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  1. Now since it's orbiting Dres it's out of communication range so it has no control. I gave up on trying to get it to Dres orbit normally so I used Lazy Orbit by Halban on Spacedock. I did this since the purpose of this mission was to get a cool photo for my profile banner so I didn't mind. I hope you guys like the photo, until next time!
  2. TESS for KSP i have recreate the TESS satellite for ksp you can download it here : Download (SpaceDock) - https://spacedock.info/mod/1836/TESS Satellite License - WTFPL if you have any problem tell me, i will do my best for resolve it ! (sorry for English mistake i am french ^^)
  3. KerbSat 2 is a continuation of another satellite, Kerbsat 1, which is a satellite that can be launched into the Kerbin's orbit In this continuation I expand the rocket's limit a little more and make the Kerbsat reach the Mun. Again if you are Interested on it Click here for the Download (KerbalX) Details Type: VAB Class: satellite Part Count: 44 Pure Stock Some Images
  4. KerbSat The KerbSat Mission will be responsible for carrying a satellite in a rocket to Kerbin’s orbit. That's All, Im not so good on developing rockets but yes i did this small satellite for fun. Details Type: VAB Class: satellite Part Count: 32 Pure Stock KSP: 1.12.1 If You are Interested Download it Here
  5. Hey! Many of you might have sent Satellites to the Mun, and at Kerbin and Rarely to Duna and other Planets and the people who sent satellites to the Mun and at Kerbin are thinking of how can we send satellites to Duna. For that question, I have just the answer for that!!! Introducing, The Duna Satellite (Mardun) This Satellite was just made by me!!! and it consists of the satellite and its launcher that took it to Duna. Download Link below. Extract the Zip File and paste the craft file in your KSP Game. Link for Download: https://mega.nz/file/Tk4ASYTD#x3nizo2jLIKfVVIIkRaVFGX5RfFD-Zi9aYzbkyTxclo
  6. Hello all Kerbonauts, Would you like the chance of flying a REAL satellite around Kerbin? Do you want to simulate a true to life satellite constellation that (in real life) images at 1 metre resolution? Then look no further Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) has teamed up with Coatl Aerospace to deliver a KSP version of SSTL's very own 300S1 satellite! SSTL satellite constellations provide daily orbital multi-spectral images to aid in mapping of environmental changes, vital for agriculture, disaster response and research. This download includes the 300S1 satellite and its payload adaptor. The KSP version of this capable satellite is a self-contained satellite part, equipped with all the subsystems required to keep it operational. The KSP satellite includes a representative imager, communication system, power generation and storage system, propulsion system and AOCS with representative dynamics. The satellite is available in career mode from the Advanced Exploration node, and includes Module Manager config files supporting for the following mods: DMagic Orbital Science Remote Tech SCANsat Textures Unlimited Download Spacedock - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. - Satellite Pack Curseforge - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. - Satellite Pack SSTL and Coatl Aerospace hope you enjoy playing with their creation and we can’t wait to see how you use this in your Kerbal Universe! Please post images below of your SSTL 300S1 satellites in space! Future plans SSTL and Coatl Aerospace are planning on expanding the range of SSTL satellite platforms within this satellite pack. So keep an eye out for future updates and make sure you follow this thread! Challenges Check out the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. - Constellation Forming Challenges to find interesting ways of using our parts in your game. Start Your Career in Outer Space If you want to take a leap from the digital world and build satellites for real, you should check out the SSTL Careers page. About SSTL Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) is the world's leading small satellite company, delivering operational space missions for a range of applications including Earth observation, science, communications, navigation, in-orbit servicing and beyond Earth infrastructure. The company designs, manufactures and operates high performance satellites and ground systems for a fraction of the price normally associated with space missions, with 500 staff working on turnkey satellite platforms, space-proven satellite subsystems and optical instruments. Since 1981, SSTL has built and launched more than 50 satellites for 20 international customers – as well as providing training and development programmes, consultancy services, and mission studies for ESA, NASA, international governments and commercial customers, with an innovative approach that is changing the economics of space. Headquartered in Guildford, UK, SSTL is part of Airbus. www.sstl.co.uk About Coatl Aerospace: Coatl Aerospace is a proud supporter of unmanned exploration. Check out ProbesPlus! for more satellite and science parts to add to your KSP collection! License: This mod is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) licence.
  7. This mod provides the player with a new line of probe models called the K-Sat series, with integrated power (storage and generation) as well as buildt in antennas. It is usable in stock KSP, but it truly shines when used alongside Remote Tech, where the buildt in antennas can be put to good use. Alongside the probe cores the K-Sat series also includes some accessories, such as structural pylons, fuel tanks, stand-alone antennas and science equipment. It also comes with a brand new engine made specifically with satellites in mind. All parts are balanced to work equally well in all game modes. The probe cores may seem a bit costly in career, but the cost is taking the nuclear generated power into account and is actually a bit low compared to the stock nuclear generator when measured against charge per second. Mass has been calculated by comparing all integrated functions to stock parts. Download the mod here: SpaceDock -=::::::::v::::::::=- So how does it work? Just use the parts provided to build satellites. The upside compared to stock probes is that all K-Sat probes come with integrated power storage and generation and buildt in antennas. In a stock game the antennas are regular data transmitters, but when used with Remote Tech the K-Sat probes will provide several options for building various com networks. You can also use the new engine to get a bit moire Dv for your satellites, as it is has a very high Isp in vacuum, and you have a selection of structural pylons to choose from. If you so choose, you can also equip your satellites with the new inline science part that comes with all four sensors buildt into one. The K-Sat Series also includes a fuel tank, a stand-alone dish and an inline battery bank capable of storing 500 units of electrical charge. Can it be used in KSP 1.3.1? Yes. It also supports Remote Tech version 1.8.9 I think part A should do thing B instead! Balancing the gameplay has been trying since I have done it alone. Input and suggestions are therefore very welcome, please post your thought and I will take them into consideration for the next build. I found a bug! Good. Please share it in a post below, and I will look into it. Pics or it didn't happen Imgur Album -=::::::::v::::::::=- Installation 1. Locate your gamedata folder in your KSP installation. For example, if you are a Steam user it should be something like Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/GameData 2. Double click on the downloaded zip file (PzL_Ksat_1.1.zip) to open it up. 3. Drag and drop the folder named 'PanzerLabs' into your GameData directory. 4. If asked, allow windows to overwrite content (In case you have other PanzerLabs mods installed) 5. Drag and drop 'ModuleManager.3.0.1.dll' into your GameData directory. 6. Have a Gin & Tonic and enjoy the game. License This work uses the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. For a full legal text, go to: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode This means that you can: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. Under the following terms: Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. This work is distributed along with Module Manager, as permitted by the license of that particular work. Credit (and a deep gratitude) for Module Manager goes to it's original creator ialdabaoth as well as to the current caretaker of the project, sarbian. The forum thread for the original release can be found here: This work provides support for the mod Decal Stickers, as permitted by the license of that particular work. Decal Stickers was created by blackheart612 and can be found here: This work provides support for version checking through MiniAVC, as permitted by the license of that particular work. For more information on MiniAVC: -=::::::::v::::::::=- Changelog 1.1.1 -Fixed a typo that lowered the cost of the LO-242 by almost 75%. 1.1 -Included MiniAVC support -Included support for Decal Stickers -Updated all antennas for KSP 1.3.1 -Updated the MM patch for Remote Tech 1.8.9 -Changed folder structure -Changed category for the inline battery, from Utility to Electrical -Made the small dish (PzL-COM D1) physicsless -K-Sat PzL-BB 888 *Added "Marble" to the name *Added internal launch antenna *Added hibernation option *Added KerbNet access *Changed RT omni range to 2.5Mm -K-Sat PzL-LO 242 *Now allows surface attachments (on it, not with it) *Added "Lancelot" to the name *Added internal launch antenna *Added hibernation option *Added KerbNet access *Changed RT integrated omni range to 150km -K-Sat PzL-LO 1138 *Added "Cobra" to the name *Added internal launch antenna *Added hibernation option *Added KerbNet access *Changed RT dish range to 90Mm *Changed RT integrated omni range to 150km -K-Sat PzL-LO 1142 *Added "Crabhead" to the name *Added internal launch antenna *Added hibernation option *Added KerbNet access *Changed RT dish range to 50Gm *Changed RT integrated omni range to 150km 1.0 -Lowered the heat production of LFE-808 "Bolt" by a significant amount. It should no longer cause critical overheating of parts attached to it. -Changed the name of the tripod girder from "K-Sat Structural Support A" to the correct "K-Sat Structural Support C". -Changed the description of the tripod to differentiate it more from the regular structural support. -Added cross feed toggles for all Structural Supports. 0.9 -Initial Release.
  8. The thing is this: I originally created a ship to "imitate" the Cassini-Huygens, the section that would land on Laythe I separated it successfully, I was about to enter Laythe but it just touched the atmosphere and went off to Jool. Nor did he fall into the latter but accelerated a lot. The discussion is, is this normal? I have not been able to calculate to what percentage of the speed of light this speed corresponds; Here an image.
  9. Probe: 3 OCTOs, 4 com-16 (3 functional) Relay satellite: 3 OCTOs, 3 RA-2 antenna level 3 tracking station The crafts are well within range of eachother. the relay sat has 100% connection to KSC. The probe just lost connection to the KSC minutes ago. It refuses to connect to the relay satellite. I'm getting really sick and tired of my crafts specifically interplanetary probes refusing to connect to relay satellites for absolutely no reason whatsoever, someone PLEASE TELL ME WHY IT IS NOT CONNECTING TO THE DAMN RELAY.
  10. I'm completely new to KSP and currently trying to set up a CommNet. Is it necessary for the relay antenna on a communication satellite to point at Kerbin? Also, do you need two (relay) antennae, one on each side? (the 1st one aligned to Kerbin, the 2nd one to e.g. a probe)
  11. Welcome To The Clever Sats Development Thread (Marketing) Clever Sats is a contract pack for Contract Configurator aimed at improving the stock satellite contracts. Contracts added by the pack are intended to improve the realism replayabilty and depth of satellite contracts. ^Clever Sats's New Logo^ Tired of satellite contracts asking for the same thing over and over again with no end insight? Finding that launching satellites feels pointless? Unrealistic orbits annoying the space nerd in you? Try Clever Sats for some realism replayabilty and depth in your satellite contracts! [Clever Sats Github] Development "Continued" by @Mark Kerbin and @VaPaL with permission from @severedsolo Future Development Plans; This "Roadmap/ Changelog Is Pulled From The Github, If You Want More Upto Date News & Info Use That. =) Less colorful tho. [Roadmap On Github] Info/Key; (P) This is planned but not necessarily going to happen (T) This is in testing (D) This is ready for next release (R) Planned And Required For Release (TBD) Planned Feature But Not Currently Worked On Rewards are marked based on the "level" of funds and rep. This is for comparisons sake. Plans; Contract Types (R) Generic (T) Rewards: 1 fund : 1 reputation Launch generic satellite into a generic orbit - very common Weather (T) Rewards: 3 fund : 3 reputation Launch a weather satellite into keostationary orbit Mass Cap = 3t Uncommon Launch a weather satellite into polar orbit Mass Cap = 3t Rare Satellites must be above a certain region Spy (T) Rewards: 4 fund : 2 reputation Launch a spy satellite into keostationary/tundra/kolniya orbit Mass Cap = 5t Very Rare Communication (T) Rewards: 3 fund : 3 reputation Launch a communication satellite (3-5t) into keostationary orbit Mass Cap = 3-5t Common Launch a communication satellite (3-5t) into tundra orbit Mass Cap = 3-5t Uncommon - Rare Satellites must be above a certain region and have a relay antenna Observation (R) Rewards: 2 fund : 3 reputation : 2 science Launch a Kerbin observation satellite into polar orbit Common Miniaturized (T) Rewards: 1 fund : 2 reputation Launch a cub/mini/micro satellite (500-100kg) into generic orbit Mass Cap = 500-1000kg Common Multiple satellites per launch per launch (could be a bonus parameter) Science (T) Rewards: 3 fund : 3 reputation : 3 science (body dependent) Launch a science probe to another body (Mun, Duna...) Uncommon The idea is to give science points even when there are no more to be collected Survey (R) Rewards: 2 fund : 1 reputation Launch satellite equipped with scanner into a LKO generic orbit Uncommon Navigational (T) Rewards: 5 fund : 4 reputation Launch a navigational constellation Size = 24-27 Satellites Max Completed = 2 Rare Multiple contracts, one for each orbit inclination in the constellation Move (R) Rewards: (?) fund : (?) reputation : (?) science Move a satellite to a new orbit (within reason if possible) Uncommon Only launched by this pack contracts Excluding Weather Spy Communication Navigational Investigate (R) Rewards: 2 fund : 1 reputation Investigate a malfunctioning satellite (only manned?) Uncommon Decommission (R) Rewards: 1 fund : 1 reputation Decommission a science probe outside Kerbin system by crashing it into a sterile body Mission Time = 5+ Years Rare Decommission a science probe inside Kerin system by deorbiting it Rare Decommission a satellite (in LKO/MKO) by deorbiting it Common Decommission a satellite (in HKO) by moving it to a graveyard orbit Common Licensing Clever Sats 1.5(?) + licensed under MIT @Mark Kerbin & @VaPaL Clever Sats 1.4 & prior versions licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 @severedsolo Acknowlegments "Continued" (But not actually) by @Mark Kerbin and @VaPaL with permission from @severedsolo @nightingale as ever for his tireless work on Contract Configurator (you rock!) @severedsolo For the original Clever Sats pack.
  12. Today im challenging you to try and beat my 0.4 ton unmanned mun lander satellite/spacecraft (aka the smallest satellite w/engine), which was originally supposed to be just a satellite that would orbit kerbin but when I decided to try and land it on the mun it was able to with extra fuel to return back to kerbin! This is the craft, you download it if you want: https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/Smallest-Satellite-wEngine
  13. Several weeks ago, I thought about how Kerbin would look realistically, under the satellite eye. I decided to create a pseudo-satellite image portraying the presumed vegetation and settlements realistically. I made it by superimposing the KerbalMaps picture of the region with various textures based on real-world mapping data. Enjoy.
  14. ----------EDIT - There seems to be a problem at 6:23 - Any one knows whats going on? ---------- Is this a acceptable launch? How do you move things to other categories so i dont slow anything down?
  15. I am not sure of how to match my own orbit's inclination with the orbit that is shown on the map by a contract. I had to send a satellite into a specific orbit which was shown on the map. I had no problems with the apoapsis and periapsis (except for matching the exact spot for the ap and pe, I just eyeballed it, would appreciate a hint here as well) but when it came to matching up the inclination I was really struggling. The contract said the desired orbit had an inclination of 170 or so degrees but relative to what? I also had the argument of the periapsis and longitude of ascending node, just didn't know what they meant (still don't know). If I aligned the map/ planet with the orbit it looked like about 290 degrees. If I launched and put the navball on 170 I got nowhere. Can someone tell me how I can launch at the correct angle or sort of figure it out? And also how to adjust my orbit too once in the air, like you would do for a moon (using maneuver nodes doesn't work because I can't set an orbit as a target so I'm not sure how much normal of delta-v to add/ subtract)? In the end I just had to eyeball things by aligning the planet with the orbit and stuff like that which was fine but still way to much hassle in comparison to other things in this game. Also if you add normal or anti-normal the contract orbit tells you your ascending and descending nodes but maneuver nodes would be useful in this situation. I have Kerbal Engineer installed so I think there has to be a better way of doing these sorts of missions just not sure how. Would MechJeb help in this situation? Thanks in advance for any answers although I'll probably thank you again later
  16. Hi guys. Today, I was toying with MJ while setting up relays around the Mun. In doing this, I have figured out a perfect way to set up your relay sattelites. 1. First off, this requires three relay sats, all attached to the same vessel, and, unless you are a rocket scie-- have internet access, MJ. 2. Get into the altitude you want for deploying your relay sats. 3. Deploy one satellite. 4. Make sure you are clear of it, then open up MJ's maneuver planner window. 5. Create a maneuver for a 2/3 resonant orbit and complete the burn. It doesn't matter when. 6. Tell MJ to circularize at your AP. Delploy Sat 2. 7. Repeat with Sat 3. Give this a like if you found this helpful with your relay systems. It took me far too long to find this out myself.
  17. I've been trying to bring a polar surveying satellite and a scanning rover to Duna in one payload. It's all good until I decouple my satellite with 2 Communotron 88-88 and the rover with a HG-5, a Communotron 16, and a Communotron 16-S suddenly goes "limited probe control". Isn't the rover supposed to have relay connections to my satellite? Or am I still supposed to have direct Kerbal link? Here are pictures of the satellite ,rover and the final stage: Album EDIT: Thanks for reminding me that there's a difference in antennas....
  18. Calling all Kerbinauts, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. has released a part mod, containing SSTL Satellites. In our first release of this mod we have the 300S1 satellite and launch ring adaptor. As features and more satellite parts are added to this mod we hope to set some interesting and unique challenges to the community using our satellites. However for now our first challenge is relatively simple. Constellation Challenge #1 - Start date 06/04/2018: Set up a constellation of a number of "SSTL 300S1" satellites from a single launch around Kerbin such that in any one standard Kerbin day 95% of Kerbin is scanned and mapped. Rules: Stock parts only apart from those found in the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. - Satellite Pack Must use the SCANsat mod (default settings) to map the Kerbin biome Prior to starting the scanning period (i.e. 6 hour Kerbin day) all previous scanned data of Kerbin should be cleared. [NB: Rules will be updated if required, if clarity is required. This is our first challenge so we may mess things up] Scoring: Score = total cost of launcher and components used (including 300S1 satellites) * the total mission time in seconds since launch Verification: Supply some images from launch to final global coverage and post below Leader board: Winner is the person with the lowest score Name Score Enjoy and have fun! SSTL Outreach Team
  19. Hello ! I've recently put a few satellite into orbit with 2 robot control units : The 1st one is supposed to be facing Normal and the 2nd one Radial In. But I'm encountering a problem : Once SAS activated I choose "Control From Here" for the 1st one and choose "Normal" after that I switch to the second control unit and it immediately turn up to Normal... My question is : Is there a way to choose 2 different orientations for the control units on the same craft ?
  20. Hello reader, I'm kind of new to KSP and I really need help with these: 1. How do you put things into cargo bays? (If differs between types I need MK3) 2. Is there an easy way to land on a planet without all that math stuff? 3. Is burning just accelerating? 4. How can I build an easy space station? (ALL QUESTIONS CAN ONLY HAVE STOCK PART ANSWERS) Thanks for any help with this. -Ultra
  21. Paektusan-1 | Length 24m | Weight 21t 1st stage | Length 12.1m | Diameter 1.25m | Total Weight 13.38t | Propelant 11.15t UDMH/AK27 | Thrust 280kN | Burn 95sec Interstage Length 0.50m 2nd Stage | Length 9.4m | Diameter 0.88m | Weight 6.8t | Propelant 5.73t UDMH/AK27 | Thrust 135.5kN | Vernier 4 30kN | Burn 90sec 3rd stage | Length 1.5m / 2.5 Fairing | Diameter 0.88m | Weight 0.57t | Propelant 0.52t Solid | Thrust 44.5kN | Burn 27sec | Payload 0.015-0.02t (LEO 218km) http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets_1/Rest_World/Paektusan-1/Description/Frame.htm Hwasong-14 | Length 19.5m | Total Weight 33.8t 1st stage | Length 13.4m | Diameter 1.7m | Weight ? | Propelant 26.64t UDMH/N204 | Thrust 394.1kN | Vernier 4 70kN | Burn 151sec 2nd stage | Length m | Diameter 1.25m | Weight ? | Propelant 2.86t UDMH/N204 | Thrust Vernier 2 35.4kN | Burn 235sec | Payload ? | Range 12,000km with <300kg payload? Janes estimates 255 to 360kg weight for North Korean thermonuclear bomb. http://www.janes.com/images/assets/111/75111/North_Korea_bargains_with_nuclear_diplomacy.pdf http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/Hwasong-14/index.htm Unha 3 simulated Unha 3 OSFS Hwasong-12 simulated Hwasong-12 | Length 16.5m | Diameter 1.5m | Weight 24.7t | Propelant 21.32t UDMH/N204 | Thrust 394.1kN Vernier 4 70kN | Burn 120sec | Payload 500-650kg? http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/Hwasong-12/index.htm Hwasong-14 put few dozen or even one hundred kilogram object into low earth orbit atleast as attempt with Paektusan-1 in 1998 at 218km?
  22. I made my first scansat satellite! I really like it! It's a temporary orbit because it goes 5 KM below atmosphere. But should survive a fair bit of orbits. I love it!
  23. So, I haven't been very active in KSP since last year, and only dabbed a little bit once the comms were introduced. Well, just yesterday, I attempted a Duna mission with a probe only in career. I had a pretty big commsat setup in the Kebrin system. And yet while I still had some control on the approach of Duna (even during the Aerobraking phase) I had completely lost comms with my probe after I left Duna's atmosphere. Let me begin by saying that since this last time I restarted career mode, this was the first probe ever in the Dunian system. I tried to wait for one more aerobrake after I lost control and I still didn't get my comms back online and I had totally lost the probe. Gosh, it felt like a scary mars mission blowing millions of USD for nothing. Anyway, what is the best approach of an unmanned mission to a new world for the first time? Is there anyway to maintain that control without a commsat setup already in place? It's very different trying this with the comm networks now, and exploration seems even harder now. Not that I mind the challenge, but I have a laythe probe already on the way even before my Duna mission and I am afraid I will not be prepared for it by the time it reaches the Joolian system. How do I prepare unmanned missions with the commnet, and what steps should I take before sending a probe to unexplored worlds so that I do not lose it like I did with my Duna mission? **EDIT** Yes, I have upgraded my tracking station to the max. It is fully upgraded.
  24. 60 years to the day, came a sound that shook the world. beep...beep...beep... Sputnik 1 - long gone but your legacy lives on.
  25. I CANNOT... complete a Satellite contract... Everything is checked except the orbit.... I'm going the right way.. both nodes are at 0%... and the AP PE are both within 5K meters.... This is holy excrements frustrating....
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