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    I'm not crazy, I'm just mad.
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    Third star to the left and on till dawn.
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    Watching creative people come up with new wonders while Politicians come up with new ways to tax them.

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  1. Our research into making Astronauts out of Fungus is going well. We will have our own little green guys soon.
  2. Because there was no room in the Pasta. Waiter, does Cylon soup look just like Human soup?
  3. Banned from Inner Space. Martin and Dennis say hi.
  4. Floor 4919: 18 Kerbals doing pre-flight checks.
  5. Using a bucket of water as a ladder is fun, err cheating.
  6. Floor 4916: 16 Kerbals moving the finished rocket out to the launch area.
  7. Banned by the Guns of Navarone.
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