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  1. Don't get me wrong, even though my previous message sounds like I've given up on this game, that couldn't be farther from the truth. I strongly believe in them, and I can't wait for the day I can open KSP2 and not close it until 8 hours later. I'll be there sending bug reports first minute Colonies update is out, because it's what I signed up for. I desperately want to look at this game and think "now, this is a truly worthy successor to KSP1". Just saying, for those who may think I'm just trying to spread the doomer virus for no reason.
  2. "It's this kind of exageration that makes it understandable why they wouldn't want to engage with the community right now." First and foremost, it will never be understandable and acceptable for a team creating an Early Access game to not want to engage with the community with the reason being "they are being mean to our game waah". If you really want to convince yourself of otherwise, you are more than welcome, but you'll remain in the wrong. Second, it is a fact the game is, indeed, a preview build (Early Access to what's yet to become a fully fledged videogame) that is borderline unplayable if you compare it with any other game that resembles it's experience and gameplay loop (in this case the only fair comparison would be KSP1). Current build of the game lacks most features of KSP1's vanilla gameplay loop, and those already present exist on a half-assed and unstable state. Existing gameplay loop (and this encompasses every aspect of the game you as the player interact with on a normal session: UI, controls, save/load, construction, flying) is unstable and utterly unreliable. Examples of these could be crafts spontaneously exploding upon loading onto the launchpad, or saving a long mission and realizing that loading that state results in your craft disintegrating itself for no reason or having its parts misaligned. Inability to reliably fly long missions due to parts drifting away from their original location on your craft. Rovers and wheeled vehicles are just... no. Delta V readings and maneuver node dV predictions literally don't work properly, which is the spine of this game if you want to do anything beyond LKO. Performance is atrocious on high end machines, so forget about high part counts (high meaning 200 parts and up, which is "normal" part count for any reasonable KSP1 project). I could continue adding game breaking issues that support my claim. Just don't tell me that they could have the right to go radio silent for not liking them and that you'd think it'd be okay. "You hurt your credibility by making claims like this" I think I speak for everyone who paid $50 for KSP2's Early Access when I say that the only credibility that holds any real value when it comes to this game is Intercept Game's. No one here has any reason to exagerate or tell you lies about how the game works when all it takes is playing it by yourself and realizing the rose tinted glasses don't hold themselves longer than the first 10 minutes of playtime until you encounter a game breaking glitch. Which again, it's fine. They exist. It's normal. What isn't normal is people trying to defend something as if their life depended upon it. ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- Imagine being one of the biggest Kerbal content creators, having been invited to most events and campaigns about KSP2 and realizing that a simple KSP2 video about landing a craft on the Mun and driving around with the simplest rover ever results in you considering going back to KSP1 and not looking back. Please, watch that YouTube video at the bottom just by skipping through (it's 40 mins after all) while listening to his complains and tell me with a serious face that KSP2 is totally playable as a solid game for 100+ hours again and that all he is doing is exagerating and hurting his credibility. I'm waiting.
  3. This is a great summary of the problem at hand, though. That works for a game already past 1.0. Not for an Early Access borderline unplayable preview build of what's yet to become a videogame (current KSP2)
  4. Guessing a mod will show up in the future, like Infernal Robotics did for KSP1.
  5. "Lithobraking near you in 2020", guessing everyone remembers. Were they originally planning a re-skin of KSP1 somehow? Was this ever discussed and I'm just forgetting? I just felt the urge to watch the original cinematic trailer, and I can't believe that was literally 5 years ago. 5 years ago. God this is depressing...
  6. 3 main details for me to stick playing KSP2: - Proper camera controls. Camera at the moment is horrendously bad. It is really bad. So bad that it throws me off. Already sent them detailed feedback about it a while back. - Performance. I'm not sticking with KSP2 until performance matches or improves that of KSP 1's. - Sense of progress. Science update was nice but it's lacking. Colonies might aid, but I feel I won't feel complete until we get resource gathering and robotics. I just can't hop onto a new game with less features than KSP1 currently has.
  7. Thanks for this. This thread is incredibly valuable and useful for two main reasons: 1) Makes me realize how big the Colonies update will be if they actually release it in it's full potential, and not as a Colonies: Part 1 (I still have nightmares with Minecraft's Caves and Cliffs: Part 1) 2) It gives players the ability to reminisce about what we were told in an organized archive manner Again, thanks for the effort! Can't wait to compare info using it once Colonies are out. If it's as big of an update as we've been told during the past couple of years, it will probably come out sometime between June and August. Whenever that happens, I just hope it is good and the game is performant enough for it.
  8. I honestly believe the communication issues (no pun intended to the current lack of CommsNet ) arise from the way they are trying to manage them. Last 3-4 months in terms of Dev Team > Early Adopter communications feel like the ones you'd expect from a game that has already gone Gold and has already had its v1.0 release. KSP2 is a 1 year old Early Access project, and the last 3-4 months have felt the same way as last 3-4 months on the same game I mentioned on the post you linked. But said game is already 5+ years past their 1.0 relelease, so we already expect them to release the scheduled updates, drop some info and 'dissapear' until next version hits experimental branch. However, this does not work with KSP2. A project for which Early Adopters paid not $15, $20 or $30, but $50. That's a full release price for many games. I truly believe KSP2 will be worth that money by the day it is feature complete, functional and performant. But the people that paid that eyes closed did so because they love this game, want to see it be completed and devoted their hopes to what I believe is a pretty capable and passionate team of developers. But the game is nowhere near to be completed. They need to work on how to manage communications on a different way. An Early Access game cannot afford to say: "Hey guys! Thanks for purchasing our Early Access! Here is a vague roadmap for the next +2-3 years. We don't know when those will come out, and we can't give you ANY details because we don't want to spoil you! But we'll release a 1 picture leek on Discord 1 month before we make the announcement! Have fun!" Do that once KSP2 has released and post-release content starts rolling and being produced, but Early Access players opt-in on your project's programme to get periodical insights on how the game is being developed and produced. Ommiting this just places us at the end of the pipeline, where we get a build that probably works once QA is done with it, with a pretty video and a "That's all folks! Come by again in 5 months for the next one" I want to know what has been cooking up for the last 30 days. I don't care about being spoiled. I already know Colonies are coming out because the Early Access Roadmap showed this to me. All we need is insight.
  9. As an example, I'm going to try to use one of the most infamous cases of Early Access Syndrome that has occured on the history of Steam. DayZ Standalone was among the first few titles to use the Early Access program. It released in 2013 as Early Access, and didn't leave the program up until 2018. The game is thriving today and, next to KSP, it is my favourite videogame for multiple reasons. Chernarus will forever live in my heart. The developers that worked on DayZ between '13 and '18 did an astounding work on the game. They had to work on two games at the same time. One branch with the old engine, to keep the game and community alive, and another branch, re-developing the game from scratch on a different engine, scripting languages and systems. The game that lives on today. Every couple of weeks, the devs released a short but relevant insight on the development, in both a technical and/or a more personal note. Some weeks we would get a blog with multiple members of the team sharing a few lines on what they were working on at that time, and other weeks we would get a less technical blog that still shed some light on the progress that was laying ahead by the heads of the project. In 2017-2018, in terms of playerbase, DayZ was dead. Some days it would barely break 700 active users. But the playerbase was just as passionate about the game as KSP's community is (KSP is way more passionate actually). Those bi-weekly tiny articles literally kept the hopes for the game alive, as you could get an insight on how almost every relevant aspect of the game was evolving every couple of weeks. Not every blog was detailed and super relevant, but they kept us up to date on the smallest things, and I remember vividly how it being "Status Report Day" made my day better, as we got a small window on to how the game we loved was evolving, even if it was doing poorly on both being a playable game and on player numbers. My first comment on this post said something like "This dev blog is filler", because I feel it is. We all know how eclipses work, and while it's cool to see how they work in KSP, it is irrelevant to the progress being done on the issues that most of the players are concerned about as of right now (in my case that would be Progress on Colonies, the need for Massive Performance Improvements and what will v0.2.2.0 bring). Last Dev Blog and Dev Videos were last posted on the first half of December. This is by no means a way for me to scream at you GIMME MOOOOOREEEE INFOOO NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!! , but rather a "Hey, we're starving for insight on our favourite game's development over here, and you just gave us a NASA sponsored post about how eclipses work". There's no need to push bi-weekly posts either, as I can understand not existing enough content for a dev blog and just prefering to condense more information on a publication that takes a bit longer (like what just happened with K.E.R.B.), but I think the community just wants to hear more from you guys. Maybe a monthly little post where the heads of every department take us over 4-5 lines where they depict what they are working on or what are the current challenges. Something, at least.
  10. So they have actively lied when they stated that KSP2 was "KSP1 and then something else", or when they said that they would "never sacrifice difficulty". It is true that the game is acquiring a childish aura. I know it isn't a big issue for me as it'll be back in a modded fashion with better quality than the original dev team could ever achieve, but we are stepping onto the land of broken promises and lies and it's been barely a year and a couple months ever since they released their trainwreck of release build. Also, current state of the game is what should've been released on Feb 2023. If dissapointment was measured on a scale, My current attitude towards the game on it's current state stands at: JUST SAD |- - - - - - - - -- - - - -NEUTRAL- - - - - - - - - - - - - -| OPTIMISTIC
  11. Cool! But I mean, meh in the grand scale of things that is Kerbal Space Program 2's development. Gonna catalog this one as dev blog filler. Next one please.
  12. I vote to keep that buoyancy bug and ship it as a new feature
  13. Oh my god I suggested this so many times I'm so happy it's happening!
  14. So glad to see attention put on UI feedback. I think UI is the #1 item holding me back from playing as much as I want, so this gives me hopes personally. As personal feedback, if this is read or considered at all, I still think that: 1) Certain UI elements, both in Flight and on VAB should be pushed a bit more towards the screen borders instead of just floating many pixels away from it. KSP1's style relied on keeping UI elements tied to the screen borders and allowed for much greater visibility. Or at least I'd conform myself with a reason for why it's the way it is so I could at least understand the artistic decision behind it. 2) I'm hoping that, down the line, players will be able to manually move UI elements around and save their layout as they please, just like the mod "I Wish They Made UI Customizable" allows you to do, but in a vanilla, slightly more fancy manner. Scaling is already there, but it's a global option and doesn't do wonders. 3) That color manager is desperately asking for arrows that allow you to copy and switch selected colors around, hex code text fields and a way to color agency and kerbals separately. Please. Please I need this in stock game!
  15. Just wanna say that remarks like these are appreciated Dakota. Some people don't go around Discord and the likes often and voicing dev's responses to doubts and questions over on the forums when people ask is valuable. Keep it up
  16. A simple button that allows the deletion of all existing debris would be a welcome QoL addition. Additionally, I'd suggest enabling the ability to delete debris/crafts from the list on the left by hovering over the list item, pressing Delete key and allowing to confirm by pressing Enter, streamlining the process of manual deletion in a *cheff kiss* manner
  17. Happy to hear. I put some effort on sending feedback both on bugs and suggestions here in the forums and a bit over the launcher's survey.
  18. I remember seeing this one being reported a while back. Might have even been myself, can't recall. But yes, it seems like there exists two different instances of the tracking station when it comes to Warp: Tracking Station from KSC and Tracking Station from in-flight. In-flight one is not just redundant, but useless if timewarp restrictions carry over from normal Map View, so hoping it's just a bug.
  19. I really want them to bring Kerbal jobs back to Exploration Mode. I loved bringing my Pilot, Engineer and Scientists for their own specific functions. Otherwise Kerbals become a funny frog with a name that you don't care if you kill or go rescue, as all of them will do the same thing.
  20. I can confirm this bug. Cannot get an inflatable shield to go through Duna atmosphere the same way a regular heat shield does. At the moment feels like the inflatable shield behaves like any other normal parts do when it comes to heat
  21. In Kerbal Space Program 1, launch clamps were able to be placed in a multitude of different angles, allowing for more versatility when testing on the pad and doing other Kerbally things This clip demonstrates the differences between the two of them as of current date. Note that I'm using the mod Restock in KSP1, which only changes the looks of the parts, but their behavior is exactly the same one as with the vanilla looks.
  22. In its current form, the Color Manager lacks many features and details needed on this kind of tool. The following picture portrays the additions and changes of which current iteration of the Color Manager would massively benefit from:
  23. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 Latest Version | CPU: Ryzen 5 5600 | GPU: Radeon RX 7800 XT | RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200 In the VAB, clicking outside of the craft and releasing said click over the craft still counts as a 'functional?' click. It's another of the weird things hard to explain but this clip demonstrates it perfectly. Forgot to add that said behavior also applies to other things besides painting, but painting is the one where players will notice it the most, with me in particular having misspainted my whole rocket multiple times after having already customized it, which is frustrating, as I wasn't clicking on the rocket itself, to start with. Included Attachments:
  24. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 Latest Version | CPU: Ryzen 5 5600 | GPU: Radeon RX 7800 XT | RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200 For Moderators, not sure if this goes in the FX and Audio category, added it because of "FX", feel free to change it. ---------------------- Hard to explain, video shows it clearly from second 0:06 and onwards. Plasma trail loses about half of it's lengh when having an atmosphere behind it Included Attachments:
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