings and all, and transport that data, then reconstruct I know that I can load a craft with a ProtoVessel, bat can it be serialized? Also I would like to know how to do the 1. option (for later reference) Help is well received!
  9. Hello. I just encountered a serious bug. I've made a small craft for the observation missions and, so that I won't waste too much money, decided to place some parachutes on it's first stage. After landing, I took Jeb out for EVA so I could get some science on Kerbin surface and while he was on the crew cabin ladder, I switched craft so I could check if the first stage was landing ok. After it did, I tried switching back but it said there were no crafts close enough, so I recovered the main stage and selected the crew cabin through the tracking station. After getting back on the craft, for my surprise, I noticed Jeb was nowhere to be found! So I recovered the craft itself and there was also no crew in the after-recovery screen, only parts and science. Jeb is also not in the Astronaut Building and my reputation went negative, leading me to believe he's now dead. I'm playing the career with some of the hardest settings on, forcing no quicksave/load and no crew respawn, but everything was going well so far. Losing a Kerbal in this stage of the career with these settings is game breaking. I also tried using the debug console (which should be used to fix something like this without forcing me to restart my whole career) but then it says the achievements will be disabled Why should I even have a debug tool then? I can see this problem may impact even more the game later on if I happen to have any Kerbals performing EVA while switching back to Kerbin or another craft. If I'm not mistaken, this bug (or a similar bug) has already been fixed on the PC, no? Update: I just checked the astronaut building again, and it says Jeb was K.I.A. Wish it would tell me what killed him though, that would provide more info on the bug (maybe he's been teleported and smashed, stretched or something else).
  10. Wouldn't it be cool to edit an active vessel (that already made its way to a mun orbit) in the VAB? It could cost money or items (like rocketparts) for career mode. An in-flight editor would be even better, the game pauses, and the vab editor comes in from the left. Cheers
  11. Is there a easy way to get the center of mass of current vessel? I heard the camera will always focus on the center of mass, so i believe it's calculated every frame.
  12. Hola gente tengo un problema ya bastante molesto ya que hace dias que no le encuentro la vuelta, cuando quiero orbitar y llego a los 10.000 metros el cohete pierde el control y empieza a perder altura, intento controlarlo pero se vuelve imposible, hay algun tip o recomendacion para hacerlo? graciass
  13. Just a quick one for you guys, is there a mod to calculate a vessel's current delta V in flight? Previously I uses Kerbal Engineer, I did install it under 1.2.1 but it seems it doesn't take account of the new way fuel is handled in 1.2 - my spaceplane has nukes but they are not part of the same stack as my liquid fuel tanks, as there are no fuel ducts, kerbal engineer doesn't seem to realise that fuel can get to those nukes, so assigns me a very low delta V value. I'm in a career game and just flew this Whiplash/Dart/Nerv contraption to orbit. I was hoping to go to Gilly as it's Bill's first trip to space. I've developed an aversion to docking maneuvers and was hoping i wouldn't need to refuel the thing. We got 2709 LF remaining and are currently massing at 36.86T.
  14. Hi! I'm trying to display a simple sphere primitive (from GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Sphere) ) centered around a vessel in the tracking station, but to no avail... No fancy stuff, for a start I'd like the sphere to be a simple solid color. Problem is I even don't know if the sphere is displayed somewhere but can't be seen or if it's not displayed at all. Below is a minimal repro code for this problem: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; namespace TestPrimitive { [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.TrackingStation, false)] public class TestPrimitive : MonoBehaviour { GameObject m_SphereObj; List<Vessel> m_vesselList; bool m_inTrackingStation; bool m_isVesselFecthed; Vessel m_currentVessel; void Start() { // we want to do something only in the tracking station if (HighLogic.LoadedScene != GameScenes.TRACKSTATION) return; // Create a sphere object m_SphereObj = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Sphere); m_SphereObj.layer = 10; // disable collider for the sphere var collider = m_SphereObj.GetComponent<Collider>(); collider.enabled = false; //Destroy(collider); // should the collider be destroyed? // get object renderer and apply attributes var renderer = m_SphereObj.GetComponent<Renderer>(); renderer.material.color = Color.red; renderer.receiveShadows = false; renderer.shadowCastingMode = UnityEngine.Rendering.ShadowCastingMode.Off; // enable the renderer later renderer.enabled = false; } void Update() { // we want to do something only in the tracking station if (HighLogic.LoadedScene != GameScenes.TRACKSTATION) { m_inTrackingStation = false; return; } // check mapview and its camera if (!MapView.MapIsEnabled || MapView.MapCamera == null) { m_inTrackingStation = false; return; } m_inTrackingStation = true; if (!m_isVesselFecthed) { FetchVessels(); m_isVesselFecthed = true; } if (m_currentVessel != null) { // sphere parent tranform is the vessel transform m_SphereObj.transform.parent = m_currentVessel.transform; // not sure about this one... m_SphereObj.transform.position = ScaledSpace.LocalToScaledSpace(m_currentVessel.GetWorldPos3D()); // is it big enough? m_SphereObj.transform.localScale = Vector3.one * 5000f; m_SphereObj.transform.localPosition = Vector3.zero; m_SphereObj.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.identity; // enable renderer var renderer = m_SphereObj.GetComponent<Renderer>(); renderer.enabled = true; //m_SphereObj.SetActive(true); } else { var renderer = m_SphereObj.GetComponent<Renderer>(); renderer.enabled = false; //m_SphereObj.SetActive(false); } } void onVesselIconClicked(Vessel vessel) { // check vessel instance if (vessel == null) { return; } // must be in tracking station if (!m_inTrackingStation) { return; } // get currently selected vessel m_currentVessel = vessel; } void FetchVessels() { if (m_vesselList == null) { m_vesselList = new List<Vessel>(); } for (int i = 0; i < FlightGlobals.Vessels.Count; ++i) { Vessel vessel = FlightGlobals.Vessels[i]; // check that the vessel is known if (vessel.DiscoveryInfo.HaveKnowledgeAbout(DiscoveryLevels.StateVectors)) { m_vesselList.Add(vessel); } // callback called when vessel icon is clicked vessel.orbitRenderer.onVesselIconClicked.Add(new EventData<Vessel>.OnEvent(onVesselIconClicked)); } } } } Setting debug logs around all code parts I can see that all the code is executed though, which makes me wonder what is wrong. Thanks a lot for reading!
  15. Hello guys! I got a really strange problem for me, it really liquided me off. I've just landed my vessel on kerbin, and then I switched to debris, waited till it crashed, went to the tracking station and... my vessel with just disappeared along with pilot. In the astronaut complex my kerbal got K.I.A. status. What happened? I'm really mad about this thing, that was quite a big flight for me with a lot of scientific data, I made a good landing and then I got this... I'm using clean KSP with Texture Replacer and that kind of stuff.
  16. Hey ppl, Because B9 vessels are quite rare I decided to create a topic in here, so you can post any of your creations with B9 I got myself a mothership I'll show later, once I've got it into orbit
  17. I launched a mission in career mode recently, as a flyby of Minmus. I intercepted completed the flyby, and on the way back, I got the message "Jebediah Kerman refuses to work." I had forgotten about my install of USI-LS, and it seems I had exceded the time that a Kerbal could go without "snacks". I uninstalled USI-LS, and rebooted the game. I went to the tracking center, selected my craft, and tried to take control. The "Fly" option was greyed out, and I could not take control of the craft. I looked at the crew menu for the craft, and it said that Jebediah Kerman was a tourist. I returned to the main menu, edited the perisistent.sfs file (crew section) and change 'type = Tourist' to 'type = Crew' and 'trait = Tourist' to 'trait = Pilot'. I loaded the save, went to the craft in the tracking station, and it told me Jebediah was Crew, but it still would not let me fly the craft. What variable do I have to edit to make it let me control the craft? If there isn't one, is there a variable that I could change to let me recover the craft?
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