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Found 5 results

  1. KSP Version: Unmodded stock steam release Launched via stock launcher Subject: VAB - Orientation change, causes parts mounted on radial attachment points to pivot upon snapping to unrotated parts in other construct built in other orientation. Expected teams required: Gameplay Features: VAB // Orientations Behaviour Expected: When constructing something in horizonal alignment, then attaching a radial attachment point with a Docking port on it, and then rotating that construct into a vertical alignment, before trying to attach it to a vertically aligned secondary ship, with a side mounted docking ring, should connect the two docking rings as expected. Observed: The docking node on the selected (and earlier rotated ship) will pivot 90 degrees out of alignment with the selected ship and prevent the nodes from connecting. Reproduction Recreated in fresh empty campaign, but occurs in all instances. Probability: 100% (10/10 repro's) Steps: Start with a horizontal cockpit (Ref: shipA) and ensure the workspace is in horizontal orientation mode Attach a fuel tank behind it Attach a radial attachment point (Ref: radialA) below the fuel tank Attach a docking port (Ref: dockA) to radialA. Select the cockpit, and rotate the entire construct 90 degrees into a vertical alignment. Change the workspace into vertical orientation mode Place a new fuel tank somewhere as a secondary construct. (Ref: shipB) Attach a radial attachment point (Ref: radialB) to the side of the fuel tank on ShipB. Attach a docking port (Ref: dockB) to radialB. Pick up shipA, and attempt to connect it to shipB by attaching dockA with dockB. ERROR: When dockA snaps to dockB, dockA will pivot 90 degrees into the wrong orientation. Workaround: After the part (dockA) has snapped into the wrong orientation, pick it up (dockA), rotate it into the correct orientation, and reattach it to radialA. Then attempt to connect the two constructs together again and they will snap together as expected. Image/Video: https://imgur.com/a/UnikOQ7 Logfile: https://pastebin.com/aBAz7wrn Probably irrelevant but attached OS details regardless: Operating System: Windows 10, i7-6700k, GTX1070, 32gb Ram
  2. Hey guys, I've been looking around, but can't seem to find anything like this. I love playing with extreme realism, and one thing that is very important in real life is spacecraft attitude for communications. I would like to either find a mod (or if need be, develope one) that requires orienting non-omni antennas toward either the DSN or a relay. I want to require GEO satellites to point their dishes down toward the planet (using PersistentRotation makes this possible). Ideally, if comms are not oriented correctly, the spacecraft would act as if their was a loss of line-of-sight, and have all the limitations that implies. Is there such a mod? I am not an expert modder, but I have done a lot of amateur .cfg editing and tweaking, and I have a rudimentary knowledge of C#, etc. Would this be a difficult mod to create?
  3. I recently reinstalled KSP on my laptop as I had to get Windows reinstalled and it wiped everything. Whenever I try to attach something radially it won't attach perpendicular to the surface and I have to rotate it manually. It's really annoying, and ideas?
  4. Hey all. It happened again I warped and the ship was in that one orientation where the panels are in the shade resulting in a dead ship. Could we get some way for the ship to orient itself to position a "Master Panel" in the sun bellow say 10% or 10 units or open to sugestions. It could be done with special intelligent panels. Maybe a new improved probe core that would open new items on the solar panel menu. <Solar Panel Override Control Wheels> <Below> <10%>. IDK. Whatever make sense. Thanks, ME
  5. Hi everyone, I am wondering how to correctly edit the orientation of a node within the cfg I under stand that the first 3 values 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 are for entering location of the node and that the second 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 are for entering orientation. What I don't understand is what the units in these values are equal to? is 1.0 = to 360 degrees? and 0.0 equal to 0 degrees? or does 1.0 represent something else? I am trying to get the connections for the part in the video below to work correctly. The angle at the ends is 22.5 degrees from the centre of the circle the 8 parts form. However entering this as a value of 0.225 in the cfg does not work. Thanks for your help
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