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  1. Autogyros are pretty strange. Put a helicopter and plane together and you get this.
  2. Granted, they all crash into each other, causing a massive case of Kessler Syndrome. I wish no more of my KSP files would be corrupted.
  3. @space_otter i have no idea who you are but I like your username Made a VTOL intended to go over lava. Here it is. Its kinda unstable As you can hopefully infer, stuff went wrong in the landing. Now Gerlo and Bill are stuck there. Also made a lava Submarine. You can't see it, but it looks like a stick with radiators on it and a engine on the back
  4. Occasionally. Most often just revert or F9 TUBM hasn't posted since at least March 9th, 2023
  5. Beautiful. Floor 3429 Apollo 15 Mission Logs
  6. You know you are on the KSP forums too much when you see someone who has never been active in your time, and say "Hey, I know you!"

    Nice PFP, by the way.

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