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  1. KSP2 v0.1.3.2 Hotfix Release Notes Bug Fixes Map & Tracking Station Fixed: trajectory position changes when vehicle transitions between Spheres of Influence [Original Bug Report] UI/UX Fixed: Navball markings are blurry [Original Bug Report] SUBMITTING BUG REPORTS AND FEEDBACK If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so: Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher Suggest a Change on the Forums Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes Bug reports should be shared to: KSP Forums Bug Reports <-- This rocket denotes an issue or change that community members directly helped by sharing or suggesting it to our dev team. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports and suggestions!
  2. KSP2 v0.1.3.1 Hotfix Release Notes Bug Fixes Flight Atmospheric Drag not correctly applied to capsule after decoupling [Original Bug Report] UI/UX Procedural fairing editor buttons overlap one another in VAB [Original Bug Report] SUBMITTING BUG REPORTS AND FEEDBACK If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so: Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher Suggest a Change on the Forums Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes Bug reports should be shared to: KSP Forums Bug Reports <-- This rocket denotes an issue or change that community members directly helped by sharing or suggesting it to our dev team. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports and suggestions!
  3. KSP2 Update v0.1.3.0 Release Notes <-- This rocket denotes an issue or change that community members directly helped by sharing or suggesting it to our dev team. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports and suggestions! Bug Fixes Construction Fixed: fairing editor button stays on the cursor when moving fairing in the VAB [1] [2] Fixed: fairings don't properly get out of the way in the VAB internal/exploded mode [1] Fixed: fairing length slider gets stuck after reverting to the VAB from flight Fixed: lower stage Delta-V displays 0 when adding an empty stage above an engine in the VAB Fixed: changing radial symmetry count after placing the first part of a strut causes the strut to break Fixed: Log error in some situations when selecting the visibility mode icon on an interstage fairing Fixed: toggling control surface in wing editor fails to remove control surface when editing multiple wings Fixed: VAB becomes unresponsive after clicking the fairing edit button and doing an unrelated action Fixed: when holding ALT and hovering over part in the VAB, part asset name shows instead of part name Fixed: wrench icon appears before placement of procedural wing Environments Adjusted PQS transition range for Vall Integrated KSC trees into mesh scatter system, reducing lines of code and improving performance Added level of detail to aviation lights at KSC Fixed: some lights have missing textures when viewed at KSC [1] EVA Adjusted over-reflectivity of Kerbal eye materials Fixed: "Bobus" ladder does not provide seamless transition to adjacent ladders Fixed: Bill's and Bob's eyes have incorrect symmetry and color settings [1] Fixed: placeholder notification text displayed when Kerbal performs an EVA Fixed: time-warp keyboard shortcuts are still active when typing in details for planted flags [1] [2] [3] [4] Flight & Map Added ability to toggle visibility of some 3D map elements Added multijoint system for wings that places a scalable array of four joints along the length of the wing root Added new IVA Kerbal animation to show reaction to and recovery from non-catastrophic impact events Added player setting to allow toggling of Navball in Map view Added settings for toggling tooltips and for setting default throttle Fixed: activating or staging an engine causes decouplers and fairing shrouds below that engine to stage Fixed: brake activation applies to multiple vessels simultaneously after undocking Fixed: camera drifts away from recently-decoupled vehicles Fixed: changes made to landing gear friction level settings in the VAB do not propagate to flight Fixed: countdown does not pause when time warp is paused Fixed: gantry positioning code produces errant event registrations Fixed: imprecise cloud shadow masking causes aura when shadow appears behind vehicle Fixed: in-cockpit Kerbals sometimes show T-pose due to corrupted fidget animations Fixed: inline drag calculations use incorrect facing directions when calculating cross sectional area [1] Fixed: XM-G50 Radial Air Intake intake drag cube oriented incorrectly Fixed: instances of decoupled sections remain linked when decoupling a non-command root part that is separated from a command part by an engine mount [1] Fixed: Kerbal flag-planting and flag object animation de-synchronize when time-warp is used Fixed: Landed EVA Kerbals disappear when a vehicle time warps into their physics range Fixed: Inactive crash course warning is fired when vehicle is placed on the launchpad or when player returns to KSC from flight Fixed: Inactive crash course warning occurs when a Kerbal performs EVA at the launchpad " Fixed: landed vehicles cause torrent of VesselLandedAtRest spam Fixed: launch gantry does not adjust position to accommodate wide vehicles on launcpad Fixed: Launching "Jumping Flea" vehicle causes null states [1] Fixed: NaN displayed in the drag/lift ratio value. Still future work to do here. Fixed: NRE errors occur when parts get destroyed Fixed: Out of Electricity message event fails to trigger when EC depleted Fixed: some docking ports fail to release when undocking Fixed: structural tubes don't occlude aerodynamic drag Fixed: strut joint is misclassified as "lingering" and automatically destroyed when loaded to launchpad Fixed: symmetrically-attached radial decouplers eject with different forces [1] Fixed: thermal indicator generates log spam Fixed: undocking docking port destroys vehicle if it has wheels or wings attached to it Fixed: undocking vehicle sections that are connected with struts fails to detach struts [1] Fixed: ground parts remain attached to the main assembly when their parent part is destroyed" Fixed: vehicle falls through terrain when returning it to focus after launching another vehicle outside its physics range Fixed: vehicle teleports inside Kerbin when partial fuel depletion event triggers during time-warp [1] Fixed: when loading a second vehicle to launchpad after first vehicle has been destroyed, launch button shows "No Stages" and is not clickable Fixed: wingtip vortices display incorrectly due to incorrect case handling for contextual events Planetshine adjusted to improve reflected lighting on vehicles above the Mun, Minmus, and Eeloo FX and Audio Adjusted VFX for launch clamps Adjusted VFX positioning for procedural engine plate shrouds and interstage fairings Fixed: Log spam every frame when air intake makes contact with the ground Replaced raycast-based lens flare occlusion with depth-based occlusion Added pixel-count solution to correlate lens flare intensity with nearest star's visible area" Updated VFX for stack separators and decouplers Localization Fixed: "Go" button text field too small for some translated text Fixed: bold text illegible in some Asian languages Fixed: for some languages, anti-aliasing settings have incorrect localization Fixed: for some languages, non-localized celestial body name appears on SOI entry Fixed: in some languages, "Fly Safe" placeholder vehicle name not translated Fixed: incorrect word order on burn timer UI Fixed: localization missing from Kerbal EVA controls window Fixed: orientation cube text obscures 3D vehicle icon in some languages Fixed: pre-made vehicle information in Save/Load window is incorrectly localized Fixed: some text in Settings menu not localized Fixed: part description for HFT ""Spherotron"" Hydrogen Fuel Tank not localized" [1] Fixed: the Enter Text text box for the Campaign Name is displayed in English while creating a new game in a foreign language Fixed: the Velocity tab's 'Target' text is not translated when observed in any language other than English Fixed: tutorial dialogues have minor bugs in some languages Fixed: unlocalized strings appear in staging stack Modding Fixed: LoadByLabel not properly respecting assets in addressables in mod asset bundles. Labelled addressables should load properly now Optimization Added new compute kernel to improve terrain performance by reducing rendering of non-visible detail Optimized cloud shader algorithm to improve GPU performance Implemented job system to handle per-part water detection (for 150 part vehicle, CPU time reduced from 10ms to 1.5ms) Optimized and improved quality of lens flares by using a commandbuffer Optimized cloud rendering when camera is below cloud layer Optimized GPU and memory usage for water rendering by using stencil buffers and new shaders Optimized KSC instancing to reduce draw calls Optimized Part Manager by removing several layout groups Optimized per-engine point lights by turning off shadows Optimized PQS terrain textures to reduce memory usage Optimized rendering of 3D UI elements in VAB and flight Optimized scatter object performance by using more compact scatter spawn buffers to reduce GPU memory usage Optimized tesselation factor for medium and low quality water to improve GPU performance Optimized water tesselation factor for water viewed from high altitude Optimized runtime CPU performance for water rendering by updating some properties less than once per frame" Reduced GPU memory used by local space shader by 75% Reduced low- and medium-quality cloud texture sizes for Kerbin, Duna, Eve, and Laythe Removed unnecessary logging for time warp interpolation Updated Eve's shorelines to reduce visual blockiness and improve CPU and memory usage Fixed: cloud shadows are broken on Eve Fixed: clouds have dark edges Fixed: memory leaks triggered by loading saved games, loading tutorials, and reverting to VAB Fixed: the game crashes when attempting to view the EULA and Privacy Policy in Russian [1] Fixed: trees vanish before they are completely off-screen Fixed: scatter objects render at first level of detail at all distances" Parts and Stock Vessels Added A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S part Added Clamp-O-Tron Inline Docking Port, Clamp-O-Tron Shielded Docking Port, and Mk2 Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port parts Added Cornet, Trumpet, and Tuba engine parts Added S3-28800 Methalox fuel tank part Adjusted MEM-125 Engine Mount color mask and part size to match similar parts Added auto in-flight switching for multi-mode engines like the Rapier "Sustainer" descriptor added to appropriate engine subtitles Increased breaking force for wings, control surfaces, and stabilizers Methane engines are now surface-attachable Fixed: RTC "Rottweiler" truck chassis has incorrectly-oriented stack attach node and low texture resolution Fixed: "Statistics" header not properly localized in VAB Fixed: air intake parts display unnecessary sliders in VAB Part Manager Fixed: gimbal animation code causes log spam Fixed: intake air listed as a transferrable resource in the Resource Manager Fixed: mesh for SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Booster is 7.5 degrees from correct rotation Fixed: non-convex collision mesh for RF-AD 2000 Mk3 to Mk2 Methalox Adapter causes error message Fixed: small nosecone base diameter does not match small stack parts Fixed: stack node position on Mk1 "Explorer" Command Pod slightly misaligned [1] Saving and Loading Fixed: TravelLog Manager causes runaway save file inflation [1] Fixed: vehicle spawns beneath terrain when loading saved game with EVA Kerbal in focus Fixed: interstage fairing size does not persist correctly when loading a workspace Fixed: after launching a vessel, loading into a different game save with a flight in progress, and then reverting to the VAB, an incorrect vehicle from another game save is loaded Fixed: descriptions disappear when making new workspace save from a stock vehicle workspace Fixed: Log fills with autosave spam Fixed: autosave cooldown timers don't trigger Fixed: thumbnails for saved games sometimes incorrectly display transparency Tutorials Enabled dragging tutorial windows by headers Fixed: fail state dialog does not properly display when failing some tutorials Fixed: feature image for "Orbital Transfers" tutorial is incorrect Fixed: player-adjusted position of tutorial message box does not persist Fixed: subtitles missing from various sections of Orbits are Weird tutorial UI/UX Added Flight HUD UI scaling in player settings Added player-controllable splash screen bypass ability Added description to the "Tab Away Audio" player setting Added notification when F5 is used to quicksave Added player setting to toggle visibility of Vessel/Object labels Added stock vessel filter to KSC launchpad menu Game View UI element is hidden when there is no active vessel Updated section names in input settings Updated settings menu user interface Updated UI for VAB header, launch assembly icon, fairing construction icons, procedural editing icon, fairing visibility icon, and root part icon Enabled configuration of unique spawn points for tutorial dialogs for each tutorial lesson Fixed: code error in main menu when trying to access a deleted object Fixed: implementation of localized File Date/Time is incorrect for regional formatting Fixed: in some languages, incorrect capitalization used in text for Pause Menu options Fixed: in wing editor, text has incorrect linebreak in some languages Fixed: insufficient campaign save window height causes text overlap Fixed: large values in the Tracking Station's Celestial Body Information panel are too long due to absence of large-magnitude unit conversions Fixed: launchpad location button selection state does not change when deselected Fixed: normal/anti-normal markers on Navball don't match SAS icons Fixed: not possible to re-bind "E" key in input settings/controls [1] Fixed: part info tooltip text overlaps in some languages Fixed: part tooltip appears behind part icon Fixed: passive notifications remain visible when UI is toggled off using F2 [1] Fixed: stage numbering reverses after switching focus between decoupled vehicles [1] Fixed: staging stack drop line indicators appear in the middle of stages instead of between them Fixed: text layout for burn timer does not accommodate long text [1] Fixed: trip planner layout does not allow longer localized text Fixed: users cannot back out of the Privacy Policy window after exiting to the Main Menu from gameplay [1] Fixed: VAB part module text extends beyond info panel bounds in some cases Fixed: when a vehicle is destroyed via the object picker in Tracking Station, parent celestial body list entry does not close SUBMITTING BUG REPORTS AND FEEDBACK If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so: Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher Suggest a Change on the Forums Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes Bug reports should be shared to: KSP Forums Bug Reports
  4. KSP2 Update v0.1.2.0 Release Notes <-- This rocket denotes an issue or change that community members directly helped by sharing it with our dev team. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports and suggestions! Bug Fixes Construction Stage groups now remain in their proper order when switching between multiple assemblies in the VAB The Parts Manager can now be opened for subassemblies in the VAB Added proper handling of nested symmetry sets Fixed an issue that could cause staging order to change when reverting to VAB with complex, multi-vessel workspaces. Fixed vehicle-in-floor VAB bug Iconography updated in the VAB for fairing editor controls, assembly anchor markers, and launch assembly markers Fixed a bug that removed struts and fuel lines from duplicated subassemblies in the VAB Fixed an issue with deleting an assembly sometimes failing when dropping the assembly in the trashcan Fixed warning in the Engineer's Report about vessel not generating electricity Fixed multiple instances where "center of" tools behaved unexpectedly when there was no vessel data Fixed a bug that caused procedural editor icons to sometimes persist into other areas of the title Environments Added new building illumination to KSC that activates and deactivates based on time of day Kerbals are now properly illuminated on the launchpad at night Updated collision meshes and materials for KSC parking garage Loading a game near Eeloo or Pol no longer causes SetPixels errors Improved distribution of rock scatter objects on Kerbin's surface Fixed fuzzy "scan lines" visible on clouds when using AMD Graphics Cards Height fog added to Kerbin, Duna, Eve, and Laythe Celestial body ground scatter updates on Minmus, Eve, Eeloo, Ike, Duna, Mun, Tylo, and Bop Terrain scatter updates for Moho, Vall, Gilly, Laythe, Pol, and Dres Terrain shadow accuracy improvements on Minmus Fixed terrain artifacts at Eve's north and south poles Removed texture seams from grass around launchpads Improved appearance and performance of underwater caustic effects Fixed global illumination contributing on lighting on the opposite side of objects Fixed memory leak caused by lighting while in the VAB Fixed plants on Kerbin rendering incorrectly Fixed an issue that could cause blurry, pixilated terrain when viewing from a distance Fixed fog transition so that it should no longer pop into view at 60 km Scaling updates to make KSC signs more uniform. This should improve and prevent distortion in various graphical settings and view distances Adjusted bloom and brightness during daylight hours in the Vehicle Assembly Building Clouds updated to remove linear features that can make them appear unnatural Setting cloud quality to LOW in the graphic settings now renders low quality clouds instead of no clouds Fixed an issue where low-quality settings could cause some cloud shadows to appear on vessels above the cloud heights Fixed bug preventing decals from rendering at KSC while moving between loading screens and game states where KSC is disabled Fixed a bug where water (and some other visuals) were not displayed properly when observed through gaps in parachutes Fixed a bug that caused water to reflect the galaxy sky map instead of the atmosphere/planet sky Minor lighting fix in the Training Center Minor collision updates for the VAB roof Flight & Map Fixed deletion of vessels without control during game save Recovered Kerbals are accessible again from the VAB Maneuver plans are now constrained by available fuel and will no longer provide false projections that extend beyond vehicle's capacity. R.A.P.I.E.R. engines must be set to Closed Cycle mode to allow accurate orbital maneuver planning. Stopped light parts from consuming EC after they are switched off Fixed parts attached to some physicsless parts falling at launch Fixed spacebar sometimes not triggering staging Improved fuel flow priorities Improved handling of hover and click targets in Map view when multiple objects overlap Removed the "Disable Crash Damage" difficulty setting. This setting could cause issues preventing vessels from entering a landed state. If crash damage was disabled in playthroughs, it will now be enabled Burn timer status icons are now accurate when the burn is completed at the correct time Fixed issue where engines in Part Manager displayed incorrect "Deactivate" or "Activate" state Fixed issue preventing switching between vehicles in atmospheric flight. This is now possible as long as both vehicles are inside the high-fidelity physics bubble surrounding the observer Fixed a bug that can cause certain vessel configurations to be destroyed at frame of reference updates in flight Fixed a bug that caused uncontrolled vessels to be tagged as debris in certain scenarios Fixed collision detection in map mode for trajectories with impacts on Bop. Collision icons should now be displayed map trajectories for Bop Fixed CommNet partial/no connection after decoupling/undocking a probe Fixed a bug that could cause trajectory lines to incorrectly display as a non-closed orbit/escape trajectory. Fixed a bug that could cause highlight dot markers to appear on some vessel joint connectors in flight Fixed a bug that caused main menu screen elements to persist into gameplay Fixed a bug to prevent some abrupt Kerbal animation changes Fixed an issue with jet engines that could cause the wrong engine mode to be selected. Fixed a bug where Tim C. Kerman's hair could clip through his helmet FX and Audio Vacuum exhaust updates for the R.A.P.I.E.R. engine Updates to the timing on the plant flag EVA animation Updates to the sphere of influence entry and exit VFX Tim C. Kerman now has appropriate RCS thruster VFX Removed "out of fuel" sound from Sepratrons Fixed Tracking Station audio cue firing too often Improved trailing particle emitters to reduce VFX bugs associated with frame of reference changes Fixed jet engine audio starting/stopping too quickly when engines were deactivated/re-activated in the part manager Fixed an edge case where jet engines could show engine start VFX during timewarp Fixed Terrier engine exhaust scaling Localization Improved translations in several video subtitles Updated localized terms for new game creation (all languages). Fixed various localization issues in the part manager for Pods, Coupling, Fuel Tanks, Engines, and Utility (all languages). Fixed missing text in some scenarios where actions cannot be performed yet due to loading (all languages). Fixed a bug that could cause the End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy text to remain in the previous language after languages are changed in game. Fixed mislabeled EVA keybindings in the settings menu (all languages). Localized text updates in the settings menu (Polish, Russian, German and Korean). Tutorial updates for all languages Fixed localization issues for Part Picker, UI, and Settings Updated font atlases to properly display special characters Fixed unlocalized text in the open workspace window Improved font fallbacks to avoid different size characters Translation updates for "Statistics" in the part info (all languages) Menu text updates (all languages) Part manager/info text updates (all languages) Fixed missing text on the KR4-P3 reactor (All languages) Stock vessel text updates (Portuguese) Updated loading tips in the (Chinese languages) Fixed a text formatting issue in the Training Center (Italian, French, German, Japanese) Save data font adjustments (Korean) Fixed a minor language issue, where the confirmation box was displayed in the previous language after making a language change in settings Optimization Fixed a memory leak in tutorials Changed Kerbal Crew Cam to paginated format Optimized cubemap rendering to reduce memory usage and improve CPU performance Optimized memory usage for clouds and corrected issue in which clouds on some Celestial Bodies did not match quality settings Reduced GPU memory usage for surface scatter meshes (especially grass) by scaling render buffers to currently visible content Applied CPU optimization to SetPixel behavior Deactivated underwater state detection when flight camera not active PQS disabled when flight camera is not active Optimized memory usage of tree scatter by reducing texture duplication Implemented Ground Shading Quality settings Anti-tile is now disabled when low quality is selected Improved cloud memory usage Performance improvements when using vessel configurations with lots of resource sources Optimization on Kerbal IVA cameras Improved low graphical setting visuals in some scenes Additional flight camera optimization Optimized orbital nodes in map by not processing non-visible ones Optimized and Improved KSC night lighting Fixed memory leak in terrain code Fixed bug preventing instanced runway light levels of detail from being rendered. Also fixed memory leak due to accumulated rendering calls associated with runway light levels of detail Fixed bug where game loaded in an unresponsive state due to issue with modification of master texture limit while texture mipmap streaming is running Parts and Stock Vessels Kerbals in passenger modules now have IVA portraits and can exit the vessel Aeris stock vehicle is now oriented horizontally by default Optimized geometry and updated textures for the Mk2 "Phoenix" Reliant engine small model updates. Swivel engine small model updates Fixed misaligned attach points on the Mk2 Lander. Mk2 Inline Cockpit small model updates The surface attach node visual is now appropriately sized for the Bobus ladder. Removed additional, erroneous attach points from the Mk3 Engine Mount Added missing part sub-name for the FL-T100 Methalox Fuel tank Fixed a value that could cause a flash when loading vessels with procedural wings Fixed a text issue where the incorrect size was displayed for the Clamp-O-Tron Jr. in the part description (all languages) Saving and Loading Camera now returns to saved position and orientation when game is reloaded Proper save names are retained when loaded on another computer Updates to save data for missing camera YAW information Updates to save data information to ensure accuracy of camera information Save data changes for better handling of vessel and agency information Fixed issue where reverting or loading results in disappearance of vehicle Fixed a bug where Kerbals loaded in incorrect locations from a save made while EVA Fixed visual errors associated with the Loading Screen transition when loading a game from the VAB or Training Center. Tutorials The user is now returned to the Training Center after exiting a tutorial instead of KSC Updated tutorial preview images Fixed issue where game progresses too quickly during Tutorial 1.5 Fixed tutorial vessel loading in a player campaign after completing a tutorial Fixed tutorial menus appearing on the main menu UI/UX Updated the frequency of game paused and unpaused messages to help prevent spamming Improved Terms of Service flow, added "Next" button to seizure warning screen, and corrected issue where legal text did not default to system language settings Added ESC button functionality to close screens at the main menu Time warp bar no longer displays when HUD is toggled off using F2 Notifications now persist when game is paused to make them easier to read Fixed a bug that made it difficult to close the color manager window Staging stack resource readouts containing two different resources now display correct amounts for both entries Corrected various errors in Credits Updated styling for the Burn Timer window Reduced scroll wheel sensitivity for menus, including Language Selection, Launchpad, and Save/Load dialogs Removed non-functional Filter/Overlay button from Tracking Station Added "Return to KSC" button to Flight Report and Tracking Station dialogs Font and styling fixes to save dialogue windows Minor scaling improvements in the part information overlay window Limit on passive notifications that can be displayed at once (three) The color picker window is now moveable via click/hold/drag on the top of the window Update to Kerbal manager and Resource manager icons Updating active icon visibility for the wing editor UI when editing procedural wings UI updates to the location bar at the top of the screen The staging stack is now hidden when there are no stages present in the VAB The expand/collapse stages button is hidden when only one stage is present (which will have it's fully details displayed as fully expanded automatically) Fixed engine part manager status text Fixed bug where player could not select "Filter Options" in Tracking Station Fixed a bug with save data sort by date orders Fixed an issue that could cause some UI menu's to not respond to a mouse scrollwheel Fixed a bug with the current location menu reading the wrong location in some instances after exiting the Training Center Fixed an issue in the load workspace menu that could cause multiple workspaces to be highlighted at once Fixed a bug that would cause the timewarp bar to disappear in the tracking station Fixed an issue causing the scrollbar to not appear in the resource manager when a vessel had a large part count Fixed object picker sometimes not expanding initially in the tracking station Fixed buttons cut off in the Tracking Station Fixed UI issue where toggle button width and campaign menu difficulty level button width were not expanding with text content Fixed bug where the only ship name visible on the KSC Launch Pad UI was the last ship sent to the launchpad Fixed issue in which temperature gauges persist on screen after they have been turned off in Settings Fixed issue where game switches to Fullscreen upon entering the Graphics tab in Settings Other Removed Kapybaras SUBMITTING BUG REPORTS AND FEEDBACK If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so: Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher Suggest a Change on the Forums Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes Bug reports should be shared to either: Private Division Customer Support Dedicated Bug Reports Subforum
  5. KSP2 Update v0.1.1.0 Release Notes <-- This rocket denotes a fix that community members directly helped our dev team fix. Thanks to all of you who send in bug reports! Bug Fixes Flight & Map Fixed disappearance of orbital trajectories after loading a saved game Fixed trajectory intercept patch not showing when captured by a Celestial Body Fixed issue where some parts remain connected to/follow vessel after detachment Fixed stack decouplers staying connected to the vessel when staged with certain engines that have fairings enabled Fixed physics impulse occurring when an engine runs out of fuel Fixed dV incorrectly using reinforced joint part connections for fuel flow calculations Fix for engine thrust being deflected at too high of a value when a part obstructs an engine’s exhaust (the Kraken Drive bug) Fixed loss of vehicle control after undocking Fixed bug for probe cores spinning when losing Commnet connection Fixed stack decouplers operating as if crossfeed is active even when PAM entry shows crossfeed disabled Fixed issue that could cause some environment objects to spawn on top of the active vessel, causing KSC and other objects to move to the origin Fixed orbital velocity being shown when looking at the context menu of a landed vessel in Map view Fixed maneuver burn timer countdown lights activating incorrectly Fixed context menu opening when panning the camera with right mouse button while zoomed in to a celestial body in Map mode Added camera collision with terrain and other colliders while in Flight view Added visual indicator when a marker is hovered and pinned in Map view Fixed offset of radially-attached parts when player switches away from and back to Flight view Fixed the sim-side Center of Mass not being correctly updated by view-side rigidbodies Fixed physics-less parts adding the mass of their host part to Center of Mass calculations Fixed orbit/rigidbody synchronization issues when transitioning to/from physics and on-rails Made debris targetable Fixed dV calculation breaking when new empty stages are added while building a vessel in the VAB Fixed dV amounts appearing on the wrong stage when rearranging stages in the staging stack Fixed outboard elements of compound wings exhibiting reversed control surface reaction to pitch inputs Fixed issue with orbital marker not properly resetting its state when collapsed Fixed orbital markers not being pinnable while manipulating a maneuver and not staying pinned upon maneuver gizmo activation Fixed navball/controls getting stuck after accelerating in timewarp Fixed persistence of active vessel’s timewarp restrictions when returning to KSC from Flight Fixed pitch, yaw, roll, and throttle adjustment being possible while in hibernation mode Fixed planned trajectories changing when switching between Flight view and Map view while engine is firing Fixed dV calculations for stages with multiple engines with different burn durations and propellant rates Fixed resource system processing when request needs are only partially met Improved buoyancy calculations to reduce vessel spinning when splashing down in the ocean Fixed burn duration displays 0 until it is time to start the burn Fixed ETA to maneuver display to show a value for “days” Fixed dV calculations with cross feed in active stage of flying vessel Fixed dV changing to zero when fuel crossfeed is disabled on Docking Ports Fixed a bug where debris trajectories were not immediately shown in Map view Fixed a bug with thrust limiters missing for solid fuel booster engines Removed incorrect fuel transferability for solid fuel parts in the Resource Manager in Flight view Single part vessels now come to a stop on low gravity celestial bodies after a crash Fixed intercept nodes being in wrong positions during timewarp Updated detection arguments for recognizing when an aircraft is landed Fixed an issue with Stability Assist that could cause the loss of Prograde and Retrograde targets on the launchpad. Fixed vessel not restoring correctly when reverting to launch from the runway Fixed Chase Camera mode to make selected zoom state persist Fixed part action groups breaking when an invalid action is included Fixed errors on Game Shutdown during TimeWarp Fixed destroy command not destroying vessels in the Tracking Station Fixed some instances where the action group manager would not trigger correctly when additional part actions are added to reserved action groups Optimizations Optimizations in the engine part module to reduce per-update “not out of fuel” messaging Optimized engine exhaust damage calculations to reduce CPU impact of high engine counts Optimized ThrottleVFXManager to reduce CPU impact of per-frame material property updates Optimizations on EVA code Optimized Center of Thrust and Center of Mass marker code and fixed null shortcut failure states Optimized kerbal hair compression scripts Optimized loading times in PQS code Optimization of unneeded cameras during loading Optimized loading times for the main menu Loading optimization for scatter meshes Optimized fuel flow calculations to cut processing by up to 3x and reduce garbage by half Optimized runway light meshes Fixed various texture and mesh memory leaks Updated Training Center to use texture streaming Fixed performance-impacting error state triggered by Kerbin’s clouds after returning to Kerbal Space Center from another celestial body Removed unnecessary log entries to improve performance Removed unnecessary logs when loading a saved game Reduced light source count for multi-nozzle engine parts Saving & Loading Added feature: game autosaves when landing on a celestial body, when entering an SOI, and when entering or exiting an atmosphere Fixed an issue that prevented loading of a saved game within an existing Campaign, caused workspaces not to load properly, and prevented saving the game Fixed issue where reloading a save made at KSC results in reloading to active vessel in flight Fixed string in the Save Workspace menu Fixed an issue that could prevent new workspace saves being created when a control part was removed Fixed an issue that can prevent workspace saves from appearing in the load menu Parts & Stock Vessels Fixed R.A.P.I.E.R. engine mode-changing issues Set all reinforced joint connections to grandparent Improved joint strength for engine plate floating stack attach nodes Performed wheel balance pass, including adjustment of all steering and torque curves Increased range and brightness for vehicle lights Re-tuned fairing and cargo part mass Tuned mass for structural parts, trusses, nosecones and tail sections Tuned crash tolerance for external Grumble Seat Re-tuned electrical systems, including adjustments to xenon engine electrical draw, xenon engine thrust, reactor fuel burn rate, and RTG lifetime Tuned crash tolerance for landing gear Tuned docking reacquisition ranges Updated Hammer solid fuel booster model to match with other parts in the same size category Adjusted mass for HECS2 probe Updated emissive texture and material for the MK3 “Skybus” Fixed frustum culling for the Bobus mobility enhancer (ladder disappeared when base at edge of screen) Updated geometry and textures for the MK1 “Peregrine” Updates to textures and geometry for the Mk1 “Raven” Fixed texture seams on the R.A.P.I.E.R. engine Fixed RCS not working on the Mk3-5 command pod Minor bug fix on the Kerbal K2 stock vessel to fix issues with decoupling Updated collider for MK1 Tin Can to improve surface attachment behavior for radially-attached parts Updated default orientation for some adapter parts Updated default orientation for small square trusses Updated part placement rules for the HS-500 Heat Shield Updated models for decouplers and separators to match other parts in their size categories Updated geometry for LV-N “NERV” engine Updated team colors masks for the SP-XL "Gigantor" and SP-XXL "Colossus" solar panels Updated team color masks for decouplers Updated team color mask on engine endcaps Added Crew Light module to Skybus cab Fixed the Symmetry mirror direction and rotation for the Grumble Seat Fixed wheel motor resource usage being too low Adjusted default orientation of the MK3 Cargo Ramp Fixed fuel-containing aerodynamic parts (Mk1 Divertless Supersonic Intake, Engine Nacelle, or Engine Precooler) not showing resource slider in the Part Action Manager Tuning changes made to reaction wheels in command modules Adjusted the surface attach node to be on the ventral surface of Mk2 parts Fixed a bug preventing lights from consuming resources Fixed a bug preventing the Blink option from working on lights Fixed a bug with the heading orientation of the Sparrow default craft UI/UX UI performance improvements, including elimination of unnecessary redraw for unchanged bar elements and removal of pixel perfect on main gameplay canvas Added a graphical representation for probe cores in Kerbal Flight portraits Updated Map iconography, including orbital markers, trajectory colors, maneuver gizmo, focus item, and scrub handle Fixed error where clicking on “Exit” in Main Menu produces warning modal that has no accept or cancel buttons Fixed graphics quality settings conflicting with one another after resetting settings Removed “Apply” button from settings menus, updating settings when changed, settings now apply immediately Fixed parts bin UI height in Staging Stack Performed color and consistency pass on the staging stack and launch button UI UI improvements to avoid overlap of intercept nodes in map view Fixed info panel UI element remaining active when panel is hidden in the Tracking Station Updated UI indicators in some tutorials and first time user experience information Updated Resource Manager UI to match new resource gauges in Staging Stack Improved ESC menu user experience Fixed dark box getting stuck in the VAB when dragging the dialog window Fixed Kerbal Manager portraits appearing empty Fixed non-stock vessel thumbnails not appearing in launchpad menu Minor updates to improve building selection experience at Kerbal Space Center view Updated the executable icon Updated background image for vessel thumbnails in the launchpad load menu Updated saved vessel thumbnail design Updated styling on the action button inside the Part Action Manager Updated the game credits Updated game splashscreens Updated titles in the Resource Manager Updated dialog windows to accommodate longer text Updated close button on the Part Manager Updated missing text on the launchpad menu Added notification for inactive vessel entering a new SOI Fixed runway 1 and 2 having the same name when hovering over them in the KSC Fixed tooltips for Trigger Action Groups 2-10 being numbered incorrectly within the input settings menu Fixed Center Camera in VAB being in the wrong section in the input settings Added warning when rebinding the same key twice in input settings Fixed difficulty settings being saved from one save file's difficulty settings and being applied to every normal difficulty game save made afterwards Fixed difficulty options showing in the main menu settings Fixed failure of difficulty settings to apply when changed inside a campaign Fixed shader compiler error when switching graphics settings to Low Quality Added laptop audio mode to settings Fixed a bug where the “hold to quickload” setting was not applied correctly Added audio keyboard shortcuts to input settings menu Fixed escape menu freezing vessel controls in last-held state Fixed dialog being non-clickable when recovering a vessel with ESC menu deployed Fixed overlapping text in the flag removal dialog Fixed throttle visuals not updating when throttle adjusted Updated Tracking Station control text Minor updates to global header information Fixed Recover Vessel button in the ESC menu pushing elements off screen Fixed notifications using real world time instead of UT Fixed input lock problems when the ESC menu is visible Removed placeholder image that appears when no parts are favorited Updated Center of Mass, Thrust, and Pressure/Lift indicators in the Vehicle Assembly Building to make them translucent Fixed text overruns in the Training Center Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen Fixed a bug blocking some agency flags from being selected when starting a new game Added additional loading screens Fixed missing physical characteristics in the info panel inside the Tracking Station Fixed issues with the toggles for Map and Tracking Station displaying an incorrect state, or being hidden unintentionally Fixed all CBs are described as "Terrestrial planets" when viewed in the tracking station Updated the text string displayed for engine disabling/enabling in the Part Manager Updated text for lights in the Part Manager Construction Middle mouse button pans in the Z axis when in horizontal workspace mode Fixed fairing sides getting deleted after building a procedural fairing and attaching it to a launch assembly Fixed errors related to procedural wings preventing launch from VAB Fixed issue where pressing M in the VAB opens the Map view Fixed description for Kerbol capture and Kerbosationary orbit trip stages in trip planner Fixed engineer’s report warning vessels cannot generate electricity when vessels are equipped with generators Adjusted default VAB camera angle for horizontal workspace mode Fixed hit area for the launchpad selection button in the VAB Confirmation prompt added when saving over workspaces Fixed assembly anchor error alert persisting onscreen and blocking the user from placing additional parts after the tool is deselected in the VAB Fixed Center of Thrust appearing on the ground of the VAB and not updating when launch assembly is changed Fixed display issues in the text on the orientation cube in the VAB Updated favorites panel information in the Vehicle Assembly Building Favorites category Fixed a bug where surface attach nodes were misaligned on some engine parts Environments Fixed an issue where ground textures were projected onto vehicles at the margins of the KSC grounds Fixed Kerbin atmosphere disappearing when viewed from Mun’s SOI Fixed collision at bottom of Mohole Fixed terrain decal normals not rendering correctly Reduced scatter meshes floating above terrain Updates to terrain texture matching for some points of interest Updated placement, coloration, and collision for various celestial body landmarks Updated colliders and stretched textures in the parking garage at KSC Scatter adjustments around KSC mountains Updated material on VAB elevators Fixed VAB gantry crane geometry Updated material on VAB doors Adjusted atmosphere settings for main menu background planet Fixed atmosphere not showing in cubemaps under some circumstances Improved atmosphere clipping issues while in Map view Fixed Laythe’s atmosphere rendering incorrectly in Map view Fix a bug that caused lighting to darken on vessels when reentering atmospheres Updated clouds on Jool Minor road line placement adjustments at Kerbal Space Center Fixed collision and updated materials for some points of interest Updated local space shader to restore missing normals in some biomes Updated KSC Training Center roof and Tracking Station dish to fix gaps in geometry Updated colliders around launchpads Updated Kerbin foliage Fixed invisible water above ground to east of KSC lakes Fixed scaled space clouds not displaying in map view Fixed cloud transition dithering issues Improved cloud masking to clean up edges of clouds seen behind vehicle Fixed clouds in Map view not lighting from the correct sun direction for all planets Fixed warnings in cloud-related code Fixed decals sliding and floating on planets Fixed decals getting culled incorrectly after transitioning to low orbit Fixed Laythe's Ocean appearing jagged, pixelated, and jittery after splashing down Fixed ocean shoreline fade out transition at some camera angles Improved LOD transitions for KSC trees Fixed mismatch between high-detail KSC and far-distance LOD material Fixed shadow system to switch to surface shadow mode in KSC view EVA Fixed issue with game saves made after vehicle destruction, in which reloading causes EVA camera mode switch and missing flight information/flight report Fixed kerbals floating when idle while in EVA Fixed kerbals getting stuck when swimming Fixed Kerbals getting stuck inside the Mk1 Command Pod when it's on a flat surface other than the launchpad Improved Kerbal run/walk animation transitions Fixed Kerbal surface velocity resetting when disabling RCS in EVA mode Updated EVA code to remove frame-related discrepancy between collision result values and character state values Fixed ground and step detection being one frame late for kerbals while in EVA Fixed EVA tooltip remaining active when the HUD is hidden during gameplay Fixed inability to recover Kerbals when on EVA Fixed a bug preventing EVA jetpack from firing even when it has enough fuel Kerbals now require 1x timewarp when transitioning to EVA Fixed kerbals being able walk on the sides of objects with collision Fixed climb action not being present for Kelus Long ladder and Bobus Extra Long Telescopic Mobility Enhancer Fixed errors when toggling Jetpack while TimeWarp is active FX & Audio Improved Kerbol flare/bloom effects Fixed post process FX lighting transition in low orbit Fixed an issue where contrails jump positions during universe reference point transitions Fixed ground blast effect occurring at invalid location for the first few seconds of launch Fixed SFX for Panther in afterburning mode Fixed errors on explosion VFX for hydrogen tanks Fixed VFX not showing on RCS thrusters when precision mode is activated Minor updates for non-explosive water impact VFX Launch VFX updates Updated R.A.P.I.E.R. engine VFX Updated launch smoke material Updated explosion materials Fixed audio timing for several animations Game audio balance pass Fixed a bug where audio was muted when entering numpad values in text entry bars on some menus Added maneuver alert and end sounds Added drag and drop staging sounds Added hydrogen and xenon tank destruction sounds Fixed launchpad music not playing when loading a save Tutorials Fixed issue where flight report appears when the user crashes a vessel inside a tutorial Added “Enter” as keyboard input to advance tutorial dialogs Fixed a bug that could cause the first-time user experience windows to remain open on the main menu Text adjustments in tutorials Text adjustments to subtitles for video tutorials Fixed soft lock error when restarting Tutorial 2.2 Fixed some audio elements on tutorial 2.4 Fixed tooltips not displaying in the Tutorial pause menu during tutorial videos Adding scroll bar indicator to the booster selection step in the “Missing the Ground” tutorial Added fail stage when deleting the engine in the “Space is the Place” tutorial Fixed tutorial orientation video getting stuck when clicking at the end of the video progress bar Fixed subtitles in several languages for the video tutorial on the “Space is the place” tutorial Fixed file paths in tutorial saves Minor gameplay updates to the “Missing the Ground” tutorial Updated text in the VAB First Time User Experience Updated first-time user experience: “Out of Electricity” linked to electricity level instead of production rate Fixed a bug with videos not closing at appropriate times Localization Fixed title text overlapping at the Training Center when localized Fixed unlocalized tooltips in the Timewarp bar Added missing localization terms for stockvessels. Localization reformatted for new game creation Adjustments to text sizing and placement in the launchpad selection in some languages Fixed crash when returning to main menu from VAB Font updates for special characters in certain languages Added new translations to: KSC Menu Flight HUD VAB Training Center Launchpad Menu Part Manager Tracking Station Settings ESC Menu Dialog Titles Notifications Action Group Manager Campaign Load Screen Part Action Manager Time Warp UI Tutorial Pause Wing Editor Map View Part Info Tooltip Video tutorials Passive notifications Merging Workspace Tutorial KNOWN ISSUES KSC Runway Lights LOD Visual Regression Description: Players can see runway lights up close, but they are not visible from far away. This was a result of a major optimization fix for the lights. Status: We are aware of this issue and will be looking to address this in a future patch. SUBMITTING BUG REPORTS AND FEEDBACK If you'd like to provide feedback about this build, there are many different ways to do so: Submit Feedback through the Game Launcher Suggest a Change on the Forums Join us on Discord to discuss potential changes Bug reports should be shared to either: Private Division Customer Support Dedicated Bug Reports Subforum
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