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  1. P 70. Yeeehaw, winner winner, chicken dinner. As I am currently on a mobile phone because lightning blew the power poll up outside yesterday, and they are currently putting in a new one. Could somebody be nice enough to find the last rules post,update the tally and put a zero to start a new game?
  2. Anyone who tells you they know the entire routine and mating habbits of a dinosaur, from just looking at a bone, is banned.
  3. Granted: You no longer celebrate Christmas Problem solved. You also now save an extra $200.00 a year. I wish it wasn't so hot.
  4. Here you are sir. One dehydrater. Waiter, a packet of pop rocks for my soup please.
  5. Floor 4341: A field of Hypersugarcane to make the sweets that keep kids bouncing off the walls for days on end.
  6. Everyone who turned this into a picture war is banned.
  7. Granted: But all your teeth fell out and so you can never get to eat fresh brains. I wish they did a Sydney Australia version of Fallout using the same engine and set up they used to create Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  8. That is because he fell in the soup. Waiter, there is a Napkin in my soup.
  9. Floor 4526: The set for filming "Space 1999"
  10. Granted: You get enough droppings to fertilise your garden for years. I wish for all the fun series.
  11. Floor 4512: The restaurant at the end of the Unifloor.
  12. Sorry, it is just while their tank is being cleaned. Waiter, is this wingnut soup?
  13. Certainly, would you like a bat shake and meat ball with that? Waiter, why is there a model of a really really tall building in my soup?
  14. Floor 4486: Hubble telescope, mirror polishing division.
  15. Banned for creating asteroids rather than mining them for resources.
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