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  1. Don't even start PA2 was the 3rd sequel game I was looking forward to. CS2 was the 2nd. I'm 0 for 3 but hey at least I've still got Balatro and Enshrouded.
  2. Maybe in 10 or 20 years someone will do a little retrospective or "where are they now" kind of thing, and one of the developers will accidentally say something then, and no one will notice or care. Other than that I'm down for "never."
  3. No clue if it's reported or not, but (at least it used to be this way) if you connect a decoupler directly to a docking port and then stage the decoupler away, the docking port will not dock with anything. My personal workaround for it was to just use 2 docking ports and "manually stage" by undocking when I would have hit the spacebar with a decoupler. It wasn't a full-price EA. It was an expensive EA, compared other EAs and historically. Games cost $70 now. They will likely soon cost $80. It's bonkers to all of us but to the people who could buy the game 100 times and not blink at the cost, $50 is actually "cheap" compared to $80. I imagine the thought was, "The original KSP was $20 in EA and is $40 now. KSP2 is going to be $70 so let's give them the same $20 discount and make it $50." We need to face that mustache-twiddling executives would never ever hinge their schemes around making huge mint off of our tiny little subset of a gaming niche.
  4. I don't see any mention of docking ports in the list of fixes in the OP.
  5. Things that could have caused it are mentioned 4-5 times in the release notes depending on how generous you are in matching things up. You'll have to play it to find out if your particular problem is actually fixed.
  6. I love seeing all these (not to mention an update at all), but this one stuck out to me as someone who does QA as part of my job: How did you EVER figure out THAT one? CELEBRATE \/ I know this will save me some headaches.
  7. Please do not speak for the community. Vanamonde is one of the few things that makes this place still worth visiting.
  8. One word: Dres. More words: I absolutely love the equatorial mountain range around Dres. Finally a world where you can't just show up, land on the equator somewhere relatively flat, then go home again. And it looks AWESOME.
  9. And if you want to break forum rules you can pay $7 a month for a blue check mark.
  10. I will continue to buy games I want when I think they're worth - to me - what's being charged for them. Companies change hands and names so frequently it's a fool's errand to keep track of who you should avoid. Let's say Take Two buys Rare from Microsoft next year. Now you gotta stop buying Rare game. After a few years Sony buys Rare from Take Two, along with several people who used to work for Take Two but moved to Rare in the mean time. Now is it okay to buy Rare games? Or is it not okay to buy Sony games? Better to just take each thing on its own merits and accept your purchases aren't going to make or break any company's bottom line. That said, I wholeheartedly support your not buying from the company based on your personal preferences, as I do anybody else. There are companies I will never buy from as well (one supposedly makes great chicken sandwiches) but not because I'm punishing them. It'd be like a mosquito punishing an aircraft carrier by stinging it. It's more because I can't stomach interacting with them.
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