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Found 8 results

  1. Couldn't find this topic anywhere else, if I missed it, please link me to it. EVA on planet surface can be problematic when the vehicle I'm leaving decides to turn it's brakes off as soon as I enter or leave. (Obviously a bigger problem leaving, since I can't react as quickly.) Is there a reason for this? Nothing worse than having something on a slope with wheeled landing gear start rolling away, or over my Kerbal the second I drop my rover, or EVA.
  2. Way back in the mists of time, you used to be able to lock the brakes of a craft on by double tapping the "brake" key. At some point that ability seems to have been lost, and it's finally annoyed me enough to do something about it. What does it do? Quite simple - double tap your "brake" key and the brakes will lock on, as if you'd clicked the button. No pics/no clicks? - don't care, there is nothing to show you. Download: Github Source (literally two lines of code, so I will just paste it here): using UnityEngine; namespace DoubleTapBrakes { [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.Flight, false)] public class DoubleTapBrakes : MonoBehaviour { KeyBinding brakeKey; private void Start() { brakeKey = GameSettings.BRAKES; } private void Update() { if (brakeKey.GetDoubleTapUp(false)) FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.ActionGroups.SetGroup(KSPActionGroup.Brakes, true); } } } License: MIT
  3. SafeBrakes 1.1.6 Save your airbrakes on reentry. FEATURES You can activate the brakes by pressing the modifier key and brakes simultaneously (alt+b by default on Windows). When activated, the anti lock system (ABS) temporarily deactivates the brakes to avoid drifting and crashing onto the runway during landing. The anti-overheat system (SAB) deactivates the brakes to prevent the airbrakes from overheating and reactivates them when they are cooled down. INSTALLATION Download the mod from Spacedock, GitHub or CKAN CHANGELOG Mod licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  4. In order to improve my chances of recovering upper-stage boosters that drop off either in the latter stages of launch or just before re-entry, I would like to add a couple of air-brakes that deploy when I stage the component. I have not yet figured out how to do that with the stock action groups - when I add the air-brakes to the "Stage" group, they activate at each staging, which is not what I want. Is there an addon that allows actions other than firing a separator, firing a rocket, or arming a parachute, as part of the staging system?
  5. So I just started down the tech tree and got to planes. I decided to create a car to run around the main complex and gather science like I saw a guy doing on a YouTube video. I have the first set of plane science with the starter wheels. I created a car with science gear, a rocket cockpit, small engine, and the starter wheels. The car will not stay in one place. It rolls down hill when I launch. I apply the brakes from the brake group and nothing happens, the car continues to roll. So I fired up the engine and started down the runway then killed the engine and tried the brakes again. No joy. I looked at the specs and that first set of wheels are supposed to have 2km brakes. What am I doing wrong?
  6. We've all done it, we're loading up a vessel on the runway and we get called away so we leave the game. When we come back, our plane is either in the field off the runway, down near the end, or worse, in the water, sometimes with broken parts. So my suggestion, add a button that lets you deploy the brakes in the hanger, or change the default to brakes are deployed upon loading. And I know you can just undeploy the wheels in the hanger and the plane would sit still, but I've had stuff break a few times when making the plane stand up from the ground. Also, there's a chance the kraken could strike and make the plane bounce 25 feet into the air before falling on it's side and destroying a wing.
  7. Hi all, Got a problem. I have a simple plane/shuttle I use in early career for fulfilling basic tourist contracts. It works fine, but when I land it, I hit the brakes and it starts to slow down just fine, then suddenly will veer one way or the other and do a "power slide" turning a full 360 sometimes before stopping - like something straight out of an action movie. Of course sometimes this also involves wings or engines slamming into the ground, but Jeb don't care, he likes style points apparently. I added a couple of drogue chutes to the back of the plane to stop this from happening, but as this is a tier 1 plane/SPH, every part counts, and I'd rather have a couple of solar panels instead. I've tried altering my gear placement, setting the rear gear to 200 drag and the front to 50, disabling steering on the rear or both gears, nothing seems to help. Anybody else have this issue and found a way to fix it? Here's a link to a few pictures, any help would be appreciated. http://imgur.com/a/4Y55u
  8. The Frilled Lizard: The Frilled Lizard or P7-250 is a plane that uses A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S to make a frill. It flies like any good plane, but can't land in water. Sometimes you need to be careful, because sometimes it doesn't brake. It isn't the best plane but it flies. It's got a little horn on the front of the cockpit. {I can't do a download}. I quite like it, but it can go hypersonic quickly.
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