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  1. @JTheDocPretty sure the issue is that only a very few of the OPT cockpits have IVAs made. IIRC, none of the crew or other parts (which would be attached to any cocpits that have iVAs,... actually *have* IVAs. The OPT parts that DO have IVAs, are kind of a hot mess, anyway.
  2. @Stratickus If not the original OP's, & not Jade's, mebbe it was mine? vOv https://github.com/StoneBlue/KSPLanguageforNotePad--
  3. Awww... man... seems this last working version of Kerbal Maps is no longer working
  4. Yeahhh... Its a bit complicated optimizing the ALCOR pod model, and I was running into issues with FreeIVA support, so I've been waiting for JonnyOThan to get to a moar complete state on FreeIVA, as well as his changes to ASET Props, and possibly other stuff. With Summer here, my KSP time is also severly limited, so there's that too...
  5. RPM has two external camera parts included, so you dont *need* other mods specifically for camera parts. Theyre located here, and they re-use a stock RCS model & Ant/Spider engine, respectively (so you now what they look lie in the Editor): GameData\JSI\RasterPropMonitor\Library\Parts\ExternalCameraPart\
  6. Yeah... Even if not finished, if theres at least enough thats playable, it would be nice to get a release, and not let this just fade away to nothing Thoughts, @Kartoffelkuchen?
  7. why *three* seperate mods/downloads, tho??
  8. @John Adler Here you go (no guarantees it still works. Tho it *should*, as its just a simple .cfg file. Depends on if anything got changed with the TAC dll itself): TAC Life Support- Mining v1
  9. @NippyFlippers could you post a link to your blend & cfg files? PM me if you dont want to make them public
  10. oh!.. not related, but you cant have the stock seat meshes included *in* your model... its against licensing to redistribute them. It is possible to add a second MODEL{} to your cfg, referencing the URL for the stock seat model, and defining a Loc/Rot/Scale placement, or offset, which would let you place them where you want, in relation to your cockpit model.
  11. Yeah.. on second look, I see NESD's cockpit, is *not* treated as an IVA... they just made their own seat mesh as part of the Part model... Well your *orientation* is correct on the kerbal, so it prolly isnt a Blender-to-KSP issue (Blender has a differnt base orientation than Unity/KSP, (Google left-handed vs Right-handed). But yeah, it *does* look lie your origin in Blender is the cause... I mean, that seems to be where Kerbal is spawning. Are *both* Kerbals spawning righ there, on top of each other? if so, you most likely need to chec the origins on the seats & spawn transforms Also, (i dont think its currently your main issue), but you mentioned the kerbal transform is at their butt... IIRC, its actually down below their feet? I think..
  12. Ahh.. I think its because you are trying to use the external seat parts, in essentially, what would be an IVA. Parts and IVAs have *very* differnt MODULE{}s available to them, which dont crossover, as well as completely different base rotation/orientations. In your case, I think you would be better off looking at @NESD's Mk1 Open Cockpit mod/models, and see how they did the whole "open cockpit" thing You should be able to either make your own seat models, or, since I believe the whole thing is an IVA, use existing seat props, from another mod, like ASET Consolidated Props Pack, or another props pack. You could also poke around other IVA mods, and see if they have their own unique seat props, which you could contact the devs of, and if license permits, ask if you can re-use/include *their* seats in your mod
  13. Thanx for the post & suggestion... yeah, it does seem a little odd Kerbnet isnt already supported, but that would be an RPM/MAS thing. And IIRC, RPM was in a long hiatus period, while MOARdV was switching over to developing MAS, and that may have been during the time stoc Kerbnet got added, so maybe support just never got considered vOv I *have* asked JonnyOThan (current RPM dev), about it... I'll post back with his thoughts on whether its something he wants to look into adding or not.
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