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  1. Let's me hold a yaw heading with SAS while still being able to adjust pitch for slopes. If I hold surface prograde it sort of auto-steers along the equator while still aiming up and down hills, kind of like an autopilot.
  2. I haven't really had the time to do a full Elcano but boy do I love designing long-range rovers. Here's the latest design I made: It's got elastic suspension on each tire, with a hinge-mounted docking port for long-range navigation. It's probably the sturdiest rover I've ever built that actually looks like a normal rover and also works well in a vacuum. craft file
  3. I pulled off an incredible Vall landing. Came within 100m of the mountains at 900 m/s while descending, and then ran out of fuel right before touching down and ended up lithobraking away everything up to the payload fairing. Rover was unharmed.
  4. Lol didn't know about that glitch. I'd say it's fine. The main thing is that the piston still has to check for available electric capacity, where the alt+f12 menu bypasses that. On my attempt, I used a Dawn engine underclocked so much that it filled my batteries in two game ticks, so I think the two are functionally identical. I also "changed" the rules to specifically allow some craft file editing. I don't believe its results will drastically differ from overclocking, but I could be wrong. I kind of hope I am.
  5. Overclocking, yes, but not the "unlimited electricity" in the cheat menu.
  6. I don't know if the tutorial mentions this but this is pretty easy to fix with the thrust limiter. P.S. If you want to make the intercept more exciting, forget to put the thrust back to 100.
  7. No, but the idea is that the height is measured to the kerbal so he's gotta at least make it to the top of the jump.
  8. Not trying to spam posts in this thread but I got an even better version of the mech working. It has four legs instead of two, all of them mechanically alternated to go "left-right-left-right" resulting in what is basically a displaced wheel of I-beam tips. It's super-duper smooth but it feels more like a rover than a mech at this point.
  9. Breaking Ground: 100% worth it. Lots of added functionality. KAL is absolutely not necessary if you are decent with action groups. Making History: 15% worth it. It's basically a Squad-branded engine/fuel tank modpack. The 5m parts are super nice, but they aren't anything you can't get with mods.
  10. I got a version that can maintain a consistent 20m/s on Eeloo. The RTG's only support about 2 minutes of maximum operation though. The repositioned joints work significantly better. KerbalX
  11. The One-Piston-Jump Challenge The Goal: Use a single piston to jump super high. Rules: You may use only 1 piston (hydraulic cylinder) to induce thrust No cheat menu or kraken-induced thrust (the kraken is not a piston) Overclocking is allowed and most likely required Craft file editing of part attributes (thrust, traverse rate, etc.) is allowed Must have a kerbal on board at least during the ascent Participants: @RoninFrog - 547m (477m) Here is my own submission (the post keeps merging):
  12. Ok so I noticed one issue a lot of people have when they are doing Elcano's is their tires keep popping. So I thought I'd make a rover whose tires physically cannot pop. And your tires cannot pop if you don't have tires. It's gonna be a real real long Elcano. But it's a decent mech suit that is actually capable of moving somewhat quickly and doesn't explode after ten steps. I decided to send it to Eeloo since Eeloo has very smooth terrain and it will be a decently short Elcano. So here goes! The nice thing is I can leave it walking in the background without having to hold down the "wheel forward" keybind. Trip details:
  13. Mech. Nearly got it up to 10 m/s before it spazzed out and died.
  14. The other day I found red Mun dirt. I dont' know if this is a known easter egg, or if it is an easter egg at all, but it is definitely a little pinkish in patches.
  15. I know it's not a rover but it's a pretty cool little craft that demonstrates another use of the hinge flexibility.
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