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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! Me and a couple of other people have been developing tools similar to the ones we have in KSP1 for modding. Things like B9 Parts Switch, ModuleManager, Firespitter, Waterfall, Community Resources, Toolbar etc. And we would like to know what is your think its keeping you from starting your mod! We would like recommendations of modding tools and resources that you think would be helpful to your modding experience! please understand that this is a new game, with new technologies, so a lot of what you're used to might not be applicable.
  2. Hi KSP2 Teams ! Congratulations for the Early Release of Kerbal Space Program 2 ! We are Kerbal Space Challenge, our association represents most of the French Players, and we organized a big survey in August 2019, after the official announcement and the truly amazing Trailer, a piece of art. Our survey took places in 2 phasis, one being the collect of all the features that the community had in mind (3), and the other one to rephrase and regroup all theses features in a new form (4) : everyone was then able to rank the top10 of the most awaited features and we had a whopping 121 participants and more than 1000 features ranked, among about 50 possibilities ! We are glad to share this with you with a proper translation of the original article that was published on our website and in which you will find the results (1), as well as the original data in an excel file (2). We hope that you will find some trends to make the game grow in the best direction possible, and we are already planning on a new survey to see how that evolves now that the game is in our hands ! Don’t hesitate to jump to the synthesis table at the end of the article, but the rest might still interest you I give it right now, embedded in this post, but there is far more to explore in the results ! Do not hesitate if you have any questions, of course. We look forward to organize and collect from another survey based on the first feedback from the players on this EA ! Regards, Kerbal Space Challenge Team Sources : Translation of the Original Results Article gathering all the conclusions, by the time of August 2019 : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ta8gRoK-BL8wIi62ueHt5JwOzHUxzzuRKuA72jwZScY/edit?usp=share_link Translation of the Excel File gathering all the data extracted from the two forms and some formatting for the article as illustration : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dYtbz6gNaS9FQZ65lFxonhIplUWATWLr/edit?usp=share_link&ouid=101705157396145708729&rtpof=true&sd=true Original First Form to collect the features ideas : https://kerbalspacechallenge.fr/2019/08/24/quelles-sont-vos-attentes-pour-ksp2-donnez-votre-avis/ Original Second Form to rank the features : https://kerbalspacechallenge.fr/2019/08/26/ksp2-votez-pour-les-features-que-vous-desirez-le-plus/ Original French Results Article gathering all the conclusion, by the time of August 2019 : KSP2 : résultats de vos votes, les features les plus attendues de la communauté KSC ! – KerbalSpaceChallenge
  3. Whether you're a Kerbonaut who's only been playing for a few weeks or for an entire decade, we want to hear from you!  Please complete this short KSP survey. ► https://bit.ly/kspsurvey1f
  4. I've gotten my rover as close as I could to the point on the map, but I don't know how to exactly aim for the area I need to be. I've been moving a bit NSWE and taking EVA reports but nothing seems to activate the contract. Am I doing something wrong? When I click on the marker on the map I get an option to "Start Navigation" but it doesn't seem to do anything! At the very least I feel there should be a visible marker in the world, like for my other crafts and flags and such.
  5. Being released shortly is an updated parts pack that contains (amongst other parts) stack mounted fuel cells. This discussion concerns those .1 (1/10) meter high stack fuel cells. Each part contains the fuel cell, fuel tank (in units) and a batteries. I want your input as to the game balance of each of the sizes, and where on the tech tree they should appear Don't want to use Tweakscale on these due to the need for fine tuning game balance. Fuselage versions (mk0-mk5) are included just in case a model/texture can be found/provided that will allow these to be created/included. Thank you in advance! the current plan is to introduce these as Monopropellent powered. With the ODFC (On Demand Fuel Cells) patch that is included, these will expand to Liquid Fuel + Oxygen, Liquid Fuel + Intake Air, and Hydrogen + Oxygen (= EC + Water) modes. Doing this might also be possible with the latest B9. Also any thoughts about if a patch to include a fuel cell in the stock pods and if yes, how much EC should it provide? Obviously the patch would not include the fuel or electricCharge. thank you in advance! For comparison Stock Fuel Cell: cost: 750 entry cost: 2250 techRequired: Electrics mass: 0.05 EC/s Produced: 1.5 EC storage: 50 Stock Fuel Cell Array: cost: 4500 entry cost: 13500 techRequired: Electrics mass: 0.24 EC/s Produced: 18 EC storage: 300
  6. Hey fellow Kerbonauts, I'm currently working on a project for university and would appreciate your help. The goal of the project is to develop an app for photographers to help them find new locations to take pictures of. It would be really awesome if you could participate in my short survey. You don't need to be a professional photographer to take part in the survey, if you just take pictures as a hobby, that's completely fine! The survey takes less than three minutes and is completely anonymous. The results will only be used for my exam. If you want to participate here is a link to the survey -> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWvsjfV0Zi4mfsRKCGmECGOPhX9703iNoGTkUZsC9n1-_r3g/viewform If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for your time!
  7. I know this has nothing to do with ksp but that's what the lounge is for, right... So, I just need to collect data about this. Sorry if my tone sounds, idk, dry or something The question is: does the music (The White River by Jeremy Soule) work with the clip in the video below (the intro of Shadow of the Colossus) Note that it is normal for the video to have no audio except for the soundtrack. Also sorry for the somewhat the low resolution... Visualize it once without thinking too much, then watch a second time and take more attention to the details in the relation between the music and the picture (timing, tone, etc.) It should take between 10 and 15 minutes to watch the video twice and then complete the test. Please take as much time as you need. Watch on Youtube if not working here: Once you visualized the video, please fill in the following test: -First, how familiar were you with Shadow of the Colossus before visualizing this? This is important as this might affect your opinion on the video-musical correlation. Detail with one line or two. This study is meant for those who knew next to nothing about Shadow of the Colossus, but you might still complete the test if otherwise, as long as I know that you're familiar with SotC. -Second, how well do you think that the music work with the video? On a scale from 0 to 5. (Important: do not compare to the original music of Shadow of the Colossus! The original does not matter) (0 = completely unfitting; 1 = it barely fits; 2 = it fits but some segments feel wrong; 3 = it fits except maybe for one part; 4 = it fits well, no real problem to take note of; 5 = it fits pretty much perfectly) -Thirdly, state the reasons behind the score in question 2. The closer to 0 your given score was, the more details I expect in this answer (if you gave a score of 5, it would speak for itself pretty well) Please state which parts of the video you liked the most (if any) or which parts you liked the least (if any). If your score is a 0, 1, or 2, try to explain why you felt a clash between the music and video. In any case, I need to know which areas of the video didn't feel right, if any. -Lastly, write anything else that comes to your mind and wanna say. Anything really. Write your answer this way: 1. "answer to question 1" 2. "Score" (also give your score in the poll, it will be easier to review the overall public opinion this way) 3. "answer to question 3" 4. "stuff u wanna say" The more data I collect the better. I know the purpose behind all this seems unclear (you don't need to know), but so is the purpose of launching rockets into Kerbol Thank you for reading that far by the way.
  8. I couldn't see anything against the rules for this, so I thought 'Why not?' Anyway, pretty much I'm doing a project for a course at the moment which requires me to complete a full website, from design to implementation. Through this design I need some good old research. Which is why I've created the below survey. It's a couple of question about browsers, devices and what's important to you (the user) in a website. Don't fear, I've turned on anonymous responses so no IPs or data is logged. I'd greatly appreciate if as many people as possible complete the survey, and try spreading it to some of your friends too! Thanks all who answer the survey, the link is below. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/F8WNH72 THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED UPDATE: I'll also be linking here a repository to my Github for a basic 'template' page of the completed website - the page will pretty much include all sections and components used in the website, but in one page. There won't be any logos and the fonts I've used won't be included (as they're not for distribution, but free to use commercially), however I will link the fonts I've used in the README of the repository. The source will also be licensed, and the specific license used will be detailed on the repository (as well as additional requirements for use).
  9. Curiosity killed the kerbal. And I'm curious about how many mods most people are using and load times they get out of them. So... Please post in this format: 1. # of mods in use. 2. approximate time it takes to load the starting screen. 3. approximate time it takes for a scene change (from space center to the VAB, for example.) Here's mine: 1. 67 mods 2. 26 seconds to start screen 3. 5 seconds from spacecenter to VAB My gamedata folder is only 500 mb most of my mods are small contract packs and whatnot. I love them all more than is natural for a man to love a mod and I can't function without them.
  10. Hi I've encountered a few frustrating bugs recently which has dented my enthusiasm somewhat when it takes hours of game play. Any help would make me happy again, as Kerbal is amazing. I have a stock version of kerbal updated from steam, no mods running on Windows 10. 1st Issue is with the survey Scanner. It simply doesn't ever transmit data back to the control centre. The scanner is in the correct orbit, works (as in shows ore deposits etc), has a antenna, I've tried 3 now and have given up. I've searched the forums but can only find something relating to remote Tech which I don't have? 2nd Issue is with scrap recovery missions falling through planets. The last one was Gilly and a mrk 1 can, you get there and off it goes sinking into the ground until destruction. Many Thanks if you can help!
  11. So I'm starting a new career game, and I was trying to figure out how to complete the high altitude survey missions over a point on Kerbin. I wanted to do a plane, and make it cheap to build, relatively easy to use, and small in shape as well as low in part count. I did not like the look of the fixed landing gear with this aircraft, so I decided to make a Zero Length Launch system as seen in the picture below: Flight Profile Anyway, I know it isn't a single stage to eve and back or anything, but I thought I'd share one of my more unique designs that is simple and functional. There's no excess Dv, control surfaces or other cost multiplying parts. I've also eliminated the landing gear, allowing me to get high enough to complete the mission. A thermometer can also be added for temp contracts. I've done contracts about 130 km away from ksp, but I'm not sure of the exact range and endurance of this thing. It's also fully recoverable, minus the jet and solid fuel of course. The first stage has its own separate parachute that deploys upon the booster getting jettisoned. It's just one of those desgns that turned out nice.
  12. Hi everyone, After a break of about 4-6 months from playing the game, I've started up again. However, this time around, I've set myself up with the goal of making my space program professional (because why not). The last few times that I played, every mission was met with a custom build. Now there's nothing wrong with that, but this time, I wanted something resembling a real life space program, with a family of different SLS which are re-used depending on the payload. Clearly Squad has done a good job of allowing you to do both options, but here I'm just wondering what the proportion of users are like. To answer this question, I've set up a little survey. Not sure how popular this will be, but here goes anyways. Click for survey Click for results NB: I've also posted the same link in r/kerbalspaceprogram
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