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  1. Can we request new community fixes here? The Poodle engine gimbaling is all wrong - either too much authority range for ordinary rockets, or its gimbal rate and damping are out of tune, or something. In any case, pretty much every default-settings rocket with a Poodle is constantly overshooting and oscillating. Turning the gimbal down to 25% seems to cure it, with no downside I can find. I'm happy to write custom default patches for my own install as I did in KSP1, but it would be more helpful for the community to share these corrective fixes in a place like this
  2. If there's an easy way to read out lat/long in stock, I haven't found it. Mods tho
  3. I’ve been putting nose cones on the docking ports, even when inside a fairing, and jettisoning before circularization. Shame that it’s necessary and I hope it get cleaned up in future patches
  4. I had to install the Community Fixed mod to solve some docking problems in the current version…
  5. I hope docking, undocking, redocking etc are now stable enough to do a Kerpollo run now!
  6. Might want to look at what happens if the player sets Science Rewards to something non-default. For instance, when set to 50%, all the completion percentages are high by a factor of two and add up to exactly 200%. I don't know where the bug creeps in, but there probably needs to be a check against player settings somewhere.
  7. actual 26° 39’ 17” N, 22° 48’ 00” W. Or X=26.6547 Y=-22.8000
  8. Man, what an ordeal. Saw nothing from orbit, but deorbited over roughly the right Mun coordinates posted above. Still see nothing. Landed pretty close by the numbers, but still see nothing anywhere. Val goes on EVA, and the entire lander falls over sideways (KI) and breaks a landing leg. Val runs 5km hunting all over, saving jetpack fuel, watching the location to try getting closer on foot. Finally, she spots the thing. It's small - tucked into a crater, absolutely impossible to spot from orbit, or even from 0.5 km away on the ground. You have to be right on top of it to even see it. Lander launches suborbital, trying to get its experiment package inside the tiny biome for the sweet science. Burned a lot of fuel maneuvering, accidentally hitting full throttle in the wrong direction, but finally got there and after nearly crashing five times - landed just outside the biome circle (at 8m/s but didn't explode) then promptly tipped over. So, what the hell, it's already on its side, I rolled it closer and inside the circle and came to rest with the damaged spacecraft... Victory! Val boards, we pirouette around for a while, and get the craft upright on the three unbroken legs with reaction wheel torque. Launch, burn hard for the western horizon on bingo fuel, get a 8km AP. Skim 100m over some mountain ridges. Burn at AP, and clunk out at -1000m PE. Try to finish on RCS but nothing comes out. Spend some time frantically reconfiguring thrusters in part manager while altitude is plummeting. Fortunately Pe is over a large maria. I get the thrusters set up (they were set for docking translation only, at low power), a quick off-axis maneuver to get the Pe +2000m, and 4x warp through practically scraping the Munar surface. Finally get to AP, and am just able to circularize on RCS with only a single thruster firing prograde on H. Never did figure out why only one. Now, the crew settle in for rescue in a relatively safe 15km orbit. This was the most kerbal mission I've had in a long time. The bugs in this case played exact like gamified part failures. Absolutely loving it
  9. Are there any current KSP2 mods that provide real time coordinates? Micro Engineer? EDIT: Micro Engineer does have a lat/long position readout under the Surface tab
  10. Click-thru problems; if you position the Science Arkive window directly over a craft in the VAB, when you click in the window, it clicks on whatever part is under the cursor too Hiding unavailable experiments might have gone too far - I'm missing surface samples QQ: in KSP1 there were some corner cases where you could be splashed in various land biomes, if you found spots where the biome map was pixellated and had little errors. (I played a lot of Caveman and it was beneficial to hunt for tiny science rewards like this, lol!) Are we certain this is not possible in KSP2? Lastly - I'm seeing nothing in SpaceWarp's Mods Settings window - probably my config problem, but if you or anyone knows how to diagnose that, I'm all ears
  11. Thanks for this, saw it in CKAN, loaded it, works great
  12. Let's hope there's an asset pass soon - most the KSP2 assets (ie part shapes, textures etc) were ported over from an earlier KSP1 version and are missing the late-KSP1 part revamps. Mk2 lander can was one of the most-needed revamps, yet here we are stuck with the old one again. That protruding bottom lip is one of the things they fixed (apart from the wisdom of trying to enter atmo with any lander can with very low temp tolerance...)
  13. One more UI nitpick: there's an option to collapse/hide particular experiment types. Whatever I set these to, they reset as soon as I change celestial bodies in the Arkive window. I think it might be better if the open/collapsed selection was sticky across planet selection, and maybe even from one game session to the next? (easy to say, no idea how hard it would be to code). Relatively low priority. Taking a step back though I think the main reason to close these is that the player hasn't discovered the tech yet, so they just add clutter or even confusion (to a new player, is the late-tech Orbital Survey experiment obviously different than running earlier experiments while in orbit? Maybe not?). Perhaps unresearched experiment types shouldn't be visible at all? Or simply collapsed by default.
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