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  1. The game is not fun right now. It's that simple. It's nothing to do with you guys, I just don't want to mod a game I'm not playing.
  2. There's your issue. Bureaucracy only fires the budget advancement events every 1 in-game day, and that timer is reset on a scene-change - you don't lose out as it does catch up from the last time the event fired. Technically this is working as intended. There are probably things I can do to make that a bit friendlier though, like exposing the polling interval in the settings, or catch up on a scene change. (If memory serves there is a reason it's not doing it on the scene change but I don't remember what it is). Raised #28
  3. Are you by any chance changing scenes before a full in-game day has passed? Same question @Pippin (Also side note: Gaming on Noveau drivers and pushing it with Visual mods? You're very brave!) No, but it might come in future. I prefer KAC myself, so you may find next time I get motivated to play I decide to change it back. No promises obviously.
  4. Nah, I'm pretty much retired from KSP1 modding at this time. I did glance at it and decided I hated the way it was written and wanted to re-write it, but motivation fell away when I stopped playing KSP
  5. I've just pushed the changes to Github. Basically - because the funding allocations are stored as floats - which isn't very UI friendly, I was storing the UI allocation settings separately in an int then updating the managers. The default allocations in UIController were overriding the settings. It was a bit of a stupid/convoluted way to do it anyway (as allocations were being held in two places) - so I changed it to pull the allocations out of the Managers themselves, but round it instead.
  6. Can you put the log in a file rather than pasting it as a quote - it messes up the forum for mobile users and makes it easier for me to search for what I'm looking for in my text editor. You can upload the log to DropBox/Google Drive etc and send me the link.
  7. Bureaucracy 1.6.1 Released Fix Allocation Settings not persisting between scene changes
  8. Bureaucracy 1.6 Released Bureaucracy will now yield control of the science system back to Kerbalism when not running in a Career game. Fixed an issue where Bureaucracy would incorrectly believe the time to be Y1D1 the first time it is used in a save, even if it was an existing save. Added setting to turn off Messages (SuppressMessages) (bool). Settings version updated to 1.6. Previous version - upgrading from a version of Bureaucracy prior to will result in settings being reset to defaults. Barring any major issues being found this will be the last release of Bureaucracy. I'd like to thank you all for your support over the last 7 years.
  9. I'd rather rip my own eyeballs out with a rusty spoon.
  10. You're using the old file structure. SpaceWarp and all your mods now go in <KSPDir>/BepInEx/plugins. Should look a little something like this (in my example KSP2 ModDev is the root directory of KSP2)
  11. Significant. On the same hardware (i5-9400, RTX 2060 for reference) I'm getting 30FPS (ish) on Windows, and a grand total of 4 on Proton (GE-50 but Experimental is no different)
  12. How the... how has this got 3 years in with nobody pointing this out. It definitely does need fixing - mod should not be running in other modes and that's going to cause issues down the line (at the very least it's performance overhead you don't need). luckily it's a one line fix. Thanks for bringing it up. Fixed in dev, WIll hold off on a release in case anything else comes up first.
  13. Because Discord is terrible for this kind of reporting. If you're not on Discord at the right time, you either miss it or have to wade through hundreds of messages to find it. God forbid you want to go back and review what bugs have been reported later. Forums are pretty good at this, you can review the bug report subforum at your leisure. There's also the issue of search engine indexing. Issues reported on the forum will be indexed by search engines and anyone googling their problem will find it (and hopefully any workarounds people have found).
  14. I'm doing a final pass of mods before I close up shop on KSP1 modding. As a rule I'm restricting this to bugfixes, but I'm making an exception with PAWS because I plan to give it a bigger performance/UI pass. Are these still wanted? (Last orders please!)
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