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  1. Calling 911 to boast that you made it to the Moon.
  2. Floor 4565: an injoke on the imagination needed in this forums game thread that an AI Chat Bot could not get.
  3. When you wonder why @Kimera Industries is trying to "drop KSP's perfomance."?
  4. KK tends to be quirky and will lose settings from time to time. Counter intuitively, especially if the folder containing the statics is inside the KK folder structure. KK can find any unique Static as long as it is in the GameData folder. So most times it is best to store your Statics in a folder in GameData that is out side of the KK folder structure. It will find them but be less likely to change the settings. This includes the config files that tell KK what static goes where in the game world and all other settings for your self created layouts.
  5. I wish they would bring back Spacefood Sticks.
  6. I need a tree to punch if I am going to survive here.
  7. No. It is because the critics all hate it. Waiter, do you know if Jebs Diner is still going?
  8. Granted: You are, but nobody knows what or who that is. I wish the human race didn't feel the need to destroy the world, just to prove how smart they are.
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