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  1. This is the big one I know of, that is in-game footage as opposed to a vid made for promotional purposes.
  2. Yeah I had intended to come back here and say I posted a suggestion but something shiny interrupted my train of thought.
  3. Launch Clamps should be a special part that forces the ship to be X meters off the ground at launch. Perhaps it could snap to whatever X is (5 meters, 1 meter, whatever) and then allow the player to type in a number if they want for some specific purpose. Also, Launch Clamps should auto-recover after launch. Now, if you don't recover them manually they fill up all launch pads and the game ends up launching from the boat dock - which is confusing the first time you encounter it for sure.
  4. A great addition to our arsenal of mods, and a much-needed feature add for those of us who want a bit more to worry about on our interplanetary journeys.
  5. ...and back again. Got a lot more science from this one than previous missions, which is nice. makes me feel a lot more confident moving forward.
  6. Drespollo part 1. Mostly went well though I think Jeb's been standing on the launch pad for 15 years.
  7. This: seems to be the solution for this: If you are going to the tracking station to warp anyway why require minimum height to be over 220km?
  8. Your saves are stored in your user directory: \users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\Intercept Games\Kerbal Space Program 2\Saves\SinglePlayer\ One folder per save. Within there, "Workspaces" are your ships. If your saves are not saving it may be a permissions issue, where you for some reason don't have permission to write to the drive. That's just a guess, I'd need more information to know what the actual problem is.
  9. Here too. I have Chrome installed (though don't log in to it. Never saw the benefit) but only need it on those rare occasions where I need a "fresh" browser connection to test something.
  10. You take long showers But no, that's an interesting idea and it would probably make for a fantastic (and ridiculously tragic) Trainspotting-esque adaptation.
  11. You can't land. Also, I really never even thought of it. But anyway, no not really any particular reason other than that there's no real Apollo-ness to it, seeing as you can't land. Granted, there's no real Apollo-ness to the first mission (Kerpollo) either but you gotta start somewhere and Munpollo is challenging enough WITH some upgrades, it'd be even worse having to do it with the bare bones starting tech.
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