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  1. So im doing a playthrough with usi lifesupport and was too afraid to go outside of kerbins sphere of influence and decided to get all possible sciences from minmus to get some good engines but came home with this: Fair to say that this game is totally balanced lol. (not really a disscussion or topic but it would be cool to see your massive science hauls)
  2. I have a lot of KSP screenshots showing ridiculous or epic failures on my PC, so I was thinking "Why not make a thread where funny KSP failures can be shared for entertainment purposes?" Examples: suspension.exe has stopped working However, videos showing funny KSP fails or just texts telling about it are welcome too.
  3. I thought I'd be fun to make a page about funny glitches -- they don't have to be severe or game-breaking, just as long as they're funny. I'll go first: I have a glitched worklamp that weighs 20 tons. None of my Kerbals can pick it up. It's in a storage container in a base, and it significantly weighs down that side of the base. No idea how it happened, but it's hilarious.
  4. This forum game is from another forum. (The original forum shall rename nameless.) Unless you private message me.) The forum game goes like this: The first person says what they insert, then the next person says what they get, then they post what they insert. And it goes on. Example: Guy 1: Inserts ("thing") Guy 2: Gets ("thing" related to first "thing") Inserts ("thing") RULE 1: "thing" can be anything approving to forum rules RULE 2:The "Gets" part must relate to "Inserts" RULE 3:No double posting RULE 4:If someone beats your post, edit your post and say Ninja'd next to the "Thing" I will go first, Inserts coin
  5. I like to make puns. KSP has some objects/names that lend themselves well to puns. So why not make a thread about it? Here's one to start: How do kerbals measure energy?
  6. I did an entire apollo style mun mission, crushed the docking like a champ, collected tons of science, and guess what I realized JUST AS SOON AS I START REENTRY? I forgot my freaking parachute. These are the types of events that instill a rage quit. I legitimately had to get up and walk away from my computer because I was so frustrated with myself. Why oh why could I not have realized this mistake sooner? Like, you know, on the launchpad?
  7. A cautionary tale about not calling up that which you can not put down. Oh, and fun with ejection seats in the latest version of Kerbal Space Program! If you like this or other videos of mine, please consider subscribing! I originally planned to do this video when KSP 1.7.3 dropped, but then I came up with a video idea for #Apollo50 that I just had to do first. And yes, all my videos for new versions of KSP will feature improvements that nobody else cares about. Better silly and willy-nilly than shrilly. Really. In loving memory of the Rotary Rocket Roton SSTO. Oh, and Nagun Kerman, she'll be missed, too, I suppose. #OfficiallyHorriblePerson Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3 with Making History and Breaking Ground DLCs Additional parts and retextures are from Restock/Restock+: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182679-17x-restock-revamping-ksps-art-may-10-ksp-17-fixes/ Extra KSC buildings are from KSC Extended: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181556-145-170-ksc-extended-v11-expanding-your-ksc-in-style/ What is a Kraken? https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Deep_Space_Kraken More fun with glitches: I Accidentally The Entire Planet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSDPRsxSmEQ Munslide! Friction glitch in KSP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLLHfb1HWPA The Infiniglider In Its Natural Habitat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU4hlgm0wyo Music from https://filmmusic.io "Sweeter Vermouth", "Le Grand Chase", "Darkness Speaks", "Piano Cue One", "Epic Unease", "Flutey Sting", "Seventh Seal", "Music to Delight", "Der Kleber Sting" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Sound effects from https://freesound.org License: Creative Commons 0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/)
  8. I was just going through the available contracts and saw...this. I swear this is not a Photoshop job. https://ibb.co/02t9ZLx I guess this kind of thing was inevitable!
  9. This year I decided to take the KSP YouTuber trope of making a Kerbal Christmas tree and give it my own little twist. Music: Oh, Christmas Tree Up on a Housetop Anxiety Very Low Note Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ No Kerbals were harmed in the making of this holiday special. Not much, anyway.
  10. I realize I might be a little too excited about the RoveMate rotation fix, but this has been such a thorn in my side for so long that I just *had* to endanger the lives of Kerbals for their, your, and my entertainment to celebrate this occasion. Oh yeah, the other changes are nifty too. Thanks, Squad. Music: "Hero Theme", "Evening Melodrama", "Discovery Hit", "Greta Sting", "Also Sprach Zarathustra", "Guess Who", "Plain Loafer", "Gustav Sting", "Pump", "B-Roll" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
  11. According to me, this is the entire Mirror Mirror ethics or lack of it is more better than regular universe. For whole life i was honest aspie boy but maybe it's better to be like Lorca Mirror Maybe i try to be pilot, lie on medical, than lie all my career
  12. Guest

    Something to "LOL" about.

    Just think about something to "LOL"(laugh) about. For example: A cat stepped on a toy train! LOL!
  13. As you can see here, the thread „Dumb Things Found On The Internet“ has been close for good reason. However, I sincerely believe we can do better with this thread and keep everything within the Guidelines instead of annoying the mods with inappropriate posts they have to remove and finally having them close the thread cause it became a lot of work to moderate (please tell me every little mistake I made in this scentense (no sarcasm)). Without further do: here’s something interesting that others might refer to as stupid or maybe even kerbal I found on the internet:
  14. I know I should work for PIXAR http://imgur.com/a/WjcWE
  15. Here's the first verse and the chorus: solid booster delta wing heat shield gimbal ring supersonic rapid unplanned disassembly canard rudder elevator solar panel radiator northern Mohole southern Mohole instability rendezvous aileron RCS clamp-o-tron oxidizer kerosene and dimethyl hydrazine chamber pressure corkscrew rocket cockpit Eeloo kilopascal engine failure emergency landing We didn't buzz the tower we were always flying since the sun's been shining we didn't buzz the tower we were on your radar but we left a crater
  16. This story takes place at the first stages of my career when I launch the rocket Guardian 5, I will get some pictures of it. This is a stock console career. CHAPTER 1 - They say it orbits, but it doesn't... God no. I'm stuck in this stupid science capsule that was meant to orbit, but didn't make it. The idiot calling the maneuvers at Mission Control started the burn way too early. You would think that they had hired the best people around Kerbin, but no. Especially considering our hangar is made out of metal sheets, our runway is a dirt path, and our Administration Building is a trailer. I am Jebediah Kerman, and this isn't my first time being flown into space in a trashcan full of boom. It started with Guardian 2 if I remember, Guardian 1 was Bob's. I was launched with only 1 solid rocket booster. Then It went on to the Contract Program, which was made when Mission Control screamed at us to complete contracts. After that, Guardians 3-5 were launched and they hinted at the possible Collector Program. Bill should feel happy that he doesn't have to be here, not whining that he was canceled out on Guardian 3. Oh, you are wondering who Bill, Bob, and everyone else is? Well we have Bill, our field engineer; Bob, our field scientist; Valentina, our first female pilot, and that recruit pilot... I forgot her name. Anyways, I am cracking open the hatch for a science EVA. I slam the depressurize button and seal my helmet, and now I am recording to you from the expanses of space! Sadly, I have orders. I have to connect the Science Bay wires to the main computer system, and open the service bay to reveal that container that has weird stuff in it. With small bursts of RCS, I go down to the Science Bay and connect the red wire to the red slot, and the blue wire to the blue slot; All of a sudden, it starts beeping and reveals the test elements. "Jeb, I think you forgot a wire. Wait it is supposed to beep, sorry," I heard crackling through the radio. Half of Mission Control didn't even know the protocols for the capsule science experiments, they are supposed to be briefing me! I go down to the service bay and pry it open, then deploy the canister. I float back to the capsule so I can get on the system to do the science. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GCOS LOADING... ACCESSING PROTOCOL MAP... ACCESSING PROTOCOL 9351... ACCESS DENIED - SHUTTING DOWN GCOS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What?! Yeah, that was a failure from Guardian Capsule Operating System. I told you it was just a trashcan full of boom. "Mission Control! GCOS denied my acess to the protocol map. Get it fixed!" I yelled into the radio. "On it! We need a good 5 minutes," mumbled some kid at Control. Yeah, from now on I call it Control to you guys. Well, I am going to try to brute force my way through GCOS. Hopefully the rumored Collector Protocol Map (CPM) is better than this black and white screen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GCOS LOADING... ACCESSING CORE SYSTEM... ACCESSING COMMAND SHELL... GCOS/Core/CS/JBK> toggle shockwave_system/protocolmap STARTING SHOCKWAVE SYSTEM... GCOS/PM successfully loaded... GCOS/PM/JBK> access protocol_9351 ACCESSING PROTOCOL 9351... ACCESS ACCEPTED... STARTING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH BAY... STARTING SERVICE BAY CAMERA... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Using Bill's secret Shockwave System, I accessed the protocols to do the science. I substance scanned the science bay subjects and reported about what I saw the goo substance do in space, transmitting it to my magnetic data bank. Oh, by the way, Control never responded to me for the GCOS failure. I am going to deny all service coming from those darn idiots over there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACCESSING COMMAND SHELL... GCOS/Core/CS/JBK> frequency toggle SHUTTING DOWN FREQUENCY CHANNEL... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There, now I am not on the radio, it is just me! Well I am going to take a nap for a few hours. Goodnight or good day you guys. Wait one last thing, Bill is sending me access to another system if I remember. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ERROR DETECTED... SAS DISABLED... GCOS SHUTTING DOWN... NOVA SYSTEM ATTEMPTING TO RELOAD GCOS... NOVA SYSTEM FAILURE - DATA BACKED UP TO BSDB ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is Nova System? Will Jeb survive? Why did GCOS fail? Is Mission Control still on lunch break? Soon to be revealed in Chapter 2...
  17. I have 2.3 Gigs of photos of KSP projects I've worked on over the last year or so. There are 1,639 photos in total I have screenshotted. Here is a small sample of my life's work in our favorite simulation game. Feel free to share your crafts through photos here as well! Let me know which ones were your favorites!! (Obviously I'm really proud of the Moth SSTO and Dallas Station.) Facebook post with photos here.
  18. In this thread you post salty and hilarious comments by normies about ksp. Lol my meme currently has less views then the screenshot of a ship i created that failed.(subject to change)
  19. Hello guys. I got bored somehow and ended up in MS Paint. .... i wasted a lot of time . So i painted multiple chapters of a Story that i havent finished in my head yet... If you like to join the W.I.P. you are welcome. Also i hope to get some advice on how to improve my ms painting skills and the style of the countryballs. updates will be added at the end of this post i cant ensure the story is getting as funny as you wish it might get. so dont be mad if it is not becoming what you have in mind it will have to do with the ksp universe as well. Greetings Scabank Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  20. In the style of Danny and Nexter's Lab... I present my own take on "funny moments"! I'm starting a new series with some other really cool people, Matik2002, Sylver and myself. We decided to make a 'tv series'-like series on the channel, and so there will be a few of these videos dotted around my usual ones.I feel like i really want to re-visit Kerbal Space Program again, because I really enjoyed it last time, and I know a lot more about it now. So prepare for some more challenges! Of course I won't upload JUST Kerbal Space Program so don't get worried.I spent a good few days on this video, even though it looks a bit short. That's because I'm learning Premiere Pro CS5 (2015) and it's pretty difficult to start with. I hope you enjoy the video and I would really appreciate it if you guys left a like (and smashed that sub button with a pancake). Sidenote: please don't get mad at me if it seems like I "copied" Danny and Nexter - They are really successful with their videos and it seems with my others that I'm doing something wrong. Aside from that, the video is from the characters' Point of View instead of my own/narration. I hope you enjoy!
  21. Trouble satisfying contract requirements in your rover? No problem, just step outside a moment... Now that's a well paid EVA. (About your "satellite" though, guys... I think it's getting itchy feet...)
  22. With version 1.2 just around the corner, I've been given early access to show you everything you could want to know about the upcoming content! Enjoy and let the hype continue!
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