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  1. Couldn't find this topic anywhere else, if I missed it, please link me to it. EVA on planet surface can be problematic when the vehicle I'm leaving decides to turn it's brakes off as soon as I enter or leave. (Obviously a bigger problem leaving, since I can't react as quickly.) Is there a reason for this? Nothing worse than having something on a slope with wheeled landing gear start rolling away, or over my Kerbal the second I drop my rover, or EVA.
  2. I'm not liking that a quick look around with the mouse causes a frame of reference change for jet pack controls. Controls staying with Kerbal, not camera, is simpler and expected behavior.
  3. AirlockPlus v.0.0.11 @ 2019-06-02 Localizations available 中文 ・ 日本語 ・ español ・ русский ・ français ・ Deutsch ・ italiano ・ português (Brasil) Functionality AirlockPlus allows the use of any airlock on a vessel in conjunction with any crew part on the vessel: A kerbal on EVA can use any airlock to board any part of the vessel, not just the part that the airlock is attached to. A kerbal in any part of the vessel can go EVA using any airlock on the vessel, not just the airlock(s) on the part that they currently occupy. All of this happens seamlessly -- no need to manually transfer kerbals between parts. Works even if the airlock part is already full of other kerbals. With this mod, it becomes possible to use crew cabins that don't have airlocks, and airlock parts that don't have any crew capacity of their own. Boarding When an EVA kerbal is at an airlock, in addition to the usual command of "[В] Board", you are also presented with these options: Auto boarding: [Shift+B] Board into any available part -- even if the airlock part is full, the kerbal will be able get on board as long as there are seats available elsewhere on board the vessel. No guarantees on which seat s/he will end up in, though. Manual boarding: [Ctrl+B] Select part to board into -- this emulates the stock crew transfer behavior: you get to click on the part you want the kerbal to go into, even if it is not the same as the airlock part. Use this if you want more control over specifically where the kerbal ends up. Alighting Clicking on an airlock ("Crew Hatch") in stock KSP opens a dialog box that lists only the kerbals in the airlock part. With AirlockPlus, you can hold down the modifier key while clicking on an airlock (i.e. Alt+Click on Windows; Opt+Click on Mac). This will instead list all kerbals in the vessel, allowing you to take them on EVA from the selected airlock. If you have Community Trait Icons installed, AirlockPlus will display an icon next to each kerbal's name to indicate their crew type (i.e. pilot, engineer, scientist or tourist). The stock crew hatch dialog box is also augmented with these icons. Notes Boarding Respects keyindings in your game settings if you've bound the "Board" command to a different key other than "B". "Shift" and "Control" keys are bound by default to EVA RCS controls, so you should grab the airlock and turn off RCS first. [Shift+B] / [Ctrl+B] may sometimes be possible even when [В] isn't. This means AirlockPlus trigger detection is more lenient than stock. I'm not complaining... =Þ Just like stock crew transfer behavior, the manual boarding option will lock all other controls besides the camera, until you have selected a valid destination, or cancelled boarding by pressing [Escape]. Manual boarding mode will automatically terminate and return control to player if the kerbal drifts away from the airlock while waiting for the player to select a destination part. Boarding works for the Inflatable Airlock from Making History DLC even when not deployed. This is not intended and may be fixed in a future version. Alighting There may be a split second delay before AirlockPlus replaces the stock airlock interface. This is normal, nothing to worry about. Mod Compatibility This is not an exhaustive list. It only covers mods that have been selected for testing due to concerns about potential interactions. Interoperable mods Tested and known to play well together with these mods without conflict. Community Trait Icons Optional dependency used by AirlockPlus to display crew type icons next to kerbal names. Connected Living Space Supported. If CLS is installed, instead of being able to board/alight to/from any part of the craft, you will be limited to those parts that are connected to the airlock according to CLS rules. EasyBoard Excellent synergy: EasyBoard can be used to assist in grabbing on to airlocks/ladders before using AirlockPlus to board the vessel. Kerbal Crew Manifest No conflicts. Kerbal Inventory System Crew inventories are correctly preserved when boarding/alighting using AirlockPlus features. Ship Manifest No conflicts. Download v0.0.11 for KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Requires Harmony (v1.2.0.1 included in download) Requires Module Manager (please obtain separately) Community Trait Icons is strongly recommended Localizations available: 中文 ・ 日本語 ・ español ・ русский ・ français ・ Deutsch ・ italiano ・ português (Brasil) Installing Delete older version, if any. Keep your existing Settings.cfg to have your existing settings migrated to the new version. Download and place contents of GameData into your installation's GameData folder. (Optional) Download and place localization file(s) for additional languages(s) in AirlockPlus folder, if desired. (Recommended) Obtain and install updated copy of Community Trait Icons if you want crew type icons next to kerbal names Ensure you have appropriate version of Module Manager installed for your KSP version. Support All support requests must be accompanied by full logs. CKAN users are requested to reproduce reported issues using a manual install. License AirlockPlus source code, compiled binaries, and configuration files are © cake>pie Localizations are released under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. You may make and distribute media (e.g. screenshots, gameplay videos, etc.) that portray AirlockPlus in use. You may monetize such media; if you do, a mention and link here would be much appreciated. This software is provided "as-is", without warranty of any kind. The author/maintainer is under no obligation to provide maintenance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications. For mod updating in the absence of the author/maintainer: see here for details. All other rights are reserved. Acknowledgements The following people contributed to localizations: 中文: Summerfirefly 日本語: EBOSHI русский: KerbOrbiter, Teilnehmer español: GonDragon français: Rezza Goan Deutsch: Nils277 italiano: Simog português (Brasil): Spricigo Changelog v 0.0.11 2019-06-02 add Harmony dependency replace many horrible ugly brittle hacks with safer patch-based approaches spawning EVA now uses patches on FlightEVA to feed correct data to hatch obstruction tests instead of tampering with passed arguments fix spurious results from FlightEVA.hatchInsideFairing being fed wrong information due to stock limitations fix strange positioning/orientation behavior of spawned kerbal probably caused by tampered data in passed arguments patch KerbalEVA to disable stock command hints during manual boarding instead of brute force removal at every frame patch KerbalEVA to safely disable stock boarding when auto boarding encounters full vessel instead of outright disabling of KerbalEVA patch CrewHatchDialog postfix to provide notifications when the dialog is ready/terminated discard hacks for checking if CrewHatchDialog populated and ready for hijack/augment rework timeout logic for matching airlock mod+click input handling to stock CrewHatchDialog spawning better cleanup when hijacked CrewHatchDialog is closed instead of only when EVA button pressed add crew type icons to stock crew hatch dialog when spawned via crew transfer PAW action rather than clicking airlock v 2019-05-10 pre-release of v 0.0.11 v 0.0.10 2019-04-24 fix a bug related to input locking fix issue caused by ExperienceTrait.TypeName being localized fix kerbals in external seats being included in CrewHatchDialog fix inactive/unconscious kerbals being listed in CrewHatchDialog fix Connected Living Space AllowUnrestrictedTransfers setting not being respected new approach for closing CrewHatchDialog on EVA button pressed settings file: generated new if absent, migrate from old version if present new setting: allow boarding screen messages to be turned off new setting: allow Connected Living Space integration to be turned off minor localization tweaks for: Russian, Spanish, Chinese new languages: French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese optimization, code gardening and updating for API changes v 0.0.9 2017-06-25 new approach for checking if crew hatch dialog is ready for hijack add support for Community Trait Icons (CTI required) show crew type icons next to names when alighting (CTI required) add crew type icons to stock crew hatch dialog perfectionistic layout tweaking v 0.0.8 2017-06-06 fix spurious results from FlightEVA.HatchIsObstructed handle more corner cases when things go kaboom optimization / code gardening localization updates for: Japanese, Russian v 0.0.7 2017-06-02 add support for Connected Living Space handle corner cases when things go kaboom while waiting for player input manual boarding copes with unexpected changes to vessel while awaiting part selection alighting not possible if the vessel breaks apart while dialog box is open, causing the airlock part and the part containing the crew member to be separated alighting not possible with kerbal who died or passed out localization updates for: Chinese, Spanish v 0.0.6 2017-05-26 localization support added recompiled for KSP 1.3 v 0.0.5 2017-05-22 now checks for EVA prohibitions due to Astronaut Complex level / Tourist type fix alighting features not being available when the active vessel lacks control stock "command hint" messages (e.g. "[В] Board") no longer show when in manual boarding mode pre-emptive changes to keyboard input handling for 1.3 compatibility fix my shameful missing break statement v 0.0.4 2017-05-17 new feature: kerbals from any part can exit to EVA using any airlock green highlighting of parts on mouseover should now be properly disabled when manual boarding is used, and restored properly afterwards v 0.0.3 2017-05-12 much better solution for keeping our command hints displayed switch from Input.GetKey to Input.GetKeyUp to prevent spam-calling boarding functions when key is held down prevent stock boarding from being registered alongside auto boarding, which causes "spurious" stock "Cannot board a full module" message appearing alongside our auto boarding "Cannot board a full vessel" v 0.0.2 2017-05-07 respect EVA boarding keybinding from game settings functionality will now be disabled when in map view turn off stock CrewHatchController UI properly when in manual boarding mode fix my stupid NRE caused by Mouse.HoveredPart being null upon mouseout in manual boarding mode v 0.0.1 2017-05-06 initial dev release compiled for KSP 1.2.2
  4. KSP: Windows 11 home (10.0.22000) i7 12700, Nvidia 3080 12GB (studi driver 528.24) No mods After landing at Duna I stepped out to EVA and planted a flag. When I returned to the vessel the UI that tells you to press F and B appeared but I couldn't grab the ladder or board, I took the second kerbal to EVA but didn't let go of the capsule ladder, but still couldn't board. Quickloading doesn't help. After restarting KSP 2 I can grab the ladder and board, that is until I plant the flag again and the problem returns. On the 3rd restart i can't recreate the problem.
  5. this bugrep is for [v0.] On EVA, we can all see Valentina holding her jetpack (MMU? or rather KMU - Kerbaled Maneuvering Unit would be a better name in Kerbal traditions) controls but the status in UI clearly says "jetpack off", the status changes upon any directional control and then UI works as supposed to... Oh yeah, and one can "plant flag" on spaceship surface - the animation of sticking a flag plays but flag is not there. This requires a distinction of surfaces - so that flags are not planted on Eve and Kerbin's oceans, spacecraft etc.
  6. when a kerbal goes on eva, the command pod it exits spontaneously decides it no longer wishes to exist and explodes
  7. KSP Version Operating System Windows 11 ( 22621.1265 - Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0) CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8-Core Processor 3.40 GHz GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB ASUS RAM 32GB Description of the bug I couldn't get the kerbals out of the capsule. Under no circumstances. I would click on the green (EVA) icon in the upper right corner and nothing would happen (except for some rapidly changing writing in the upper left corner) Steps to Replicate I couldn't replicate Fixes: I was only able to EVA after deleting the AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games folder and repair files on steam. Attention! This will erase your campaign, your saves and your settings.
  8. Whatever I try It seems I can't get from external hatch, to the ladder below... :-(
  9. System Info KSP Version: KSP2 Build ID 10624168 Operating System and version: Windows 11 / Version 22H2 CPU and GPU models: AMD 5800X / NVIDIA RTX 3700 / 32GB RAM Mods Installed: None Description of the Bug Expected Behavior: Kerbal Jetpack should not be affected by non-static camera views such as chase Observed Behavior: Kerbal Jetpack is affected by chase view position which creates a feedback loop between the orientation of the kerbal and the orientation of the camera causing an uncontrolled spin. Steps to Replicate: EVA on orbit Switch to chase camera mode Rotate camera off center Give the kerbal a nudge (pitch/roll/yaw) to start the feedback loop Fixes / Workarounds: Don't use chase mode on EVA (unfortunate because chase mode is really useful with the new ability to rotate your kerbal in EVA) Recording of behavior: https://imgur.com/a/am455Mn
  10. Simple question: are EVA construction mechanics included in EA at launch? [snip] I'm fairly certain EVA construction will not be included in EA at launch. Have not heard even a whisper of this.
  11. I feel like I suggested this once before, but I can't find the thread. Anyway, with Kerbals getting parachutes, I feel it is time to revisit the idea! The basic idea is to give the player backpack options for the Kerbals, so you choose whichever backpack type suits you. The default backpack is the EVA pack, and if you change the backpack for a given seat on your craft, it will save that setting with the craft. Perhaps you could store extra backpacks in the command module and switch while on mission, with each command module having its own backpack storage limit. EVA Pack: The vanilla backpack. It's excellent for maneuvering in low or zero-G, and can be used to easily fly on the Mun or any body with similar or lower gravity. Comes with a hose that can connect to another EVA pack or a fuel tank to transfer monopropellant. Parachute: Exactly what has now been given to all Kerbals. With my idea, it's an option which carries an opportunity cost. Excellent for a Kerbin or Laythe landing, might even be strong enough to survive a landing on Duna. Jetpack: Much higher thrust than EVA pack, but only provides thrust in one direction and it has lower total dV, meaning the burn time is much shorter. You can use it to travel upwards pretty fast even on Kerbin, and it is strong enough to lift Kerbals on Eve. Despite having thrust in only one direction, the user can twist their body to affect their heading slightly. Comes with a hose that can connect to another jetpack or fuel tank to transfer liquid fuel and/or oxidizer. Storage Pack: It's a backpack for holding things. This would go well with Kerbal Attachment System if it were made stock. Various small items could be placed inside and carried around by the Kerbal to be deployed later. Could be interesting if engineers were given some various tools to use. Comms Array: A medium-range radio transmitter with antenna and battery pack which can be used to relay science reports. Comes with a cord that can connect to another comms array or battery to transfer electric charge. Just for fun: Wingsuit: A folded pair of glider wings which can be extended while falling to enable the Kerbal to do impressive aerial stunts. Also comes with a tiny one-use solid rocket which can be used either to lift the Kerbal off the ground initially or to get a temporary speed boost while in mid-air.
  12. Do I need a specific type of Kerbit (I'm not sure if that's the name of the green character things)? Because when I was on the moon I EVAed and right clicked my pilot but there was no option for it. Or do I need some dlc for it?
  13. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon, where you begin firing the jetpack while on the surface of a body like The Mun or Minmus, and your Kerbal sticks to the ground for a second before flying up? Is it something to do with the new surface textures? EVA Jetpack sticking Another seemingly related issue is that the EVA Jetpack will not fire if you are moving forward--you must release the 'W' key and then activate the jetpack. In the video, I am trying to activate the jetpack to no avail while running forward. I do run with mods but I also was able to reproduce these issues with all mods removed.
  14. EVA Info Pane v0.0.2 @ 2019-05-07 This mod is in a prototype stage. It currently only has very barebones functionality and may be somewhat buggy. It is nonetheless being offered for download as a pre-release as it may be of use even in its current embryonic state. The final product will obviously be much more polished and configurable. Please do not bother me with feature requests at this time. I have already planned this out mod thoroughly and have 3 pages of design notes to work through and implement. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Acknowledgements Thanks to @xEvilReeperx for assistance with a crucial technical gotcha. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ License All rights reserved ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Download EVA Info Pane v0.0.2 for KSP 1.7.x (probably backward compatible, I haven't checked) Dependencies: Community Trait Icons is required and must be obtained separately. Installation: Delete older version, if any. Place contents of GameData into your installation's GameData folder. Source: GitHub Changelog: v0.0.2 ~ 2019-05-07 ~ KSP 1.7.x Prototype v0.0.1 ~ 2019-05-01 ~ KSP 1.7.x Prototype
  15. I came across an odd event last night and wanted to see if anyone else has seen it. I believe this was the first EVA since starting 1.11.2; I had a kerbanaut run out of monoprop only moments after starting EVA. I restored and tried again, and this time checked the monoprop level immediately after sending her out. The resource showed only 0.26 units, instead of the usual 5. Boarding and returning to EVA didn't change the amount of monoprop in the pack - I had to change out her EVA pack with another kerbanaut on board. I confirmed that there was plenty of monoprop available for the entire ship, including the Lander Can that she was exiting from, as well as electrical power. And as I recall, using the new pack, when I had her board (after jetting around a bit) and exit again, the monoprop resource showed it was full again (5.00 units). My impression was that EVA packs refill the moment the kerbanaut boards the vessel. Am I wrong? Or did this just change with 1.11.2 and I can't find it in the notes?
  16. I place a probe core, antenna, and solar panel on an upper stage with fuel in orbit to deorbit it but i can't control it. I don't know if any of my mods would affect this im wondering if anyone has the same issue, the probe reads "no telemetry"
  17. I have a Munbase and a lander next to it, i need to remove a fuel line from the base and install it between 2 part on the lander My engineer has done EVA construction in this mission and it used to work, but since i loaded back into that mission today, when i press "i" i go in construction mode but i cannot change from "place" mode to "move" or "rotate" i click the button to change mode and it does blink and refuse to be activated, i am stuck in "place" mode (since my ship has no extra fuel line in storage i NEED to reuse the ones on the base , this is what EVA construction is for, i dont want to send an an entire mission out for one fuel line)
  18. Link to logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DcPnmDxYbb9xG9BTki_IiXL6GfNCsuQ1?usp=sharing (You will want to go to the 01/17 - 17/01 for you non Americans - folder) When I try to EVA my crew I get a B9 part switcher warning immediately and my poor kerbal is destroyed along with my aircraft. I also dont switch perspectives and I am still controlling what's left of the craft. I am not even sure if my kerbals are truly "dead" as their portrait is still there but staticy like they had just come back. I did have a successful EVA earlier in my play through so I will roll back my mods to see if I can tease out what the issue is but I am still new at kerbal crash logs so if one of you gents/gals/persons is free and willing to give it a glace for me I would apricate it. I tried to make the log playthrough as straightforward as possible and get right to the bug and alt-f4 out when it did its damage. The only other things might be me before hand is recovering my vessel and trying a different one to see if that helped. But that might have been the the previous play through. I will post back here if anything develops. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions.
  19. Hey everyone, just a little bug i found: i landed on the mun and went on an EVA, but both my kerbals won't stop sliding, even after switching to a vessel in mun orbit. it seems as if the game thinks they are in orbit/ doesnt realise they landed? one of them even has his arms straight out like he is floating in space... i clipped it for you, as you can see they also go straight through landing legs and whatever i do i cant control it. i already reverted and after dinner im going to try again. Any help preventing this would be great!! EDIT: this is version 1.10.1, i recently reverted the game update 1.11 via the beta's menu in steam. no mods were recently updated so i dont think that it is a mod issue. this is my first mun landing since the revert. everything else seems to work great.... as long as i stay above the ground using the EVA jetpack all is working fine. but once i touch the ground im stuck to the ground and sliding EDIT #2: reverting to a savegame before landing didn't help... Thanks , parpar78
  20. I am really enjoying the new EVA construction tools. I started a new campaign and just came back from two missions using the new EVA abilities. a mission to add Parachutes to my Minmus lander (I forgot to add parachutes during initial construction) allowing me to complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-Minmus quest objective and, another mission to add Batteries, Solar Panels, and Baguettes to a Mun lander so it could fly back to Kerbin and complete the land-back-on-kerbin-with-a-vessel-that-landed-on-The Mun quest objective. I really enjoyed both missions and I find the new EVA construction really neat and fun and useful. However, I ran into a few bugs/issues that were frustrating: You have to park really close to do the ship-to-ship construction (which is fine (but difficult without docking ports)). When I parked my Engineer on the ladder of either craft, it seemed like he added random impulses to the craft making it impossible to steer them next together and stay stationary. (was his jetpack helping with RCA to stabilize or something?—if so, can it not?) Therefore, I had to float freely to do the construction, this made it challenging to place the pieces where I wanted (which is fine and expected) but I miss-clicked with a solar panel and it got placed randomly in space next to the craft and gave the craft a huge impulse in a random direction. So, you know, thanks!
  21. EasyBoard For KSP 1.8.x - 1.10.x Easy way to board a vessel! Description EasyBoard simplifies boarding a vessel for kerbals. The board key "B" and the grab ladder key "F" work as a toggle. When "B" pressed in EVA your kerbal will wait until you take him to any crew cabin or command seat. Once airlock or command seat reached your kerbal will automatically go in. Additional features: 1. Skipping debris and flags when you switching vessels with " [ " and " ] " keys. If you really need to switch to debris - hold Mod(Alt) key additionally. 2. Fixed camera jump-away-effect when boarding vessel. 3. "Herd Instinct" - mass kerbals intentions. Hotkeys: RightCtrl+B and RightCtrl+F. All kerbals will be ordered to board any vessel / grab any ladder. How to use 0. Go to EVA with any kerbal, take a small stroll. 1. Press "B" using keyboard. You will get the notification "<kerbal name> wants to board". And/or press "F" key - you will get the message "<kerbal name> wants to grab a ladder". 2. Take kerbal closer to airlock or command seat (or to ladder to grab it). 3. Go back to forum thread and like this post. Done. Short video demonstration Сollecting kerbals Download SpaceDock GitHub Also mod is available in CKAN Source code GitHub Licence GPLv3 Change log Please see the GitHub releases page
  22. My friend wanted me to do this because it was a really cool visor, but this is NOT MINE. The original idea and image is from a old old forum, and i'm just reposting it for new players. Steps: Download the mod TextureReplacer. I suggest you do this with CKAN. Then, once the TextureReplacer mod is in GameData, open it. Then go to default, and open it. Paste the image below into Default, and enjoy the results. GameData<TextureReplacer<Default. If something went wrong let me know and i'll try to help you fix it. Image:
  23. hi, hi have a problem with KSP version 1.10, with these mod installed: extraplanetary launchpad kas Kerbal engineer redux darkMultiplayer kerbalism KIS mechjeb2 planetary base and now when i exit to perform a EVA the kerbal has no monopropellant in the EVA tank. could it be a feature of one of these mod that i oversaw while i was installing them or is it a bug?
  24. PS4, Radial preset, in career mode. For context to give some idea where I am: n00b, maybe a month-2 months in (they're still reviewing my posts I'm so new, ha), having a blast - flags all over the Mun and Minmus, one unmanned rocket currently stuck around Duna (in accidentally polar orbit, probably enough fuel, and ferreting out how to get back). So I'm on a mission that requires a surface sample from 3 locations on the Munar surface (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), being quite new to this still I don't yet have a rover and not yet dialed in on landing at a desired spot, so on a mission like this I'm on foot (from various too-far distances like 7 km, 4 km, etc.). I have seen this every time, reproducible 100% for me. Upon returning to my lander each time so far (4 attempts), I find the lander has left the surface and is slowly tumbling and floating up and away (straight up) at .2 m/s. On 2 of the occasions I had enough MP left to get up to the lander, grab on, board, etc., however nothing affects it in any way, 100% thrust does nothing, it seems to be 'outside of physics' at that point, and I'm wondering if I've just gotten far enough away from my lander (or away too long? Maybe time is a factor?) that it maybe behaves the same way spent stages do when they get far enough away, which I've read means physics are no longer applied to an object beyond some x distance away. No screenshot handy but it's just a lander floating upside down 20 or so meters off the surface. No human is apt to attempt to reproduce this but am checking to see if anyone else has run into this - it's obviously a bug, and I'm at the point where I am not sure if I should keep trying to land closer to see if it's the distance or if I should skip it and move on. Overall I am enjoying this immensely (perfect quarantine filler!), some platform-specific idiosyncrasies aside I think they've done a beautiful job porting the controls over. Porting a keyboard to a PS4 controller can't be an easy thing to do.
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