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  1. Hi I have a problem. The problem is that i accidentally deleteted files of this part. All i need is for somone to send files of that cockpit, or at least the "mk1Cockpits" folder. Folder Photo:
  2. logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vcb5pUBwnafTWxeunx2hAzOXVXYHRX-Q/view?usp=drive_link it says there is some kind of XML exception but i looked though the XML but i can't put my finger on the problem. i would really appreciate it if you were to help me.
  3. mods folder: game ver: 1.12.5 when i launch i am stuck at 0.00 m/s and when i am in the vab or the sph i cant build or even load prebuilt crafts it displays in the staging area like the placement is pending but in the craft view it looks normal and i cannot move parts and when i try to launch the game simply crashes just let me know if you are having this problem too (note: i dont know which log is the right one for this sort of thing so that is why i didnt give you the log)
  4. Hello! I seem to be having a problem with the toolbar/part selection menu, and I believe they are related. Problem: Randomly, (But most likely not) my game will decide that I cant click on things and start duplicating the toolbar. Log keeps throwing this like 10,000 times: "Exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Video 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UohE_cePNQDlox9CChwqlkkNQVK_58RA/view?usp=sharing Video 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rDzeitBvOd2LS8UWP0t2HvnPPMNdUKpy/view?usp=sharing Going to the KSC, tracking station and home screen doesn't fix it. When going to start menu the toolbar still shows up and is very buggy. !The strangest part of the whole thing is the repeated toolbar buttons! Quitting and restarting the game doesn't fix it either. Though the problem doesn't show up until I do anything. It stops me from using action groups, using toolbar items, staging, using map view. and clicking on parts, although sometimes the window will show up really short and skinny and you have to scroll. When that happens I see "Place help text here" in the window alot. 'SOMETIMES' when I click on something via the staging menu it works just fine but it still wont let me click any of the buttons or another part. I think it it has something to do with mechjeb. I have launched things and clicked on them on launch, in Sandbox this time though, and it works fine. Once I reach orbit, though it begins to malfunction. Relaunching the same craft and cheating it to the same orbit path does not produce the effect immediately. Spacecraft controls like throttle and attitude still work though. Stuff I already tried but isn't the cause: Cheats Entering Space Switching craft Leaving flight scene with part clicked Going to Space Center and back through tracking station Modded parts Decoupling. Kerbaled or Unkerbaled Craft. (Unmanned) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-________________-________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any idea what could be causing this or if there is a mod to fix it? The screenshots cover most of the problems that I have seen so far. Edit: I deleted a maneuver node after going to TS (Tracking Station) and back and it was fixed, I staged but then when I clicked on a reaction wheel it started again.
  5. Logs for MM, KSP.txt and output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/owpe5ltmyer8kn749altj/h?rlkey=ab9iim5a7rhsaau8mvyelpth8&dl=0 I've been trying to get this game to run for 3 days now. I had to deal with "system.reflection.reflectiontypeloadexception was thrown". Tweakscale doesn't seem to like any b9 things on my setup, is that common? What are the needed .DLL files for tweakscale to work correctly?
  6. Does anyone know anything about this Map/OutOfFuelManeuverNode popping up? It says it when I try and place a node and the node doesn’t let me place it, it just keeps saying Map/OutOfFuelManeuverNode. I still have fuel in my rocket too. It seems like it’ll happen randomly. Like when 2 rockets are docked together, I had to get my kerbal out of the ship he was in and into the other docked ship attached. Which doesn’t make sense because the ship I had to transfer him to already had a probe to control it.
  7. Umm so I recently encountered a new bug where if your wings rip off with an occluded fuselage it doesn’t crash into the water but it collides with a surface. Idk what is happening here. the original plane
  8. System specifications (AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz / Nvidia RTX 3050 mobile /32GB DDR4 3200) I'm facing consistent parts just glitching out after i took some part from the assembly and trying to turn on a different symmetry. A ghost copy of the part after attachment is stuck on the mouse cursor while the others are attached expect for the one stuck to the cursor.
  9. Things likes pressing 'M' opens the man, pressing ',' (comma) and '.' (period) changes warp time. Also, numbers can not be inputted even when pressing on the numpad.
  10. In my latest video for the week 3 challenge, I suddenly had my WASD controls locked out and I couldn't move after planting a flag. This wasn't the first time this happened. As someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, I was in time warp but didn't realize it. Watching the video more closely (at 15:30) it appears as soon as I used a period in the text description, that key also triggered the time warp change. https://youtu.be/MF4UDDlaljg?t=930 Version: Date discovered: 3/12/2023 OS: Windows Input: Keyboard and Mouse Expected result: Text editing in flag descriptions and other similar UX/UI should not pass forward to game controls.
  11. Already submitted a bug report for this one but I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. Basically, anti-aliased edges of distant terrain objects can sometimes have green + purple dots moving along them and sometimes these dots cause green or purple flashes. Only happens on distant terrain, changing resolution & GPU load doesn't seem to make much difference, and I can't reproduce the bug in heavy benchmarking, stress tests, or any other game. Still kinda worried it might be my PC though. Anyone else had this problem? Photo Example on Imgur, because I don't know any other way to host / share files :(
  12. These parts are still in game, I can find them in the category of the Filter mod, but none of them shows in the stock 'connection' category, there are only docking ports and radiational decoupler. I have tried to uninstall all category and filter related mod, doesn't work.
  13. Hi, I'm having this bug rn, which weirdly only seem to happen in the Jool system (tho I haven't tested all planets). As you can see in the video below, the vessel seems to be teleported instantly when I timewarp... Bad thing is that it retains this changed position, which is very bad for gameplay.. ksp.log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftic9lit09rsy3r/KSP.log?dl=0 Video of the Bug : Thanks a lot for your help ! Peace
  14. When i press Quit all it does is freeze up the game, then i have to Alt+F4 evertime, got rid of all the mods and even did a fresh install and everything it still does just freeze up when i press quit. Player.log
  15. Hello, My duna atmoshere is broken with EVE and Scatterer (installed from ckan) no other planet is broken, only duna. also very often you can see a pitch black spot on the atmosphere with no effect on ground (I suppose it's Ike related) But my main concern is the thickness and color of the atmosphere here is the link the the images on imgur https://imgur.com/a/i3v37uo
  16. https://kerbalx.com/jounce/nerv-only OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW MUCH DRAG THE ISRU MODULE IS GENERATING WHY???IT SHOULDN'T DO THAT!!!IN A FAIRING!!! (other parts work fine,this is the biggest and one of the only two drag sources of the plane,the other being the props)
  17. Ok, not sure if this is a Bug or not, but I saw the same thing in KSP1. I have two spacecraft in orbit. I want to dock them to each other. I set SAS on Vehicle number 1 to point a certain direction to orientate the vehicle to assist with the docking alignment I want. Then I switch to and control Vehicle number 2, get it SAS orientated just right and start my rendezvous approach to Vehicle 1. As I approach Vehicle 1, I see it is not in the orientation I want or left it in. So I go back to controlling Vehicle 1 and SAS is disabled. Is this by design, a limitation of the game or a bug? Any insight help from anyone is much appreciated.
  18. Idk really why but I think its something to do with merging crafts, but the camera focuses on the middle of two stages, and both stages are still able to work. Is there a current fix for this issue?
  19. As of April 12 (2:29 PM, EST) - Most importantly (since it was addressed in Patch #2)... One of my ships teleported to underneath the VAB during construction This has only happened one time, but it happened after Ctrl+Z (undo) Speaking of Ctrl+Z - I also had an Assembly disappear completely following an Undo. To be specific, the parts didn't just erase - they appeared to be invisible. Certain VAB part icons still appeared around the invisible craft (i.e. small 4-way direction/compass circle icon) Almost all new bugs tho are related to orbital mechanics the the new Maneuver UI Maneuver Mode - new, predicted orbit line not showing at times (image below) Maneuver Mode - Burn Time Meter stuck (while in mid-burn pointing at target) No screenshot of this, but it happened twice while en route to Eve, specifically, while attempting to circularize within Eve's SOI Switching between Map View and (Auto) Orbit Flight View sometimes causes parts to shift out-of-place No luck saving/loading game. Only resolvable by reverting back to a previous save or deleting/restarting ship May or may not be new: - I noticed that my Kerbal Pilots go into PANIC MODE whenever I time warp in orbit. (i.e. flailing arms around and screaming) - While in VAB, I'm frequently unable to expand Stage Info Menu (on right hand side), and view the estimated effectiveness of stages while in different SOIs. To be clear, before Patch 2, I almost never had an issue being able to expand a Stage View, click on an engine, and view my TWR on various planet (atmos & vac)
  20. SPECS CPU ryzen 9 5900x GPU 4080 32gb ddr4 RAM This has happened with 2 campaign slots at this point and after 130 saves** everything will load slow, e.g. loading from the vab to launch will freeze the game for a few minutes before getting to the pad, opening the map will freeze everything for a minute or so, quicksaving will freeze the game for a minute or so. Prior to this I never had to wait more than a few seconds to load anything. Starting a new campaign slot everything runs and works fine in said campaign slot. **The issue may not be because of alot of saves - in both campaigns that runs slow i loaded an old save and played from that and that might be what causes the problem. VIDEO OF PROBLEM - First campaign loaded is one with very few saves and works fine - Second campaign loaded is the broken one WHAT I HAVE TRIED: Verifying game files Deleting 100+ of the saves GPU is up to date Have checked all the save file sizes for the broken campaign and they are their usual size, no large ones
  21. Ok so I got restock and restock waterfall config, deleted my old stock waterfall config. All the rocket engines have their waterfall effects but the rapier, whiplash, panther, goliath, wheesley and juno have not got them. (aka they have their rather ugly stock effects) even if I put back the stock waterfall config file in gamedata the air breathing engines still don't get their waterfall effects applied. anyone know how to fix this? Edit: i dowloaded the lastest stock waterfall config and it worked when i used a whiplash, but rapiers are weird, especially the closed cycle mode, the plume is missing
  22. The title is self explanatory. Newest Version of KSP 2 Intel Core I7 Ram: 16gb RTX 3050 laptop gpu Windows 11
  23. v0.1.1.0 bug You can still adjust and control ships in the tracking station by pressing Z and X to set the throttle See video:
  24. If for example you set a fairing to x4 clamshell, and save it, when you load it back up, it does not save that change and reverts to 2x clamshell. The fairing I'm using is the "AE-FF375 Mussel" but I don't think which one you use matters.
  25. While trying to set up an encounter with a space station I noticed in map view that the station was not moving through its orbit at all. I switched to the tracking center and it was still not moving despite my other stuff orbiting as you would expect. Switching to the bugged craft resolves the issue and it was gone when I switched away from it to the original ship. I am not quite sure yet how to reproduce this bug consistently
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