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  1. Download on SpaceDock or Github or Curseforge. Also available on CKAN. Alternative Resource Panel (ARP) by TriggerTech An alternate view of vessel resources plugin for Kerbal Space Program Adopted by @zer0Kerbal, originally by @TriggerAu Do not bother @TriggerAu with anything concerning this. Documentation / Manual Documentation Manual Preamble by @TriggerAu: About Basically the Alternate Resource panel displays a view of resources in the current vessel with a bit more clarity. It also lets you see the remaining value in the currently active stage for fuels as you fly - which is useful for asparagus staging. It also has some Staging capabilities added so you can stage from map view and also have autostaging on ascent (tied it in because of the resources/last stage tie in) The KSP Alternate Resource Panel is a plugin to the Kerbal Space program game and was created to provide me an alternate view of the resources list and also add some staging functionality to the map view. Basically installing this gives you an extra button labelled "Alternate" next to the Resources button in the top right corner. When you hover over it it will keep the panel displayed while the mouse is over any part of the panel, or if you click it it will be toggled on. It displays a list of all the resources that are present on your vessel with a bar graph of the amount on vessel and the amount remaining. It also has the following additional capabilities: Displays stage amount/usage - so you can see how much fuel is left in your current stage, esp in an asparagus configuration - Now configure which side the stage is displayed on (*New in Adjust the order and Grouping of the Resources so they display how you like - some can even be set to only show up when a threshold is passed - Now with Drag And Drop and Separator Inserts (*New in Optionally displays the change rate (or instant consumption) values Optionally displays time till empty/full (*New in Optionally hide a resource on empty (New in or on Full (New in Select Resources to see part windows and look at individual components Transfer Resources between parts - like the standard part windows (*New in Add Alarms to get visual and Audio queues for what needs attention - even add your own sounds Maintains settings and visibility between vessel switches/restarts KAC style update checker added Movable and lockable panel Option of the KSP or Unity styles Ability to add icons by simply placing files in the right folder Ability for Modders to provide icons with their mod and have them display in KSPARP Ability to configure the order of preference for icon sets Ability to configure resources to hide on full/empty as well as cater to disabled flows for full vessel resources Ability to configure non-staging resources to show Active/Reserve values using the green/blue bars (*New in Optional Staging facility with Ability to Activate Stages in Map View, and Ability to use Space Bar in Map view to activate stages - like in standard flight mode Autostaging Controller to activate stages on engine flameout (*New in Now contains icons for resources from: Kethane, Deadly Reentry, Extra Planetary Launchpads, KSP Interstellar, Life Support By Bobcat, RealFues, Near Future, TAC Life Support API for information reading and alarm acknowledgement (*New in Currently is Feature Complete Here's some vision of the ARP in use - updated for 2.1 Hopefully @TriggerAu has built this simple enough that the pic below explains all you need... OK, we've moved past that point . The below will give you an eyeball at the main screen, but you will find the details on rest of the settings on the Documentation site linked below Player Created Icon Sets Icons by Olympic1 by Olympic1 [Icon Set by pheonix_ca] and [IMGUR Gallery][IMGUR:url] Network Connectivity Details This Mod contains a version checker which can be managed and triggered from the About tab of the settings. It is configured to check once a day by default, and this check also can be disabled. The technical details of it are as follows: It will once a day download this page https://sites.google.com/site/kspalternateresourcepanel/latestversion to read the current up to date version number. It issues an HTTP GET - and sends no data It parses the response for the version tag and then notifies you if there is a more recent version is available Installation Directions: Use CKAN Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues See Known Issues for full details of feature requests, and known issues Dependencies [x] Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions ]/YMMV/ [x] Clickthrough Blocker Recommends [x] ARPIcons by @Olympic1 Suggests By zer0Kerbal - [x] On Demand Fuel Cells {ODFC)} - [x] Field Training Facility (FTF) - [x] Field Training Lab (FTL) - [x] Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) - [x] PicoPort Shielded (PPS) - [x] Transparent Command Pods Repressurized(TCP) - [x] Stork Delivery System (SDS) - [x] Biomatic - [x] B9 Stock Switches (B9S) - [x] KerGuise Engineering eXperimental (KGX) - [x] Oh Scrap! - [x] ScrapYard - [x] DaMichel's AeroRadial - [x] DaMichel's CargoBays - [x] DaMichel's Fuselage - [x] DaMichel's Spherical Tanks - [x] Stork Delivery System (SDS) - [x] SimpleConstructon! - [x] Not So SimpleConstructon! - [x] Stack Inline Lights - [x] Stack Inline Light Patches - [x] KaboOom! - [x] More Hitchhikers Under construction - [x] SimpleLife! - [x] SimpleDeadly! - [x] MoarKerbals! - [x] Nuke Tiny Parts Other wonderful mods - [x] TweakScale - [x] Module Manager - [x] Community Resource Pack Supported Mods [x] TweakScale [x] Kerbal Changelog Conflicts [x] none known Replaces [x] Alternate Resource Panel (original) Tags resource, skin, mod, ksp, plugin, mit, addon Downloads You can download the icons pack by clicking on one of the links: red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support License aka Legal Mumbo Jumbo Source: GitHub License: All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses Original Author: @TriggerAu Thread Download Source: GitHub License: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date v2.9.5.0 original: 01 Oct 2019 zed'K | updated: 16 Mar 2020 zed'K
  2. Hello all, Today I want to share with you our development process of making two control panels and I’ll try to answer your most frequent questions. Me and my friend (Ferrdo_Kerman on this forum) always wanted to build control panel for Kerbal Space Program, so we can have even greater experience while playing this fantastic game. This year we finally had this opportunity and time to make this happen. Ferrdo is very skilled in HW and SW so he is the one who decided which HW do we need, how to put it together and also rewrote the base code that we have used from another project. My job was less technical, I worked on design, box, switches variants and I helped with the soldering of course But let’s start from beginning. 1. Preparation Phase We were inspired by hugopeeters project. He made excellent job and our life much more easier because we didn’t have to start from scratch. So really big thanks and credit goes to him. You can check his project with many details here: I will not go so deep into the details because they are already covered in his project but I will just mention that for the communication with the game we used KSPSerialIO plugin which can be found here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/60281-hardware-plugin-arduino-based-physical-display-serial-port-io-tutorial-10-06-17/ So we bought our first Arduino mega, cables, basic switches, basic stuff and started on our panels. We mainly bought items from local store with electronics and also from e-bay. 2. First steps Ferdo started on LED bars because we assume that this can be the biggest problem and we wanted to solve this in the beginning. From start we had only bars that are now used as G-Force and Athmosphere indicators. This is how they look from behind also with integrated circuits: Even though it went somehow let’s say a Kerbal way, it was a success! After that we moved to display and basic switches. 3. Display and Cardboard prototype We have continued with display because we wanted to test also basic switches and if they are responding correctly regarding the code. While Ferrdo was working on the display and also adjusting the code, I’ve started with the basic cardboard prototype so we can manipulate with the HW easier. In this stage we have decided that we will use another bars for fuels, mono, power etc., and that we will use these old bars as G-Force and Atmosphere indicators. Because in this phase we already know everything that will be on our control panels I have started designing the panel. 4. Design After some adjustments we ended with final version of our design: I’ve prepared vector files based on this design and one of our colleagues helps us to make a prototype from wood so we can check if everything is OK before we will order final panel made of stainless steel from external company. Everything was OK so we have ordered our steel panels from external company. We haven’t had good luck with the first company and they didn’t do the labels correctly. In fact they were barely visible. Luckily we found another company and they reworked our panels to the final look. This was the most expensive part of our panels and one piece cost us almost 100 euros (because of double work). But when they arrived we were finally happy with the outcome. While we were waiting for steel panels from external company we was soldering all parts for the second panel and I was able to prepare box cases from wood. 5. Another Led bars and finishing touches The set of five LED bars took us some time to finish because there were a lot of soldering and coding work. But finally we were really close to the end and therefore hyped. We went to the local store to buy final LED lights (I think it was 7865th visit of this store :D) and started to mounting everything to the panel. It was a really big mess of cables. We did the final soldering and check and we finally put everything inside the box. After some finishing touches everything was functioning correctly! Everything was a little more complicated as described here because we were learning on the fly You can find the source code to this Arduino project at: https://github.com/ferrdo4/KerbalController Video from action is coming soon!
  3. Hello I'm Crawcik. This mod is did not come out. Come back later But I show you the prototype for testing mod:
  4. ">View post on imgur.com">Album will appear when post is submitted The triangle structural panels are not mirroring correctly and aren't symmetrical.
  5. I've been enjoying KSP since at least 2013. While I haven't posted much (only once, Intrepid E Series Interplanetary Ship) I have spent a lot of time lurking and reading these forums. Recently, I was looking at all of the neat control panel designs and decided to start my own. I decided to make it modular so that if I want to change something in the future, it will be as easy as removing one set of controls and replacing it with another. Today, I finished up some gcode and milled out the main panel. While it is only 12 inches by 6 inches, I can envision stacking them. Here is the panel still on the milling machine:
  6. Hi everyone, Yesterday, I have just finished programming my Arduino Leonardo card to make my control panel send ALT combination keys to make it easier to avoid conflicts with other keys. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on KSP. It detects "left alt" then "numpad [number]" and once again "left alt". So, I just wanted to know if there is a trick or an add-on that make KSP able to get ALT combinations. Regards, Mopikel
  7. I would like a new structural panel. This would not be a square panel but a procedural triangle. I would want to be able to move two of the points of the triangle to change the form and size. Once created in the editor it could be moved and placed much the same as a regular construction panel. The whole of the panel would be mapped for surface attachment of any surface attachable objects. Similar in weight and thickness to the existing structural panel. The same texture as the small lander can would be fine. It would be a bonus if once completed I could then finalize the construction and have it become a regular part in my part catalogue ready to just grab and place just like any other structural panel. It would be nice to be able to have a triangle because everything is made of triangles and anything can be made from triangles. Covering up anything unsightly with a couple of tailor made triangles would be a good thing. Replicas would look more like the ships they are replicas of.
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