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Found 3 results

  1. Steps to reproduce the bug: Add a fairing to any craft Set deploy type to anything else than the default: Clamshell X2. For example 'Clamshell X4'. Exit the VAB: Either launch the craft, go to the KSC, close the game etc. When you come back the mode will be reverted to the default. Saving the game has no effect. It will always revert the deploy type. I'm using KSP2 without mods. PC Info: Windows 11 GPU: RTX 3060 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 RAM: 32 GB
  2. Dear KSP team / community, Information for my support request KSP version Detailed explanation of what happened: My save file has only one craft heading to Jool (i cleaned it up for the report). The craft has a maneuver already planned and I want to plan a second maneuver to capture at Jool in a retrograde orbit. Steps to reproduce the issue: Go to the craft (it has an alarm set which is the fastest way to switch to it) Go to the orbital map Focus on Jool and set Bop as target Add a new maneuver at the DN node for Bop Try to pull the retrograde button / marker on the orbit line to circularize Focus starts jumping between Jool / Sun and maybe other bodies Game freeze & crash A screenshot of your craft or any relevant screens: https://imgur.com/a/7pHcscP I can also provide a video if needed / desired. Please let me know if that is helpful. persistent.sfs, player.log, KSP.log, KSP_short.log and buildID64: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ecf5fnwer4y15iu/Fulgora_bug_report_files.zip?dl=0 A detailed list of system specifications System Information - Pastebin.com TLDR version: Win 10 Pro, latest update i7 4790K 32GB Ram and ~ 15 GB available for KSP (unused) but the behavior could also be observed after rebooting the system without any other programs running RTX 2070, also latest driver Game is stored on NVMe SSD Are you running a clean installation, or have you updated and some of your persistence or craft files might be older versions, if so which version(s) I am running a clean install and have verified my KSP files through steam (OK) The persistent file worked fine in KSP 1.11 (I am upgrading my install from 1.11 to 1.12 currently) The behavior observed does not apply to all crafts and I was able to plan the first maneuver that is in the savefile on 1.12 without a game crash. The crash when planning the second maneuver is however 100% reproducible for me. It sometimes crashes already after setting Bop as target. I do not know whether this is an issue with my system so if anyone can not reproduce the bug on their system that feedback would be welcome. If there is anything missing or you need any additional information please let me know and I will happily provide that or run any tests that you'd like me to try!
  3. Hello everyone, after playing around with some overpowered plane designs in the wait for 1.1, I tested a rather simple plane I named the X-69. This plane is basically a cockpit, fuselage, a few wing parts, and 4 turbo ramjets clipped into each other. After testing its limits in the upper atmosphere, I decided to play around closer to sea level (note that I had the max temp, no crash damage, and unbreakable joints cheats enabled). Under a few km, I reached speeds around 1700m/s. At this point, I quickly used 4x physics warp. This sent my craft into an escape trajectory of the Kerbol system at a speed of over 500,000,000,000m/s (over 1000x the speed of light!) and altitudes above the sun exceeding 1000 Petameters (1000 quintillion meters!!!) (over 1 exemeter = 1E+18m)! Upon exiting to the space center, I found that the Space Center screen was severely distorted, producing unusual building placement & zooms and terrain issues at various camera angles. Wanting to do this again, I (randomly clicked around) to enter the Space Plane Hanger and repeat. Well, i did the same procedure and got essentially the same results, this time reaching speeds in excess of, well, I don't really know, because the Kraken had already been summoned! This time upon exiting to the Space Center, the title screen contained absolutely nothing but stars. I was able to reproduce these results a few times over, and will continue to play with this. I just wished to share this with all of you
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