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  1. Imagine going through this and still buying a single Take-Two owned title. And yes, that includes GTA 6. I'm not 15 . I couldn't give a damn about GTA anymore, and watching this trash corporation play like this with such an amazing project and developers only makes me decice to not touch their IPs anymore. Look at what they did with GTA V's story DLC's once they found out selling microtransaction cards on GTA Online actually made insane revenue. We live in the wrong timeline and yet people seem to believe otherwise because they give them a new mission and a new colored car every 4 months. Now the whole KSP community is in DEFCON 1 because we're unsure that even the forums will survive. A +10 years archival project of hundreds of thousands of people. Mods, discussions, changelogs, mission reports, troubleshooting, literally all kinds of information you could ever imagine about Kerbal Space Program rests in these forums. And we don't even know if this trash corporation is going to shut down and delete it all tomorrow or not. If the forums die, KSP as we know it dies. The only game that deserved more thanks to what it has done for an entire generation of young students getting into STEM and aerospace just got axed and turned nonexistant. I won't stop posting this video everytime I bring this subject up. KSP is an inspiration tool, not an ordinary videogame. There are kids that found out about KSP early on during it's prime and became inspired enough to pursue making a living out of what it taught them. KSP1 will still be there, but it's now obscured and relegated to a niche community that will inevitably fade out over time. KSP2 had the chance to repeat the feat KSP1 achieved, inspiring another generation of young students to pursue careers on the aerospace industry. And that is now gone. Forever. Now, go buy another Take-Two game and feel ashamed of yourself.
  2. Respectable, but I'm pretty sure you are in the minority.
  3. Whatever it is, it won't be Kerbal, with Kerbals in it, about Kerbals breaking stuff. That's the thing. It's Kerbals being such an incredibly amazing character and idea that their existence will forever overshadow any other spaceflight mascot.
  4. Cancellation notice should be kind of imminent actually https://x.com/DakotaCxc/status/1803906358049411393 P.S. Why aren't tweets embedding themselves anymore? It works on other forums (non-KSP) just fine
  5. If the forums die, KSP kind of dies aswell. It is literally the backbone of the whole modding community. Years of countless invaluable resources would be instantly gone. Forever.
  6. Also have to say, one of the things I'm gonna miss about KSP2 are @ShadowZone's videos about it. They were always insightful and (at least on my opinion) were the best structured and informative ones, so thanks for all of it. We'll have to continue trying... AGAIN!
  7. They could do whatever they want. KSP has been out on it's last version for a few years already and that version remains DRM free. If such a thing happened, I'm sure everyone here would support literally any other way to get a good KSP copy from anywhere else other than Steam. But again, this will likely never happen ______ On a different note, I noticed that as soon as Nerdy Mike tweeted the patch, the official KSP account had also retweeted it. But that retweet has been undone now that I've checked again. Odd. Everything is so odd. https://x.com/Nerdy_Mike/status/1800566762888683558 https://x.com/KerbalSpaceP
  8. I mean, it's literally a DRM-free game for which you can choose which exact past version to install or make infinite copies of in your drive. Even on the hypothetical scenario on which KSP1 got updated again (which really won't be the case) you could continue playing on your desired version with your desired mod versions just fine.
  9. Oh well, here it comes. First one is the last patch. No further comment, no "known issues", PD Launcher is gone. Second and last will be the farewell corporate trash language ridden letter from either Nate or IG themselves both here and on Twitter/X apologizing for not having been able to meet player expectations blah blah blah. It's been real. Back in 2019 the cinematic trailer came out of nowhere, ironically just like this patch. I have never been this much excited about a videogame. Everytime a delay was announced I really didn't mind. I would tell myself that time would only make the game better and better. I would watch the cinematic trailer on loop. Now I can't even get myself to watch it for one last time. A few days ago during the Summer Game Fest one of the announced games's trailer also used Outro as it's song and it felt so... bitter. It might have been the only piece of media for which I held any excitement or hope ever since I can remember. Thanks for at least trying. See you all around. (modding KSP1 to the brim to fill the void, that is...)
  10. Please don't even try again setting up this petty moral highground or even being this condescending to me about piracy when talking about the multi-billion dollar company that is literal days away from pulling the plug, slap a 1.0 label on a full price 50€ Early Acces Alpha borderline unplayable build of KSP2 and spit millions of players on their face. It's actually really freaking funny that you mention the word theft as such an immoral and devilish act under the current chain of events. I actually chuckled while reading it, so thanks for that. I personally wouldn't use that word when discussing it under current circumstances, and would probably add that it's completely and absolutely justified, but that's just my opinion. There isn't even an argument to be made. I shared my opinion about Take-Two not deserving a single penny after what they've done. Part of the original comment got snipped by the moderators, which is fair enough, but my stance remains the same, regardless of how much you try to make it sound like I summoned Satan himself.
  11. That's the thing, I'll be playing those games either way. I just won't be spending my money on them And I do think I matter, regardless of how big the corporation at hand is. Do I even consider doing that "boycotting"? No. That'd be stupid. But my money won't touch Take Two's hands no more.
  12. Up to this point it becomes something personal rather than just "oh well, I'll just keep buying their stuff anyways since they are billionaires already". Some form of having a pinch of self respect for what I believe. I'll be more than happy to play their products, I'm just not going to pay a cent for them. I actually don't support paying for KSP1 currently either. Game is complete and is DRM free. [snip]
  13. I actually agree up to a certain degree, but not moderating content could have even worse consequences for the forums as a whole. It was Dakota who said forums nor Discord are going anywhere. But he's gone (or about to be) and I'll kindly remind people that we have no idea about the fate of the forums themselves. I for sure know that if we lost the forums I would have a worse time than I had with KSP2's death. I seriously don't understand why aren't there any efforts to back up all of it somewhere, somehow.
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