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Found 13 results

  1. The time warp bar gives you the option to switch between UT (Universal Time) and MT (Mission Time), the default option should be MT, just like in KSP1, however for some reason it's UT and it's really annoying not having the mission timer there by default, especially when going back on recordings and stuff and realising I've forgotten to change the mode This is a really small, absolutely tiny thing ik, but it bugs me so much
  2. The title is pretty self explanatory, now that many of KSP2's other largest UI issues have been solved it's a little disappointing to see that even now 6 months in the engineer's report within the VAB is still the only way to get any sort of idea what your vessel's exact TWR is in the entire game. The game is currently severely lacking in critical information that is very important for giving the user a firm understanding of how their rocket will exactly perform and how well it will perform under specific gravitational and atmospheric conditions (This last part makes building Eve ascent rockets an order of magnitude more difficult than it would be otherwise), it's perplexing to see such critical information completely absent since, from what I've gathered from my experience modding this game, all of the relevant information is already fully tracked and calculated internally within the game, so as far as I can tell all that would be needed is for it to be inserted into the UI in some form. At minimum a simple stage TWR indicator that appears when you expand out the stage tab would be more than sufficient, with a configuration window in the app bar to view the TWRs relative to certain bodies and either under vacuum or a certain atmospheric pressure, however ideally it'd be nice to have a clean dedicated UI for it all similar to KER in KSP1 or the recent micro engineer mod for this game to give the user all of the information they need in one concise location.
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else miss that docking window visualization? I thought it was very helpful and intuitive when docking and using the controls for monopropellant thrusters. Is it permanently gone or just not added yet? EDIT: Here's a picture of the UI I'm referencing
  4. Currently the game only shows the TWR in the Engineering Report for the entire vehicle. It should show the TWR for each stage, as modifying any rocket makes it extremely tedious to figure out the new TWR for each stage.
  5. as i was going to make a maneuver node, i looked at my navball and noticed that my craft was severely off course. when i went back to game view, i had to turn off and on RCS and SAS. I think SAS and RCS are disabled when you go in map view. to fix this, i tried to pause the game when I went in to map to make a maneuver node. This is another bug, where i cant make a maneuver node while paused. I also have a visual bug. My HUD keeps fliskering as if it is trying to be transparent but failing. please fix this in 0.4
  6. In my latest video for the week 3 challenge, I suddenly had my WASD controls locked out and I couldn't move after planting a flag. This wasn't the first time this happened. As someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, I was in time warp but didn't realize it. Watching the video more closely (at 15:30) it appears as soon as I used a period in the text description, that key also triggered the time warp change. https://youtu.be/MF4UDDlaljg?t=930 Version: Date discovered: 3/12/2023 OS: Windows Input: Keyboard and Mouse Expected result: Text editing in flag descriptions and other similar UX/UI should not pass forward to game controls.
  7. This mode is really bad and has no place as far as I can tell. Maybe it is for docking but there is already a docking mode? Docking mode is itself pretty unclear when it is turned on, but precision controls are totally unclear. If you hit capslock during a crucial landing you are done. I have only found what this is after investigating a loss of control situation. Fortunately this is with a small vehicle that still had control. The only thing the user sees is lack of control and assumes it is a bug. Which it is is a bug the way it has been implemented.
  8. For some reason it's not possible to use numbers and special characters in the site name field when planting a flag. Is there a reason why we can't do this?
  9. Is it possible to get a trim (Alt+QWEASD) indicator on the navball if it's != 0? I am aware that the axis-indicators (not sure what they are actually called) do show it - but it is not discernible when small/near 0. First I was thinking about a +N/-N display next to the axis inidcators but a "shadowed" axis indicator might be more ... sensible? Would be really helpful - could be optional too! Anyway, fantastic work so far, thanks!
  10. My ship exploded on launch (literally, every part seemed to separate) and then after pressing revert to VAB my game froze and crashed (the music was still playing, but it didn't load for minutes) My specs are: CPU: Intel i5-11600K @ 3.90 GHz GPU: EVGA RTX 3060 XC 12GB RAM: 32GB @ 3600MHz My game is installed on an M.2 drive v0.1.1.0 My ship was pretty large, but this is the first freeze/crash after my ship ran into 'issues'
  11. Description of Bug: Clicking on the area next to an item after using the stage Delta v pop out in the VAB will result in the staging item disappearing. Steps to Replicate: Click the Delta V pop out While in VAB, then click on either the fuel lines or the empty space. This will cause the stage item image to disappear Fixes / Workarounds: Pull off then reattach the affected part to bring back the image in the staging list. Images: Before/after The mouse is hovering over the decoupler, however since it has been clicked it does not appear in the list. KSP Version: OS: Windows 10 Home edition CPU: Intel i7-9700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti RAM: 16 GB Mods: none
  12. i've previously set options Fullscreen - the Fullscreen button is lit blue, but so is Windowed button - until i hover mouse over it, then it is revalidated; Same goes for each and every "toggle" style button (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH buttons for every graphic option), Vsync etc... p.s. so that i dont create a separate thread - Audio setting "Music" set to off, exit game, start the game exe anew - music is playing and the "Music" option is at 100%
  13. When parts are removed they sometime auto-lock to nearby parts. When they are in this auto-locked state, they cannot be deleted by dropping them on the trash icon, they can also not be deleted by placing them in the black space of the part picker. Clicking in the part picker with a part 'in-hand' should dump the part. EDIT: I've played with this bug a little more and I think I understand something related to its cause. Whenever there is a part in the VAB behind the trash icon in the UI it does not allow the item to be trashed. However if you move the game camera so no parts are behind the UI then it lets you trash the part! (Most of the time...) System Details KSP Version: Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22621 Build 2262 CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-12700H GPU: NVIDIA RTX A2000 8GB Laptop GPU GPU Driver Version RAM: 32GB
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