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  1. Goo Pumps & Oils' Speed Pump (GPOSP) Allows you to simply and automatically transfer or balance resources By Lisias and zer0Kerbal, previously by @hab136, then previously by @Geordiepigeonowner, and originally by @Gaius Description by Gaius See more Help Wanted Localization Installation Directions Use CurseForge/OverWolf App (currently does not install dependencies) or Dependencies Kerbal Space Program KSP (API) Extensions Either Module Manager /L Module Manager Supports Community Resource Pack Procedural Parts SimpleConstruction! (SC) SimpleLogistics! (SL) Station Science The Gold Standard! (TGS)] Fuel Switchers alphabetically B9PartSwitch Firespitter Interstellar Fuel Switch Interstellar Fuel Switch Core Modular Fuel Tanks SimpleFuelSwitch *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date Credits and Special Thanks @Gaius for creating this glorious mod! @Geordiepigeonownerfor maintaining this mod after Gaius was kidnapped by Space Worms @hab136for taking over after @Geordiepigeonowner, who was also kidnapped by Space Worms see Attribution.md for more comprehensive list Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License provenance)
  2. So I just made a rocket that goes over 70,000 m/s and it’s over 60 trillion Meters, it carried as satellite with science things for fun and I’m wondering if you have gone even faster also I know there are Meters Megameters however I’ve passed into the realm of G in measurement what does it mean?
  3. I dot expect them to take like 30 years right? Since the Kerbal universe is scaled down, I think they might take 10-20 years depending on speed and distance?
  4. This challenge is called the Air Speed Record, you build the fastest stock aircraft you can and put your submission in the comments below through video or screenshot. Video is preferred over screenshot It's pretty straight forward however there are some rules to make sure this challenge is fair for everyone! Rules No rocket engines of any sort with the exception of rapier engines! No SRB's (Solid rocket boosters)! NO cheats! It must all be stock (no mods)! You may not use more than 8 engines. You may not go above 30,000 meters. It all must be in one stage, no seperatrons, decouplers, etc. It must be on Kerbin. It must be manned (No drones). Submissions are taken through screenshots and video but video is much more appreciated. It must take off from the runway. Have fun, and don't get discouraged. It must be a plane, not a rocket with a bunch of jet engines attached. This must be in KSP version 1.0.5 or later! Provide aircraft name! Down here is the leaderboard where the current record holder's are displayed. Leaderboard Radieur Ng - 3056 M/S "Pointy McGoFast" JW2016 - 3276 M/S "JW2016-02-17" Potatto 2729 M/S "Speed-O-Bust" Spudrotuskutarsu - 2628 M/S "DS X1 Shooting Star" Triop - 2493 M/S Chocolat Oreos - 2100 M/S "The Swifty Monster" evader - 2082 M/S "liquid fuel only production mkII prorokbmx - 1873 M/S AquaAlmond - 1778 M/S "SB-3 Peregrine" Gojira1000 - 1690 M/S "x-2" My Submission The plane is called the SB-3 Peregrine the third plane in the SB series, named after the Peregrine Falcon the world's fastest bird. It reaches a top speed of 1778 M/S in this video. Recommended Recording Software OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Free, no watermark, customizable recording settings. Fraps (Good quality recording software, but costs money, wouldn't buy it for this challenge if you don't already have it.) Bandicam Trial (Free, good quality video but there is a watermark) Recommended Editing Software Obviously you don't need to edit the video but it will make the quality of the video better. Lightworks (Free video editing software with lots of features, but it can take a while to learn to use. Option to upgrade, upgrade provides more features) Windows Movie Maker / iMovie (Depending on what OS you have this will be included, free, simple, easy to use but don't expect much out of it) Once again don't get discouraged and have fun and make sure to follow the rules Put submissions below in the comments Video is preferred over screenshot
  5. Planes may be cool. Rockets may be cooler. But both are overshadowed by the undisputable best method of travel: cars! In this challenge you must create a car and then put it through a series of tests and challenges to determine if yours is the best. There are a few different tests that you can pick and choose from, and some standards that your car must meet. Your car must have at lest one kerbal in either a command pod or an external command seat Your car must be powered by wheels and nothing else (no jets, rockets, etc.) Your car must complete whichever test you put it through without losing any parts or sustaining any damage. The large rover wheel exploit (where slightly turning left and right allow it to go super fast) is sadly not allowed. Part mods and physics mods are not allowed, along with any cheating or exploits not in the nature of the challenge. DLCs are allowed, along with information and visual mods. **One trial per car: each car is only allowed to have one entry per test. It can be updated if you manage to get it done faster with the same car, but the same car cannot have both the #1 and #2 spot. **The UI should be visible in each screenshot, unless it is for the aesthetics test. Include some basic facts about your car when you submit it, like its number of wheels, what powers it, etc. Test 1: Acceleration Usually, acceleration is measured in the time it takes to go from 0- 60 miles per hour. Because wheels in ksp are pretty slow, and measurement's aren't done in mph, your car's acceleration will be measured in the time it takes from first pressing "w" to the moment your car reaches 20.0 m/s Once your car spawns on the KSC Runway, toggle the brakes. The timer is started the moment the car starts moving forward and is stopped the moment it reaches the speed of 20 m/s Submission rules: Include screenshots of your car the moment the timer starts, some time during its run, and the moment it reaches 20 m/s. Or, include a video of the test run. Test 2: Speed A measure of the top speed of your car. The top speed must be reached before the car reaches the end of the KSC Runway. Once your car spawns on the KSC Runway, toggle the brakes. Start accelerating. The highest speed achieved before the end of the runway is reached is the speed recorded. Submission rules. Include a screenshot of your car the moment it starts moving forward, and the car traveling at it's top speed (or at the end of the runway). Test 3: Aesthetics This test doesn't really have a set of rules. It's solely decided on the looks of the car (how much it resembles a real life car). Submission rules: Include a screenshot of your car in any location you like or a short gif or video of your car. Test 4: Drag Race A common measurement of any car. Usually consists of a race in a straight line from a starting point to an agreed upon finish line. In this case, it's the shortest time between the car's spawn point on the KSC Runway to the exact end of the runway. Once your car spawn on the KSC Runway, immediately toggle the brakes. The timer is started the moment the car starts moving forward and is stopped the moment the front wheels cross the end line as shown in the picture. Submission rules: Include screenshots of your car the moment the timer starts, two times during its run, and the moment it reaches the finish line, with a screenshot of the f3 menu right after the timer is stopped. Or, include a video of it's run. Test 5: Lap Time The more official form of testing a car, laps are done all the time by all sorts of car manufacturers. In this test, your car must complete the lap shown below in the shortest amount of time, to test both handling and speed. Once your car spawn on the KSC Runway, drive it to the starting line and brake. Your car should be on the left side of the double lines (the same side as Mission Control) and your front wheels should be on the starting line, as shown in the screenshot below: The timer starts the moment you start driving forward. You will then drive in front of mission control, between the crawlway and the VAB, and around the rest of the track marked by the red line in the screenshot below. You must try your best to stay on the paved roads during the whole lap. If your car rolls and lands on its wheels, and no parts have been broken, you may continue the lap, but it is not likely worth it. The timer will stop once your car's front wheels cross the line on the side of the double lines opposite you started from. Submission rules: Include a screenshot of you car the moment it begins moving forward, and the moment its front wheels cross the finish line. Include screenshots of your car at every yellow dot marked in the screenshot above, as well as a screenshot of the f3 menu right after the timer stops. Or, include a video of your lap. Badges are being worked on and should be done fairly soon if people are interested. Depending on how many people are interested, I'll post a deadline sometime in the future so winners can eventually be announced. Happy racing!
  6. Low Altitude Speed Challenge This challenge is pretty simple. Your goal is to attain the fastest possible speed at the low altitude Body: Kerbin Max Height: 1000 meters Things to note: There will be scoreboards for each part size 0.625, 1.25, 1.875, 2.5, 3.75, 5. The largest part on your vessel determines your class. Your craft need not fully survive the ordeal. If you choose to execute a dive some form of evidence will need to be provided that you did not hit a max speed above 1000 meters. Rules: Don't cheat, part clipping is discouraged but allowed for aesthetics and radiators. Part mods are not allowed. Game difficulty should have normal difficulty or higher level heating. These rules are subject to change as I may have missed something Scoreboard 0.625 1. Pds314 1680 m/s 2. 3. 1.25 1. UndefeatedOrca 1755 m/s 2. 3. 1.875 1. 2. 3. 2.5 1. Klapaucius 1760.2 2. 3. 3.75 1. UndefeatedOrca 1964 m/s 2. 3. 5.0 1. 2. 3. My two submissions in the spoiler below Good Luck and have fun!
  7. Feel the need for speed, but don't know what to do with it? Ever wanted to just explore Kerbin, but just didn't have the time? NOW, YOU CAN The objective is simple: fly around Kerbin's equator in less than 80 minutes. Rules: You must start and finish at 0-9 KSC That's the runway you take off from (and land on). Your plane must be made using Stock parts ONLY - NO MODS Navigational/autopilot mods such as MJ and KER okay. MJ recommended, since you would get bored piloting a plane manually for about an hour. Just be sure you know what you're doing with the aircraft autopilot function. Just don't use any mods that come with additional craft parts. Must be able to carry at least one kerbal at a time Actually filling the seat is optional Additional seats is a plus. Must be equipped with some kind of probe core for remote control. Have at least 1,000 units worth of electric charge on board. Crew must have a means of getting in and out of the plane. Stay below 35 km ASL (above sea level) at all times So that means SSTOs not accepted. Detachable staging not allowed. If you start with it, you finish with it. Parachutes acceptable, since you can repack them. Of course, you'll need to be landed at the KSC for that to happen. Plane must start and finish in one piece, which means ABSOLUTELY NO: Detaching Exploding Crashing Or crash-landing. Rapid Unplanned Disassemblies Rocket engines okay, but advised against. If you want to use them in your plane, that's fine by me. Just don't forget to stay within the atmosphere. You cannot run out of fuel (and/or oxidizer) mid-flight. Multiple entries allowed, but only one can be counted for the leaderboard (for each mass division). Unless you say otherwise, I'm going to pick the one with the best time. If you have planes in different mass divisions, that's fine. I'll just take the best one for each division. As the name implies, you have 80 minutes to fly around Kerbin in your plane. To earn credit, this means... PICTURES! PICTURES!!! PICTURES!!!!!! Show your plane in action, along with your start and finish time. Everybody wants solid proof that you're the fastest Kerbin circumnavigatior ever. Within the atmosphere, of course. Cost-effectiveness is also a bonus, so show the plane in the SPH with its price. I am aware that some people want to build small and large planes, and some may argue that size would grant an unfair advantage. To account for this, I will assign divisions based on your plane's mass, so be sure to show it in your entries. When I get around to making the leaderboard, I will split it based on your plane's division. Lightning Division 0 to 40 metric tons Thunder Division 40 to 80 tons Heavy Rain Division 80 tons or more Here's my entry. Have fun with yours. LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT (CHALLENGE EXPIRED: 02/20/2020 at 2359 E.S.T.)
  8. For those who feel the need for speed, but are preoccupied with interplanetary missions. For the curious and the courageous, who want to prove their worth. For all you spaceplane buffs out there, who want a real challenge. LOOK NO FURTHER, MY FRIENDS! (Challenge badge, made by me) If you've already seen and/or participated in my "Around the World in 80 Minutes" challenge, then you should get the basic gist of this one. And kudos to whoever nominated that for TOTM January 2020. If you haven't yet, then the objective is simple: fly around Laythe in less than 80 minutes. RULES (will be amended if necessary): If you want the TL;DR version, here it is: No cheating. Prove you can get to Laythe Get ready along an equatorial island Record start time. Fly within Laythe's atmosphere around the equator. Land within 3 km of your starting point in less than 80 minutes. Record end time. Spaceplanes Mun Hopper Division 0 - 45 tons Hamacker Division 45 - 90 tons Poseidon Division 90 tons or more Dropships Johnfrid Division Plane mass 0 - 40 tons This means that the plane you're using qualifies if its mass is between 0 and 40 tons. The rest of the dropship is irrelevant. Laie Division 40 - 80 tons Named after @Laie, the current leader in the Thunder Division (flew around Kerbin's equator in 24 minutes, 32 seconds) for the "Kerbin in 80 Minutes" challenge Neptune Division 80 tons or more Some of you might be wondering "How exactly do I time my speedrun?" No, you can't just display your computer's stopwatch; it doesn't account for the game's lag and/or warp. Some solutions include, but not limited to: Use the MET clock and subtract the finish time from the start time. WARNING: it does not show seconds after your MET passes 10 years. Be sure to show your math and make sure it's correct. Use the Kerbin Time (UT) clock and subtract the finish time from the start time Same case if you use Kerbal Alarm Clock. Be sure to show your math and make sure it's correct. Program Kerbal Alarm Clock to go off when you want to start. As soon as it does, take off immediately. When you come to a complete stop at the finish line, check your "T-plus" time after that alarm went off to see how long you took. Have a reliable stopwatch mod. Whatever idea you use, you have to make it easily visible. If you want a straight-up stopwatch that works for KSP, you could download @linuxgurugamer's Big Ben. It's a mod that acts as a stopwatch and a timer (you probably want the stopwatch). If you have any questions about how to download or work it, contact him. P.S. He just got awarded Thread of the Month for February 2020. Before anyone asks, I calculated the average speed you need to beat 80 minutes. Now, that does not mean that you're okay if you cruise at 655 m/s; it just means that your average speed for 80 minutes has to be above that if you want to beat the time. If I had to make a suggestion, I'd say go at about ~775 m/s if you want to meet minimum standards - but your strategy is up to you. If you succeed this speed challenge, your prize will be: A challenge badge Mentioned in the List of Triumph All-expenses paid trip to the outpost on Coldbeard Island Not to be confused with Poseidon's Palace on Neptune Island, which is currently located in Laythe's Fallout Zone. Here's my entry for the Mun Hopper division: Below is the pic-heavy journey to Laythe from Kerbin. Now that the preliminaries are over, on to the main event. START YOUR ENGINES
  9. The thing is this: I originally created a ship to "imitate" the Cassini-Huygens, the section that would land on Laythe I separated it successfully, I was about to enter Laythe but it just touched the atmosphere and went off to Jool. Nor did he fall into the latter but accelerated a lot. The discussion is, is this normal? I have not been able to calculate to what percentage of the speed of light this speed corresponds; Here an image.
  10. Challenge: Build a boat that goes as fast as you can make it travel. Rules: -Must have at least one kerbal in it (this can be in anything as long as the kerbal is secured to the vehicle, the kerbal can't be holding on to it) -Must have at least one part under the surface of the water -Must have at least a net total of 0.25 tons under the surface of the water (you can estimate this) -Must be intact and not break any parts (planned staging is okay as long as it still applies to the rules above) -Must provide screenshot and/or video evidence of the attempt -Highest speed will be counted as the highest speed measured for 3 seconds as long as the boat applies to the rules above -Have fun (Side note: vesselmover or similar mods are acceptable to get the vessel into the water) Scoring: -Each kerbal on the boat is worth 10 points -Speed is divided by thrust, then multiplied by the weight, that is then multiplied by 5, finally your amount of kerbals is multiplied by 10, and added to the total. -The equation for points is this: -((m/s)/kN)*5t+(10)K OR -((meters/sec) / (available thrust)) * (5 * mass in tons) + (10 * Kerbals onboard) Example: -500m/s top speed, 390kN (3 panthers in wet mode), 12 tons, 3 kerbals -((500/390)*(5*12)+30=106.92 points Scoreboard: - - - - -
  11. This is the Kerbin SOI escape challenge, the only goal being to escape Kerbin's SOI as fast as possible. This can be done any way you wish as long as you don't use any mods (other than visual and readout ones.) In this challenge you may use any cheat you wish except the 'set orbit / altitude' and 'infinite propellant' cheats. You may use any other cheat you wish. To calculate your time add the current flight time to the time to your Kerbin escape. This will be how the challenge is scored. There are 2 categories, conventional engines and other. Happy launching! Leaderboard (Conventional engines) #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: Leaderboard (Other) #1: #2: #3: #4: #5:
  12. So I built this thing on ksp, to see if i could get a kraken. And I did! It’s on steam, and it’s name is the GlitchMobile 10000. I got 151 000P (petameters), or 15 000 light years. I was asking, have you gone this far? If you download it, please use sandbox or science, as it can wreck the KSC almost entirely.
  13. Hello, and welcome to... The Speedrun Challenge. This challenge is all about speed(duh). The aim is to get within the SOI of every object as fast as you physically can. Cheating(ex. ladder drive, cheat menu, hyperedit, etc.) is not allowed. Some mods are allowed and some are required. Allowed: RSS and RSSExpanded packs(for challenge) Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul and any other reasonable solar system mod is allowed. Before Kerbin, After Kerbin, Beyond Home, New Horizons, Whirligig World and GPP are the only system replacements allowed. Required: OPM(for outer planets) Kerbol Origins(if it works) Kerbol Plus(if it works) Odysseus Planet Pack(if it works) Kronkus Cyran Sentar Boris Urania(if it works) That's it for now! Scoreboard will be made when I have screenshot or video evidence for 1+ people.
  14. SpaceY's (Not SpaceX) Falcon 9 booster broke. Since they need it to get space crafts into orbit, they came to us. But Elon Kerman is a very impatient Kerbal and wants the spacecraft up there ASAP. Since our designers won't get off of "Human space program", we asked the internet to design and test a fast enough rocket. There isn't a specific time you have to compete the challenge by. Just try and do it as fast as possible. CONTRACTS: Basic Contract: Get something to space as soon as ASAP Basic Orbital Contractl: Get something into a low Kerbin orbit ASAP Advanced Orbit Contract: Get something into a Kerbin orbit above 400km above sea level ASAP Munar Contract: Get an orbit around the Mun ASAP Advanced Muner Contract: Land a Kerbal on the Mun and return him to Kerbin safely ASAP Minty Contract: Get an orbit around Minmus ASAP Advanced Minty Contract: Land a Kerbal on Minmus and return him safely ASAP Interplanetary Contract: Escape Velocity ASAP Dusty Contract: Get an orbit around Duna ASAP Advanced Dusty Contract: Land something on Duna safely ASAP Victory Appreciation Contract: Impress the Victory Aerospace Program by doing something outstanding in the fastest way possible (Basically Just Impress me) The only rule is no cheats. Good luck! -Victory Kerman
  15. Hello Guys, I logged into this forum, because I need help to safely achieve my own ground speed record with stock parts, but there is one problem, which occurs no matter which craft you use. If you finally reach damn high speeds, over 2000ms, You have the problem, that you collide into the terrain. To solve that problem which already occurs at 800 m/s you can put your aerodynamic quality to minimal, then you can achieve speeds over 2000ms easily with sepatrons. But when you start to slow down, you crash into the ground again, but how can you fix that? I already put everything on the lowest settings and put some back to see if it's changing something. What can you do about it? Suggest me Mods or other solutions to fix that. Stratzenblitz75 already posted something about it: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/160697-the-speed-of-ground-a-study-into-how-ksp-terrain-colliders-handle-land-vehicles-with-high-magnitudes-of-velocity/
  16. Description: - Start and stop within the runway. - Under 10 tons - Under 123 parts - No SRB(Solid Rocket Booster)〜said Jebediah Kerman - Stock parts only - No mod applied (E.g. TweckScale) - No cheats - Impress Jebediah Kerman Let the challenge begin!
  17. Hello Fellow Kerbonauts, We know from the Impact the Mun challenge that it is possible to fly to and crash something on the Mun in a mere 12 min. This is a great first step towards adding boosters to stuff in order to go fast, but only shooting the Mun isn’t that useful, right? This challenge aims at proving that our rockets can be fast and useful. So for this challenge, you’ll not only need to reach the surface of the Mun as fast as possible, but to also bring a rock back to Kerbin as a proof you got there and to demonstrate the scientific relevance of adding moar boosters. Rules : Depart from KSC Reach the surface of the Mun Take a surface sample Bring it home Your place on the leaderboard depends on your mission time when the sample lands on the ground Challenge ends on the 28/02/2019 at 00h00 UTC (just one month; how handy) Not limit on the number of boosters used (obviously) Rockets or planes, It doesn’t matter Undock/dock as many times as you want Launch as many vessels as you want, but the timer starts when the first vehicle takes/lifts off and ends when the sample gets to the ground (show METs on the tracking station screen if you used multiple vessels) Land, bounce or lithobrake on the Mun, as long as you manage to take a sample and bring it back Only the surface sample has to make it to Kerbin’s surface (but the Kerbal can land as well) No Kerbal should be armed in the process, though. This includes the command chair; no prolonged use, not in harmful environment. The surface of the ocean is part of Kerbin’s surface We need the sample (mostly) intact for the science we’ll get from it, so smashing it on the ground doesn’t count if whatever contains/carries it gets destroyed/killed No fiddling with the cfg files, hyperedit, Kraken exploit, etc. Stay fairplay. Latest versions of the game only (when was the last aerodynamics update? 1.0.5?) No DLC engines or fuel tanks Pictures are good, videos are good(er). In any case, make us understand and enjoy. Multiple submissions are allowed. Mods : If you used any, provide the list Stock aerodynamics Stock engines and fuel tanks Modded fairings and wings are allowed Nothing that messes with the physics engine Ask the permission to use anything else than mods that blatantly do not interfere with the challenge (RemoteTech is OK, Alcubierre drive is not OK) Awards : Precision delivery : Have the sample landing next to the KSC facilities so that our scientists can start analyzing it as fast as possible. Relay race : Bring the sample back with a different ship that the one which brought your Kerbal to the Mun Sepratron : I like the separation (who doesn’t?). Use sepratrons as a significant source of thrust in your design to please me and earn this award. Full throttle : Do it the most kerbal way and maintain full throttle for all the duration of the mission (with empty stages for the landing?). It probably is not possible and certainly is not reasonable, but I know how crazy some people are. Vanilla addict : Stock and only stock. No mod award. Temporary leaderboard (last edit : 04/02) : @Laie - 1h 19m with a good amount of boosters and an interesting packaging design. (Prev. time : 1h 30m 43sec) Rewards : No pics, no submits Nice badges like this one : I will make some with medals and awards when I find the time. Feel free to recommend other awards if you think of any. Same for rules amendment if I missed anything. Also, if anyone else feels like remaking/improving the badges or making medals, please go ahead, I’m not that confident with Gimp Photoshop. Fly fast!
  18. Basically it’s simple: cover the outlined canyon in the mountains to the west of the kerbal space center in a manned repulsor type Podracer (repulsor pads via kerbal Foundries). Command pod can be fixed at the front with a maximum of two engine pods, OR at the back attached via flexible chains (I-beams, Infernal Robotics uncontrolled joints). Video Below to Demonstrate. Requirements: -Craft Max Weight 25 tons. Layout: -Fixed Forward control pod, limit two engine components (i.e. two panthers only). -Rear control pod with flexible chains, limit 4 engine components (i.e four panthers). (More are allowed for laughs but cannot compete). -Engines Can be any engine component, rocket or jet based. Rules -Can tweakscale any component EXCEPT the engines and control seat/cockpit. -For chained Podracers, I-beams limited to a minimum of 50% (1/2 scale) and a minimum of 4 links with uncontrolled pivotrons in between and uncontrolled rotatrons at both ends. -Cannot use infinite electricity OR fuel/ox. -Cannot use any lifting or control surfaces in a manner which allows true flight (controlled/limited pitch glide only). This means your craft has the ability to land from large jumps but cannot reliably fly. The control pod alone is allowed the use of true flight surfaces. A craft can use as many control and stabilizing surfaces as the user desires. So long as the above requirements are followed. Submit a reply with a pic of your start time and your end time as well as statistics of your run at the finish line (F3) and an up-close picture of picture of your craft in the space plane hangar with the statistics panel enabled (shows weight, length etc). Even better, submit a video containing the aforementioned information. Best Time Gets Bragging Rights. ALLOWED MODS -Take Command (Spawn Kerbal in control chair) -Vessel Mover (to get to the starting line) -Infernal Robotics -Kerbal Foundries -Tweakscale
  19. Welcome to the speed demon forum. Please submit ships and planes which you think are fast. Kind Regards, Rocketry_Science
  20. Question: When lightning strikes afar off, we see the light almost instantly and the sound waves race at different speeds to us with the shortest wavelengths first (crackle sound) and then the rest in a rolling sound as each frequency reaches the ear one after another with lower and lower pitch until the largest wavelength finally finishes the race. This makes sense because Speed=Distance/Time. The shortest wavelength travels less distance to the ear because it’s journey is closer to a straight line. The largest wavelength travels more distance because it must ascend and descend a good distance before making much forward motion. If the electro-magnetic spectrum includes large wavelength radio waves, medium wavelength visible light, and very short wavelength gamma rays, then why does it not follow that light must travel at varying speeds and not constant. If gamma rays and radio waves both were moving at 186,000mi/sec wouldn’t the radio waves be slower than the gamma rays since Speed=Distance/Time. The radio waves takes a longer journey than the gamma ray because the wavelengths are the photons ascending and descending and not moving purely forward at 186,000mi/sec. If we do observe all of the spectrum being constant at the same speed, wouldn’t that mean that radio waves move faster than gamma rays to make up for the greater ascension and descension? If all light is constant in speed then isn’t all light moving faster than the speed of light because 186,000mi/s (I assume) is the speed of light from point A to point B in a straight line in a vacuum? Light must be traveling faster than that figure to make up the extra distance, right?
  21. I work in aircraft maintenance, and it always fascinates me, how engineers have solved problems of detecting how fast, how high or in which direction an aircraft is moving. In KSP even debris knows exatly it's speed, altitude and a lot more of it's trajectory parameters. But in rocket science, knowing where your craft is going is one of the big challenges. It would add a nice extra insight into rocket building, if a player needs to "invent" speed-o-meters, altimeters or say compasses. This could be implemented in certain probe cores have different sofisticated flight data aquisition or radar tracking can be unlocked by upgrading the tracking station, etc. I don't even know if this is an idea, that would add playability to KSP or if anybody else likes it. Or is there even a mod that already supports my idea, I didn't find anything like it. Thanks, for your consideration. Richy
  22. Why is there a "speed limit" in the universe? According to special relativity, nothing can move faster than light, but Newton's first law states that unless an external force affects it, an object's speed will always stay the same. So, if we find a large space of perfect vacuum, with no force affecting any part of it, and if we had enough fuel and thrust, we could technically go at the speed of light and faster since there would be no external force affecting us, there would be nothing to slow us down.
  23. Hey guys I'm in the middle of a dres mission and a thought /challenge occurred to me,..... Speed records in ksp become kind of arbitrary when on a solar orbit but what's the fastest you can go through the canyon on dres? i e: below the canyon 'top'
  24. Kerbals have unlocked the secret to the Infinity Torch -- a special module which taps energy from an alternate dimension and allows any engine to perform at 100% thrust with no propellant at all. (This module can be enabled by selecting Alt+F12 and checking "Infinite Fuel"). With this came the rise of torchships -- vehicles capable of performing Brachistochrone trajectories, accelerating constantly from Kerbin's SOI toward their destination and then turning around and accelerating in the opposite direction until they arrive. Space travel has grown exponentially, and it's time for you to make your entry into the interplanetary transport market. The challenge: Build an Executive Torchship transport suitable for Brachistochrone transfers. Fastest possible round-trip time wins. Rules: SSTO, obviously. No need to stage when the rocket equation is broken. Your vehicle must not take damage at any point during the mission. All stock. You need to be able to take off and land in style, on any surface, so it must have separate VTOL landing engines. You need crossrange capability, so your craft must be aerodynamic enough to fly to your landing site using aerodynamic control surfaces before engaging its VTOL engines. This also will allow for a survivable crash-landing if you suffer engine failure. Torch drives can be finicky, so you need to carry at least enough propellant to make your final landing without Infinite Fuel turned on, just in case. Kerbin doesn't yet have inertial dampening technology, so for your executive passengers' comfort you must keep your total gees below 8 at all times. You must carry at least four passengers and at least one pilot; command seats are not allowed. Round-trip mission time is any amount of time during which the vehicle is moving. So you can land at your destination and wait as long as you want for an opportune launch window; it won't count against your mission time. Entry levels (will have separate leaderboards): Torchship Jockey. Take off from Kerbin, land on both the Mun and Minmus, and return to any place on Kerbin (no splashdowns). Torchship Navigator. Take off from Kerbin, land on Duna, and return to Kerbin within sight of the KSC. Torchship Pilot. Take off from Kerbin, land on Eve, and return to a landing on the runway at KSC. Torchship Commander. Take off from Kerbin, land on Laythe, and return to a landing on the helipad on top of the VAB. Torchship Master. Use your torchship for a Grand Tour, landing on every body in KSP other than Jool. I'll put together some cool badges once we have entries and can award them. Good luck!
  25. -=BLACKBIRD=- Designed for: Sharpness (visible) Speed (140+ m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD :https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Blackbird COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory! -=BLACKHAWK=- Designed for: Smoothness (visible) Speed (132 m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD :https://kerbalx.com/He_162/162--Blackhawk COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory!
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