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  1. In its current form, the Color Manager lacks many features and details needed on this kind of tool. The following picture portrays the additions and changes of which current iteration of the Color Manager would massively benefit from:
  2. I suppose I'll start this post similar to a bug report, so those reading it can understand what exactly I'm talking about, there is graphical bug in the VAB caused by an interaction with Hiding the HUD with F2 and Orthographic Mode(Blueprint Mode, BP Mode), the steps to reproduce are as follows: Enter VAB Load/Build Craft Enter Blueprint Mode View Hide HUD Drag Camera Following these steps will cause an unexpected behavior, originally posted here, allowing blueprint mode's background to exist outside of blueprint mode, and unloading the VAB until the HUD is reenabled and blueprint mode is activated and deactivated again. I use this behavior to take some pretty interesting screenshots of my craft, some will be attached at the bottom of this post. Rather than report this as a bug, which in fairness it is, I've come to the feedback forum to say that I like this behavior, and, rather than see it removed I would like it improved. Perhaps inside BP Mode there can be an additional UI button that makes the background persist, maybe "Screenshot Mode". In order for this to work, however, some elements of this behavior must be improved, as if you move the camera too far from the angle at which you initiated BP Mode the view you get is... less than desirable, as seen below. (Image Courtesy of Anth) I think if the Orthographic/Blueprint background followed the camera in this proposed "Screenshot Mode", or any other method to enable this behavior to act in a more desirable way, players would be able to take screenshots of their craft with this interesting backdrop without being locked into the 2D, face on view Orthographic Mode currently makes use of, without exploiting a bug. Some screenshots of craft utilizing this bug I find interesting, or aesthetically pleasing:
  3. Hello, I'm texturing some big custom assets and I want them to look similar to the stock space center buildings. Do you know where I can find their interior and exterior textures? Or are they hardcoded? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. There is the Wing, Stabilizer, and Control Surface subgroups inside of the Aerodynamics group. They are all extremely similar visually (if not completely the same) and their settings in parts manager match as well. It's incredibly difficult to be able to tell what the difference is between parts in each group. To my knowledge there is nothing in the UI that explains it either. It'd be nice if the game did a better job at explaining why you'd use one group over the other, and what the key differences are between the 3. Would make for a decent tutorial video as well.
  5. The title is self explanatory. Newest Version of KSP 2 Intel Core I7 Ram: 16gb RTX 3050 laptop gpu Windows 11
  6. It's been pointed out to me that this bug is already known. KSP version Win 11 22H2 Processor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700KF 3.61 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable) NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti The outer assemblies are attached with symmetry set to 4. They seem to be okay with the Mk-16xl's, solar panels, struts and fins, but if I try to put any radial chutes on them the whole craft goes under the floor and disconnects. By only attaching them to the central core, I've gotten a much higher part count without losing the craft to the Indoor Kraken. I've got other craft with 8 outer's- some attached as 4 and 4 and some attached as 8, they all exhibit the same behavior, don't like radials chutes.
  7. Commonly when i revert to the VAB, usually with a large or medium size rocket, my vehicle will appear mostly under the floor and with each part separated. loading the vehicle again or merging it to the current build dose not fix the issue. it just spawns inside the currently stuck vehicle. I have not run into this issue with planes yet SPECS: CPU: intel i7 11th gen GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 RAM: 32 GB Screenshot (wont let up insert it)
  8. As said in the Title, after hitting the confirmation button to revert to the VAB, right after hitting the button the game froze and the staging which UI was flickering. (I forgot to take a screenshot. + I quited the game with Alt + F4). Expected Behavior: Game displays the loading screen and loads to the VAB. Observed Behavior: Game freezes and stays like it was, with the prompt to confirm the revert to VAB still open. Steps to Replicate: I couldn't reproduce either. Fixes / Workaround: Only happened once thus far. Pictures: None sadly. Craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9eqxqoel9fhl6ng/AAA1ESyYJ3JvKSm52Oed4gQza?dl=0 (this was the one that was loaded before that happened). Log: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d475tzdlng6e7ck/AAAZDQA3vudBbXGgf9KtGB-Aa?dl=0 PC specs: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7-8700K GPU: RTX 2070 RAM: 32GB Mods: No mods have been used. Keep up the great work! <3
  9. If you build ships you come across a bug which causes assemblies to just fall a part. It happened with other vehicles to, buy this is just an example. This is the payload section of an satellite launcher, as can be seen in the first picture in the VAB it all looks fine, but when I Launch it, it just all falls to the ground. I hope this helps, keep up the great work. (Picture taken before patch one, but bug still exists after patch one.) Expected Behavior: Satellites stay as they were assembled in the VAB. Observed Behavior: Satellites fall apart and won't stay attached to each other. Steps to Replicate: Take craft file and launch it. Fixes / Workaround: Put a strut on each part (Yea I know but that at least fixes it somehow). Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/asAClgp Craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9eqxqoel9fhl6ng/AAA1ESyYJ3JvKSm52Oed4gQza?dl=0 PC specs: OS: Windows 10 CPU: i7-8700K GPU: RTX 2070 RAM: 32GB Mods: No mods have been used.
  10. I was building - then I was not and steam was updating. Build effort lost. Hope for humanity lost.
  11. having more symmetry options enable new things. 5x symmetry is my favorite modded symmetry from KSP 1. now you as a reader probably think: who would ever want 5x symmetry and why. the answer is: me and here comes the why: my first argument for 5x symmetry is redundancy when designing a lander how many legs should it have? well at least 3 because the center of mass needs to be within the triangle formed by the legs. 4 legs is not the best option (sorry Apollo) if any one leg fail the craft is unstable and it will fall over. 5 legs will allow for any single leg to fail and still be upright, and up to two legs could fail as long as they are not next to each other. but for me personally the main reason is to be able to build crafts like this. now how does 5x symmetry stand out from the rest? 5x symmetry allows construction of tesselating structures in 3d space (balls) one great example are the platonic solids, most of the fun ones require 5x symmetry. the one in the image is a Icosahedron that was twisted a bit. note that every node has 5 arms. there will probably be a mod for this, but to simplify craft sharing of designs like this it would be nice if everyone could download and play with them. as a spoiler i will add pictures of other designs that use the same symmetry. adding more symmetries would not be harmfull. 7x could probably be cool for making heptagrams or something. it would be a very smal addition to the game to add this and it would probably go unnoticed by many, but it would make my day!
  12. The problem is with 2x fairing. When I zoom out camera to get aerial view of craft, part of fairing open a view of craft (1st case). When I soom in to concentrate on certain part of craft, fairing part close fairing and view of craft (2nd case) So I can't zoom in camera to edit craft which is so annoying. Plus I want to share another fairing bugs: 1) Fairing 2x jerks much from moving of coursor, I thinks some people noticed it a long time ago 2) Fairing 2x causes a huge FPS drop, instead of another (3x, 4x ...) types of fairings
  13. These air intakes were placed on mirror symmetry tanks using 8x symmetry. The intakes on the left are fine but the intakes on the right are rotated wrong.
  14. KSP Version: OS: Windows 10 CPU and GPU: AMD Ryzen 3950, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Description of the bug. Expected Behavior: Reliable vehicle saves Observed Behavior: After a revert, the rocket is no longer launchable eventhough it was fine before. Anything below the drone core is stuck underground and none of the parts are attached to each other. Screenshot 7zipped Savefiles
  15. There should be a way to turn down the sun Glare in the VAB Some examples
  16. In the first part of the game, in the workshop, there was quite a lot of white light. The craft was well lit from all sides. And the huge doors of the building were also open and it was possible to see the street, the grass in the distance. It looked more comfortable. Now the building is closed and dark. Sometimes bright sunlight penetrates through the windows, but this is a matter of chance. In my opinion, there are not enough artificial light sources of a cold or white hue. I know it's more of a matter of taste. What do you think?
  17. I'm sure I'm not the first to complain about this. In the Parts Manager, mouse clicks often do not work. The video shows a problem with checking the checkbox. But often the bookmarks are not opened from the first click. They also sometimes close with problems. Although in video a bookmarks behave extremely well.
  18. Following my experiences with the Weekly Challenge 4 - Recreate Apollo, building a "Hell of a rocket." without auto struts and on par with wobbly Kerbal material engineering, it forced me to clamp down my Apollo rocket with Launch Clamps so that the wind won't mess with the orientation. As with KSP1, KSP2 also incorporate that the altitude of the vehicle in the VAB would also be the altitude of the vehicle on the launchpad due to the Launch Clamps. There should be a button or buttons to make the rocket "sit atop" or just above the ground of the launchpad in the VAB so that when using Launch Clamps, the rocket won't be lifted above the launchpad because of the Launch Clamps. If this feature will be disregarded, another lesser alternative would be:
  19. This could be done in KSP1 and helps a lot when trying to precisely tune the vehicle in VAB for the Launch Clamp. As of v., we could only rotate but not translate the parent or Assembly Anchor part. A better alternative would be:
  20. this bugrep is for [v0.] 1: symetry turned on, but engines are not subject to symetry? :: 2: symetrical gear placement, anyone? what a crazy mix of radial and axial symetries =))) :: 3: beauty isn't it? =) ::
  21. I can create a ship with a fairing, set it to 3x or 4x clamshell, launch, fail/spot an issue, and revert to VAB, but then I notice the fairing deployment has reverted to 2x clamshell. Also, I launched an Apollo-style mission, 3-crew control-pod + 2-crew lander-can, with 3 crew only in that main pod and none in the lander, but when reverting to VAB Val got added to the lander-can, so now there were 4 crew being launched with 3 Kerbin-return rated seats (and despite dragging her/the Munar lander back to a stable LKO, the undocking imparted strange forces to her craft, resulting in her having a wildly elliptical, suborbital trajectory despite having no Methalox and minimal RCS available to her… Adding: Updated to v0.1.1 on Thursday Windows 10 5900X and 48 GB DDR4 TUF 3080 10 GB GDDR6X Expected: a fairing/part mode-selection in VAB pre-launch persists upon reversion/“reloading” Reproduce: create a fairing, choose 3x or 4x Clamshell instead of 2x (never tried shroud, but likely similar), launch, maybe check mode here but likely okay, then revert: now 2x again in VAB and if launched again without changing
  22. How it was in KSP 1. This is quite often convenient. And in general, the management of the creation of fairings in the first part was more convenient, faster, clearer. I'm sorry. Posted the wrong video first. Already corrected.
  23. Steps to reproduce the bug: Add a fairing to any craft Set deploy type to anything else than the default: Clamshell X2. For example 'Clamshell X4'. Exit the VAB: Either launch the craft, go to the KSC, close the game etc. When you come back the mode will be reverted to the default. Saving the game has no effect. It will always revert the deploy type. I'm using KSP2 without mods. PC Info: Windows 11 GPU: RTX 3060 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 RAM: 32 GB
  24. KSP Version: Operating System: Windows 11 CPU and GPU models: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Description of the bug: While in VAB and constructing a spacecraft I found a bug that causes the docking ports to randomly rotate or completely detach when a part is attached. It appears to be happening everytime you intentionally rotate the whole spacecraft a few times, and attach a part/attach the spacecraft to another one using workspace "Merge" button. Expected Behavior: Docking ports stay attached correctly after rotation of the whole spacecraft Observed Behavior: Docking ports rotate (e.g. 180*) or detach completely when a new part is attached or the spacecraft is attached to another one via workspace merging. Steps to Replicate: 1. Build a simple rocket 2. Save it as a workspace 3. Start a new spacecraft with a docking port 4. Save it as a workspace 5. Merge the two worspaces 6. Intentionally rotate the spacecraft using WSAD 7. Attach it to the rocket 8. Bam! The docking ports are now inverted. Fixes / Workarounds (if known..): Rotate the docking port for the own need (is annoying with multiple docking ports)
  25. Description: while building a vehicle in the VAB, the game will get more and more stuttery (including longer stutters) every time you click on a part in the parts window while the parts manager is open. The stutters get worse (longer) as part count increases. Closing the parts manager fixes this issue (i.e. stutters go away). Steps to reproduce: Start building a vehicle Open parts manager Begin adding parts As part count increases, the game will freeze/stutter more and more (and for longer) every time you click a part in the part selection window Closing the part manager fixes this problem (i.e. does not stutter)
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