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  1. Hello! I seem to be having a problem with the toolbar/part selection menu, and I believe they are related. Problem: Randomly, (But most likely not) my game will decide that I cant click on things and start duplicating the toolbar. Log keeps throwing this like 10,000 times: "Exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Video 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UohE_cePNQDlox9CChwqlkkNQVK_58RA/view?usp=sharing Video 2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rDzeitBvOd2LS8UWP0t2HvnPPMNdUKpy/view?usp=sharing Going to the KSC, tracking station and home screen doesn't fix it. When going to start menu the toolbar still shows up and is very buggy. !The strangest part of the whole thing is the repeated toolbar buttons! Quitting and restarting the game doesn't fix it either. Though the problem doesn't show up until I do anything. It stops me from using action groups, using toolbar items, staging, using map view. and clicking on parts, although sometimes the window will show up really short and skinny and you have to scroll. When that happens I see "Place help text here" in the window alot. 'SOMETIMES' when I click on something via the staging menu it works just fine but it still wont let me click any of the buttons or another part. I think it it has something to do with mechjeb. I have launched things and clicked on them on launch, in Sandbox this time though, and it works fine. Once I reach orbit, though it begins to malfunction. Relaunching the same craft and cheating it to the same orbit path does not produce the effect immediately. Spacecraft controls like throttle and attitude still work though. Stuff I already tried but isn't the cause: Cheats Entering Space Switching craft Leaving flight scene with part clicked Going to Space Center and back through tracking station Modded parts Decoupling. Kerbaled or Unkerbaled Craft. (Unmanned) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-________________-________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any idea what could be causing this or if there is a mod to fix it? The screenshots cover most of the problems that I have seen so far. Edit: I deleted a maneuver node after going to TS (Tracking Station) and back and it was fixed, I staged but then when I clicked on a reaction wheel it started again.
  2. The title is self explanatory. Newest Version of KSP 2 Intel Core I7 Ram: 16gb RTX 3050 laptop gpu Windows 11
  3. I can only assume this is a bug caused by a mod. Basically what happens is that when I put a vessel in orbit around the sun (regardless of distance) and return to it later, it blows up due to overheating (even if there's radiators on the vessel). Also, going into EVA will instantly kill the kerbal you send out. Both of these can be prevented by turning on "Ignore Max Temperature", but I obviously don't want to have that on all the time. I need some help diagnosing the problem. Extra Info: It doesn't matter what vessel it is, whether it's just a command pod or a probe with 8 radiators around it, the glitch seems to persist regardless of the vessel's design. So far from what I've seen, any other orbit doesn't seem to cause this glitch. Just Kerbol orbits. What I've done so far: Removed SystemHeat, Kopernicus, Galaxies Unbound, KSPIE, and Far Future Tech Verified Integrity of Game Cache Start a new game to see if it affects that one (it does, so my save isn't corrupted) Here's also some screencaps with KerbalEngineer up to help with the diagnosis. One's the temperature when going EVA and the other's when the vessel is idle (for the sake of this, I just placed a Nereid pod with mono engines into orbit and turned on "Ignore Max Temperature") KSP Log My mod list: Atmosphere Autopilot B9PartSwitch Beejee10s Historical Kerbal Suits Better Time Ward Continued Blueshift ClickThroughBlocker Toolbar/ToolbarController CommNet Constellation Community Tech Tree Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack ContractConfigurator Cryogenic Engines Dynamic Battery Storage Easy Vessel Switch Environmental Visual Enhancements Redux Far Future Technologies Feline Utility Rovers Filter Extension Fuel Efficient Pilots Future Technologies Expanded: Frontier Aeronautics Galaxies Unbound (Nova Kirbani, Kormann-16, Kepsilon Kirilani, Cer Turi, and Seirios are the systems I have installed) HideEmptyTechTreeNodes HyperEdit Internal RCS Interstellar Fuel Switch KIS/KAS Kerbal Reusability Expansion Planetary Base Systems TAC Life Support Kerbal Engineer Kerbalized Suits Knes Kopernicus KSP Interstellar Extended KSP Recall Restock/Restock Plus Tweakscale MechJeb Mk1 Cabin Hatch All "Near Future" Mods Patch Manager Mk2/Mk3 Expansion Mk-33 SCANSat Scatterer SpaceDust SystemHeat Waterfall Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Surface Lights Tarsier Space Tech Universal Storage 2 Vessel Mover ZeroMiniAVC
  4. I am completely familiar with how Engines work and this is not a structural problem. I've looked around and it appears many people are having this issue. I even went into sandbox and tried a stock craft, the problem remained. I uninstalled and reinstalled but the problem remains. I found an old thread were one person managed to solve this problem, but his wording was unclear and I not a pro at the game. It Has Nothing to do with staging. I tried with even one stage. It is a problem within the game and has nothing to do with how the rocket was built. This is what he said... I really need some help, thankyou in advance! Ranger_Legs Jan 14, 2014 @ 10:35pm So I just got this exact same problem, and I noticed that, in the resource tab that if I checked "stage only" it stated that I had no fuel tank whatsoever. It did not read zero or full, *it did not show the bar for either fuel" So I tried pressing the stage separate once more after exhausting all other things I can think of AND LOW AND BEHOLD THE ENGINE WAS ACTIVATED AND LIT! and now I can deorbit and land!
  5. Hello! Not too long ago i've tried playing Kerbal Space Program again, well i have all of the DLC's on but... the screen stays on "loading expansion". I have no mods enabled since i've actually never modded the game (yet, i wanted to do it tho.) Is there any possible fix to this? would love the help.
  6. everytime i try to use tweakscale. the crew dissapears making the craft unusable, i can only use unmanned probes. can anyone help?
  7. I have exactly the same problem as in this post: TL;DR: I have no propulsion, but my apoapsis increases for no reason. It increases even if i face retrograde. After that I pressed alt+f4 and here I am). Here is my craft file, last save, and log: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Mqbp6aQpWY4E12dGNSce-rNJ1nR6Mc1q?usp=sharing The bug occured when I placed (through cheat menu) this craft on Eve and tried to get to orbit. At the moment I was running KSP through CKAN without any modes, but I have used Kerbal Engineer Redux recently.
  8. I thought I'd be fun to make a page about funny glitches -- they don't have to be severe or game-breaking, just as long as they're funny. I'll go first: I have a glitched worklamp that weighs 20 tons. None of my Kerbals can pick it up. It's in a storage container in a base, and it significantly weighs down that side of the base. No idea how it happened, but it's hilarious.
  9. Hello, I found a glitch that makes my crafts' textures glitch out and can get really annoying. It is happening when you have a fairing part on your craft and you undo a move. Images can be found in the reddit post I linked down below. This texture change only affects cargo bays (I only tested Mk3 Medium and Long ones) and Vector Engines. It replaces parts of the Texture (Cargo bay main part and the Combustion Chamber of the Vector Engine). Once you have that part placed and you undo a move the texture gets replaced by the Fairing Texture (if you chose a fairing design, this will get applied too). Thanks for help. Detailed explanation with images can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/j09mof/glitch_broken_fairing_textures/
  10. Here are some screenshots for comparison: I am using KSP version 1.3.1 I'm not able to upload images here, So please refer this link: https://imgur.com/a/nQ0FJ2T, Not only those planets but moons as well, textures in the map mode looks fine but when in game mode it looks pixelated blurred and not clear. This problem persists in both the texture packs 4k and 2k. I tried with 4k first, but same problem, then I replaced it with 2k thinking my laptop is not supporting 4k, again same problem. The hardware is compatible. So what is the issue? Also before installing all the other mods unrelated to Astronomer's visual pack I tested it once but, same problem. Please tell me how to fix it? EDIT: Kerbin looks just fine both in Map and game modes, Problem is with only other planets. AND I used CKAN to install mods.
  11. I have a texture bug after installing scatterer on 1.8.1. U have to zoom in or be very close to the ground for any texture to appear (on all planets). A link with a screenshoot: https://imgur.com/a/kIn58Ey
  12. Hi all! I've been playing this game quite a lot lately and just recently ran into an annoying glitch. Ever since I bought the Making History and Breaking grounds DLC, sometimes, when I timewrap , i get the error : NullReferenceException., and it prevents me from saving or recovering the ship once it's back on kerbin. I've reinstall the game and the DLC, but the same problem occurs. I wonder if it's my save that's corrupted or what might cause that. Here's an exemple after timewrapping around the mun. https://imgur.com/r3BSOR1
  13. Hello! I seem to be having problems with my camera (in Flight View). Whenever I zoom out, the view sort of distorts, as if it's extending the FOV/POV or something (I don't really know how to describe it). When I zoom in, the opposite happens. It seems that when I restart the game, it returns to normal, but it starts happening again after a while. Please note that this problem happened on a second KSP install, which I copied into my Desktop. Thanks!
  14. So I downloaded Procedural parts, however I have come across an issue. lets use the fuel tank for example. it has a default size of 1 meter. I can barely get it to fit the most basic, early-game parts, and therefore it's not very flexible. it seems to cap out around 1.15 meters maximum, and that same 1-meter-wide width you start with at a minimum. it's also very inflexible length-wise, barely able to change length as well. i'll attach pictures of the minimum and maximum fuel tanks, to give you a better Idea what i'm talking about. I have tested this on career and sandbox modes, and with other mods present (the one most likely to cause errors would be Near-Future Construction, or ProceduralDynamics (Procedural Wings)). can't figure out how to attach screenshots from my computer. oof.
  15. Hello, recently I have encountered two major bugs/glitches in my time on playing on Xbox One Enhanced Edition. More specifically, I encountered them in career. The first bug I encountered was my ship spinning in space continuously even with SAS on. This seemed to happen most when I came out of time warp with the SAS on. It also happened near planetary bodies too, when landing. The ship would even spin if time warp wasn’t activated. I have no idea what caused this. The next bug I encountered is much more serious as it involved restarting entire missions. I had accepted multiple contracts in career, which I had finished (not together). When I had finished them however, I could not go back to VAB, Space Center, or Tracking Center. I could open the pause menu but couldn’t click on any of the options that would allow me to leave. This forced me to quit the game, losing some but not all progress for that mission. I believe this glitch in particular to be caused by the switching between vessels or leaving to go to the space center after the rocket was in space.
  16. I have a bug that makes the game entirel unplayable. Ok so when i go to the mun, the closer i get, the more laggy it gets, and when i try to land, the altimeter at the top breaks around 2.5km above the surface, it just says 1, but mechjeb is fine so i continue. But about 20m above the surface, i just explode? I have all the indestructible cheats on and it still happens, i try minmus and duna and it still happens. On minmus and duna i also went through the ground amd exploded about 10m BELOW the surface. Whats going on? I thought it astronomers visual pack causing the lag, and the lag causing the bugs, but nope. I removed it along with eve and scatterer and its still just as laggy. The only other thing maybe is sigma dimensions. Im using 6.4x size with 9.6x distance, 0.3 terrain. Ive had this isse before with no way to solve it and wasnt using sigma then so i dont think its that either. Im using ksp 1.8.1, i have a ryzen 5 2600, a 2070 super, and 16gb 3200mhz ram.
  17. In Team Galileo's JNSQ system I'm planning a Jool Five mission, including rovers and landers for each body. All five Jool moons are exhibiting a checkerboard pattern that I've only seen once before on JNSQ Moho, in Kopernicus 1.8.1-1. That seemed to be fixed with a dev version Sigma88 let me try, at least until I cheated a craft out to Tylo: This pattern seems more pronounced the brighter the daylight. For the sake of troubleshooting I removed EVE and Scatterer. I still have Distant Object Enhancement but that's only supposed to affect the sky box. It's stock graphics and lighting at this point. I've tried this on a couple different PCs, including a Gen4 Core i7 with a GTX 1080 card, a Gen8 Core i7 laptop with RTX graphics, and a potato laptop running an AMD Ryzen and discrete Radeon graphics. I get identical results, but this only starts happening past Dres. It was worse in KSP 1.8.1 / Kopernicus 1.8.1-1 as it occurred on Moho as well. On a lark I swapped Tylo and Minmus thinking it might be the distance to the sun, but the above screen shot happens in orbit of Jool or Kerbin. Any ideas where I should start to troubleshoot this? I could always go back to KSP 1.7.1 / Kopernicus 1.7 but I really like the 1.9.1 features too much.
  18. Since the latest update I have been getting this odd glitch which causes shadows to appear across the terrain of any planet. My game does not have any mods, I have updated my graphics drivers, I have a more than capable PC for graphics in this game (RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, RYZEN 2400G) and I have even completely un-installed the game but still get this highly annoying glitch. Does any have a fix for this? Linked down bellow is my Reddit post.
  19. So I had gotten pretty far in my career game. I only had 4 mods installed through CKAN that were 1.9 compatible; Scatterer, X. Science continued, and both their dependencies. I then updated to version 1.10 and played ever since without any problems. However, today I flew a spaceplane and it crashed but it also crashed my game. I then jumped back in only to find that all my probes/unmanned vehicles lost signals even near the KSC. I have both uninstalled and reinstalled the mods separate times to see if anything would work but still no signals. All crafts previously worked fine until my game crashed. I don't know if there's anything to fix this. I have looked up the issue but it seems incredibly rare so finding a solution would be a blessing. Thanks and please let me know if I should send anything that could better explain the situation/glitch.
  20. Every time I view anything with stars, I get a weird color flash in geometric shapes. Load menu, map view, they all do this. It seems to originate from top center.
  21. For some reason, whenever I have kerbals in their External Command Seats in 1.8.1, I can see them through all the parts. I have no parts/ texture replacement mods installed, just a couple of visual and some helpers. How do I make this stop? Here is a picture of this phenomena:
  22. So I’m playing a 1.8.1 version of the game with 71 mods. When I land my vessel and try to click on the Recover vessel button nothing happens. I also can’t save , load saves, quick save, exit the game, go to the space centre. Mac OSX Launcher. Physics are in GameData/ModuleManager.Physics Here is the log if anyone needs it
  23. Hello all! I have a problem: When doing a EVA and going far from the ship, after coming back the ship will be floating in mid air and just go up and when I get in it the ship is unresponsive, the engine won't work and it says I have 0/ms of Delta-V (even though i have plenty of fuel). I have EC and fuel and Jeb is on the ship This does not happen when I don't go to far out. Also this happened the Mun. Thanks -Seffy
  24. Good afternoon. I often get a problem with KSP. Sometimes running points, stripes and rectangles of different colors appear throughout the game window (including full-screen mode). Sometimes they appear after some time in the game, sometimes immediately upon launch. System requirements are more than acceptable. Help me, please, I will be grateful. Mods, that i have: MechJeb 2 Luna MultiPlayer Screenshots: Screenshots Album (Imgur)
  25. I have this bug with KSP where any stock spaceplane parts with "holes", ie, the turbo ramjet, the panther, the intakes and such have blue in them. Currently, my mods are: Scatterer EVE KS3P SVE Chatterer Restock Restock+ SSPXR CRP Habtech 2 Kerbinside Remastered Kerbal Konstructs Airplane Plus Astrogator KSC Extended MKIV Spaceplane System Grounded CTT NF Spacecraft NF Aeronautics Tweakscale NF Construction Modular Launch Pads Cormorant Aeronology NEBULA Decals NF Solar NF Launch Vehicles NF Exploration SVT Kerbal Atomics NF Propulsion CryoEngines CryoTanks NF Electrical + All the dependencies. I can't get all of my gamedata folder in one screenshot. I'm playing on version 1.7.0 Log File Help would be greatly appreciated.
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