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Found 4 results

  1. The previous bug where you could not name ships with the letter M is now when you name workshop items. I've seen this happen to me twice, so it is replicable. Its the bug where pressing M takes you to the map
  2. Hey there, In KSP1 you could right-click the capsule or control unit and rename your vessel - I was unable to find the same functionality in KSP2's UI...
  3. So I have an interplanetary ship I am current on a mission with. The craft uses supplemental fuel tanks that are designed to be attached to docking ports in orbit and then discarded en-route as fuel is expended. They work well, but leave fuel tanks drifting between planets in wide, distant orbits. While I normally clear up debris in Low Kerbin Orbit, I am okay with this given the literally astronomical odds against encountering any of this debris again. Unfortunately, the tanks I dropped did not automatically change their type to "Debris", which is odd because they have no command and control parts. Normally I would switch to the craft, go to rename it, and manually change its type to Debris (which is what I do with rescue command pods or things I abandon on extra-Kerbin surfaces.) Since there is no command parts on these fuel tanks though, I cannot see how to manually rename them. Anyone know how to change the craft type without it having a command part?
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