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  1. What? Ouch! Sounds to me that something (For whatever reason) got corrupted for Bob to change into a different vessel type. RIP till he re-spawn. DP
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum. Just a lander with no return to orbit? How many Kerbals? With or withour sciences? Return to orbit but not Kerbin? A whole stack that can leave kerbin, split at Duna (Apollo style) or return to Kerbin from the suface of Duna? ME
  3. Hi all. Another day, another rescuee new guy hire. ME
  4. Yup, Been there, done that, Pushed more than once too. Might have to do it again...... ME
  5. Hi all. Magwise Kerbal is inspecting a freshly landed asteroid on the ice shelf. ME
  6. Hi. Congrats on making it to Laythe. Why would you want perfect circles? Small deviations (Even larger ones) are normal and expected. Some ideas. I don't really know but I think the game keeps more decimals than what is saved so on reload ships always move a bit, speeds are ever so sightly off. When you do a burn the ship loses mass and the burns are not instantaneous. The later part of the burn is more efficient. So burning in the middle of the burn time is actually a bit off. Is your ship balanced? The engines need to gimbal for any off-centre mass. So the average direction is a bit off. ME
  7. Hi all Kerbonuts. More contracts to pay for those pesky infrastructure upgrades. Bill fixed another rover and is now working on fixing the ship so everyone can go home. ME
  8. Hi all. Today Kelson (Engineer) completed a contract to fix a failed rover. After a short drive to prove the pudding repair they all went back home to Kerbin. ME
  9. Hi all. Val went to the Mun. This time the target was the Mun's Canyon. She again got to do her now infamous "Slope Parking Job". They had a great time, fun for all until Bill had to get out and push....Again. ME
  10. @JcoolTheShipbuilder Cool. Way cool. Hi all. Jeb and Val rendez-vouzed high over the Mun. Then Val went with Bob to the Mun. She did a perfect 3 point landing. After retracting two legs (Yeah for huge gyros) Bob went sploring. ME
  11. Hi all. World premiere. Valentina did a flyby of the Mun and came back alive. In another first 2 Kerbals from failed startup-Space-Companies were saved by Jeb. ME
  12. Hi all. The ring on a Rock at to be re centred. The C of G was too far off for the gimbals to compensate. But compensate they did. ME
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