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Found 11 results

  1. I'm using of the mod, which is the correct version for my KSP 1.2.2 save (I know. I'll occasionally play 1.9, but I'm deep into a save game on 1.2.2 and never got around to migrating it over to the newer ones). I know it's an old and probably obsolete addon at this point. But I'd appreciate if someone could point me in a direction to be able to troubleshoot this. Here are the contents of the mod folder:
  2. KSP 1.9.1 Windows 64 bit Problem: The small broken square with distance shown, seen in flight mode when closing to rendezvous, is missing. Mods: Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Automated Science Sampler -- latest version of each. Reproduction: Nothing special. I just attempt a rendezvous or docking as I normally do, but with 1.9.1 I no longer see the target indicator in flight mode. I must use data from orbit/maneuver window and KER to be looking in the right place. So far this works fine, but I would like to see the indicator back. The following is not my picture but shows what I mean. In the top right quadrant, the yellow box with 12.5 km below it is what I'm missing.
  3. I would just like to be able to target runways/launchpads. It would be nice if I could just click on the KSC to target it. Especially since its now visible in map view. Just saying
  4. Done some searching around but can't find anything on this... I'd like to assign "unset target" to a key in the keyboard setup, but it's not something that's available on the existing config screen. Is there a config change, lite mod or module manager tweak that would allow this? I'd like to skip the step of going to Map Mode and clicking and then returning to flight mode if possible. If not possible, it's something I've lived with so far. But if I had my druthers, I'd have a keyboard shortcut for it.
  5. Hey everyone, So I'm in orbit around Kerbin, setting a maneuver to do a fly-by of the Mun, which is set as my target. After deleting a few botched nodes I managed to set one that could work, with some adjustments. I clicked out of the node, and it disappeared. I tried setting another one, and found that I couldn't select any portion of my orbit, nor could I select the Mun to unset it as my target. I was able to select parts of my ship in staging mode (for example, I could run experiments, extend comm devices, etc.) It first happened last night. Of course, I assumed it was a RAM issue so I closed out, cleared the cache, and went to bed. This morning, nothing changed until I fully upgraded mission control, assuming my node-setting capabilities were limited. I was able to set nodes again, for a while. Then the same thing happened. Embracing uncertainty, I went ahead with my fly-by and collected science, and completed the contract. However, I found that after escaping the Mun's SOI, I can't even select any part of my ship! A true nightmare scenario when on a science binge. Luckily, this was fixed by exiting to the main menu and reloading, but the maneuver problem persists. It's not exactly a game-breaking thing, but a degree of certainty is always nice in a game with such a small margin for error. Plus, it's time-consuming enough without learning the math and doing your own calculations.
  6. Hey there! So I have recently came upon a bug, which is a kind of strange one. As you an see by the title, when selecting a target it will instantly unselect, but that isn't the strange part. The strange part is that not all crafts do this, some always do and some always don't. I thought it was a certain part at first but couldn't find one that was in common (except docking port). It's really weird because I have used these mods many other times and this is the first i've come across this issue. So I hope some of you smarties out there can find the fix to this, I would appreciate it a bunch! Thanks! Mod list: http://imgur.com/a/OM5HF Edit: Found the issue, for some reason the Ven's Stock Revamp docking port is the cause to this strange bug... Ill have to find another docking port to use.
  7. Somehow, I can no longer see the position and range cue for my rendezvous target, even at close range. I have still been able to rendezvous by using the nav ball cues and the range tip in orbit view, but it is a little clumsy to go back and forth between the two views. I used to have the cue at ranges less than about 25k, and I don't know what happened to make it go away. I am using (Mac), with Kerbal Engineer, Precise Node, and Alarm Clock. My tracking station and launch pad are fully upgraded, and VAB and R&D are at Level 2. I'd like to get the rendezvous aiming cue back.
  8. Hello! Following tutorials and YouTube videos, I have succeeded in managing a number of rendezvous in orbit. (Yay!) I have watched my targeted item come into view and go out of view, and have approached withing a few meters. However, in all of these tutorials and videos that I see, the targeted object (in Staging) shows a yellow readout of its name and its distance. For example, see here at the time-tick 04:54 in this Scott Manley tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srsiLZLPiv0#t=4m54s But the objects that I target, and with which I rendezvous, do not show this yellow display! To check my distance while approaching, I keep having to switch to Orbit Map and mouse over the targeted object. I have indeed set the object as a target ("Set Target"). Any ideas? I am using version 1.x on Mac (Yosemite). Let me know if I can add any information. Thanks very much! Brooke
  9. Hey, so I posted a similar thread in the mods category, but I'm not sure that was actually the best place for it. I have a simple question here. I it possible, stock or with a mod, to target contract orbits? My vision isn't that great, so I've always relied on Kerbal Engineer to tell me when I have a launch window. Now that I've been running a career game, I'm starting to get orbit contracts, but I can't for the life of me seem to launch close enough to a node so I don't have to do a huge correction in orbit. Any ideas or suggestions?
  10. Hey all, just a quick question. Is there a mod that allows contract orbits to be targeted? I have such a hard time determining lauch windows and the like without a target. I couldn't find anything with a google search, but I thought I might be using the wrong keywords or something. Thanks!
  11. I'm doing a rescue mission without patched conics. I got my rescue ship within about 19 km of the stranded Kerbal, but I still couldn't target the stranded ship, even though I could see its pink "target" crosshair in the main map. How close do I have to get to target it so that I can enter target mode and complete the orbital rendez-vous? To be clear, I'm not asking for a tutorial on how to do an orbital rendez-vous; I've done countless rescues and docking operations in the past. But I've always had the benefit of patched conics, and this time I don't, so I can't click on the target or its orbit and enter target mode. (That is, the mode with the target in pink on the navball.) Thanks in advance.
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