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  1. Here at Lowne Aerospace® we are very excited to offer a new surface base! This features ample internal cargo and crew capacity, a full-size laboratory kitted-out with every science experiment available, two external viewing platforms, full ore mining and refining capability, a secure rover garage (rover included with purchase) with a closable door and retractable ramp, and a vertical telescopic mobility enhancer (sometimes referred to as a “ladder”) to enable boarding without the need for an EVA pack. See the catalogue below to select the launcher configuration most suitable for your needs, and then proceed to purchase with the download button below. Happy colonising! Disclaimer: Lowne Aerospace® has not definitively proven the landing capabilities of the Universal Surface Base® on any celestial body aside from Tylo. Customer feedback welcomed. Lowne Aerospace is not responsible for any horrific tragedy that may arise from use of the Universal Surface Base® See the base in action here: Download to purchase here: https://mega.nz/file/5MNkCBqB#YXC8j5nxzfrMFS506KH8dnFgZSRziXJi7jEqZaIhyo0
  2. Since building common bases on celestial bodies are boring (no, they aren't) I decided to challenge myself to build the most unique and awkward base type in the game. The Hanging Base, on the Mün. This 5 part playlist will guide you through the process of how was it made, the failures and an expansion. Finally, I take a look at Tylo's Cave... Take a seat and enjoy!
  3. THEOROD KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y58D311 - 3H15M This mission may look like a simple tourist run, but the reasons below will explain why this is anything but. Jerdrin Kerman, a board member for Probodobodyne Inc., paid for us to take him to Laythe orbit. Even without getting on and off the surface, flying there and back home is no easy feat. We need to pick up three other kerbalnauts (two scientists and a pilot) who are going to Pol in a ring station. One of five of the same model, which will orbit all of Jool's moons. One in Laythe orbit Two on their way (one to Pol, one to Tylo) Two not yet launched (launch date depending on budget at transfer windows) This is only the beginning of a new series of missions. So far, kerbalkind has set foot on all but one of Jool's moons. If you haven't guessed already, it's Tylo. Mission Control had warned us that it's the size of Kerbin without the atmosphere, so sending a plane to the surface is out of the question. Getting on and off the surface is also a challenge, but that's for later. Right now, Mission Control is focused on an orbital reconnaissance mission around Tylo - as well as rendezvousing with another vessel in that orbit. That is what this mission is for. Below is the current crew roster for the Anubis I, a docking-capable Poseidon SSTO. CURRENT ANUBIS I CREW ROSTER NAME LEVEL (AS OF Y58D311) SPECIALTY THEOROD KERMAN 4 PILOT TED KERMAN 4 SCIENTIST MAURIE KERMAN 4 ENGINEER JERDRIN KERMAN 0 TOURIST Taking off early in the morning from the KSC. Us in Minmus orbit 11 days later. We had to stop to refuel. Our monopropellant tanks are filled to a little less than half capacity, but Maurie's still complaining that we need to lose the weight. Though I myself was skeptical about the levels as well, Wernher Von Kerman told us that we needed to dock with two stations at Jool, and we won't need to make more with the ISRU. We're now in high orbit of Kerbin, awaiting our interplanetary maneuver node. We expect to arrive at Duna's SOI for an Ike refueling in 1 year and 83 days from now. When that's over, we'll fly to Jool and refuel on Pol. By then, Pinky Finger Station - the ring station going to Pol - would already be in Pol orbit with the crew waiting for us. Our plane's head count will then increase to seven before we descend on the surface to refuel. After that, we're kind of stuck on what to do afterwards. Should we: Pol refuel --> Tylo orbit --> Laythe orbit --> Pol refuel --> HOME Pol refuel --> Laythe orbit --> Tylo orbit --> Pol refuel --> HOME Basically, should we orbit Laythe first or Tylo? This is a 26-year-old rover named Apocalypse on the surface of Tylo. Named so because Tylo is like a lifeless Kerbin; an apocalypse, if you may. We're also sending a manned (but empty) rover to Tylo's surface, but that's another story. Ultimately, our end game is a spaceplane that can refuel itself and dispatch a reusable lander down to Tylo's surface. However, that's for much, much later. For now, let's see what we're dealing with from a safe orbit. Just like with the decades-long Neptune missions to Laythe, and the Pluto saga to Eeloo before that, it will take years of research, trial and error, and persistence. Long ago, nobody had any confidence we could get an airplane to Laythe and back safely. Nowadays, spaceplanes have become the standard go-to craft for planets with larger solar orbital radii than Kerbin's. Heck, Lasel, Bill, and Val - the first crew to return from Eeloo (after Bill and Val got stuck) - are going to Duna in a Dirtblood right now. I know we can do this; it's just a matter of time. Any and all help is welcome, and wish us luck.
  4. Even though I have 15,000 excess science.. it's not enough. I found I had not yet landed on any of the Jool moons. Bad Kerbals! So, i decided I would take a lab with me, and make a single lander that can hit all the moons except Laythe (requires a specialized design). Tylo being the biggest challenge, because of its very high gravity/size, it's like landing on Kerbin without an atmosphere. So I designed a lander with some jettisonable fuel, with the idea I would go to Tylo FIRST, and then wouldn't need those tanks for Vall, Pol, or Bop. I would bring my lab with me as an undockable section, with its own fuel, RCS, etc. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a probe controller on it, but that's OK, I'll just have the lander always dock to it. The small docking ports are for refueling (note that I can't refuel the lander without the lab until I jettison the tanks, but might have been nice to put one on an external tank just in case.). The lab acts as the big com relay back to Kerbin, if needed. And, of course, I need to refuel constantly, so I made a one-piece driller/ISRU/fuel transport, with a small docking port for refueling the lander/lab sections. Small engine to just handle interplanetary and landing on Pol. Checking out the dV for the lander, the DV maps *say* I need about 2280 to land and take off at Tylo, with 4750, I *should* have enough, right? (more on this later). It may take a low starting orbit, but on paper, it should work. So, first we get up into Kerbin orbit, and head to Minmus to refuel everybody for the long drive to Jool. Note that I was able to keep the lower booster from Kerbin, so it took two refueling runs, but the landing section would come into Jool with plenty of fuel, while the driller would come into Jool orbit with maybe only 800 dV, probably enough to get to Pol on its own, but this added extra insurance. Turns out I had plenty, transfer, orbit and landing is maybe 500-700. We refuel everyone at Pol, and head to Tylo. Now, I begin to worry- if I start my landing low (say 17km), and get back to a low orbit, can my fuel ship dip down that low to refuel (before landing and after re-orbit), and climb back out the gravity well and get back to Pol and land? The answer, it turns out, is yes. I leave about 1000 dV for each run back to Pol. So, we try our first descent from 17km. We learn two things. (1) You can't start from 17km because you can't slow down fast enough before gravity sucks you into a mountain. If you thrust downward enough, you use too much fuel. So we raise the descent to about 30km. That works well, but we land with only about 2100 dV left, not nearly enough to get back into orbit. It turns out it takes about 2500 dV to get to a roughly 10km orbit. Yep, this looks bad. So, after failed attempts, I realize I need help. So I built another fuel/engine "top" component to provide more fuel (and the thrust to counter its extra weight). Note that I added a decoupler to the docking ring, because those BIG docking rings have enough magnetic attraction they don't come loose easily. I am still granted the proper dV, but I didn't want to have something that might crash on top of me and explode after landing. With this component and some careful piloting, I'm able to land with about 2561 dV left. Note that I hit hard when I landed and broke a strut, but I should still be fine for Vall. 2561 was enough to put us back into a 9kmx20km orbit, with enough dV left to re-dock with the science section. Then the refueler only had to make one stop! So, the major lesson learned is- don't trust the dV maps. It took about 2600-2800 dV to land and 2300-2400 to reach stable orbit, and that's with optimal piloting. But other than that, the "two ships, single lander for four moons" project is so far a success, and has passed the toughest test.... Tylo, with only one landing strut as a casualty.
  5. Welcome! So, you want to go to Tylo. Alright, keep reading then. But know this: Tylo WILL BREAK YOU. Why? It's as big as Kerbin, just a little bit lower surface gravity, but HAS NO atmosphere. That means you will have to brake ALLLLLL the way down to the surface burning precious fuel. You will find yourself orbiting very low (10km or so) with speeds of 2400 m/s, and if your TWR is lower than 1 you will fail. Simply. This is not a tutorial, this will not teach you how to do transfers between planets, nor how to construct a rocket. It will just tell you what to expect before arriving there. Ok, here we go: What you need: Basics - Since it's a manned mission, you need at least a scientist, to reset the science stuff and collect more. A pilot and engineer are optional, if you have a good relay network, that is. - About 19000 Dv total, to ensure you don't get stranded in space. My rocket had 19500 and ended at Kerbin with 1000 left, but I used some gravity assists in the middle to economize fuel. -Nuclear engines. Highly recommended for space. NOT FOR LANDING - Some landing engine with good thrust. NOT FOR SPACE FARING. What you need: Specifics - A rover: Tylo might be treacherous, but provide a very good ground for rovers! It's fun, actually. It will behalve almost like in Kerbin. Beware of speeds surpasing 40 m/s! -A lander: DO.NOT.MAKE.YOUR.LANDER.TOO.VERTICAL (like i did) or it will fall!!! I made a ship bottle shaped and it was a pain in the ass to land. My horizontal speed was between 1 and 2 m/s and that was enough for it to tilt to one side when touching ground. A wide-base lander would have been much better suited. -An escape ship: Once the fun is over, you need to return. Calculate about 3300 Dv to get to orbit from Tylo's surface, to hopefully your mothership, space taxi or whatever is waiting to deliver bak home. What to have in mind: -Bring lots of solar panels or isotopes, Kerbol shines too softly on Tylo to gather enough energy. -Big wheels on the rover wont hurt. -Save before landing. Even close to the ground your engines will fire uncontrolably at full force, aproach as slowly as possible, and reduce your gimbal. Consider Tylo as a super Mun. -Use Jool, Laythe or even Tylo to assist your interplanetary brake. Actually, every Jool mission should make use of its satellites to help you. -Too insecure to try a Tylo mission? Go to Pol first, it's close by but much simpler to land (surface gravity a noch more than Gilly) Have Fun! (manned mission to Pol, SOON!)
  6. I was wondering which of jool's moons to make a challenge for and decided to make a poll to see what the greater ksp community thinks
  7. Over the years KSP has been witness to a bunch of crazy challenges including travelling to destinations using Solid Rocket Boosters, arguably one of the worst types on engines in game. We have had Mun on SRBs, Minmus on SRB, Eve on SRB,Duna on SRB, Laythe on SRB, Eeloo on SRB, heck, even the Moon on SRBs. But I have yet to see the other toughest destination to get to and back be covered - Tylo. The Challenge is Simple : Land on Tylo and return safely only using Solid Rocket Boosters You can perform the mission anyway you like provided the main source of propulsion is Solid Fuel. I will allow using the EVA jet pack to transfer between vessels if need be, but the vessels must be in the same SOI. It is not necessary to land on Kerbin with Solid Rockets, parachutes are ok. No RCS can be used, Reaction wheels and fins are okay though. The more Kerbal the better! If anyone has any record of this challenge being completed already please post it. Submissions can either be in video or images format. All maneuvers must be shown, don't cheat yada yada. I'm hoping to see some good discussion over this topic. EDIT:Since the challenge and been answered and fulfilled, I would like other SRB related challenges being fulfilled like reaching rest of the bodies which have been left unconquered. Submissions: @Ultimate Steve First-ever user to complete the challenge! Used a very overengineered rocket, check the video here!
  8. X-84 Akkadian at KerbalX The X-84 Akkadian is my attempt at the Ultimate Challenge: Visit every body and moon in the Kerbol system. As a bonus: visit also every planet and Moon in the Outer Planets mod. The vessel consists of three parts: - X-84 Akkadian SSTO - X-84a Ishtar Eve Lander - X84b Traveller Probe core The Akkadian is the workhorse of the mission: It is able to lift itself and the Eve lander into low Kerbin orbit. It has enough delta V to reach Moho from Eve. Enough thrust to land and take off from Tylo or Slate. And, it is sufficiently aerodynamic to land and take off from Tekto. Three Kerbals can travel comfortly and collect science from almost everywhere, except Eve. The Ishtar Eve lander is being lifted to orbit and carried through space by the Akkadian. All is needed are four additional Whiplash Engines and some wings. In order to save some weight, the lander is only equipped with a command chair for one Kerbal as well as some basic science experiments. Also on board is the Traveller probe core. The Traveller probe core is the key to fullfill the Ultimate Challenge: the contract requires a command module or probe core to land on every single planet and moon. As the Akkadian cannot land and take off from eve, and the Ishtar is not built to travel to every other body, the Traveller Probe core is the solution inbetween. It will land on Eve with the Lander. After reaching orbit again, the small probe will dock with the SSTO for the remainder of the voyage. The vessel is surprisingly cheap: the whole package costs under 300.000 Bucks. Take-Off weight from the runway is under 150t. And, practically no clipping was involved. Some specifics for the Akkadian Maximum mass: 109t Max Liquid Fuel: 10180 Max Oxidiser: 4620 Crew capacity: 3 Krew Range and Fuel Profiles: Max Range (10180 LF / 0 Ox): 7023 m/s dV Low Ox (10180 LF / 1000 Ox): 6400 m/s dV Max High Thrust, Chemical Rockets only (3892 LF / 4620 Ox): 2592 m/s dV Use Max Range, if target has low gravity suitable for Nerv only landing (Gilly, Ike, Bop, Pol, etc.) Use Low Ox Range, if target has medium gravity and Nervs require assist from Aerospikes / Rapiers (Moho, Duna, etc.) Use Max High Thrust for landing and take-off from Tylo. Remember to pack additional LF (800-1000 LF) for take-off from Tylo and transfer to Pol. Engines 3x Rapiers (Action Group 1 to toggle, AG 2 to switch mode 2x Nerv (AG3) for interplanetary travel 2x Aerospike to provide additional thrust for high-G landings (Tylo) or more efficient Oxidizer use. Aerospikes have 340 sec vacuum ISP vs. 305 sec from Rapiers in rocket mode. Also, it has 4 detachable Whiplash Engines to lift the Ishtar Eve Lander into Orbit. Ishtar Eve Lander The Ishtar Eve Lander is built to be lifted in front of the Akkadian into Orbit. For this, it has a detachable set of wings and control surfaces. To provide the necessary thrust for ascent, the Akkadian has four detachable Whiplash ram jets. The Ishtar has a first stage with one Vector engine and six asparagus-staging drop tanks, the first two with additional Aerospikes. The second stage is powered by one Terrier and two drop tanks with Sparks. The whole ascent vehicle has enough delta V to reach orbit from sea level with moderate skills. (You’ll have to know the atmospheric properties and general Eve ascent profiles, though. When in doubt, search the KSP forums or watch Eve ascent videos on Youtube.) Maximum mass: 56t with wings, 49t lander only Science Complement: 4x basic experiments (Thermometer, Accelerometer, Barometer, Gravioli Detector) Electricity: 2x solar panels in the Traveler Probe, 2x fuel cells on landing legs.
  9. I'm getting ready to do one of the few things I've still never done in KSP: land on, and return from, Tylo. Anybody got any tips? ----- A few notes: - I'm playing 1.22. I'll be upgrading to 1.4.x in a week or two, and looking forward to it, but I'm having a great time with this latest Career save, and want to wrap up a few more accomplishments before I move to a clean, new re-install (i.e. I won't attempt to migrate any of my old saves). - I have a few mods, including the "informational" ones, like KER, MJ, BetterOrbits, etc., and I have a bunch of "welding"/.cfg tweaks I've made myself, and a few part-adding mods... but all of this is for aesthetic and/or part-count-reduction purposes. That is, my game is essentially stockalike, for purposes of buidling this lander (no magic Torch or Fusion drives, e.g.). - I'll be using (I hope) a re-usable, single-stage LV-N "Nerv" powered lander, designed and used exclusively for Tylo. It will refuel on orbit, and hit all of the moon's surface biomes, one landing at a time. - I almost have the refueling infrastructure set up around Jool; still waiting for a few more elements to arrive. That is to say, I'm not in a hurry; I have quite a few other things to finish up in various places (namely Dres and Duna) before I can really focus on Tylo. - I don't normally like using external command seats for anything but rovers, but I may consider it for this. I need (by my own requirements) to land (at least) three Kerbals at a time. - I'd rather not re-fuel on the surface, but I'm not completely opposed to it. - Funds are not an issue; we've long since cleared the Tech Tree and the program is steadily profitable; I'm currently sitting on 45 million funds (and growing), with relatively little to spend it on. - I think I have a handle on dV requirements; I'll be shooting for around 5600 m/s from low orbit (10-20km). Does that seem way off? - I normally like a high TWR for airless bodies, but for obvious mass reasons I don't want to over-do it. Does ~2.5 TWR, fully-fueled, seem right? I'd really like TWR to be as high as possible practical for this. And... that's about it. I'm very interested to see what you folks have to add/suggest on the things I've mentioned, and on anything I may be overlooking. Your comments gratefully anticipated... ----- EDIT: This post is probably already too long, but to sum up my most pressing questions: 1. What dV figure should I shoot for? 2. What TWR should I shoot for? 3. What initial orbital altitude will optimize fuel use vs. landing precision/convenience/safety? I only need to hit biomes, not specific surface targets (unless I find a bunch of anomalies... but that would probably be a follow-up mission). 4. Am I foolish to think I can do this with a single stage? I could just design a re-usable Ascent stage, and ship out a bunch of disposable Descent stages (one for each biome).
  10. Hello Forum! First post here and thank you for all the information you have provided in my time learning the math behind all this! This is the first spacecraft I have "built" mathematically before touching KSP. Apologies for the abuse of toroidial fuel tanks: [imgur]GopYZ[/imgur] I seem to have trouble getting imgur to work so if the above fails: https://imgur.com/a/GopYZ Available on KerbalX Part count is 227 (all stock). Total Delta-V is a shade over 5800 m/s with an initial TWR at Tylo of 1.04. Propulsion is three Aerospike engines. Also included are three drogue chutes to assist with Laythe, though I recommend emptying the central fuel tanks first to increase TWR first. A small amount of (non-debug) part clipping is used to make the spacecraft look more "real" . The girders which support the toroidial tanks penetrate into the tanks (there is no other way to reach the node!) and there is a Probodyne hiding under the docking port. Fuel transfer is very difficult with so many tanks; I am on the lookout for a mod which can help. I tried Fuel Pumps but it broke my KSP. I "designed" this ship using a program I wrote in QBASIC (yes - the old MS-DOS program which I now have to run in DOSBox) which calculated the amount of tankage (fuel/ox and tank mass) needed to achieve a specified Delta-V with a given payload. I tried different engines until I found what seemed to be the best. Does anyone still do QBASIC? I am happy to share code. Darren C.
  11. I just landed on Tylo, but I made the mistake of putting the ladders as seen in the photo. I don't know how to get to the capsule, Jebediah cannot climb, does anyone know if there's a way? Maybe with some mods? I've tried jumping Thank you
  12. This movie is dedicated to @GoSlash27 and @Gaarst who inspired it and because they ruined my social life (again) : i have landed about 150 times on Tylo this sunday to shoot the full movie. Here the Teaser, you'll love this method...
  13. I’m currently designing a Tylo mission. Let's assume I have myself a Tylo intercept straight from Kerbin with a nice and low Pe. My logic indicates that if I try to land directly from my interplanetary trajectory, since I’m going so fast, it will be more expensive than if I use gravity assists to first capture around Jool and lower my Jool orbit as much as possible. Is my logic sound? Is there any gravity assist trickery that can make my Tylo landing cheaper?
  14. Well, this is no good. I've just spent the past few hours making Kerbal marmalade. https://kerbalx.com/AeroGav/Tylo-impactor I'm supposed to be planning a Jool 5 mission. The giant spaceplane, with two CRG-100 bays is looking good, it will go direct from Kerbin and splash down on Laythe. The IRSU gear can then refuel us, and the lander deployed to see the other moons. I wanted to bring a hab, cupola and lander can to every body to keep a "deluxe" feel to this mission. I decided to move the IRSU gear off the plane to the lander since the return trip costs to Tylo are so frightening. I decided we'd visit this place last and decoupe the converter here, to make the ascent a little easier. There's docking ports between the crewed bit and the rockomax tank, after meeting up with the plane, we can undock the tank/engine bit and this frees up a port on the lander to dock with the port inside the plane's cargo bay. That way, Kerbals got some hab space for the way back as well as on the way out. According to the wiki, need 2k dV to land on Tylo and this has 2800. TWR is over unity as well, but it can't do it. Crashed into surface at 400m/s with fuel about to run out. Any fixes need to not make it wider, since we got to fit in a mk3 bay. We can add length easily enough, but I'd prefer not to topple over on landing. I'm thinking maybe a couple of "boosters" to attach to the top of the stack, sparks or something? Poodle Vac TWR 14 ISP 350 Dart Vac TWR 18 ISP 340 Spark Vac TWR 18 ISP 320
  15. So, I think everybody knew about Vall's orbital instability in N-body space already, but my simulation in Universe Sandbox2 revealed more than orbital instability of Vall. PARAMETERS CONFIGURATION MASS = original * 102 SEMI-MAJOR AXIS = original * 101 START OF THE SIMULATION: 3.88 HOURS (due to time spent to make the game recognize the orbits, so I can edit the orbits.) OBJECTS INCLUDED: JOOL, LAYTHE, VALL, TYLO The result is pretty spectacular. At first, Vall and Laythe interacts, pushing Vall outward and Laythe slightly inward. (This would cause Laythe to have even more volcanoes.) Then, in the final encounter, Vall is thrown outward. In other n-body simulation, Vall would get slingshot by Tylo to eccentric orbit, but this? http://imgur.com/a/xR9sN (Idk how to embed) A spectacular COLLISION. R.I.P Vall 14 days from the beginning of the simulation. Note: I did not included any other objects in Kerbol system, so it is possible that Vall will survive the fate, but in any case Tylo's tidal force would shred Vall apart.
  16. It all started out as a bit of a joke. 1.0.5 was ending. Why not send a mission somewhere. So Jool. Let's make some Jool craft that probably won't work! I thought 1.1 would come out whilst the ships were going out. And I was wrong. So I went to Tylo. Taking On Tylo Part I-Around Kerbin.
  17. Im attempting to build a tylo lander, and im wonder a few things about it. 1. What kind of TWR should i have for my decent stage 2. How much Delta v would it take to land, and return to LTO (Low Tylo Orbit) 3. I am using a Ion Tug to de-orbit my lander, so I don't need to worry about that.
  18. After trying to land on Tylo (and failing miserably) I felt I needed to record my... anger at this Kerbin sized ball of mild unhappiness... so here it is, a genuine lymric to the scurge of the jool system. There once was a moon named Tylo The hated mass to which I compose this ode. Upon getting the contract, I expected not much fit. Several redesigns later, and much more quick-saves than I would like to admit. I landed super tylo lander 7, with 2.47 units of fuel, into its eternal abode. Hope you like it.
  19. Hello! I'm trying to get a gravity assist to get into Jool orbit. I've never done this before, and I'd be happy to hear any tips! Here's what it looks like: These are my primary questions: How can I see whether I will be in orbit after I've exited Tylo's SOI, before I've entered it? How can I figure out where I need to enter Tylo's SOI, and at what angle, to be captured into orbit? I can easily provide more info if it's needed. Thanks a lot!
  20. Hey everyone, this is about some ship suggestions. It's my first window to Jool in a new save, and I don't care about realism (I'm doing this for "Taking on Tylo", an Upcoming story I am writing). I've been to Jool multiple times before, but I feel like there is nothing left to send. I'm sending the Crewed Expedition Ship (C.E.S), the Tylo Lander, and the massive Probe Stack. Pics: Tylo Lander (Sorry no better shot). Probe Stack (lots of probes here). Crewed Expedition Ship (again no better shot, sorry). I'm thinking of packing a light Vall lander in last minute (The C.E.S and Tylo Lander have already finished their ejection burns and are heading to Jool) and maybe some other ships. A small Laythe Colony? Does anyone have any ideas about what else to bring? Thanks!
  21. Hello then. First i have to excuse for my bad English. its not my Native Language. Ill now tell ya about the last Mission to Tylo. The Goal was: - Fly to Tylo in one Shot, NO ISRU, Stock Parts. Land there. Roam there and get Back in one Piece. The only Installed Mods were Mechjeb and KJR. KJR for the obvious 'DE-Noodling', Mechjeb for Proper Planetary Transfers and DV display. First i'll Tell you about the Mission Crew. From the Left to the Right: Jebediah Kerman, Carchell Kerman, Sigtris Kerman. You see Carchell is quite Happy, she just came from the Mission briefing. The Ship Consists of 3 Parts. 1. The Main Propulsion Ship. This one has the Task to Push the other two Modules to the JOOL System and after the Completion of the Mission get the (remaining, if) Crew back to the Orbital Station around Kerbin 2. The Maneuvering Ship. This one has the Task to Bring the Lander from HIGH Tylo Orbit to a very LOW Tylo Orbit to save Fuel aboard the Main Propulsion Ship. The Maneuvering Ship is fully ION Propelled and has a external command Seat (one of the things needed to attain a proper 'thumbs up' from JEB for this mission) This Ship is the one Equipped with RCS and Monoprop for Docking and such. 3. The Deorbiter and Reorbiter Module (3 Stages). The De/Re-Orbiter has as a needed Addition a Rover aboard. The De/Re-Orbiter has NO RCS/Monoprop 4. The Orbiting Stage consisting of: Brute Force, (and some Boosters) The Main Propulsion Module. 6 Radially mounted Nuclear Engines and the Fuel Tanks are Stages as they deplete from the Bottom to the Top. The Maneuvering Ship. while Towing the De/Re-Orbiter it has ~2.200 Dv The De/Re-Orbiter. ~3000 Dv for Landing in one Stage and 3100 Dv for getting into Orbit again. Now the Rocket Lift's off. The Boosters are not Really needed, this Ship is Capable to fulfill the desired Mission, with just the Original Starting weight of 999.9 Tons, but without Boosters Jeb would never entered the Ship. He mumbled something about 'its not explody enough now' so we strapped Booster onto it. Heading for Space Separation of the Boosters Separation of the 1st Stage. Straight upwards for a very High Orbit. Separation of the Fairing. Circularizing to high Orbit Separation of the 2nd Stage In my Eyes, a beauty. Getting to a Higher Orbit (1000 km) Now we Found a Transfer Window to JOOL for ~ 2000 Dv. Thats Ok. Burning towards JOOL This Time i was very Lucky to get a Catch worth ~600 Dv from Tylo for only 15.4 Dv. Burning the Remaining DV for a High Orbit around Tylo In High Orbit Around Tylo This is now the Reason Jeb wanted to Fly this Mission. He Floats over to the Maneuvering Ship and takes Seat. Decoupling the De/Re-Orbiter ~ Maneuvering Ship Combo to get to very Low Tylo Orbit via Ion Drive. This took quite a While to Circle down but this wasnt too tedious. Sigtris remained aboard the Main Ship and had to wait until both come back. You see Jebs Face ? Thats it. Now they both made it to Low Tylo Orbit. Decoupling the De/Re-Orbiter from the Maneuvering Ship to Land at Tylo. Jeb Stays aboard the Ion Ship and is pleased with the Great views from that Seat. the High Deorbit Burn. This one Carchell did without the Help of the Computer--- Now Carchell has to (nearly) suicide burn down to the Ground. The Lander has plenty Dv left so there is no need for high Level of Adrenaline. Landed. 138 Dv left. Everything is fine and nothing got damaged while Landing. we have a go for getting out and be the First Kerbal who sets Foot on Tylo. Carchell Kerman is the First Kerbal on Tylo. Pride. Now afterwards she have to pay the Price for being the First Kerbal on Tylo. .... Gather Science. The Landing Spot was quite bad chosen so the Time runs. she needs to be Back aboard the Ship until the sun Sets and the Deep Freezing cold of space kills her in the open Command Seat. ain't it fun eh ? 100 km Off from the Landing Site the Navigating help disappeares and the Desired Biome not reached so far. 3rd Biome: Mara. ~200 km off the Landing Site. Landing Site And drove here for the 'Highland Science' she is still laughing. (meanwhile i just nearly got to smash my Keaboard, this was 14-real-Hours Rovering.) Oh this is really the most tedious thing one can do in KSP. anyway, science is in Real Life a tedious Grind too. To the Right after ~ 400 km the Lander comes into sight. 1.5 Ton Rover gets Jumpy at 0.8 g and ~15 km/h. would be fun if this were happening on Kerbin(or earth). To the left soon she made it. only a few metres left. Back at the Lander. now after thaaaaaat long time Rovering, where is your smile girl ? She barely made it right bevore Sunset. This trip generated so much Science the Scientists may get Ecstatic if we get Back to Kerbin. Now Takeoff to Low Orbit. climbing up Separating the 2nd Stage. This is what was left over at Tylo. a abandoned Rover and a Lander that fell to parts. she made it to low Tylo Orbit and now waits for the Maneuvering Ship to get picked up. docking in the Darkness. Docked. Now spiraling the Orbit up to meet with the Main Ship. Jeb is pleased, because Calculations showed that there is Plenty of Fuel left over for something special. Docking with the main Ship. Sigtris is quite pleased because both made it back alive. Jebediah took Sigtris aside and said something about a special trip. So Carchell and Sigtris changed places. Changing the Capsules After a re-dock of the Tylo 3rd Stage to the bottom of the Ion Ship, Jebedia and Sigtris were heading of to Bop. found a good transfer Window. Now the Combined Tylo Upper Stage and the Ion Ship is Landing in absolute Darkness. This was a Computer aided Landing Now after Dawn Sigtris noticed about this very Special Place Jeb mentioned. 'This is your reward for waiting all the Time without anything worth seeing.' Jeb said. Planting a Flag on the Dead Krakens Head. This is the Revenge for Countless Rover Accidents happened while Gathering Science on Tylo..... Jes. Dig it in. Afterwards they took off heading back to Tylo Orbit. The combo barely made it. Redock at the main Ship , enter the main Capsule and and Jettison the 3rd Tylo Stage. moving around. after jettison the Tylo Ascent Stage, using the Remaining Xenon to Push the main Ship out of Tylo High Orbit. The Maneuvering Ship is now Useless. getting into a circular Jool Orbit. Now Jettison the Maneuvering Ship waiting for a good Transfer and finally burn towards Home. Due to the usual 'Jeb-A-like' calculation for the Trip to Bop, there was not enough Fuel left over for a 'normal swing to Orbit' at Kerbin. Jeb was giggling while the ship that completely lacked any Heatshield tried to Aerobrake at 3.700 m/s in Kerbins Atmosphere. They had to Circle down several Times. like that. finaly they managed to keep up with the Kerbin Orbital Station. The Science had to be delivered here. At Tylo they gathered Science worth 100 Years of research.... Docking at the Station. After a good Snack and the Transfer at the Station they left and deorbited quite the usual way. nothing to mention here.
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