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  1. KSP CommNet Signal Strength Calculator & Antenna Selector Stock + OPM System: Link (When you open the links above, please save a copy to your own Google Account to be able to edit for yourself) This document allows you to view the antennas utilized by CommNet to aid you in the preparation for missions to specific bodies or to determine signal strengths between vessels before launch. ----------------------------------- Antenna Selector Sheet The 'Antenna Selector' sheet allows you to pick enter a specified range between vessels and enter which antennas you require to give you a signal strength that is suitable for the application. You can also get a visualization of the signal strength between all major celestial bodies with the currently entered antenna setup. There is also a separate sheet for use with Near Future: Exploration's reflector mechanic. ----------------------------------- Antennas Sheet The 'Antennas' sheet allows you to view all the antennas listed by the creator/mod pack grouping and all their individual statistics. Here you can enable/disable the antennas from the mods you are using. ----------------------------------- Systems Stats Sheet The 'System Stats' sheet lists details about all the available bodies to chose from if you wish to make your own calculations or assumptions. ----------------------------------- Form Submission I have included a link on the 'Antennas' sheet to a Google Form where you can submit details of antennas you wish for me to include on the spreadsheet. The submissions should auto-fill into the 'Form Submissions' sheet for later review. Useful for mod authors to submit their own CommNet module stats for their antenna parts. ----------------------------------- Please let me know what you think, any mistakes I have made, any ways I can improve this etc. etc. Hopefully you find this useful for your own games. KSP CommNet Antenna Selector - Stock + OPM System: Link P.S. This document was built off of my original KSP RemoteTech Antenna Selector document, if you are interested in RemoteTech, please visit the forum post for this calculator: Link ----------------------------------- For great visualizations of the antenna ranges at the various DSN levels, also be sure to check out @Kergarin & @wile1411's illustrations that can be found here. They are super useful.
  2. I really like the idea of seeing the range of the antennas. In my opinion something like this should be in KSP2 (of course the circles should be spheres). This is from the KSP1 mod called Antenna Helper.
  3. Relay Antenna Rating (Combined): At Least 5.00M???? Okay for the life of me I cannot figure out what On Kerbal, Earth, or Any other planet how to figure this out. I have a mission - This is the Requirement. I seriously don't Care about the Range or Distance... I want to know how to figure out the Combined Rating (CR)!! If the CR is actually the Range or the Distance... Then I can make sense (maybe) of it. But when I'm trying to put a SAT in orbit around the Mun with a Relay Antenna Rating of at least 5.00M... and I slam a RA-M-08 Relay Antenna Rated at 100G, then darn it, it should complete the requirement!!! But I sit in the VAB with Contracts open and I add antenna after antenna after antenna, all relays and it doesn't give me a check mark stating I've met the build requirements... Then I'm lost and Frustrated. 9 hrs of trying different combinations, hours of launches getting them into orbit just right only to find I for some reason Cannot combine enough antennas to meet the requirement. This should not be this difficult... I truly want to learn but I'm not going back to learn trig all over again! Hell I'm 60... and this is supposed to be FUN! Can someone please break it down to something simple like 6 HG-32's will give you a Combined rating of ### I have DSN L3 stations... Because as I understand it... HG-32's have a Rating of 32.0M. If I'm combining them do I divide by .75 or multiply by .75. Would the Combined rating of 2 of these antennas be 48.0M? 32.0M*2*.75 = 48.0M? I'm really surprised there isn't a spreadsheet built for building Comm Relay Satellites, where you put in the type of relay antenna, how many of each, equals combined antenna rating, max range, max distance at 100%, power Required. These science missions aren't asking for SATs to be put in orbit combining Currently launched SATs, because then I'd be set with all the SATs I have in Orbit... Here is another example. I have a simple probe. - I have 4 RA-002 Relay Antenna - when I check the RC-12 Remote guidance Unit - it states my CommNet Relays: 4, Rating 5.66G. To me, that says I've met my requirement for the 5.0M combined Rating. Am I wrong?????
  4. Good day! Recently I have experienced a problem with Comm Net. I am playing Science game mode therefore my tracking station is at level 3. Nevertheless, when I launch a probe with any antenna I got, I don't get the maximum rating of this antenna (which is stated in VAB near 'with L3 DSN'). For example, with RA-2 I am not able to reach Duna. When I click on the antenna located on the probe, it says: "antenna rating: 2g". Shouldn't I get at least 20g with RA-2 and level 3 tracking station? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. What it does Adds a “Sleep” button to the part menu of deployable antennas, whenever the antenna is open. Pressing the button causes the antenna to retract… but it will then automatically re-extend a few minutes later, even if you have no control due to lack of communications. Default sleep time is 5 minutes. A slider on the antenna’s menu lets you adjust how long it will sleep, in half-minute increments. The antenna's menu displays a countdown timer while sleeping. Download from SpaceDock License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 Source code How to install Unzip into your GameData folder, same as any mod. (Includes ModuleManager.) Why would anyone want this? If you’re playing KSP with the CommNet difficulty set to “Require communications for control”, this means that you completely lose control of your probe if it doesn’t have a communications link back to a control source such as KSC. This can make things tricky if you’ve got a ship that needs to do aerobraking or atmospheric reentry somewhere far from Kerbin, if the antenna you use to control it is a deployable one. If you don’t retract it, it will get destroyed by hypersonic winds. If you do retract it, it’s safe… but now your probe is an inert doorstop. This mod is intended to give you some interesting options for designing your probe. You can put your antenna to sleep before hitting atmosphere, and it will wake up again later on to (hopefully) re-establish control. How to use Use the slider on the menu to control how long the antenna will sleep. You can do this in the vehicle editor or in flight. While in flight, press the “Sleep” button for an extended antenna to cause it to retract and stay retracted for the specified duration, after which it will automatically re-extend. The menu displays a countdown timer while sleeping. If you happen to still have control of the ship while the antenna's sleeping, you still have the ability to manually extend it, same as always (which will cancel the sleep).
  6. Probe: 3 OCTOs, 4 com-16 (3 functional) Relay satellite: 3 OCTOs, 3 RA-2 antenna level 3 tracking station The crafts are well within range of eachother. the relay sat has 100% connection to KSC. The probe just lost connection to the KSC minutes ago. It refuses to connect to the relay satellite. I'm getting really sick and tired of my crafts specifically interplanetary probes refusing to connect to relay satellites for absolutely no reason whatsoever, someone PLEASE TELL ME WHY IT IS NOT CONNECTING TO THE DAMN RELAY.
  7. What it does This is a giant, 2.5m stack-mounted relay antenna that provides 1000G (or, if you prefer, 1T) of transmission power-- ten times the most powerful stock antenna. This is useful for playing with modded solar systems that include extremely distant planets. The design is inspired by the JAXA Large Deployable Antenna. It also comes with two additional deep-space antennas, smaller 300G models suitable for a 1.25m stack. Download from SpaceDock License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Model & texture by @steedcrugeon Config files & patches by @Snark How to install Unzip into your GameData folder, same as any mod. Gallery Retracted, it's a cylindrical component slightly taller than the MPL science lab. Here it is in action: Check out this video review by Kottabos! The mod also includes the JU1 Medium Deployable Antenna, a sleek 1.25m relay antenna with 300G power. And its sister, the JW1 Medium Deployable Antenna. This 300G direct antenna is even more compact than the JU1 when retracted. Its lateral-opening design makes it perfectly suited for rovers and small planes. Caution: Do not open while plane is in flight. Why would anyone want this? If you just play with a stock solar system in KSP, you really don't need this antenna (unless you just think it's pretty). It mainly becomes useful if you are running any mods that increase the size of the solar system, in which case the most powerful stock antennas may not reach far enough. For example, the most powerful stock antenna is 100G, and a level-3 tracking station at KSC is 250G, for a maximum range of 158G meters from Kerbin. The farthest object of interest in the stock solar system is Eeloo, which reaches a maximum distance of 127G meters. Therefore, the stock antennas will reach. However, some mods boost the size of the solar system considerably larger than 158G meters. Some examples: Outer Planets: Plock can reach 689G meters Galileo's Planet Pack: Leto can reach 611G meters New Horizons: Vanor can reach 327G meters Outer Planets attempts to deal with this by tweaking tracking station power, giving it a level-4 upgrade. However, this makes everything extremely over-powered for the inner solar system, without really adding any depth to the gameplay. This mod provides a single, very powerful relay antenna that can fill that gap. Compatibility with other mods JX2Antenna currently includes compatibility patches for the following mods: IndicatorLights: Data-transmission indicators, similar to what IndicatorLights adds to all the stock antennas. Outer Planets: Undoes the tracking-station upgrade tweaks that OPM adds to the stock game. (If you don't like that, just delete the relevant .cfg file from the patches sub-folder of this mod after installation.) Galileo's Planet Pack: Undoes the 10x power upgrade that GPP gives to the stock RA-100 and 88-88 antennas when the "largeUnmanned" tech node is unlocked. Grannus Expansion Pack: When the GEP_CommNet extension is installed, works with it to allow higher DSN power if OPM is present. RemoteTech: Makes the antenna work as a RemoteTech antenna, rather than using the stock KSP CommNet. If you want to use this antenna with some other mod, and it needs a compatibility patch, please post here to let us know! Credit where credit is due Much as Snark would love to claim credit for this mod, this is a joint project. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of the hard work (and the design inspiration, and all the artistic talent) came from @steedcrugeon, who produced the model for the part. All Snark did was say "hey, wouldn't it be cool to have a big antenna", and then supplied some config, various patches, and gratuitous nitpicking.
  8. Hey guys, I've been looking around, but can't seem to find anything like this. I love playing with extreme realism, and one thing that is very important in real life is spacecraft attitude for communications. I would like to either find a mod (or if need be, develope one) that requires orienting non-omni antennas toward either the DSN or a relay. I want to require GEO satellites to point their dishes down toward the planet (using PersistentRotation makes this possible). Ideally, if comms are not oriented correctly, the spacecraft would act as if their was a loss of line-of-sight, and have all the limitations that implies. Is there such a mod? I am not an expert modder, but I have done a lot of amateur .cfg editing and tweaking, and I have a rudimentary knowledge of C#, etc. Would this be a difficult mod to create?
  9. Stock Antenna Balance Uses ModuleManager to adjust the range, power usage and other attributes of the stock antennas and how they function with the new CommNet that was added in KSP 1.2. This makes it much more important to use a mix of direct and relay antennas to communicate with Kerbin's Deep Space Network (DSN). License GPL 3.0 Links: SpaceDock / GitHub (downloads & source) Source code: https://github.com/WuphonsReach/KSP-StockAntennaBalance Current effects: Direct-connection antennas are changed so that you usually can't reach back from Jool/Eeloo without relying on a relay network. Stock antennas now have better defined niches. Relay antennas are now equivalent in power (or stronger) then DSN antennas on Kerbin's surface. This makes it possible to disable the extra ground stations on Kerbin's surface in the difficulty options. The drawback is that relay antennas also consume a lot more power when transmitting data and should not be used on science-gathering probes / spacecraft. Relay antennas are also heavier and more expensive and some have constant power draw. The optional contracts will give you guidelines on how much battery capacity you need to operate through Kerbin's shadow. Full details are available at GitHub, including sample network links. Installation: Because this is all done through ModuleManager patches and no new models or assets are included, it doesn't matter where you put the contents of the .zip file as long as it's under GameData/ somewhere. This also means that as long as ModuleManager and ContractConfigurer support the newest KSP versions, then this addon will probably work okay as well. You must have ModuleManager installed (or from GitHub releases), this comes with a lot of other addons, so I'm not including it. Installation of ContractConfigurer is optional, but provides in-game contracts for building out your CommNet. Download one of the releases from GitHub. Extract the .zip file into a folder under your GameData/ directory. Upgraders should delete the old folder before installing the new version. There are no settings that get shared across releases and this prevents problems in case I rename one of the configuration files. Effect on existing games: May cause loss of probe / craft control due to changed CommNet ranges. May cause power issues due to the constant power demand of the relay antennas. Science gathering spacecraft may be unable to send data back home if they only have relay antennas installed (and not enough battery capacity or power generation ability to process and transmit the data). Removal is easy as long as you have not used any of the antennas which were added by this mod, removing this addon's folder under GameData/ will revert your antennas to the stock capabilities. Recommended KSP difficulty settings: These are available in the "Settings / Difficulty Options / Advanced" menu and can be changed at any time in a career save. I'm running with the following values in my current career save: DSN Modifier set to between 0.02 and 0.10 Turn off "Enable Extra Groundstations" Occlusion Modifier, Vac = 1.02 Occlusion Modifirer, Atm = 0.98 If you don't adjust these values, you'll find that the DSN ground stations are often going to take priority over those relay satellites that you lovingly placed into KEO orbits. Change log: https://github.com/WuphonsReach/KSP-StockAntennaBalance/blob/master/CHANGES.md ModuleManager Patches included for these mods: DMagic Orbital Science (Soil Moisture sensor and SIGINT experiments) SXT Continued (Comm DTS-R4, Komm 16)
  10. Hello guys, I have played this game for quite a long time but am still confused with the antenna. I started a new game with single ground station (KSC) and launched 3 relay sats equipped with 2 HG-01 antenna to Kerbin 6-hour orbit (about 2860000m height). The three relays separate from each other with 120 degree difference, so the distance separates the three relays is around 5000000m which is within the max distance of my antenna—8000000m, but the three relays only have extremely weak connection with each other, which confuses me very much. Since the two HG-01 on my relay are pointing in opposite direction, I doubt seriously the antenna pointing direction has something to do with connection (though indicated in Wiki it doesn’t). Say, if considering only one HG-01 antenna of two relays, then the max distance would be 5000000m, which accounts for the weak connection. Am I making some mistakes here? P.S. I don’t think the connection is weaken by Kerbin atmosphere; the line connecting two relays at orbit 2860000m is far from Kerbin atmosphere.
  11. I've just landed a Mobile Processing Lab on the Mun and I've just realized that I forgot to put any antennae on it, I did remember to put a relay satellite in orbit at least. Is there a way for me to add an antenna to the Lab if there are no docking ports?
  12. Last night I decided I should write an application for calculating antenna strength of vessels. I know there is the Google Docs one that many people use, but I wanted an application to do it. Thus was born Kerbal Antenna Kalculator! Click on the plus and minus buttons to add or remove antennas and you will get immediate results in the green area below. The little question mark button in the lower right will open a small window with additional information. This is for Windows. You may need to download and install the .NET Framework v4.5.1 in order to run it. Download (v0.1 for Kerbal Space Program v1.4.5.2243) DOWNLOAD LINK REMOVED UNTIL I FIGURE OUT A SOFTWARE LICENSE TO APPLY TO THIS
  13. Radio Free Kerbin Most Recent Version: v1.2.1 (released 07 Aug 2017) Introduction Are you tired of trying to mount a clunky, old antenna onto your sleek, new spacecraft? Have you been wondering how your intrepid team of kerbonauts is able radio Kouston without one? Are you afraid that the transmitter will be torn off of your plane's fuselage by atmospheric drag? Kerbin's prestigious Avalon Research Instutute has teamed up with Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics to bring your space program a solution! Thanks to recent advances in the science of cramming-big-things-into-tiny-spaces-that-are-way-too-small-for-them, ARI and ISPE have developed a revolutionary method to add data transmission to any crewable command module. Now, your spacecraft can enjoy crystal-clear communication with ground control--without the added bulk. The manufacturers deny allegations that this innovation was developed to clear inventory of a shipment of Communotron 16 antennas that was crushed by a delivery truck. Small chunks of rubber lodged in the product are a normal result of the manufacturing process. Description Radio Free Kerbin adds data transmission capability to all command pods and cockpits. It uses a ModuleManager config to modify the data transmission module to allow transmitting science data for all command parts with a non-zero crew capacity (i.e. not probe cores). Note that the Radio Free Kerbin version numbers are unrelated to the KSP version numbers. Features Feature Status Data transmission for all crewable command parts Complete Remote Tech support Complete AntennaRange support Complete Kerbalism support Complete Antenna specs upgrade with unlocked tech nodes In Progress Antenna specs vary between different pods Cancelled CKAN CKAN is the officially recommended installation method for RadioFreeKerbin! Just search for it, check the box, apply the changes, and voilà. Manual Installation To install RadioFreeKerbin manually, copy the contents of the GameData folder in the download to KSP's GameData folder. If ModuleManager is already installed, you only need to copy over the RadioFreeKerbin folder. GitHub SpaceDock Required RadioFreeKerbin requires ModuleManager and will not function without it. The most recent version of ModuleManager at release time is included in the download, but it is recommended that you download the most recent version of ModuleManager at install time. Supported KSP-AVC is supported (as of v1.0.0) CKAN listing is supported (as of v1.0.1) RemoteTech is supported, courtesy of Deimos Rast (as of v1.1.0) AntennaRange is supported (as of v1.1.0) Kerbalism is supported, courtesy of ShotgunNinja (as of v1.1.1) Issues RadioFreeKerbin undergoes careful testing and review before each release. That said, it is possible that you will encounter bugs or compatibility issues with RadioFreeKerbin. Please open a new issue on GitHub with as much detail as possible and I will attempt to resolve the problem. Suggestions Suggestions for new features or changes to current ones are welcome! Please post any suggestions, comments, or feedback in this thread. License RadioFreeKerbin is released under the terms of the MIT License (also sometimes referred to as the Expat License). Basically, you may use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and sell RadioFreeKerbin as long as you both include the license agreement if you redistribute it and agree not to blame me if it messes something up. Addendum for Clarity It has come to my attention that there is disagreement between many members of the KSP modding community about the role of licenses with regards to redistribution and/or modification, so I would like to clarify my stance on this. I selected the MIT License for RadioFreeKerbin after careful consideration, fully understanding the possible consequences of this choice in the future. I have no illusions that everyone else happens to share my exact same concept of what is required by "courtesy", so I chose a license that reflected exactly how my content may be used. There is absolutely no request or obligation on your part to ask permission before following the terms of the license. This is how permissive licenses have operated successfully in the free and open source software (FOSS) community for decades, and I see no reason to use such licenses with an additional de facto requirement based on arbitrary, unwritten rules of community conduct. I suppose that I would prefer that you notify me if you redistribute my content (simply because I'm curious about what I've made being put into other cool stuff!), but this is neither a requirement nor a weird KSP community "courtesy" thing that people get bent out of shape about. If you choose not to do so (even if it's just because you don't particularly feel like it), that's awesome too and I'm not going to be upset about it; I already told you what you may do in the license agreement, which I chose in part because of its lack of a notification clause! If the license says you can, do it; if not, then don't. It's not rocket science... (or is it? ) Changelog v1.2.1 (07 August 2017) Updated version information to reflect compatibility with KSP 1.3 v1.2.0 (14 October 2016) Added compatibility with the CommNet system in KSP 1.2 Slightly nerfed antenna specs for balance with new antennas in stock pods v1.1.2 (30 July 2016) Changed Kerbalism patch from .txt to .cfg Fixed spelling errors in readme v1.1.1 (29 July 2016) Added Kerbalism support Fixed syntax error in AntennaRange config Removed unnecessary config value from RemoteTech config v1.1.0 (16 July 2016) Added RemoteTech support Added AntennaRange support Removed unneccessary config values that could cause compatibility problems RadioFreeKerbin will no longer attempt to add an antenna if the part has one already v1.0.1 (02 July 2016) Nerfed antenna specs for balance with stock antennas (now same as Communotron 16) Added CKAN support v1.0.0 (29 June 2016) Initial release All base functionality is implemented and has passed early testing.
  14. Hello kind people, I have a question about antenna, relays and power consumption. In my new rebirth game I am about to launch my first satellite contract and just for giggles I thought I'd make it a relay sat. This made me think. The satellite I have built for the contract has a 200 battery, an OKTO, 4 communotrons ( just for looks ) 4 basic solar panels, an oscar-b tank and a spark engine. I was thinking of adding an HG-5. The HG-5 uses 51.4 charge per second when transmitting so in theory my 200 unit satellite could transmit for around 3.9 seconds before zonking out (assuming no input from the panels ) This then left me asking the question - what If I had extra ground stations turned off and I was using relay sats for an actual network and I wanted to transmit data from say eve to the far side of kerbin where the KSC is. This would route through my dinky relay sat. Am I going to lose connection to the KSC after 4 seconds or does the game ignore power requirements on comnet sattelites? I'm well aware that if I had one on a mun station and transmitted data back to Kerbin I'd quickly run out of power if I didn't have sufficient battery life and or solar panels, But that's on a craft that's currently loaded in memory and being fully simulated. So I think my actual question is: Do I need to make sure that my comnet satellites always have enough power to transmit for at least a few minutes at a time or does the game just check for the presence of a relay sat and not worry about power ?
  15. I finded old tool for just RemoteTech. Adding another antennas and bodies not a problem - problem that this tool use 'standard' model, but RO use 'root' model of RT calc.
  16. Recently starting new career saves using CommNet, and found out that no antenna is consuming any EC when i'ts idle. It was a bit strange because I could still control probes and activate various parts at no cost at all. As this is the case for both relay and direct antennas, relay antennas which can handle signals from various sources has no disadvantage of the feature, making direct antenna somewhat less attractive. How about add a module that forces base EC consumption whenever an antenna is deployed? And set those values differently for their target range, actual communication range, type? Then You'll have to spend a lot more time in VAB editor wondering whether the EC generation on current vessel can handle these antennas or not, and direct antennas will be attractive option for more situations.
  17. Hello! I'm in mid-game KSP and currently trying to scan Eve and its lil moon. I've successfully set up network relays around Kerbin and Duna. I just set up a new relay around Eve and got my scanner there. However now suddenly I have no connection. My relays are connected fine, and it looks like my scanner is connected to the relays, but I have no control over them. I'm pretty confused. How can I find out what the issue is. I've taken screenshots to show what I'm talking about but can't figure out how to insert them
  18. What does multihopping mean, exactly? I've seen it on some command pods, and even searched it up on what it means, but nothing really explained to me what it is. So I decided to go here, the forums, to ask this very question. So what does multihopping mean?
  19. Hi, first of all i'm new to the forum Now about my doubt. I made a relay sistem over kerbin consisting on 5 probes all with 2 x HG-5 antennas (that's the best I can afford for now). the relay system works ok, and dns level is 3, so I should cover all kerbin mun and minmus. NOW... it is possible to relay to KSC(level 3 dns) over the range of my 5 probe system? i mean can I launch a probe with the best antenna and relay to ksc even when it's on the other side of the planet, or the antennas have to "see" each others? i'm sorry if I explained myself bad, but not my language
  20. I just came back to KSP after a very long break (since 1.0), and I'm loving the new CommNet mechanics! I just don't understand the Communotron 16S: I can't find any advantage it has over the non-S variant, same range, same energy consumption, same cost. Combined with the downside of not being combinable, I can't see any reason to use it, except for aesthetics. Am I missing something? Thanks for your replies!
  21. I'm trying to send probes to Eve, and am having trouble being able to communicate with my landing probe once I separate from the stage that got me to Eve orbit. The stage that remains in Eve orbit has 2 RA-2 Relay Antennas, and my Kerbin DSN Ground station has bee upgraded to L3. I obviously want to have control over my probes during re-entry, so a big dish is out of the question, but when using a Communotron 16, or even the probe core (a Probodobodyne OKTO), as soon as I separate from the stage that has my relay antennas, I loose all control over the probe. I was expecting that the probe core, either via its internal antenna, or the Communotron 16, would relay via my stage and its RA-2's back to Kerbin, but no. The only antenna that give me any kind of connection is a DTS-M1, and that shows as communicating directly back to Kerbin, rather than through the relay. A DTS-M1 is not going to survive Eve re-entry. I don't think its a range issue, as I loose control of my landing probe as soon as I separate, I have extended antennas, and even tried re-orienting the stage with relays just in case the stage body was occluding the signal from my probe to the relay antenna, but no luck. The KSpedia show a table that gives ranges for different combinations of antennas - Class 0 (Probes) unto class 5, as well as the different upgrade levels of the Kerbin Ground Station, but I can't see in the parts guide what class a particular antenna would be. I am using KSP 1.21.1604 on Mac. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks Paul
  22. In my current play through I got a LVL 2 tracking station. My Mun probe is equipped 6 Communatron 16 antenna's. My Communication satellites in Kerbostationary orbit (3 in total) are each equipped with 2 HG-5 Relay Antenna's as well as 4 cummunatron 16 antenna's. When my Mun Probe is in direct line of sight with KSC (I disabled the additional ground stations) the signal comes through just fine. but once KSC moves away from LOS the probe looses connection. My relay antenna's don't pick up the signal. Am I correct when I say I not only need sufficient sending capabilities on my probes, but that my relay satellites also need more relay antenna's or a more powerful relay Antenna?
  23. So I'm going to Eeloo, I launched my drive stage, launched my crew, docked, and after 30 something minutes of burning I'm now on my way to Eeloo. Only problem is I forgot to put an antenna on because I'm not used to the update (haven't played since 1.1). Is there any way I can cheat to turn off the antenna signals? Or some way to get an antenna on there? I really don't feel like starting all over and I don't really care about cheating at this point.
  24. Not sure if this is a bug or what, but the "HG-5 High Gain Antenna" seems to be no good for contracts Bug or not? I don´t really think its a bug, but i can´t see anything else thats wrong... Edit: Just checked the part´s description. It specifically says it does direct transmissions...
  25. So you wanna learn which antenna is the best,huh? Well take a look at this chart! Part Radial size Cost () Mass (t) Max. Temp. (K) Tolerance (m/s) Tolerance (g) Electricity (⚡/Mit) Net transmission speed (Mits/s) Relaycapable Communotron 16 Tiny 300 0.005 2 000 7 50 6 (20.0 ⚡/s) 3.33 × No Communotron 16-S Tiny 300 0.015 2 000 7 50 6 (20.0 ⚡/s) 3.33 × No Communotron 88-88 Tiny 1 500 0.1 2 000 7 50 10 (200.0 ⚡/s) 20.0 × No Communotron DTS-M1 Radial mounted 900 0.05 2 000 8 50 6 (34.3 ⚡/s) 5.71 × No Communotron HG-55 Radial mounted 1200 0.075 2 000 7 50 6.67 (133.3 ⚡/s) 20.0 × No HG-5 High Gain Antenna Radial mounted 600 0.07 2 000 8 50 9 (51.4 ⚡/s) 5.71 ✓ Yes RA-2 Relay Antenna Radial mounted 1 800 0.15 2 000 8 50 24 (68.6 ⚡/s) 2.86 ✓ Yes RA-15 Relay Antenna Radial mounted 2 400 0.3 2 000 8 50 12 (68.6 ⚡/s) 5.71 ✓ Yes RA-100 Relay Antenna Radial mounted 3 000 0.65 2 000 8 50 6 (68.6 ⚡/s) 11.43 ✓ Yes It shows which antenna is the best,got it? Good! BYE!!!!
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