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Found 11 results

  1. For a mission I'm planning, I need to get from Low Kerbin Orbit to the surface of Pol. Due to mass constraints, I might have a tight delta V budget, and want to know how much delta V I'll need. I think I can pull off a capture assist with Tylo or Laythe, but a full KEKKJ chain on the way to Jool is gonna be too risky. (especially because I'm doing it on an LMP server where I can't quicksave/quickload.)
  2. This week we added rocks to our terrains. We're living out our Apollo 11 fantasies as we spend precious delta-v flying sideways to avoid boulder fields! Seen here, a few shots of Gilly, Mun, and Pol.
  3. Celebrate 1.12 by completing a ground circumnavigation of either Pol or Eeloo. Or both. 1.12 is planned to be the last major update to KSP. Two celestial bodies received texture updates in 1.12, Pol and Eeloo. Why not take a drive around them to celebrate 10 years of KSP? The rules: For those not familiar with the Elcano challenge, you basically drive a rover or other ground-based vehicle around a planet or moon. The long way around.. More complete rules and explanations can be found on the Elcano Challenge page. For this challenge, you must have an entry accepted on the Elcano Challenge pages, circumnavigating either Pol or Eeloo. Please note that this challenge is not for the faint of heart. The challenge has been around for years, currently in it's fourth iteration. The list of players who have completed the challenge on any body is quite short. The list of players who have completed the challenge on Pol or Eeloo is much shorter. Exactly two players have completed the challenge on every CB in the stock KSP system. While the Elcano Challenge is a heritage challenge, and isn't going away, this sub-challenge is time-limited, to celebrate the release of 1.12. I'm thinking I'll accept entries for about two to three months. Entries should be posted on the Elcano Challenge pages (referenced above). I also currently manage that challenge, and will post successful entries on this challenge as well. Good luck!
  4. Welcome to Pol, Jool's patchwork moon. The Mun may be made of cheese, but Pol is made of at least four kinds of cheese, some of which may no longer be edible. Courtesy of environment artists Jordan Pack and Sung Campbell.
  5. Whenever I visit Pol, the fifth moon of Jool, I feel something deeply unnerving about the little world. Its folding mountains, spiky surface protrusions, and sickly yellow color all contribute to my feeling that there is something horrendously wrong about being there, almost as if there is an unknown threat at Pol more sinister than rough landings, gravity, and delta-V. I have the distinct feeling that Pol is alive, and somehow aware of my presence. What do you think? Do you feel eyes watching you when you land on Pol? Or do your Kerbals kick the dry, motionless dust about their feet with no regret?
  6. Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered at the big questions of life? Is there anyone else out there in the cosmos? Are we doomed to die as a single-planet species? Does Jool have too many moons? Wait... what? That's right! JEXA, the Joolian EXploration Association, is working to solve these big issues so you don't need to! When they're not torturing acronyms, JEXA is diligently toiling away to bring Pol's delicious crust and-or mantle to your doorstep! As the smallest and loneliest moon of Jool Pol has few friends willing to come to its defense, thus making it the perfect victim location for industry-scale strip mining respectful utilization of its available resources. This playthrough takes place in a modded 1.10.1 career mode save with about 40 hours plalytime and 9 years of elapsed in-game. I've already done missions to every planet, two comets, and fully unlocked the tech tree as a result; I find that sort of thing to be generic and so will not focus on those activities in this mission report. Primary mods are Nertea's legendary Near Future suite and Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux, not to mention Strategia and the various Contract Pack expansions which are integral to a meaningful career playthrough. The Polony "Sand Castle", a nuclear-lithium Pol miner designed to harvest 40 kg/s of ore and loft 160 tons of payload to the refinery "Ion Fairy" a temporary Jool mothership assembled from 4 different modules, deploying a smaller exploration frigate for a tourist contract "Ion Godspeed", the second of two Nuclear Ion ferries, visits intermediate-period comet Gilong-1 after dropping off two advanced probes at Jool Program Objectives: Establish a refinery in Pol orbit to produce general fuels like LF/O, monoprop, and lithium Construct advanced Pol surface bases to produce exotic fuels like argon, xenon, and enriched uranium Build reusable surface-orbit freighters to ship highly refined products from Pol's surface Construct a fleet of nuclear lithium MPD tugs to freight cargo and passengers from Kerbin to Pol and back using fast transfer orbits (<1 year each way) Fund activites through Tourism Plus contracts to take tourists on flybys and landings of Jool's moons and ISRU extraction contracts to ship ore from Pol Support these initiatives using existing infrastructure like the nuclear-ion Fast Crew Ferries and Argon Giant superheavy nuclear propulsion bus Redirect intermediate-period H-class comet Gilong-1 around Kerbin using infrastructure staged and supported from Jool
  7. I was wondering which of jool's moons to make a challenge for and decided to make a poll to see what the greater ksp community thinks
  8. One day, I was reading a newspaper, when I saw an article on scientist theorizing the presence of ice pyramids on Europa. The picture given with the article was small pyramids of ice on some mountain in South America, and they looked so much like Pol's terrain scatter that it got me thinking... After some googling, I found this article on Wikipedia - apparently these ice formations are called Penitentes, and are found in cold but extremely dry areas - like Pol! The article also has references to the presence of such formations on Europa and Pluto, both icy worlds. So, since Terrain Scatter has been there for a long time, I'm somewhat surprised to see no references to this fact. Kinda interesting, don't you think? Pol terrain scatter Penitentes in the Atacama Desert So I conclude that Pol is actually an icy world - maybe a comet or something? idk
  9. I put down a robotic miner onto Pol. I hit one of the high areas show by the orbital survey scanner. I put down my drills, and they pull in a bit less than .002 (whatever units). A bit less than on Minmus but OK. But I'm so far out, I figured I would use fuel cells, since they seem to work OK as supplements to solar closer in. But Drills + ISRU conversion is a net loss. It takes more fuel to power them than they produce. Am I just screwed? What do people use for power in such a situation? Just accept that you will need a bunch of heavy nuclear units?
  10. I had a similar problem a short while back. Click this, and then imagine it's on Pol. I do have a little bit of fuel left in the ship. Possibly enough to get to orbit; definitely enough to putt across the surface in case I have to meet up with a rescue ship. So, yeah... ...Screenshot?
  11. Hello All. Well. Pol is Bugged. Pol is Bugged since ? (eons ?) If i land on Pol i seriously explode in Mid Space (200 from 800 in Space above ground) or if by sheer luck i manage to land, go to space center and back (Or load a game) My ship/Flag is suddenly 200 to 800 meters in deepspace. This is known for long times. (read this half a year ago somewhere else) (eons?) Does anyone know if the devs are planning to do something about that or do they decided because with all the new airplane parts noone would go to pol anyway so we can let this Bug as it xor ignore it, and concentrate more on airplane parts anyhow ??? This really *sucks* because Pol is the First Moon you get to if you enter the Jool System. Does anyone know if the devs already stated this as a Game feature ? (if then, nevermind then, remove pol please) Is there a mod what fixes that (well i would pay for eh, uh, ah, i forgot, i ALREADY paid for the game, whats the Problem with fixing that collision mesh ?) greetings PS: i refer to Bug #5235 in the Bugtracker. i strongly guess that the state '10% done' only assumes that someone from the dev's team just tried out and found out that the bug exists. this was 4 months ago. It would be better to remove the Moon from the game at all than leaving something in that doesnt works. im just so pissed on that. Besides that im just Proud that i made it to the jool system and back without mods. hard stuff. Makes fun if you get the 5 minutes while gameplay you did not get krakened from bugs. PPS: this Bug exists since >1 Year: Related to Bug #3423 Related to Bug #2501 Related to Bug #2049
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