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  1. Mission Codename: Project Lunar Vanguard Dear KSC operator, Let's get straight to the point. With the recent closure of our second-generation space center, we must innovate to ensure our center thrives. Our mission is clear: establish a sustainable and enduring lunar presence. Your task is to lay the groundwork for future lunar operations and pave the way for interplanetary missions through resource collection and refining on the Mun's surface. This is my first mission post and I plan to do more; I like the realistic style as it makes me want to build better rockets and stay focused on the game. This was originally developed for my own playthrough of KSP because their contracts in story mode sucks, plus don't we all appreciate nicely formatted things... Like gosh. Mission Objectives: These mission objectives are assigned points, so each objective completed are just points added onto your score for your dedication for performing the mission & it's optional goals. Deploy a Communication Network: Put satellites around Kerbin and the Mun to ensure constant signal without blackout zones. (Optional) Equip satellites with versatile orbit-adjustment capabilities using nuclear or xenon propulsion for efficiency. Low-Kerbin Orbit Assembly: Design and Launch a LHM (Lunar Habitat Module) and LLV (Lunar Lift Vehicle) (Optional) Ensure LHM has a reliable mining and refining system to support future missions (Optional) The LHM and LLV need to support 5 Kerbonauts (Optional) onboard Rovers and vehicles for the Kerbonauts Assemble the LTV (Lunar Transfer Vehicle) Attach the habitat module to the lift vehicle to the transfer stage to move the entire assembly to the Muns orbit Mun Operation: Land the LHM and LLV on the Mun. (optional) Conduct scientific experiments (optional) Resource Demonstration Show us how effective your mining and refining operations using the LHM's onboard system is Rules for Mods & DLCS: Recommend / Allowed: RECOMMENDED: Kerbal Planetary Base Systems DLC: All DLC made for KSP is allowed. MODDED: All visual mods allowed, most mods are allowed, example is; (better time warp, Kerbal Engineer, freeIVA) Prohibited Mods: Mods that significantly alter physics or gameplay to make the challenge trivial are prohibited (e.g., Tweakscale, Warp Drive). Challenge Levels: Level 1: Establish a lunar base with basic infrastructure. Level 2: Expand the lunar base with enhanced capabilities, such as advanced resource processing. Level 3: Develop a sustainable colony with full self-sufficiency, capable of supporting long-term habitation. Scoring System: The scoring system for my contracts is quite simple, it will evaluate missions based on objective completion and optional goals. Here's how it works: Objective Completion Points: Each non-optional objective carries an equal score of (+5) Optional Goals: each optional objective completed carries equal an equal score of (+2) Submission Rules: Format: Submit your challenge as an imgur album, video series, or thread in Mission Reports. Documentation: Include captions and descriptions for each submission element (e.g., launches, landings, science collection). Required Screenshots/Videos: Capture key mission moments, including transfers, dockings, landings, and refuelings, document science returns if applicable. Completion Badge: Successful participants can add the mission completion badge to their signature. The Holy Grail: Come on, I know all you internet and space degenerates love things to put into your signature, so let's make it happen. All it will cost you, is a few hours of FUN hard work Hall of Fame: Anyone who has an entry on this post will have their work reviewed and notarized is allowed to utilize the award above and will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame, showcasing the ingenuity and dedication of Kerbonauts across the galaxy.
  2. So for my first mod release I have made a mod that makes the Mun have life! This does add some new things for it! Gave the Mun a breathable atmosphere New Biome Map Gave the Mun an ocean There is Scatterer and EVE support for it too!! I really hope you guys will enjoy it!! If there is any issues then I will try my best to fix them! Be safe! SpaceDock Link!! https://spacedock.info/mod/3467/Habitable Mun Needs Kopernicus! :0 License: GPLV3
  3. At night time on Kerbin, the Mun (when lit by the Kerbol sun) should emit a cold light on the shadow sides of Kerbin. So that at night time - and whenever the Mun is not in a new moon phase - the sky, clouds and the terrain of Kerbin is lit by a soft and cold light of the mun. It would look absolutely fantastic.
  4. Coming back to the game after... *checks notes* 3 year break wow. I attempted to make a base with a very similar design back in the day, but low framerate + glitches made me quit. Now with a beefy PC I finally managed to build it. Experience from the first attempt was really helpful: I made sure to find a REALLY flat spot for the base. I tried to limit part count per module (I think it's under 350 total). I put time into researching least kraken-inducing way of construction possible. I must say it paid off, the process was relatively painless albeit long. I think it took me ~3 week IRL, although interwoven with some other minor projects to keep things interesting. Framerate this time around is pretty good, and the physics warp slows down to ~x0.5, so not great but definitely playable. Some more screenshots: Next project: Minmus mining base.
  5. Hey! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I've been on these forums for a while, and I always wanted to do a mission report, but wasn't really sure what to do it on. At the same time, I always wanted to do a big Artemis-style "Mun-to-Duna" program, but I'd always run out of motivation. Putting them together, I decided that writing a mission report would give me the motivation I needed to do what I want. Without further ado, I give you Per Aspera Ad Astra Background: The report will be split into two parts. Part 1, "Per Aspera" will focus on the return to the Mun. Part 2, "Ad Astra", will focus on the exploration of Duna. The space agency this report focuses on is called KASA, and it's the national space agency of the Kerbal States. They went to the Mun with an Apollo-style program, but haven't returned since. Their main focus now is Space Station Harmony (Kerbal equivalent of the ISS), cooperating with Roskerbmos, the space agency of the Rusk Federal Union. First Post Later Today!
  6. KSP Version v0.1.1.0 Operating System and version (Windows 10, Windows 11) Windows 11 CPU and GPU models, any other system information which could be relevant i7 12700F with RTX 3060 Ti Description of the bug. Expected Behavior Apoapsis and Periapsis values should not change when orbiting Mun with all engines deactivated. Observed Behavior Apoapsis and Periapsis values are changing when orbiting Mun with all engines deactivated. Steps to Replicate - Happens when try to orbit Mun Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) - Unknown A list of ALL mods. If the list is long, please consider using a spoiler window. - NO MODS Other Notes / Screenshots / Log Files (if possible..) Same bug seems to be happening on Minmun You can see in this video below apoapsis and periapsis start to go crazy when ship is at 20.440m (second 17) That's why I think Mun has some kind of atmosphere bug. In the video below, when I open the landing gear near the Mun ground (~20km) at speed ~500m/s, the landing gear breaks.
  7. I started building a Mun station, where I had a core module and a lander I had a two-stage ship ready to dock to the "MSS" Fuel (to my lander after landing on the Mun) Probe launcher (lander and orbiter) The original idea was to send my orbital probe in an escape trajectory of Kerbin, using the Mun to slingshot the probe and then slow down to match the orbit of the MSS, launch the lander probe (to land on the Mun) and then dock with the station to provide fuel in the future. I however had two issues: I chose XS docking port instead of a S port for my vessel My probe lander docking port decided to disappear, when I launched my orbiter probe I launched the orbital probe successfully, but at the cost of a docking port disappearing for my lander (which could now not be undocked) Then I realised my mistake of attaching the incorrect docking port, as I approached the Mun station Then after some issues with time warp, I decided to scrap this ship. So I separated the 2 probes to do some scouting instead The probe launcher part (with the stuck lander) was sent to Duna as I had plenty of fuel to land there The fuel part was sent to Minmus, where I landed at the north pole: Eventually I did a separate mission where I added more docking ports (both XS and S) to the Mun station and I think the final product looks very cool! The orbiter probe and Minmus landing are featured in two of my bug reports that include videos if you're interested to see them
  8. KSP Version Windows 11 (22H2 - 10.0. 22621) I7-12700k, 3080Ti, 32GB DDR4-3200, 2TB M.2 SSD. Expected Behavior - stranded ship on Mun (10-15km away from arch) to remain in position whilst rescue ship is launched and brought to same location. Observed Behaviour - Stranded vehicle is stable and landed, able to EVA fine on the Mun. Return to KSC to launch new rocket to rescue stranded. Switch control via map or tracking station, to stranded vehicle or even get within a certain distance to said stranded ship and it is suddenly under the surface of the Mun, falling. Occasionally able to EVA Kerbal and use jet pack to reach surface level again but then unable to locate Kerbal after switching back to rescue rocket. Replication - As above, every time I load save file this will happen, never able to complete successfully. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..) none known. Mods - none, vanilla game. Any files are available on request.
  9. If the spacecraft is parked near the Arch and I load a saved game or select command near the tracking station. The craft will spawn; then fall through the surface of the mun. The craft then falls to the center of the Mun and slingshot out at 29km/s. KSP Version: v. (Patch #1) Operating System and version: Windows 10 (latest) CPU: Ryzen 7 7700X GPU: AMD Radeon 6750XT Description of the bug. Expected Behavior: Craft loads on Mun surface near arch. Observed Behavior: Craft loads near Mun arch then falls below Mun surface. Steps to Replicate: Land craft (mine was un-manned, just a probe core) in arch texture area. Then save/re-load or go to tracking center then back. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..): Unknown A list of ALL mods: None Kerbol, Kerbin, Spacecraft, MunArch from 1km below Mun Surface. Leaving the Kerbin System at 29 km/s after getting slingshot at the center of the Mun!
  10. I found this out the hard way after spending a good 12 hours building and launching a two part mun base, but what happened was as soon as I got the second part of the base into mun at orbit the first half that was already on the surface clipped through the surface and with it my will to play ksp 2 for the next week.
  11. Hi, after doing a Mun mission and then loading a save (landed on Mun) the following happened: My lander started falling through the Mun's surface. When I've tried to fly it back up it got destroyed at between -1 to 0 m height. - Lander falling through the Mun surface after loading a save When I loaded the save again, in addition to falling through the surface strange additional parts appeared around the craft. - Lander sinking in Mun surface with strange additional pieces KSP Version: OS: Windows 10 Home PC specs: Expected behavior: Lander does not sink into the surface after loading a save. It shouldn't have any additional strange parts. Observed behavior: Lander starts sinking into the surface of Mun after loading a save. When done second time, strange parts started appearing in addition. Steps to replicate: Launch game and build a Mun lander Fly it to the Mun and land Save game and quit Launch game and load save Workaround: Fly slowly up before the whole crafts sinks under surface. Once it's clear of the ground and at ~200m height do a quicksave and then load that quicksave. Mods: SpaceWarp, flags Other notes: -
  12. Mission 1: Manned Mun Landing and Return Pretty standard Mun mission profile that ran with a few hiccups. Stage 1 stayed tenaciously attached until I did a quick time warp. A phantom spin in my translunar injection stage caused me to be a bit short for my landing stage (ran out of fuel about 100 meters off the surface), so I wound up balancing on the engine bell of the return stage for the landing. The craft: I wound up providing a lot of feedback to the development team via the feedback form in the game launcher (hint: if you start KSP 1 in Steam while running KSP 2, it give you the launcher and you can provide feedback mid-game that way) during the rocket construction, map planning, and flight. There's a lot that needs work, but I was able to get the mission done on the second try. Here's the flight report after landing back on Kerbin: Here's the feedback I provided for others' reference, in no particular format or order: So far, so good. Looking forward to seeing how things progress over the next days and weeks! I'm diving right back in to keep playing now. <3
  13. OMG FAM, IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! I had always wanted to build a custom PC, and had made an agreement with my wife that we would probably wait until KSP2 came out. Well, I'm typing this out on my new PC, that I finished just a few days before the release. i5-12400 rx 6650 xt 32GB DDR5 2TB M.2 Drive for games 500MB M.2 Drive for OS and programs 4TB 2.5" SSD Drive for media And as much RGB as I could find for 20% more FPS Well, you can guess what I spent my day doing, but I figured you might also want to see. I'm playing the game on 1080 Medium settings. I started off with a good ol' mission to the Mun, and was able to make a return trip as well. From there, I decided to try a trip to Eve. I also figured out how to make GIFs of my mission, but can't figure out how to embed them here. Here they are if you want to see some cool GIFs. https://imgur.com/4nap7oy https://imgur.com/jfYrq9E https://imgur.com/kZKd5vk https://imgur.com/jvNJpGF I guess I'm going to have to send a rescue mission, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
  14. Oh man, am I going to have fun! I've got the game installed and played it for a few hours, but most of my rockets (like a space shuttle that didnt work) blew up! (epic explosions, good job!) Now I'm starting new. Currently finishing off my Mun rocket. Heres how it looks so far. Mission will be posted within a few minutes or so.
  15. This week we added rocks to our terrains. We're living out our Apollo 11 fantasies as we spend precious delta-v flying sideways to avoid boulder fields! Seen here, a few shots of Gilly, Mun, and Pol.
  16. United Kerbal Space Agency Presents: The Khonsu Program Kerbalkind's First Journeys To The Mun Inspired By: The Apollo Program Introduction: Why? Basically because I want to add more lore to my crafts, and I think this is the best way to do it. I will mainly be posting crewed Mun missions, crewed LKO missions, and space station stuff. Mission uploads will be sporadic (I'll try my best, I have lots of other stuff to do) Craft Files: Right Here (Might take a while for the craft files to be uploaded, I don't like making infographics ) Thanks: Thanks to @keanukeno21 for this piece of artwork, used in my UKSA flag. Thanks to @Autochrome for their Hyperion Program, and @AmateurAstronaut1969 for their Space Station Freedom and Artemis Program for inspiring me to make this. Thanks to N9 Gaming for inspiring lots of my crafts And finally thanks to squad for this awesome game. Mod List: As of June 4 2022 Missions: Note 1: Feedback is welcome as long as it is helpful Edit 1: Green completed missions now linked under missions
  17. Pheibos is a mod I've wanted to work on for a while, it adds a submoon to the mun, and minmus.
  18. Ever wanted to look up from the Muns surface and see two Kerbins? Well now you can! This mod adds a binary friend to the Mun called "Leriter" one noticeable feature is, water, plant life, and a atmosphere! One day the Kerbal's, finished exploring Kerbin's moons, so they all prayed to have a new one, then Eeloo, goddess of change, blessed them with this new moon, but Dres Demigod of mischief, tampered with the moon! So be carful, this moon is not its chalked up to be! There will be scatters, that will show the dark history of this moon! https://imgur.com/a/JidyP0l - A poster for the mod! Coming: Soon-ish
  19. I have a mission to fix this rover on the mun. I have added batteries to it but it is not moving or responding to controls.
  20. Hello All! Lately I have been trying to land on the Mun but every time I get into Munar orbit I can’t change my trajectory and fly right to Mun escape and it seem impossible to alter my trajectory no matter which way I boost. Any tips or ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Hi guys! This time I made 5M science only from the Mun. Enjoy the video:) And I'm looking for someone to write down a sentence for the flag. Please comment down below. Also hope you guys subscribe to my channel. That's what motivates me:)
  22. Hi guys! I made a video of making 500,000 science only from 2 biomes at Mun!! This video is the first part where I send a Space Station to the Mun. Here's the link for the video:) Enjoy!
  23. KerbSat 2 is a continuation of another satellite, Kerbsat 1, which is a satellite that can be launched into the Kerbin's orbit In this continuation I expand the rocket's limit a little more and make the Kerbsat reach the Mun. Again if you are Interested on it Click here for the Download (KerbalX) Details Type: VAB Class: satellite Part Count: 44 Pure Stock Some Images
  24. Hey everyone! I'm SiriusRocketry, and this mission report came about after a corrupted save file killed my abortive Jool V attempt. I've been struggling with staying committed to stock KSP, as my litany of barely-started mission reports on the forum can attest, so I was looking for a fresh challenge. I'd heard of the JNSQ planet pack on the grapevine, and after a bit of inspiration from both @septemberWaves's Constellation mission challenge and @Misguided Kerbal's JNSQ and BDB modded mission report One Small Step, I decided to embark on a new quest; creating a Kerbalized Orion program to take kerbals to the Mun and Duna, in JNSQ's scaled up Kerbol system. This is your regular old sandbox save, etc, etc. THIS IS NOT A REPLICATION. Although the craft and missions may look similar, I am in no way, shape or form attempting to recreate the exact profiles of the Orion missions. Mods, in case anyone's bothered (running on KSP 1.8.1):
  25. So i tried making the apollo 11 program on ksp. For some reason the sas keeps disabling when my kerbal leaves the lander. it says sas disengaged and the lander falls over. How do i fix this?
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