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  1. "Mission Control is also open for business - meet Dr. Keri Kerman who will send you on increasingly-challenging quests from learning about basic rocketry to attempting to build and maneuver an entirely new kind of vehicle." What types of missions do you think Mission Control will have? What missions would you want there to be? I can think of a few: - world first missions (fly-by / orbit / land / return) - visit discoverables - plant flags in hard to reach places - make kerbals pass out (was always a fun one) - lore missions (the actual narrative campaign) - build / expand space station / colony - perform scouting (telescopes or planetary scanning) - things to do with airplanes (scouting, research, transport) - low orbit missions (capsules or space planes) - rover missions (science, transport) The most important thing is, in my opinion, to only define a greater mission objective and let the players decide the actual subgoals, profile, implementation details. I would like to come to the conclusion that I need a certain type of vehicle by myself, out of mission necessity, instead of being explicitly required.
  2. v0.1.1.0 I lost control of all my ships. I cannot steer new or current vessels and I don't know why. I can control the throttle, SAS and RCS. But not the actual movement of ships (including planes) The only thing I can think of is typing a ship name with the letter "M" which took me to the map (shocked this hasn't been fixed yet honestly) Edit: Wrong category but don't know how to fix
  3. Recently, have an idea of using controller to control in game, but I’m don’t know if that’s possible Do you guys have any idea? Does it require specific controller or extra mods to make it work?
  4. I place a probe core, antenna, and solar panel on an upper stage with fuel in orbit to deorbit it but i can't control it. I don't know if any of my mods would affect this im wondering if anyone has the same issue, the probe reads "no telemetry"
  5. KspRemoteβ Control ksp aircraft using android device Introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okde8x0dSgA video video is outdated but it's enough to show what this is Releases https://gitlab.com/djdisodo/kspremote/-/releases Requirements android version > 9 bluetooth connection between android device and PC rotation sensor on android not working on some phones(lg vXX) Setup Connecting you need to do this only first time Remove all Profiles Reboot the PC once (if you tried to connect once and it doesn't worked well) Run KspRemote Make sure there is a notification like.. KspRemote is Running Go to android bluetooth settings and connect to PC There will be a small bluetooth icon on phone's top right side and Your phone will show up as an input device on your PC if not try again from first stage with doing second stage your phone may not support this Mapping before mapping analog axis to ksp You need to install AFBW as KSP has bug with analog inputs DONT USE KSPs INPUT SETTING Action Groups Engines set action group like... Switch #1 #2 #3 #4 Action group(on, off) (1, 2) (3, 4) (5, 6) (7, 8) Flaps better use with FAR UP 0 DOWN 9 Controls Select Ksp Remote and click Presets 2. You need to add axis like this On this screen you need to press buttons several times that matches to axis in KspRemote's settings till it assigns axis x #1 y #2 z #3 Rx #4 Go to Mod Settings and make AFBW input overrides throttle The MIT License (MIT) Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS”, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  6. My suggestion in a fly-by wire avionics system, and I'm not referring to SAS. It could be implemented into stock or made into a mod. This way an aircraft with, say, a broken elevator or missing canard, could fly. Heck, if the system were properly implemented, you could fly an aircraft that is facing backward without the control surfaces going the wrong way, or even fly an inherently unstable aircraft! Some background info (especially for those who don't know what an actual fly-by wire system is): From Wikipedia TL;DR: Instead of the aircraft responding to the stick being pulled (or in this case [ S ] being held) by deploying elevators, the aircraft just calculates what control surface movements would actually accomplish this pitch up. Here's a hypothetical situation to demonstrate what I mean: You're flying an F-16, but (oh no!) your right stabilator isn't moving, no matter what you do. Now, whenever you try to pitch up, it also rolls the aircraft left. A fly-by wire system would accommodate this by also using the ailerons to stop the roll before it even happens. Another example: you're flying an Aeris 3A (modified to be supermanueverable), and now after pitching up to vertical, you have stalled, but your attitude is still nose straight up. You try to pitch back, and the canards face leading-edge up and the elevators face trailing-edge up. When flying normally, this would do the right thing. But because you are falling backward, it causes a new pitch down. Similarly, roll is also reversed! To simplify it further, the fly-by wire system makes it so that the aircraft does what it thinks you want, instead of what you asked for. KSP could gain so much from a fly-by wire system. Even if you don't fly aircraft, it'd still be useful. Vertically landing rockets would be so much easier because you wouldn't have to fiddle with a negative authority limiter on control surfaces.s2
  7. For me, playing KSP is a whole lot easier when you can pilot your craft with proportional controls, like a joystick. I came back to KSP after a while today and I realized that I have some controllers (xbox one controllers) I can use, but the default control mappings are not what I want them to be. I want to set it up so i control my craft like an RC plane (throttle/yaw on left stick, pitch/roll on right stick) cause I'm very used to flying RC planes. But the default mapping is all wack, and it isn't proportional control (all maneuvering inputs are mapped to proportional inputs but they all behave like pressing a key on the keyboard). Is there a way I could override the OG controller mappings and set up my controller as a joystick?
  8. I have this weird issue where my craft, without SAS on, will go out control. I don't have any extra controllers attached that would send inputs into the game, and I have tried the old trix of Alt+X to correct any trimming but it seems to be fighting me. When I rotate into certain positions as well, it will always want to be on a slight angle. I recorded this wild situation. Any help would be lovely! If you notice in the bottom left where Pitch, Roll, and Yaw are, they are not on their zeroed position, they are slightly off while SAS on like they are being forced. It is so weird!
  9. Hello all, Today I want to share with you our development process of making two control panels and I’ll try to answer your most frequent questions. Me and my friend (Ferrdo_Kerman on this forum) always wanted to build control panel for Kerbal Space Program, so we can have even greater experience while playing this fantastic game. This year we finally had this opportunity and time to make this happen. Ferrdo is very skilled in HW and SW so he is the one who decided which HW do we need, how to put it together and also rewrote the base code that we have used from another project. My job was less technical, I worked on design, box, switches variants and I helped with the soldering of course But let’s start from beginning. 1. Preparation Phase We were inspired by hugopeeters project. He made excellent job and our life much more easier because we didn’t have to start from scratch. So really big thanks and credit goes to him. You can check his project with many details here: I will not go so deep into the details because they are already covered in his project but I will just mention that for the communication with the game we used KSPSerialIO plugin which can be found here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/60281-hardware-plugin-arduino-based-physical-display-serial-port-io-tutorial-10-06-17/ So we bought our first Arduino mega, cables, basic switches, basic stuff and started on our panels. We mainly bought items from local store with electronics and also from e-bay. 2. First steps Ferdo started on LED bars because we assume that this can be the biggest problem and we wanted to solve this in the beginning. From start we had only bars that are now used as G-Force and Athmosphere indicators. This is how they look from behind also with integrated circuits: Even though it went somehow let’s say a Kerbal way, it was a success! After that we moved to display and basic switches. 3. Display and Cardboard prototype We have continued with display because we wanted to test also basic switches and if they are responding correctly regarding the code. While Ferrdo was working on the display and also adjusting the code, I’ve started with the basic cardboard prototype so we can manipulate with the HW easier. In this stage we have decided that we will use another bars for fuels, mono, power etc., and that we will use these old bars as G-Force and Atmosphere indicators. Because in this phase we already know everything that will be on our control panels I have started designing the panel. 4. Design After some adjustments we ended with final version of our design: I’ve prepared vector files based on this design and one of our colleagues helps us to make a prototype from wood so we can check if everything is OK before we will order final panel made of stainless steel from external company. Everything was OK so we have ordered our steel panels from external company. We haven’t had good luck with the first company and they didn’t do the labels correctly. In fact they were barely visible. Luckily we found another company and they reworked our panels to the final look. This was the most expensive part of our panels and one piece cost us almost 100 euros (because of double work). But when they arrived we were finally happy with the outcome. While we were waiting for steel panels from external company we was soldering all parts for the second panel and I was able to prepare box cases from wood. 5. Another Led bars and finishing touches The set of five LED bars took us some time to finish because there were a lot of soldering and coding work. But finally we were really close to the end and therefore hyped. We went to the local store to buy final LED lights (I think it was 7865th visit of this store :D) and started to mounting everything to the panel. It was a really big mess of cables. We did the final soldering and check and we finally put everything inside the box. After some finishing touches everything was functioning correctly! Everything was a little more complicated as described here because we were learning on the fly You can find the source code to this Arduino project at: https://github.com/ferrdo4/KerbalController Video from action is coming soon!
  10. So, i first posted it in the modded section because I had a modded install, now, I have an unmodded game and still have this bug which apparently hasn't been solved in the patch. The MEM module has its control axis inverted, so when I want to pitch down it goes up and viceversa. Everything is set to default. Also the KV2 Pea and KV3 Pommergranate have the kerbals "looking" east when placed in the VAB, and then, when pitching up they yaw right.
  11. Kill your horizontal velocity before landing, or hover over a selected point on the ground. Found on the CKAN as Horizontal Landing Aid Latest Update: KSP 1.3: Current version works without requiring any updates. This mod requires a working SAS to function. Make sure you have a pilot kerbal or a high-enough level probe core along for this mod to function. Download Download release from GitHub here. Merge the GameData directory in the .zip file with your KSP-Install\GameData directory. Source code also on GitHub. License: GPL3 This mod supports Blizzy's Toolbar mod and will display it's button there if installed. If Blizzy's toolbar is not installed, the button will display on the stock toolbar. Modulemanager is a required dependency. Want to control your vertical velocity? Automated Vertical Velocity Control Button when showing Blue. Button also shows Red and Gray (or transparent to show window color technically). The button has 3 colors: Gray: Mod is off and will not activate. Left-Click to go to Zero Mode (Blue) Right-Click to go to Location Hover mode (Red) Blue: Mod is activated and will cancel your horizontal velocity as fast as it can Left-Click to turn mod off (Gray) Right-Click to go to Location Hover mode (Red) Red: Mod is on and in Location Hover mode. Left-Click to turn mod off (Gray) Right-Click to go to Zero mode (Blue) Yellow Border: When the mod is actively controlling the vessel, the icon will have a yellow border around it. Engage Height: Regardless of which mode the mod is in, it will not activate unless you vessel is within 1000 meters of the ground. As the mod zero's out your velocity relative to a point on the surface, zeroing out too high wastes fuel as your vessels' sideways velocity is higher the then sideways velocity of the ground under it. This limit is adjustable by right-clicking the LA button and entering the height you wish to engage at. SAS: SAS must be enabled to use the mod. In fact, the mod works by controlling the SAS direction. This means that while this mod is enabled, the vessel control keys (WASDQE) are not effective as the mod will override their inputs as soon as you release them. RCS: While vessel tip is the primary method of control, if the RCS system is on and there are RCS blocks on the vessel, the mod will use the RCS to help out. Particularly on lower gravity worlds, this speeds up the rate at which the vessel responds as even the maximum default tip of 20° only provides a sideways acceleration of about 15% the force of gravity currently pulling downwards on the vessel. Note that the RCS system does not affect if the mod is engaged or not, it is optional. (Unlike the SAS system which must be engaged for the mod to control the vessel.) To Use: Zero Mode (Blue): In this mode, the mod will simply cancel your horizontal velocity. Once canceled it will keep you hovering over whichever point on the ground you are over. This is intended for landing a skycrane with a horizontal velocity of zero so there is no chance of tipping over from having too much sideways momentum. Location Hover (Red): When you enter this mod, a red arrow will attach itself to your mouse. Left-click on the ground to set a target location, the red arrow will now attach itself to this point. This mod will then take your vessel and attempt to hover over the red arrow. Note that it is likely your vessel will overshoot on its first approach I am still tweaking the move-to-point math to get it exactly as I want. I will further tweak this based on people's reports. Note: For the purposes of location, the part you have selected as the "Control From Here" part is what the mod will keep above the target. If you have a docking port on the side of your vessel, you can "Control from Here" and rotate your vessel around that point for a precision landing. Note2: Right clicking to enter Location Hover mode also opens the settings screen. Settings: (Saved on a per vessel basis) Engage Height: The mod will only take control at or below this height above terrain. Note that the default altimeter at the top of the screen displays height above sea level. Defaults to 500m. Max Tip: How far off vertical the mod will allow the vessel to go. Defaults to 20° Larger vessels with a slower torque response may wish to lower this. Speed%: This is the speed with, or the aggressiveness, the mod uses. A lower number will result in a slower approach to target and a slower max speed while traveling. In percent, defaults to 100%. Really large vessels, or odd configurations (such as engines above the center of mass) may benefit from changing this number but player preference will vary. Use RCS only?: You can have this mod use the RCS only to move your vessel if you set the max tip to 0 and engage the RCS thrusters. Note that this will be highly vessel dependent, it can be painfully slow on larger vessels as effective RCS thrust is so low.
  12. A few points of note now I've been playing with the patched release for a while. 1. the GUI 'freezes', typically for half a second to a second. Doesn't seem to be related to the complexity of the craft being controlled, but does get worse as the save library of active missions get larger. note this is not the game freezing, just the GUI not updating. e.g. you are moving the cursor to the left, the pointer freezes, then jumps to its new location. Its not game breaking, but it does make fine control awkward when the inputs freeze then get processed after a short delay. 2. in docking mode "rotation" control, either under RCS or reaction wheels do not function, linear controls are fine, but rotation means dropping out of docking mode, and out of "fine" control" mode. this is more of an irritant than #1 3. again in docking, seems roughly a 50-50 chance of docking working or the docking ports bouncing apart with some force and sending one or both craft spinning. not been able to identify a pattern to what causes this - has caused the abandonment of a couple of missions after a craft has been refuelled once but then the exact same tanker is unable to refuel a second time. 4. have had issues with fuel transfer, its not decouplers or anything specific, just seems occasionally one or two tanks will decide they no longer support fuel transfer, while others on the same vehicle do. 5. Audio glitches with some of the engine sound files 'crackling' (jets and some of the rockets) 6. Difficulty level to inhibit Kerbals re-spawning doesn't appear to work, can disable it and they still re-spawn 7. setting the difficulty level is now more irritating than before, the old presets of "easy" medium" and "hard" combined with "custom" was better than the current "default" or "custom" There are other irritants, but they appear in the main game as well
  13. Hello I'm Crawcik. This mod is did not come out. Come back later But I show you the prototype for testing mod:
  14. I am playing around with a 2.7 ton SSTO in sand box. The craft is 3 Oscars, a Spark, a basic solar panel, an octo2, a small inline reaction wheel and a small nose cone it has 3594 m/s dV which I'm sure I can get into orbit. I have comnet turned off, which means that require signal for probe control is off and no need for extra ground stations. yet I'm still losing control of the probe at 70km up. I've even tried with comnet on and extra ground stations enabled. I thought the octo2 would have enough internal antenna to cope with LKO? What settings do I use to completely ignore the need for antena? My bad it's 880kg .. the 2700 was the cost
  15. I dont know how to used EAS-1 to put a pilot into my boat , i can launch it but i can't driver it... Can you tell me how can i create a pilot into boat??
  16. So lately I have taken to the habit of building many of my rovers with reaction wheels, and I set all the electric torque components to "SAS Only" mode. I find that this helps a lot on flat(ish) terrain, making the rover less likely to flip over when aggressively breaking or making sharp turns, as the torque of the reaction wheels in SAS mode helps cancel out forces that might send the rover spinning. But experience has taught me that on rougher terrain where gravity is lower and changes in elevation more sharp than on much of Kerbin (like, say, the Mun) I have to "pulse" deactivation of the SAS at times to make sure all the wheels return to the ground. If I end up taking a big leap off the terrain, the reaction wheels can be used to help make sure it lands at a good angle, but I have to manually change their mode, which is not easy to do under pressure during an unexpected leap. Basically I want to control the torque fully if the vehicle is off the ground, while keeping the vehicle firmly planted on the surface while grounded. So, to resolve this and make rovers a little more controllable, I would like a "parallel to surface" mode for the SAS, which tries to keep the vehicle's "front" (as defined by whatever I select "control from here" from) perpendicular to a normal vector from whatever surface polygon lies directly below it. I would think that this would be pretty simple, as far as engine capability and math goes. Do a ray trace from the center of mass of the vehicle to the center of the stellar object it is in the sphere of influence of, then get the normal vector of the first non-vessel collision polygon it passes through (which would typically be part of a planet's terrain mesh.) Then we try to have the SAS keep the vessel's forward pointing vector perpendicular to that surface normal vector. The advantage to this is that the vehicle will try to keep itself oriented properly so we do not have it doing bizarre things like trying to maintain a wheely, which reduces driver control. It also means that, should the vehicle launch itself into a parabola, it would try to align itself with whatever it is passing over so it lands on its bottom as evenly as possible. This should help spread out the impact of landing and lead to less damage over all. Heck, if we want to introduce a simpler version of the same thing which can just keep a craft pointed perpendicular to a vector traced down to a stellar object's center, that would also help as a great aid for flying aircraft while cruising long distances instead of having a make a bunch of minor corrections for the pitch of the nose. If there is some concern about this making things "too easy" on the players, it could be restricted to higher level probe cores and experienced pilots, like many of the other "autopilot" features in the base game. It would also build up player experience in cruder situations in career or science before they unlock the more helpful assist gear. Heck, I would even go with some add-on components like gyroscopes to enable it (similar to the Avionics Hub) if there needs to be some kind of (mass/cost) trade-off for that ability. What do you think?
  17. Done some searching around but can't find anything on this... I'd like to assign "unset target" to a key in the keyboard setup, but it's not something that's available on the existing config screen. Is there a config change, lite mod or module manager tweak that would allow this? I'd like to skip the step of going to Map Mode and clicking and then returning to flight mode if possible. If not possible, it's something I've lived with so far. But if I had my druthers, I'd have a keyboard shortcut for it.
  18. I've been enjoying KSP since at least 2013. While I haven't posted much (only once, Intrepid E Series Interplanetary Ship) I have spent a lot of time lurking and reading these forums. Recently, I was looking at all of the neat control panel designs and decided to start my own. I decided to make it modular so that if I want to change something in the future, it will be as easy as removing one set of controls and replacing it with another. Today, I finished up some gcode and milled out the main panel. While it is only 12 inches by 6 inches, I can envision stacking them. Here is the panel still on the milling machine:
  19. I'm having a frustrating problem. I have a lander in orbit around the Moon (this is with RSS). I cannot control the orbiter's direction, for some reason. I hit the normal keys to rotate, and it just won't move. I have MechJeb on it, and if I use Smart A.S.S. to orient to prograde, retrograde, whatever, that works, but other than that, the keys that orient the spacecraft don't work. It worked fine through several reloads, trying different landing approaches, but now it just... doesn't work any more. I have two different saves for this vehicle at various stages. If I load either of them, the problem is the same. If I switch to another craft in orbit, everything works normally. I've checked that I have battery power, and the reaction wheels are turned on. But no manual control is possible of this craft. I have also tried restarting KSP. My mods include RSS, MechJeb, Kerbal Engineer, and FASA. Ugh, I figured it out. Now I feel stupid. The satellite I was using to bounce my signal back to Earth is on the other side of the moon, and I'm on the far side. So no control. Oof.
  20. Hi, i've got a simple rover build that i tested to work on Kerbin and it functions just fine, i use this rover to put my base parts into place. However i just got the rover and some base parts on Minmus but the rover is constantly speeding up. I can only brake it by hitting reverse. So basically the rover is uncontrollable. It might be something with Minmus or with the new update 1.3.1. Anybody an idea wat could be wrong, or is this a common issue? BTW. I have full probe control (most of the time) from the radio connection.
  21. I have install Weapon manager and AI autopilot but when i use Wing Commander and Select all > Take Off . Nothing happen , have module for WC??
  22. I am building a cargo plane with a rover inside, and I want to use the EAS-1 External Command Seat because it, well, looks cool. As far as I can tell, the only way for me to get kerbals into the seats is to exit the cockpit of the plane and walk all the way around to the back of the plane and manually board the rover. Is it possible to make Kerbals spawn in the seat instead? Thanks in advance, -Jagger
  23. Hi All, Long time since i been on the forums, how y'all doing. Just thought id check here before reporting a bug. It seems my old nemesis none controlled yawing is back. I encountered this in 1.11 with the wheel update when squad introduced friction and dampeners and such. Managed to find a work around at the time and then in 1.2 the issue wasn't there. Just updated to and it seems to be back. it might be because the craft was saved in 1.2 but thats something I still have to check. It seems though the issue has come back. With my craft is on the runway and no control inputs the nose slides from left to right at random seemingly. I've tried my old fix and this doesnt seem to alleviate the problem. Ive tried all wheels on auto friction and full brakes. All wheels on friction override with max friction and max brakes. same again with standard braking force. At this point the only thing I can think to try is a full rebuild in 1.3. if you want to look at my craft you can find it here https://kerbalx.com/Angelus2141/Kedillac-SSTA-Mk-II thanks for your input in advance
  24. I would like to add ailerons to my craft and assign joystick axis or setof buttons to directly control them. For example small ailerons for trimming, or some more complex shenanigans. Is there a mod that allows that? Preferably stock parts controlled differently, but ideas about part mods (infernal robotics for example) can be suggested also. edit: It seems that there is no mod like the one I want. Is there anyone kind and skilled enough to make this kind of mod? I would draw an owl for you if you do. There's oly two things I'm dreaming of: -In a setup menu, there would be some extra axes/buttons called "extra1" etc. You could assign joystick axes or any buttons to them. *Three buttons per axis: +, -, reset to 0. Kinda like the throttle is now. But the range would be -100%...+100% -In VAB, the part properties window there would have an option: assign axis/buttons 'extra1' to this part" + option to invert. *This could go to ailerons, risable gears, engines... Any moving part. Thinking about VTOL, robot-shenanigans, etc.
  25. Hello Guys, can anybody tell me why my Science-Lab-Base on Mun can't get a connection to my Mun-Relays? I have 3 Relays with an AP/PE of 3.5M km in inclinations of 90° so they form a kind of "sphere". But as you can see in the picture, the relays connect to each other, other relays in Orbit of Kerbin and Kerbin itself. Just not with my Lab on Mun. I am pretty sure the problem doesn't result from missing elektronic charge because even when the sun shines on my base and panels generate charge + full batteries I cant transmit my science. Because of that I am not able to transmit science from a lab on Minmus too. I could fly an unmanned probe there, transmitting data even worked once! but suddenly there is no more connection. Now my scientist stacked up 600+ science at the lab. Transmitting that amount would eat through my batteries at half way so is there a way to transmit the science part by part? Maybe I just don't understand the logic behind relays though, KSP mechanics can be confusing sometimes... Here a screenshot of the situation https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33155557/DSC_0006.jpg.html
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