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  1. It's getting a good stress test. Seems to be holding up i pity whoever tries to launch this thing.
  2. Colony Ship to transport over 1k Kerbals for your enjoyment. Launch vehicle specs & requirements: Mass: 14662t Dry Mass: 3245.95t Parts: 1508 Height: 150m Width: 78m Legend: 78m Will require a refueling ship. Might need to pause mid flight as fuel lines are problematic. Download here: https://kspbuilds.com/build/Colony-Ship---Stage-7---Dres-Station Gallery: How it looks docked with Dres Station:
  3. Cool SSTO Build Once we have Colony parts our stations will be glorious!
  4. Hahaha it's frames per minute I'm at 2fps somehow. This was my first upgrade in 11 years. CPU: AMD 7950x3d Cheap Motherboard: B550M AORUS PRO AX Graphics card: Gigabyte RTX 4090 RAM: 64GB DDR5 SSD: Samsung 990 PRO
  5. It's insane, months worth of effort to build. For individual pieces, some took well over 1 week to get them stable on the launchpad. The worst thing is waiting 5-10 minutes for the rocket to load then having it explode on the launchpad. So glad for the next update! The Colony ship was surprisingly easy. Probably less than 10 launches to get to orbit. Docking is almost done
  6. Our Colony ship is now close to Dres Station! Due to wobbliness, I'm having to time warp frequently to stop the wobble. It's insanely difficult to get close, been at it for an entire day... Place your bets, will the docking explode the ships or my computer? Lost count of how many parts I'm guessing 2.5k minimum.
  7. If other parts i.e a fuselage had this effect I think a bunch of us would actively burn our builds to make them look better
  8. Surprisingly the Colony ship reached space. I'm shocked to be honest...Thought this would take another week. Launch: Felt like 3 fps, exploded multiple times and took 5 to 10 minutes to load each time I launched. I started praying to the Kraken. Turns out the fuel lines were messed up and there was an imbalance. Had to pause the game and sort it out mid flight. Ship started to veer 90 degrees by itself, lucky me it's glorious Now I need to refuel it, so working on a refueling ship to bring about 9 of those hydrogen balls to space. Should be fun. p.s The tail part of the ship wags like a dogs tail. It's a happy spaceship.
  9. Ah yes haha forgot the k. 16k is crazy! How did you launch it? Currently takes a few minutes to load the thing then launch is very explosive. Thank you! Haha going to be far less than 3 fps as I need to also run this whilst our Dres Station (1k+ parts) orbits Dres. If it keeps failing ill save it for 0.2! Fingers crossed persistence pays off here
  10. Colony Ship for our Dres Station. Problems with random disconnecting parts and of course...performance. The Kraken likes this one a lot, can't launch it at all. Mass: 20kt Parts: 1618
  11. Harry Potter Kerman recently purchased a new Broomstick, the jetstick9000. Features: 1 x jet engine. 2 x rocket engines. Not recommended for Quidditch. Download build here: https://kspbuilds.com/build/db7f018e-ea86-4a2e-922e-3b2689
  12. I like the games potential, once the roadmap is complete it should be amazing.
  13. Honestly looks amazing, well done to the team. Floodop has a cool design
  14. Awesome, we should see a lot less randomly exploding rockets with this patch. Thank you! It was always fun waiting for a rocket to load only for it to explode
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