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Found 20 results

  1. Ever felt KSP needs more explosions? Me neither really, but space debris is a problem in real life, and now it can be a problem in your game too! When/if you start leaving debris in orbit, your craft may encounter a "micrometeroid", which will explode a random part of your ship, unless the game considers it to be shielded from the airstream. Debris only counts (and therefore explosions can happen) if: 1) It's Periapsis is above the atmosphere height (or 5000m for airless bodies) 2) Your vessel is outside the atmosphere (or 5000m for airless bodies), and below the Apoapsis of the debris. More debris = more chance of an explosion (the exact amount this is affected can be changed in the difficulty settings) I know, no pics no clicks, so here's some screenshots from some earlier versions with pretty explosions: License: MIT Download it here
  2. I have on tracking station map indestructible debris, and I can't focus on it too. After I choose to destroy it, it is still in objects list and I didn't found any way to get rid of it
  3. I place a probe core, antenna, and solar panel on an upper stage with fuel in orbit to deorbit it but i can't control it. I don't know if any of my mods would affect this im wondering if anyone has the same issue, the probe reads "no telemetry"
  4. We all have all kinds of debris drifting around the solar system. I am up to about 37 parts not counting all the probe cores i used to build my space station and a couple empty fuel tankers. So track some down and take a picture so we can see what is drifting through your system. This must be from one of my lunar missions, though how it made it all the way down to kerbin in one piece is beyond me. This is a booster from my orbital survey of minmus, funny thing is it is my first interplanetary probe because it is on its way to Duna. This must have been out there a long time, i can't remember the last time i used a big orange for anything.
  5. Hi everybody, and sorry in advance if this is in the wrong category. I recently made a rocket with multiple stages with parachutes, where i traveled a longer distance around kerbin. Now what i noticed though, is that the Parts that i dropped (they did not get destroyed) suddenly disappeared from the map, and i wasnt able to collect them later either. Same for some stages i dropped pretty close to my shuttle. Now my question: did these parts just get recovered automatically? And do i get the "refund" for them automatically as well? I know i couldve just looked at my money how it changed but i have to admit the numbers go up and down without me really getting from where (is there a finances mod or something like that maybe?). Thank you guys for your help in advance, and im sorry my question is a bit chaotic
  6. Hello, I just made an account today to ask this question since I'm at a loss, Whenever I have a vessel out and in flight somewhere, I get this icon for debris stuck on my map view and regular view. Both when I'm in flight or just at the Space Center. I can click on it and click fly or recover but neither does anything, nor is any information provided. (ONLY WAY I COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO ADD PHOTOS OF THE ISSUE) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357504068 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357504128 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357504118 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357504097 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357504109 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357504084 My mod list consists of: xscience 000atutils 000usitools 001toolbarcontrol airplanplus b9aerospaceproceduralwings bahasp basicdeltav betterburntime boulderco capsulecorp champange chatterer clls collisionfx communityresoucepack communitytechtree communitytraiticons configurablecontainers contractconfigurator contractpacks deadlyreeenty destructioneffects diazo easyvesselswitch E.V.E E.L firespitter hangerextender fuelwings groundconstruction haystack hideemptynodes impossibledrives fuelswitch janitorscloset kerbalengineer kerbalfoundries K.J.R Kerbaltek Kerbokatz kermangeddonindustries AVC KSPwheel letech mechjeb modularfueltanks countdown clock planetarydomes portraitstats procedural fairings procedural parts quick mods reentryparticleeffect reposofttech safechute science full reward show all fuels simple construction soviet engines spacetuxindustries stage recovery state funding taerobee tanters tantareslv tweakscale umbraspaceindustries unmannedbeforemanned vaporvent ventraldrill vesselmover waypointmanager wernhersoldstuff worldstabilizer xenonisru xyphosaerospace modmanager 3.0.4
  7. I am not a Mod maker, Don't even have the first clue how to begin and no programming experience. But I have what I think is a cool idea for a Mod if anyone wants to take a stab at it. From what I have seen of other mods and what's been done, it shouldn't be too hard and not too involved. There are mods out there that work with the stock recovery and change it. I saw one which limits your recovered funds and such only if you land within X range of a beacon, etc... Other Mods work with the recovery process itself such as Stage Recovery and others. What I envision is a mod which will make you take care that your discarded stages are not dropping into populated areas. What it would do is penalize you in funds and reputation if your debris strikes certain areas. In a Stock Game this would be: No penalty hitting water. Penalty if your debris strikes land. This would be for anything labeled as debris (No Crew or probe core), or has become uncontrollable (Out of power or no parachutes) Config settings could let you allow/disallow the penalty by Biome. After all, what is there to hit in the Desert or Ice Caps? It could be limited to only penalizing for Grasslands and Shore, etc.. A Hard mode would set the safe drop area to offshore only by X number of km (outside of territorial waters/shipping lanes), thus limiting you to drop only in deep open ocean waters (no inland lakes either) With certain Mods, this Mod could be seriously enhanced. Mods like EVE or Stock Visual Enhancements... Those which add City textures. In this case there could be different levels of penalties depending on where you hit. Hitting land by itself results only in a small penalty, but dropping one in the middle of a city results in a severe penalty. Right now, every Mod dealing with recovery only deals with trying to get a little back. If you don't oh well. If you have a recovery mod and don't recover... nothing happens other than you don't get some funds back that you would not have gotten anyways. This would force you to take care where your unrecovered boosters and other debris winds up or get penalized. Anyone remember SkyLab? We don't want Kerbstralia suing Werner Von Kerman and the KSC now do we? Whatcha think?
  8. I tend to do everything in my power to make the game as realistic as possible so i was wondering if there is a mod out there that makes it so everything including solar panels and fairings makes debris when destroyed? instead of just making temp objects that delete themselves. I know it would make the game harder and more laggy but immersion is everything.
  9. Hello all. When I first started my career if I didn't ejected my stages or other disposable parts properly that they would stay in orbit as debris. Now, I know that you can terminate those parts in the tracking station, but, in order to have more realism I chose to leave those parts floating about. However, I have noticed recently that when I eject parts from my spacecraft that should stay in orbit they have been just disappearing after a bit. Have I accidently change some kind of parameter in my game or is this some kind of bug? If this is something I accidently changed can someone tell me how to change it back? It would actually make for some nice self made missions to go retrieve those parts, now that I know how to do that.
  10. Hi all, I recently tried making a plane with a bunch of rover/probes (Provers?) in the back, to drop at certain locations, parachute down, then activated later to do the contracts for science on kerbin. I thought I had made them too heavy, or not included enough parachutes. But as I've read, space plane "Debris" is destroyed after the main craft is a set distance away. Is there a mod that removes this, and possibly makes terminating debris from the tracker easier?
  11. Something odd that I don't quite know how to describe: Recently, I rescued a Kerbal from LKO. I got her back safe and sound, but then she disappeared from the Astronaut Center without a trace-- but her capsule is still in orbit. I went to the tracking station to terminate it, but all I can do is to "track" and "untrack" it, as if it were an A-class asteroid. Thinking of sending a mission to deorbit it or plant KAS explosives on it, so it's actually giving me some mission ideas, but I'm still not sure how it happened. Any ideas? I run several mods, primarily parts mods in addition to KCT, Stage Recovery, and KIS/KAS.
  12. New space missions, both commercial and for exploration are launched quite frequently leaving spent stages or damaged equipment orbiting the earth. Recently, China created the largest orbiting debri cloud ever when they tested their satellite capable of destroying other satellites. Decommissioned satellites also contribute to space junk. So that begs the question, how are we going to clean up this huge orbiting mess? A good start would be to require commercial rockets to be equipped with remote control cores and be staged while they still have enough fuel to be de-orbited. That would slow the build up of space junk, but cleaning up our current space junk would require something similar to an orbiter with a lot of fuel and cargo capacity. The orbiter could rendezvous with large pieces of space junk and attach small solid rockets to de-orbit them. The orbiter could also use a claw to grab space junk and place it in the cargo bay. Another option would be to use a small pod equipped with an electromagnet and launched from a medium sized rocket. Once in orbit and in a large cloud of smaller space debris the pod's electromagnet could engage and once the debris was secured to the pod the entire pod could be re-entered incinerating the space debris. Both of these options would be relatively expensive and would likely need to be enforced by an international space counsel. So the question is, what will we do about the space junk problem? I'd be interested to hear your responses.
  13. Hey all, I don't know how to do this more succinctly so I apologise but I will clearly label each section for your convenience. BACKGROUND It's my understanding that there is an umbrella system to dealing with debris in an attempt to encourage more efficient rendering and physics calculations in game. Basically the rules are that debris is over 2km from the main craft in atmosphere or on a suborbital trajectory then it is simply removed from the game. EDIT: Debris 25km from main craft <25,000m altitude = auto-deleted So in the case of recovering a spent stage from a launch, you would need to switch focus to the debris once ejected and stay focused on it till it touches down. Then if you wanted to actually get returned funds, it must have a control capable part attached (usually a probe body). I can't find a way around this and tutorials I have seen have been from a couple years back before the new aerodynamics system, so simply having a steep suborbital trajectory doesn't work so well for the ejected stage simply burns up. You might be able to help this with late tech larger heat shields but you're kind of stuck early in your career. QUESTIONS (read dot points below questions for further explanation) What is the point of having settings in the menu like "Max Persistent Debris" and "Tidy up debris cluttering KSC"? It seems to me that the majority of debris will be generated by launch vehicles and spent stages, which are likely to be left in atmosphere or a suborbital trajectory and thus they are going to be cleaned up by this umbrella system anyway. Could this umbrella system be a tweak-able option like the 2 listed above? Leave this option to the discretion of the user depending on the capabilities of their gaming system. Any ideas on how to recover stages early in career? CONCLUSION It just seems silly to me that you need to leave your craft effectively uncontrolled for the sake of guiding 'debris' back to the surface. Although I understand the idea of making sure the game is running as efficiently as possible, it seems to me that the 2 tweak-able options in the settings are there for that purpose but allow more user control. This umbrella system just seems more restrictive to me but please share your thoughts and ideas.
  14. Have you ever wanted to make a debris field around Kerbin and you had to make a cumbersome "Kessler bomb" craft which didn't work as planned? Or it was just a collection of separators that didn't present enough challenge or hazard? Too much hassle building a serious debris layer? Grinding with Hyper Edit? Imagine having a mod that would allow you to put a wanted number of random debris at a defined orbital height and inclination? Plates, girders, tanks, separators, etc., all floating around, making a mess? Tell me what you think about this idea.
  15. Can someone answer for me what purpose is served by switching to non-steerable debris? Other than if that debris is moving away from my real ship at a high speed and I'm trying to do some lining-up, it means that suddenly I'm out of range of my own ship, pointlessly 'flying' a piece of debris that has no thrust and no ability to steer. I'd like to know if there is a real reason for that, because it just ruined a mission for me for the second or third time and I'm kind of sick of it. I am struggling to find a purpose for being able to see from the POV of a piece of debris that I cannot steer. Is it possible to make a change to your logic to stop doing that, or allow me to turn it off so I don't waste sometimes crucial seconds trying to switch back to my part before some window is missed?
  16. Can someone answer for me what purpose is served by switching to non-steerable debris? Other than if that debris is moving away from my real ship at a high speed and I'm trying to do some lining-up, it means that suddenly I'm out of range of my own ship, pointlessly 'flying' a piece of debris that has no thrust and no ability to steer. I'd like to know if there is a real reason for that, because it just ruined a mission for me for the second or third time and I'm kind of sick of it. I am struggling to find a purpose for being able to see from the POV of a piece of debris that I cannot steer. Is it possible to make a change to your logic to stop doing that, or allow me to turn it off so I don't waste sometimes crucial seconds trying to switch back to my part before some window is missed? Such as, the window to stop my two real vessels from smashing into each other and killing the crew?
  17. So I have an interplanetary ship I am current on a mission with. The craft uses supplemental fuel tanks that are designed to be attached to docking ports in orbit and then discarded en-route as fuel is expended. They work well, but leave fuel tanks drifting between planets in wide, distant orbits. While I normally clear up debris in Low Kerbin Orbit, I am okay with this given the literally astronomical odds against encountering any of this debris again. Unfortunately, the tanks I dropped did not automatically change their type to "Debris", which is odd because they have no command and control parts. Normally I would switch to the craft, go to rename it, and manually change its type to Debris (which is what I do with rescue command pods or things I abandon on extra-Kerbin surfaces.) Since there is no command parts on these fuel tanks though, I cannot see how to manually rename them. Anyone know how to change the craft type without it having a command part?
  18. I really like using the categories in the tracking station to find rovers, landers, bases, debris and so on. What I miss in this list is a tag for historical sites. I don't want to terminate my first Mun lander, but I also don't want it in 'landers' or 'bases' (because it is no longer active). At the moment I rename all vessels that have served their purpose to 'history-vesselname', but a separate category would be nice. Thanks for this excellent game.
  19. So... i've been launching satellites 24/7 and uhh... just take a look Yeah... so is there any way other than just going to each piece of debris one by one is there a way to delete all this debris?
  20. I understand there's a limit to where debris disappears. This is not that. I performed a test a moment ago that required low speed and very low altitude, so it was very inexpensive. Because of this, I also tried something for my own amusement. The test was to activate ([run test] worked so I didn't need to do it through staging] the Hammer SRB in a specific altitude and speed bracket. So I went Mk1 command pod, Hammer SRB (removed all fuel in the VAB of course), decoupler, smallest first tier liquid fuel tank, and Reliant engine, and of course topped off with a parachute. Now the EXTRA that I did for my own purposes was to attach a radial chute to the fuel tank + engine assembly, to deploy at the moment of separation. Also I placed the first gen landing struts at the bottom of the SRB so I could recover it intact, because the chute at top of command pod would have just barely not slowed me down enough for the SRB not to wreck on contact with ground. Well everything worked out as I had hoped, being such a small and easy thing. However... The liquid tank + engine assembly, though the chute fired fine and it came to rest on the ground with no damage, was not recoverable when I went back to the space center. There's no way to recover parts that come to rest peacefully, even right at your facility, once they leave your primary vehicle?
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