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Found 6 results

  1. I'm no longer able to link/relay communication systems. In KSP 1, it was possible to extend the reach of my communication network by bouncing the connection off of satellites w/ large radar dishes. Now, if my Tylo lander does not have a ridiculously large radar dish, I won't be able to transmit data down to Kerbin (even though I have satellites with sufficiently large radar dishes in the immediate area). Is this a bug? Intentional?
  2. Radio Free Kerbin Most Recent Version: v1.2.1 (released 07 Aug 2017) Introduction Are you tired of trying to mount a clunky, old antenna onto your sleek, new spacecraft? Have you been wondering how your intrepid team of kerbonauts is able radio Kouston without one? Are you afraid that the transmitter will be torn off of your plane's fuselage by atmospheric drag? Kerbin's prestigious Avalon Research Instutute has teamed up with Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics to bring your space program a solution! Thanks to recent advances in the science of cramming-big-things-into-tiny-spaces-that-are-way-too-small-for-them, ARI and ISPE have developed a revolutionary method to add data transmission to any crewable command module. Now, your spacecraft can enjoy crystal-clear communication with ground control--without the added bulk. The manufacturers deny allegations that this innovation was developed to clear inventory of a shipment of Communotron 16 antennas that was crushed by a delivery truck. Small chunks of rubber lodged in the product are a normal result of the manufacturing process. Description Radio Free Kerbin adds data transmission capability to all command pods and cockpits. It uses a ModuleManager config to modify the data transmission module to allow transmitting science data for all command parts with a non-zero crew capacity (i.e. not probe cores). Note that the Radio Free Kerbin version numbers are unrelated to the KSP version numbers. Features Feature Status Data transmission for all crewable command parts Complete Remote Tech support Complete AntennaRange support Complete Kerbalism support Complete Antenna specs upgrade with unlocked tech nodes In Progress Antenna specs vary between different pods Cancelled CKAN CKAN is the officially recommended installation method for RadioFreeKerbin! Just search for it, check the box, apply the changes, and voilà. Manual Installation To install RadioFreeKerbin manually, copy the contents of the GameData folder in the download to KSP's GameData folder. If ModuleManager is already installed, you only need to copy over the RadioFreeKerbin folder. GitHub SpaceDock Required RadioFreeKerbin requires ModuleManager and will not function without it. The most recent version of ModuleManager at release time is included in the download, but it is recommended that you download the most recent version of ModuleManager at install time. Supported KSP-AVC is supported (as of v1.0.0) CKAN listing is supported (as of v1.0.1) RemoteTech is supported, courtesy of Deimos Rast (as of v1.1.0) AntennaRange is supported (as of v1.1.0) Kerbalism is supported, courtesy of ShotgunNinja (as of v1.1.1) Issues RadioFreeKerbin undergoes careful testing and review before each release. That said, it is possible that you will encounter bugs or compatibility issues with RadioFreeKerbin. Please open a new issue on GitHub with as much detail as possible and I will attempt to resolve the problem. Suggestions Suggestions for new features or changes to current ones are welcome! Please post any suggestions, comments, or feedback in this thread. License RadioFreeKerbin is released under the terms of the MIT License (also sometimes referred to as the Expat License). Basically, you may use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and sell RadioFreeKerbin as long as you both include the license agreement if you redistribute it and agree not to blame me if it messes something up. Addendum for Clarity It has come to my attention that there is disagreement between many members of the KSP modding community about the role of licenses with regards to redistribution and/or modification, so I would like to clarify my stance on this. I selected the MIT License for RadioFreeKerbin after careful consideration, fully understanding the possible consequences of this choice in the future. I have no illusions that everyone else happens to share my exact same concept of what is required by "courtesy", so I chose a license that reflected exactly how my content may be used. There is absolutely no request or obligation on your part to ask permission before following the terms of the license. This is how permissive licenses have operated successfully in the free and open source software (FOSS) community for decades, and I see no reason to use such licenses with an additional de facto requirement based on arbitrary, unwritten rules of community conduct. I suppose that I would prefer that you notify me if you redistribute my content (simply because I'm curious about what I've made being put into other cool stuff!), but this is neither a requirement nor a weird KSP community "courtesy" thing that people get bent out of shape about. If you choose not to do so (even if it's just because you don't particularly feel like it), that's awesome too and I'm not going to be upset about it; I already told you what you may do in the license agreement, which I chose in part because of its lack of a notification clause! If the license says you can, do it; if not, then don't. It's not rocket science... (or is it? ) Changelog v1.2.1 (07 August 2017) Updated version information to reflect compatibility with KSP 1.3 v1.2.0 (14 October 2016) Added compatibility with the CommNet system in KSP 1.2 Slightly nerfed antenna specs for balance with new antennas in stock pods v1.1.2 (30 July 2016) Changed Kerbalism patch from .txt to .cfg Fixed spelling errors in readme v1.1.1 (29 July 2016) Added Kerbalism support Fixed syntax error in AntennaRange config Removed unnecessary config value from RemoteTech config v1.1.0 (16 July 2016) Added RemoteTech support Added AntennaRange support Removed unneccessary config values that could cause compatibility problems RadioFreeKerbin will no longer attempt to add an antenna if the part has one already v1.0.1 (02 July 2016) Nerfed antenna specs for balance with stock antennas (now same as Communotron 16) Added CKAN support v1.0.0 (29 June 2016) Initial release All base functionality is implemented and has passed early testing.
  3. This is my first time playing career mode, and I'm wondering if I bring two of the same experiment and transmit both, will I get the same amount of science that I would get if I recovered one experiment. Or would I have to send another mission to recover the other half of the science. I'm planning a lunar fly by and I just need to know.
  4. I've been told it's impossible to transmit data into the nearest blackhole, at some 3000 light years distance. Laser diffraction, and sheer distance; - I've been told - make this impossible. Would anyone care to theorise how it could be done, using existing technology- satellite, radio telescopes, or ideally via light? This is a live project Thanks in advance Jon
  5. Hello Guys, can anybody tell me why my Science-Lab-Base on Mun can't get a connection to my Mun-Relays? I have 3 Relays with an AP/PE of 3.5M km in inclinations of 90° so they form a kind of "sphere". But as you can see in the picture, the relays connect to each other, other relays in Orbit of Kerbin and Kerbin itself. Just not with my Lab on Mun. I am pretty sure the problem doesn't result from missing elektronic charge because even when the sun shines on my base and panels generate charge + full batteries I cant transmit my science. Because of that I am not able to transmit science from a lab on Minmus too. I could fly an unmanned probe there, transmitting data even worked once! but suddenly there is no more connection. Now my scientist stacked up 600+ science at the lab. Transmitting that amount would eat through my batteries at half way so is there a way to transmit the science part by part? Maybe I just don't understand the logic behind relays though, KSP mechanics can be confusing sometimes... Here a screenshot of the situation https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33155557/DSC_0006.jpg.html
  6. Is there a mod that gives Kerbals on EVA an antenna to transmit science back to their vessel? If not, I think it would be great to make something like this with a very short antenna range. Thoughts? Ideas?
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