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Found 18 results

  1. I think procedural command parts would be incredible for those of use that love the building element of the game. Examples: Pods - Pick a diameter, slider for height, slider for top node diameter. Makes anything from dragon to fuji possible. To go above and beyond, add curvature sliders to make soyuz and vostok style pods. Probes - Pick a shape and height Rovers - I'm not sure how to do this one Cockpits - mkI or mkII shape, then window style, and length/curvature of the nose Hitchhiker cans - Diameter, height, maybe shape Inflatables? - Please How many kerbals does it fit? - Have the game calculate the maximum sized cuboid that the shape can contain, then calculate how many whole kerbal sized cuboids can be sardined inside that. How much does it weigh? - Use a density for each command type part for the volume - cuboid, then + weight of kerbals Doors, windows, and more. - Make these parts radially attachable. This would open the possibility for built-in containers that can be opened by kerbals, cargo holds, multiple hatches, windows. Think parts like ladders are now. Would this sacrifice IVA? Most likely. But we would still have the old parts for those. Although, procedurally generated IVAs could be done, may not always look great though.
  2. So I downloaded Procedural parts, however I have come across an issue. lets use the fuel tank for example. it has a default size of 1 meter. I can barely get it to fit the most basic, early-game parts, and therefore it's not very flexible. it seems to cap out around 1.15 meters maximum, and that same 1-meter-wide width you start with at a minimum. it's also very inflexible length-wise, barely able to change length as well. i'll attach pictures of the minimum and maximum fuel tanks, to give you a better Idea what i'm talking about. I have tested this on career and sandbox modes, and with other mods present (the one most likely to cause errors would be Near-Future Construction, or ProceduralDynamics (Procedural Wings)). can't figure out how to attach screenshots from my computer. oof.
  3. Hi @pap1723, hi forum I started a new RSS + RO + RP1 career on KSP 1.6.1 recently and followed the installation description for RO / RP1. They suggested, amongst other mods, RO Tanks. The RO Tank I should have max 560~ liters. When I downsize the diameter to 400mm, the maximum length of the tank i can setup is 600mm which is about 46 liters. Is it as intented to have that ratio? Thanks and kind regards PatSch
  4. MODS: KSPIE, KJR, Space Y, B9+legacy packs, SVE, scatterer, navhud, kerbal engineer, procedural parts, procedural wing, nebula decals, kerbal foundries continued, simple construction, TAC fuel ballancer, TAC life support, hangar extender, distant object enhancer, DiRT (for changing the skybox get it!)
  5. I really want to use procedural parts, but I can't find a download for a version compatible with 1.6. Can someone please give me a download link, and if possible, a BDB-alike texture pack for it? Thanks!
  6. So I recently updated my mac to MacOS Mojave and realised that my KSP game stutters like crazy, with black lines appearing everywhere. Some helpful guys in the forum advised me to use the "-force-openGL" command to restart the game, and it worked! However, the sad part is that I am running KSP realism overhaul with real solar system and the whole mish mash, and every-time I created a ship and tried to launch it from the vehicle assembly building, it just gave me the black loading screen with the planets rotating icon in the bottom right. It never tends to get out of that position and gets stuck there. I managed to isolate the problem a bit, as only when I used any of the procedural parts, this problem occured. Oddly enough, it's not the same for some of the stock FASA craft files like the Saturn V. They work just fine, along with other normal KSP installs (unmodded) with open-GL. Can somebody help me with this problem, as it's gonna be a while until I get a windows dedicated gaming laptop, and I have to work with my mac in the meantime. Thanks in advance:)
  7. Procedural Start This is a simple set of MM configs that make all the parts and sizes from Procedural Parts available from the start of game. Kinda cheaty, but fun! (If you use this, your secret is safe with me! ) Requires: Procedural Parts (obviously) Module Manager DOWNLOAD To Install: Once you install the required dependencies, just drop the ProceduralStart folder anywhere inside of your GameData folder. License: Open Domain
  8. So, I've got an insanely modded version of KSP with procedural parts as one of the mods that's been installed basically since the beginning. Recently it stopped working. Like, the game doesn't even load past it. All data is here. I've also got an issue put up on github here. Please help.
  9. Hi guys. This is my first post, as I made my account specifically to ask about a big issue I'm having with this mod. (Note that this is technically my 2nd post, since I already posted this without the Log on this page) First of all, I'm playing KSP 64bit on OSX and recently managed to install CKAN using Mono. Procedural Parts is really what got me hyped up for KSP again. Its my dream mod. I've successfully installed many mods using CKAN and also tried to install this mod on KSP Version 1.3. However, my game freezes in the loading screen every time I try to use procedural parts (It happens when I want to launch a rocket after assembling it using procedural parts). The game doesn't crash, it freezes and becomes unresponsive, which forces me to force quit the app. I've tried to find people having the same issue online, but can't seem to find anything. I've tried to launch the game with only this mod installed and it STILL happens.. on version 1.3, as well as 1.3.1 (I used this version of the mod for 1.3.1). All tries were done with a clean install of the game. I just don't know what the issue could be. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out here!! You would really make my week Thanks in advance! Unity Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pe2l5fkdp3i7oeb/Player.log?dl=0
  10. If Anyone would be willing To Give Me A List Of All The Procedural Parts Mods That Would Be Nice
  11. Hello! Today I encountered a weird issue when using RSS Textures, RSSVE and Real Solar System along with Procedural parts. This is all using KSP 1.2 So I downloaded a newer version of Remote Tech which came with ModuleManager.2.8.1. The game loaded fine, then I noticed there were more procedural parts than I usually notice, RCS tanks and other parts. These I had never seen, so I am assuming the new modulemanager triggered all of the parts to work. The only problem now is that even when using older versions of modulemanager with the 2.8, RSS texture do not load, and I'm stuck with the default Kerbin textures. Has anyone else experienced this at all? am I missing something super obvious? Thank you!
  12. Hi from the depths of Lag, i have a request for procedural parts to be revived and updated to ksp 1.2.2
  13. I've put together most all the textures I was able to find for Procedural Parts, for my own use. I wondered if anyone would be interested in this as a small mod add on.
  14. Update 1.1 is here Changelog: >Version 1.1 >Codename "Rainbow Update" >New textures: Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, and Violet Metals, and Gay Pride Texture >Updated to KSP 1.1.2 Pack Download Textures My YouTube
  15. Hello, people. I've tried downloading via CKAN, normal downloading, multiple versions, even those from early 1.0.5, I've tried deleting every other mod I had, I've tried everything I could and still, although Procedural Parts used to work on ksp 1.0.5, after I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, doesn't want to work in no way. I wasted a good two and a half hours on this damned mod, and still, the interface to change the size does not appear. Has anybody experienced anything similar?
  16. Hey everyone, I am playing KSP on 1.12 with about 100 mods and it runs great (only about 55 add parts, and most are slimmed down). However, I have a problem with procedural parts. Every part in the pack appears in the editor and performs as advertised with the exception of the Procedural RCS tank. The RCS tank will not even appear, in sandbox or career mode. I thought it might be because real fuels is blocking it? There is the file in Procedural Parts which gives the liquid fuel tank the parameters it needs for real fuels, but I didn't see anything for the RCS tank. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks.
  17. So, i recently installed procedural parts. the issue is that every 9 in 10 times when i am building a procedural tank it for some reason does let me change the shape. The shape slider does not even appear. this is very frustrating because i am stuck with the normal cylinder shape. please help me.
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