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Found 8 results

  1. this bugrep is for [v0.] Hey there, The image is self-explanatory...
  2. Hey, I've been playing for about 2 weeks now, and have had a lot of fun! But that's besides the point. I recently had a sorta good attempt to land on Eve, and crashed my rover, but still got there in tact, and flipped over, but I don't mind. I want to know if there is any way to send the info from my Rover, like temperature, to a lab on my IKK (ISS, but called International Kerbal Kraft lol), instead of straight back to Kerbin. I don't want to transmit it to Kerbin, but instead to a sattelite, but NOT to Kerbin. The IKK has a Mobile Processor lab on it and I want to get extra science from the data on the lab....any one know how??? Thanks it advanced, PewPewTrash
  3. I've been told it's impossible to transmit data into the nearest blackhole, at some 3000 light years distance. Laser diffraction, and sheer distance; - I've been told - make this impossible. Would anyone care to theorise how it could be done, using existing technology- satellite, radio telescopes, or ideally via light? This is a live project Thanks in advance Jon
  4. Hello all, I've just started getting into the use of the MPL and read a lot about how insignificant it is to process data on the surface of kerbin compared to the orbit or surface of another celestial body. While that makes total sense and encourages the player to send a manned MPL to other places I decided to have my first MPL on orbit arround Kerbin. Reading the data on the wiki and forums I got the explanation that you won't get much data on the orbit of Kerbin either and landing it or at least orbiting any of the moons or Duna would be a better option to spend the scientists and money on. BUT, with little planning and micromanaging, I gathered sufficient surface(launchpad), atmosphere(just the path to gravity turn) and space experiments (less than a couple of 30' orbits) to convert them all to data on orbit arround Kerbin to fill the 750 data pool on the MPL even BEFORE I finished the experiment list on the "space near" situation arround Kerbin, my whole plan to get more data on "space far" and remain there was a total waste, not to mention going even further. Is there any benefit at all to send the MPL outside of Kerbin? Of course that I could do it just for the milestone and fun, but I think that all the higher science multipliers of other celestial bodies are irrelevant. It would make more sense that the data to science conversion or the science production rate gets multiplied and not just the experiment value to data. What do you think? TLDR: You can fill the 750 data pool by just orbiting Kerbin
  5. I have a mobile processing lab near duna and lots of antennas that I brought when docking on a station. When transmitting science, mobile processor lab uses a DTS-M1 antenna so it takes about 10+ minutes where I have to wait since time warp doesn't affect it unfortunately, and I have a bunch of 88-88 antennas as well which have much higher bandwidth. Right-clicking on antenna gives me the option to transmit all data using that antenna, but I want to keep some experiment results for further analysis. How do I tell my station to always use 88-88? image:
  6. I took some data from ksp using KOS and came up with a trajectory plot in MATLAB. here is the result: I'm flattening my trajectory at 150km for the moment because the script parameters for trajectory. this is my first plot to work these parameters, next weekend goal: optimize it!
  7. Okay I sure that this topic has been covered before but I cannot find it. If you can link me to an old post or just supply me with the answer both would be great! Now on to my question: 1) Does the science lab need the science stored in the lab once it begins its processing? That is can i take it out and land it and get the science while I wait for the processing and extra science. 2) If you have two scientist that are different levels what does the game do? Or should I just have the higher one and train the other up more? Thank you
  8. Is there any way to get 100% of science when transmitting data to kerbin space center without any mods? Maybe setting up a communication network or something. In real life, all data is transmitted even when it takes long time. I guess it is made this way to engourage players to return to Kerbin but it will be nice to have at least 80 or 90% because in some places you only get like 40% of science.
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