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  1. Its literally like a few hours worth of work to resolve a lot of these issues by a responsible webmaster. Do we not have a dedicated forum webmaster anymore? There's been a few issues popping up over the past month(s) with no movement.
  2. Uninstall Scatterer and the Scatterer-Default Config entries first, then install Spectra and Spectra Scatterer as its recommendation.
  3. I can confirm this behaviour with the 1.875m Mk2 Pod. Stock 1.12.5: ReStock 1.4.3: You can see that with ReStock installed, the Mk2 Pod experiences a sharp 15-20 degree angle of attack pitch when not being occluded by the heatshield. It experiences this angle drift from retrograde all the way to the surface. Looking at the config files I can't see any reason as to why this would occur, the the models/transforms in Blender.
  4. Ah, so it was the allure of a fuller vocabulary that drew you to Quenya, rather than any Middle Earth bias! I should have known – after all, even John Ronald Reuel knew that when you're picking an Elvish language, it's quality over Quendi-tity! ... I'll get my cloak.
  5. You have some shady ass version of a Module Manager tampering library installed. Bin off that weird bootleg copy and only install the proper version: i.e. delete the following files and give it another go: Kerbal Space Program\PartDatabase.cfg Kerbal Space Program\Physics.cfg Kerbal Space Program\GameData\666_ModuleManagerWatchDog.dll Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ModuleManager.4.2.2.dll (you only need the latest version of MM installed, you can delete the old version) Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ModuleManagerWatchDog (whole folder) Also I have no idea what patches you have in Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Custom_FARAeroData.cfg but its a good idea to get rid of it to test this. Then try it all again and that should effectively give you a fresh instance of KSP with only FAR and ReStock installed with the necessary dependencies.
  6. Well... if ScrapYard requires Contract Configurator as a dependency (which the above issue would suggest) then it would have been helpful if Zerokerbal could have stated as such on the NetKAN metadata when they last updated it in January. [snip] https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/commit/e058d3de5db4c7215dc3dee4bae12720bd7cc9d2
  7. As its not an OPM issue but an AVP issue, you probably want to ask in that thread as you'll more likely receive support to resolve the issue.
  8. I find the best way to resolve these kind of things is involve an interested party, such as JonnyOThan, and also discuss it directly (as a party) with the CKAN team, typically on their Discord. That way, you have an enthusiastic stakeholder that can sort out the pull requests for the NetKAN files, you as the subject matter expert on dependencies and intricacies of setup, and the CKAN team who know their system and eventually get to know your mod and its setup through handling of the files. Honestly, its usually just a lack of communication with the CKAN team (who are very nice and helpful people) that lets situations like this occur.
  9. I wish to kindly ask you to avoid polluting TweakScale's thread with unrelated matters.

    I have email, I have private messages here, and I don't remember a single request of yours that I didn't gave the deserved attention before.

    Thank you.

    — — POST EDIT — — 

    Never mind. You last interaction about something I work on makes clear we have no possible common interests about any matter.

    The best outcome for both of us is to ignore each other - but I would prefer not hearing of you making less than truthful declarations about my work.

    Have a nice day.

  10. https://ksp.lisias.net/blogs/rants/on-CKAN/b9-pwings-fork/part-2 Can you please remove my name from your loveing website.
  11. There was some sentiment early on in the thread that 'things' such as Module Manager should be handled first party. I couldn't disagree more. Having a first party mod loader available is great as it gives all modders a keyhole for interoperability but tools like Module Manager, these absolutely should remain 3rd party as it allows for the modding community to be completely agile in the way these tools are developed and evolved to cater for, potentially, the fast paced needs of the modding community. Intercept Games should not take on the responsibility, for example, for being in control of the niche needs of the modding community that they do not require for their 1st party title because they are not the ones with the interest. The modding community is. They provide the platform, we provide the agile, customisable tools. I can't be bothered to engage in a back and forth on the matter so I won't be.
  12. I am experiencing a weird issue with the KSP forums (this is all experienced in Chromium based browers i.e. Edge, Chrome, Brave etc.) I think it was since around when the KSP2 bug report subforums were added but cannot say definitely but I am seeing an odd behaviour on the forum pages that do not have any child sub-forums where all pages will load with like 15-20% of the right hand side of the page empty and then after a second it stretches across to fill the gap. This delayed shift happens on all forum pages. Its something to do with element: forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com##.ipsLayout_sidebarright ... as if I block that element, the delayed shifting stops but then this happens on all forums that do not have any child subforums. So to summarise, blocking the front page sidebarright fixes the delayed stretch issue but then breaks the width of forum pages where no further sub-forums sit underneath. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  13. What parts are the micro parts?
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