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  1. This wishlist is meant to be a source of inspiration for developers and modders and also a tracking system of the things implemented in the game. General: Lore: Kerbals: Progression: UI and game mechanics: Colonies: Parts: Science: Communication: Environment (visual and/or gameplay enhancing): Sound: Multiplayer: QoL:
  2. I would like to suggest few things for the Part Manager: Decrease the font size, it is too big. I recommend to use the Breadcrumb font size (see the attached images). This should be the size for the default UI scale (100%) If a tree node is empty, do not show the arrow. These nodes should not be clickable nor openable. Windows should scale by the UI scale game options Pinning parts in the Parts Manager should be handy during flight. A pin button on the right side of the part would look nice. If player pin a certain part it will remain open and moves on the top of the Parts Manager (could be a new group (eg.: Pinned/Favorites)) Let the windows width resize more and add multiple columns if the width of the window is wide. Instead of this we could have this size. This image shows the columns as well.
  3. Common Suggestions. Delta V Display Multiplayer Aliens Axial Tilt Clouds Bug Fixes (These happen with every update) Career Improvements KSP 2.0 Lagrange Points Life Support Mod (insert name here) added to stock Multi-threaded Physics (Done, Unity5 and PhysX supports this) Music! New Parts New Planets N-Body Physics Realism (And Kerbalism) Science Improvements Steam Workshop Two Kerbal, 1.25 metre command pod UI Improvements Suggestions Implemented by Modders. Advanced Technology Autopilot Bug Fixes Clouds Combat and Weapons Improved Graphics Life Support Loading on Demand More Parts New Planets N-Body Physics (lagrange points) Procedural Wings Procedural Other Parts Realistic Fuel Realistic Overhaul Realistic Progression Real Sized Solar System Robotics Tech Tree Changes Two Kerbal 1.25 metre command pod Erm, No. Changing Game Engine (Unreal4 etc) Nightly Builds Old Already suggested thread, old WNTS thread.
  4. I've noticed when planning intercepts with distant objects -- such as an asteroid or comet -- or when trying to refine intercepts with planets or other vessels that getting a good view of the intercept point on the map screen can be very difficult. Even when I rotate the camera, the zoom levels are set relative to the focus point distance to the camera position so I can very quickly zoom too far in or so far out that I can't get any extra information. I've found this to be the case in both KSP 1 and 2. I think that having the ability to focus the camera on a specific point in an orbit (rather than a celestial body or vehicle) would be a great feature. Perhaps a center-mouse click on a point in the orbit to focus the camera? Has this been a problem for anyone else? Thanks!
  5. Hi All, I'm thinking about creating new structures... big ones if I manage to make them... to help transfer ships around. Maybe you already have one or two of those saved... would you share them here? I hope they trigger some inspiration for new and better ones. As an example of what I'm talking about, here is my first "pull" structure to help transfer landers around. With nothing attached to it, it has 14.5k dV. No wobbling (lots of struts ) and it moves really quickly because of the 4 reaction wheels. Very well illuminated. The XL tank was added after the structure was in orbit. The idea of the central docking port is to refuel the structure. If you like to suggest changes, please let me know!
  6. Still fairly new to the forums, but I'm a longtime KSP1 player (since 2014). The graphics in KSP2 are great, a huge improvement over the original, and I'm not here to beef about performance because I haven't had issues with that. That said, while I love that devs are actively working to fix bugs and improve the game (and devs are doing a great job so far), there is still a lot lacking. This is my personal list of suggestions/needs (labelled accordingly) to improve QoL and playability - others please feel free to chime in, it's my goal to provide honest and constructive feedback, so community input on this can only produce better results (because who is to say that my opinion is in the majority?). Needs - Just one that I'll put in this category, but it's the one keeping me from recommending KSP2 in its current state when friends ask about it (they're waiting for my recommendation) Smooth/stable orbits - I've chimed in with bug reports on this previously, but even when the bug part (in low orbits of celestials without atmospheres) of the issue isn't occurring, for me it takes a lot of fun out of playing the game trying to pilot/orient a vessel while it's putting on a demonstration of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Suggestions (mostly) in no particular order [please please please] Maneuver timers need a numeric deltaV readout, ie remaining deltaV to complete the maneuver, as it was in KSP 1. The timer/countdown is useful, but leaving things purely to reaction time is very unscientific, and far less useful for very precise maneuvers like for rendezvous/docking. Sometimes you want to handle that last little bit while throttled down, or with RCS. This is top of list for me, and will probably be very helpful for people new to the game. Refine aerodynamics/collision boxes (like the 5m fairing in 0.1.1 - seriously, just leave it off if you want to retain any control of your vessel, the juddering/part clipping is terrible, even on the launchpad) Also, is anyone else experiencing spontaneous roll in symmetrical rockets above 8500 meters in Kerbin atmosphere? Maybe I'm doing something wrong... I know there are proponents of each (though I side with the originals), so would it be possible to make an option in Settings as to which PAM interface is used? I see both sides of the issue, but for me I find it annoying having to figure out which part I'm altering if there are multiples of it in the vessel, in different stages, and I only want to alter one (part highlighting when scrolling in the PAM isn't always easy to see). Also not sure how resource transfer will work in the current PAM A "warp to next sunrise" (and maybe sunset?) button for the KSC Ability to toggle/hide certain classes of object, like debris, from showing in map view Different mounting options for engines - ie, shroud/truss/bare like in late version KSP1 - this would make clustering engines on plates much easier, without worrying about part clipping. Orthogonal RCS blocks, por favor! and the 5 horn variant? Cargo parts and EVA construction (or will this be obsolete when we get orbital construction?) Trip Planner/DeltaV calculator that can be adjusted for different atmospheric states Nice to haves Debug menu Parts with "Monument Detection" ability in the Science update, like we had anomaly detection in KSP 1 Shielded Clamp-o-Tron Others have said it, but UI resizing ability (This might be due to a bug but I'm not sure) Clamshell Fairings should deploy outwards, to the sides of the vessel - for me they go straight forward, clipping harmlessly through the vessel, before either vanishing or plummeting straight down to the planet. Extra Ground Stations for CommNet Setting to adjust ambient light, at least in Map View (though maybe this could only apply to worlds you have previously visited, mapped? And maybe the geography of planets is blurred in Map View until you get close? Better lighting in the VAB at night Long struts All this said, I'm still excited to see where KSP2 goes - really looking forward to colonies and orbital construction!
  7. Following my experiences with the Weekly Challenge 4 - Recreate Apollo, building a "Hell of a rocket." without auto struts and on par with wobbly Kerbal material engineering, it forced me to clamp down my Apollo rocket with Launch Clamps so that the wind won't mess with the orientation. As with KSP1, KSP2 also incorporate that the altitude of the vehicle in the VAB would also be the altitude of the vehicle on the launchpad due to the Launch Clamps. There should be a button or buttons to make the rocket "sit atop" or just above the ground of the launchpad in the VAB so that when using Launch Clamps, the rocket won't be lifted above the launchpad because of the Launch Clamps. If this feature will be disregarded, another lesser alternative would be:
  8. This could be done in KSP1 and helps a lot when trying to precisely tune the vehicle in VAB for the Launch Clamp. As of v., we could only rotate but not translate the parent or Assembly Anchor part. A better alternative would be:
  9. "Broken, but I love it." That's my review, left with a thumbs up on steam. Short, and simple. Here on the forums however, I'd like to go in to even more detail about my feedback at about 8 hours or so of gameplay. I'm also going to break this feedback up in to sections, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. (Threats simply mean competition and other issues that could threaten the viability of the project. Not actual threats.) Strengths * Visuals - Far and above KSP1 stock, and (while some would argue) at or at least on par with "Remastered" KSP1 (EVE, Scatterer, Parallax & TUFX) * User Interface - A strong solid start and foundation, missing some critical features but over all a clear and easy to read UI that seems to have accessibility for those like me with vision issues in mind. * Sound - A solid home run and absolute 10/10 here. Absolutely amazing sounds design in the UI, RCS pops, SRB crackles, tire noises, etc * Dynamic Music - Yet again, an absolute 10/10 home run here. The dynamic sound track changing music on scene change is just downright amazing and I want to buy the soundtrack please. * New Parts - 367 total parts puts KSP2's part count well and truly above KSP1's at 333 * New Parts: Proc Wings - Procedural Wings are here to replace dozens of "modular wing" parts and in doing so, give us even MORE creativity and power in vehicle construction. This is just an amazing addition. * Workspace and Vehicle Assembly - Far and above just flat out better compared to Stock KSP1, could use some work, and some better camera controls, but still a solid foundation. * Planets - What a giant step up! Axial Tilt? Actual rings? Ground Scatter on a per biome basis? Easter Eggs galore, and so much potential. Well done. Leaps and bounds above KSP 1. * The New KSC - Just amazing. The new KSC is sprawling and massive and just feels like a real life space center and campus. * Customization - Part coloring and customization is a fantastic addition. * Load Times - Another thing I see pointed out and also matters to me, load times are vastly improved. * VAB Updates - Part Manager, Trip Planner, Action Group Planner and Kerbal Manager, as well as the Change Anchor Part are all fantastic additions or overhauls to existing features. * VAB Updates Part 2 - Snap Mode updates, as wel las symmetry updates and orthographic view, all good changes and refinements. * Tutorials - These are adorable, and well suited for teaching new players, and young ones, getting in to space flight. * Aerodynamics - Fantastic feeling new aero, love flying and gliding planes. Weaknesses * User Interface and User Experience - The UI is missing several critical features and functions, The most disappointing of which, for me personally, is the Dv tools app in KSP 1. You've given us a trip planner, but that trip planner is lacking critical features such as allowing us to calculate Dv based on body, atmosphere and more. This needs to be in the game sooner rather than later. * No KSPedia - Massively Missed Opportunity that needs to be in KSP 2 to reach feature parity for UI/UX. * No Missions and no Mission Builder - Another massive missed opportunity. * No scenarios that are not based in tutorials. * The Kerbolar System was Not Expanded - Another opportunity here to add planets akin to OPM and bring in analogs of the gas giants and pluto. Sad to see the same kerbol system without new worlds to explore. * Water - Buoyancy issues, water rendering issues, parts floating and parts sinking and no way to tell why... the water looks pretty, but it's going to need a lot of work. * Missing Thermal parts and thermal dynamics at launch - This was a mistake. This is a CRITICAL part of spaceflight and the absolute wrong decision to make. It should have been a priority to get in for 0.1.0 including radiator parts that we're missing from KSP1. * Even without science mods and science parts, we're missing the basics of Kerbnet including comm net lines, and planet scanning features that make exploration even more fun and rewarding by sending out mapping probes to find landing spots and easter eggs. I have no idea why this was left out, and if it's coming back or not, https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/KerbNet - Get this back in the game please. * Orbital UI/UX - There are a lot of issues here with maneuver node planning and ui elements not showing more clearly intercepts, approach distances, etc. * No Custom Flag Support - Please get this back in, it's crucial for player identity and connection with the game. * Lack of Ease of Access in regards to Craft Sharing - This needs to be looked at as well, sharing craft is tedious and needs to be integrated into the steam workshop just like KSP1. * Noodle Rockets - This is a CRITICAL issue that needs to be the single largest priority to fix and it needs to be fixed in the first post launch patch. We shouldn't have to resort to day one or day to mods to fix this. Large vehicles are very unfun to fly and struts seem to do nothing. This is heartbreaking to see back in KSP2 after the lessons learned from KSP1. Auto Strut needs to be back ASAP. * SAS - The SAS bugs out incredibly often and causes lots of flight issues. * Total Control Input loss - this happens far to often and destroys the gameplay experience. * Terrain Mesh issues - Floating Scatter, Kerbals Floating in the air above the terrain, and scatter sprites are broken. * Flight Camera - The camera is unfortunately completely unusable at times, bugging out, or just failing to respond. Opportunities The opportunities here are massive. We know that with Orbital Vehicle Construction, Colonies, Delivery Routes, Interstellar Travel to new star systems, multi player and dedicated in-game mod support... we stand to see this game not only grow to meet feature parity with KSP1 but surpass it in terms of stock supported content. Building this game on a new architecture will see KSP 2 becomes the Skyrim of space modding, surpassing it's predecessor in mod functionality. The modding and community engagement aspects at play must not be forgotten about or underestimated. I might be biased as a community manager for several games over my career, but you're on the right track with your community engagement on the forums and social media. Threats (Things that could hurt KSP 2 as a project.) * Price Tag - This was a mistake. It's incredibly high for an EA game and has no doubt cost a lot of sales. I worry about the future of the project if sales targets and goals aren't met. * Lack of Communication before Launch - The communication we got was good, but we simply needed more open communication from the team. I hope we get more as we move forward * Direct Competitor - Other direct space flight simulation games are coming to market and releasing out of EA and competing with KSP 2 by offering better features in some areas. * Not only is the Kraken not slain, it's back with a vengeance and I would argue worse than KSP 1 at its current version and this can end a gameplay session outright through frustration. I think that's about it from me, and while I might have more, I think this gets all my points across. Overall, I'm happy, excited, optimistic and hopeful. The future is bright and I look forward to another grand adventure in KSP2. Working on KSP 1 was the entry point and absolute highlight of my career and I got to meet wonderful people, in Mu, Harv, C7, Nova, CptSkunky, Marco, etc. Talented, lovely, dedicated people that gave their all to KSP 1. I see that in this team, a group of people who truly care and I wish for your success in every possible way. I'm glad to be along for the ride again as a player and lover of KSP and a lover of space. -RC
  10. This is a pretty simple one. Give me a way to tell KSP2 to "stay in its lane" and keep its save data in the game's install folder, where it (at least in my personal opinion) belongs. I have 1 save game, with just a couple dozen vehicle (attempts, with little success due to bugs) and I have nearly 250MB of data in my %appdata% now. I can easily see this growing since the breakdown so far is about 50% crash data, and 50% game saves a 1 vehicle workspace is about 4MB of JSON data and a save file seems to contain a primary file between a couple KB and 6ish MB and then a set of four autosaves at 4MB each for a total of about 25MB of save data for a game with no active missions and just some junk I cant delete so I expect this to significantly grow in size with active missions, as it appears to be keeping the entire vehicle hierarchy in the main save in addition to any individual workspace files. (I'll update this if I manage to get multiple things into space and save without crashing so I can tell if the file size increases correspondingly) Crash data for this game is at a little over 3MB per crash, and the KSP crash reporting currently has 39 crash report files. Which feels pretty close to the number of times the game has crashed to desktop on me. So I expect this folder is just growing without any limit, which I have no issue with in normal circumstances, but given how many crashes I have in 27hrs, thats less than 1hr per crash, this will likely grow to a significant size and cause issues with my main user "windows" drive. My C drive is not my biggest drive, never has been, its often my smallest. Ive got media files on HDDs, project and asset file asset dirs on larger SSDs I can easily drop into a new machine if anything happens to this one, and a more expensive M2 PCIe NVME drive for the stuff that needs high IO like my development environments so the compiler can pull all the small files together, etc... and spread out across all of these are steam libraries with the location chosen based on how I feel... tiny 30MB game, chuck them all on the spinning rust, they arent big enough i care, large game I rarely play and dont mind the load time, sure HDD again, game I like and want to be able to open quickly, maybe on the SSD, game I want to load as fast as possible or hate any interruption while playing, maybe that gets a place on the expensive high IO NVME... I gave KSP2 a spot on that NVME drive, but it seems to want to put its data on my slower windows drive... and fill it up with crash reports. This is silly. I dont want yet more junk in %appdata% If I delete KSP2, I want to delete KSP2, that means all the data gone, not taking up extra space somewhere else. Having a hard coded one true directory where every version of KSP2 puts save files, feels like it will cause issues with conflicting files between different versions of KSP2 once we have updates and start having to deal with things like Mod compatibility between versions of KSP2 Early access = lots of bugs, lots of bugs means lots of crash reports, lots of crash reports mean filling up my windows drive, don't fill up my windows drive. %appdata% isn't %tmp% (not that windows is particularly good at keeping %tmp% clean) don't fill it up. Just give me a place in the global config or something like that, where I can say "data files live in the game directory"... or better yet, make that the default behavior, because the current one doesn't make sense for a game that expects to have a modding community in the future. The current default will either need workarounds to avoid conflicting save file versions between multiple copies of KSP, or its going to cause problems... or a different save directory can just avoid the issue entirely.
  11. I'm just gonna assume most people like the new UI and say I do too. Pretty much everything is done better. But I have a couple issues: The information being a lot more condensed is very good however, I have one issue, the velocity. The velocity is in the far far left of the screen and I find the need to look at the very edge of my monitor to know the craft's speed a little annoying. (The altitude meter isn't perfect either but it's not as far from the center of the screen, so it's less irritating) The big yellow notifications, I find them very distracting and obstructing, I think the empty space at the very top of the screen could be used to place the game paused, unpaused, and the other types of yellow notifications (idk what else to call them) that appear in center of the screen. Also the yellow is very out of place in the UI. UI scaling, just like in KSP 1, I'm hoping KSP 2 will have the option to scale the UI to the player's preference. If this already exists I apologise.
  12. I think what would make interstellar travel really cool, or what can be a great to set up for it, would be the inclusions of space telescopes in KSP2. Think about sending up a shuttle with something like the Hubble Space Telescope in the payload bay, and have that go on to discover star systems like Debdeb. Not just that, but also have the ability to service and upgrade it later down the line on orbit by conducting EVAs, like on STS-61 or STS-125. Obviously, that statement holds true for something like Hubble. If they player wants to do a mission like Kuiper or James Webb, that should also be an option. It can be a very cool way to conduct science experiments, and get points needed to upgrade the tech tree in KSP2. It can also give the player incentive to try a mission that they have not done before, and can be relatively easy-ish to pull off. I can imagine something like Hubble or the James Webb Space Telescope being instrumental for progression in a future patch when we get closer and closer to interstellar travel.
  13. Can We See A More Realistic Solar System In The Base Game Ever?
  14. So here is my list that I though should be implemented in KSP2, most of ideas are improving "quality of life" for kerbal games. Missing core features: - sorting save files by game time (WHY its not in ksp1? :D,) - sorting engines by other parameters, isp or thrust force (or maximal thrust force, because it can change) - better camera movement in rocket hangar (sometimes I could not see the inner side of outer booster and it was painful to build) - when building, camera orbits around some point, it would be nice to see this point or allow it in settings, its very handy, you can't zoom more sometimes and its confusing, it will improve feeling, trust me. - help with hotkeys, its on wiki, but I think it should be in game - reset / center camera during flight - load save is only available after clicking "load game", to load specific save you must load last saved point, should be available right from main menu -pause time and interact, or at least inspect parts status. this would be nice to check fuel status, other parts, in ksp1 you can pause but only look at ship with F2 - Kerbal rcs stabilization relative to ship, it is always annoying when you wan't to reset some science part, or rearange things in space, you just float away from ship Fuel tanks: If I had tank for example with 2 fuel containers inside, liquid fuel and oxidizer, I wish I could fill both with same fuel. ( I am not sure if some fuel has to be under pressure, I just treat them both as 2 liquid, but even then it would be nice to fill other container ). Container that keeps fuel under preassure could be filled with fuel that does not require pressure. Wings: I always struggled with selecting right wing for plane and there is essentialy no data on lift but I assume that "wing area" is the only thing that is useful, also area weight ratio could be there (more numbers!) It would be nice to see drag vaule caused by front side of parts ( or something similar), I mean only in building mode, when you browse parts. Advanced staging: Once I had this idea, that there could be more advanced stages, for example stage is made of few actions that execute one after another or with small delay. I would love to have this tool in my box. Firing decouplers every 0.1 s SAS Tuning: I don't like when my station wiggles for no reason, and can't stabilize and its a bit annoying. I do know if you gonna fix it somehow or did it, or leave it as it was But this suggestion would fix it. So if I could change sas params like params of PID controller, to stabilze faster, slower, or don't overshoot, this would allow players to adjust it for their needs, for bigger rockets, or smaller. For example having bigger rockets with very high inertia would be best to tune to not overshoot position, but slowly get there (lower D, increase I component). You can always have 2 modes of SAS. pid comonents comparison picture: Automated SAS: Going further with SAS, you can use markers (prograde etc.). I suggest locking some axis of navball to hold some values, maybe one angle, or maybe pitch and yaw, custom markers. I just like automation. Kerbals EVA: Kerbal attached to ship in space with lines. Why not? Its just an idea, ant its pretty cool (or maybe you can do that? and I have not gone that far into kerbals yet).
  15. This one always annoyed me and kind of ruined the immersion in KSP 1 just seeing objects or Kerbals floating slightly above ground, I hope they find a way to fix it or even better add a ground effect like they showed in the trailer - https://youtube.com/clip/UgwVSDWIxSth4c8F6QN4AaABCQ
  16. I've recently posted two videos to YouTube now. I think they're pretty good myself, but they're not without flaws. For one thing, twenty to thirty minutes long. I think the problem is that I want to add all the shots into the video that I've made. In the second one, I condensed each shot in an effort to try to shorten the video, though the problem is that I repeatedly put very similar scenes (e.g. the space tug reentering the atmosphere and landing) into it, still making it too long for a normal video. You can watch the videos here and give me some constructive criticism and advice so I can note it down for future videos.
  17. I was looking at an old topic about orange version of the 5m parts, so I would to see a revamp of the shuttle/SLS based parts. A, 4.2m wide orange fuel tank because kerbal scale is half of human scale and the Shuttle ET was 8.4m wide. B, The vectors be slightly bigger or have a less powerful bigger version of the vector that is more like SSME (space shuttle main engines) . C, Bigger mono pro engines based off of the OMT (orbital maneuvering thrusts). D, Orion based capsule that is around 2.75m and other 2.75m parts. E, The pollox boosters have bigger nozels, have an aft skirt, be able to gimbal, and have a 4 or 5 segment versions. F, RCS pod on mk3 cockpit like the real one. G, Bigger LES (launch escape system) for Orion capsule. H, For the 4.2m tanks should have a white version, orange and sliver. Sliver for the starship because the starship is 9m. I, Revamp the rhino, mamath (sry for spelling) swivel, reliant, dawn ion engines.
  18. weather its light wind or heavy wind, storm or lightning, turbulence or whatever you get the point, there should be weather in ksp 2, think about it weather affects rockets in real life and it'll be amazing for us to have realistic weather in ksp2 i think there is a mod for that in ksp 1 but im suggesting that there should be at least some form of wind or storm that goes in ksp2 and a weather indicator that tells you the weather for the next 7 days, the weather should also be different on other planets too like raining acid on eve or heavy snow on laythe or extreme storms on jool or radiation spikes on duna, yes it would be a bit more of a task to maintain your crew (or there could be a automated feature that manages your crew in case of such event) weather would be really nice to have on all planets, also can we have kerbals hair blowing in the wind depending on how strong it is and kerbals reacting to heavy snowstorms like putting thier hands over thier heads and squinting thier eyes or wiping thier helmet every 20 seconds or maybe kerbals sweating heavily on planets like moho and eve i know thier thread wont get far but i really hope someone forwards this to nate simpson to add it into ksp 2 or maybe ksp 1.11 because im too scared to do it lol but hey its just a suggestion and if nate decides to actually put it i the game then it wouldn't really matter if ksp got delayed again as long as he and the other ksp devs get it right. :A delayed game is eventually good but a rushed game is bad forever -Shigeru Miyamoto
  19. Having been discussing this, and slowly fleshing out the idea further, I would like to suggest a set of level 4 upgrades for each of the KSC facilities should be available, as well as (as a reach-goal) some way to upgrade the alternative launch sites (the Desert Runway needs an upgrade to its length/width/surface, in particular). Why: - Gameplay progression and "reach" goals for longer-running campaigns by more advanced players (although, these should not be out of reach of any player, they should require even greater Funds cost than the lvl 3 upgrades). - Rule of Cool. Bigger and more impressive facilities are a worthwhile goal in themselves, if it doesn't harm immersion/fun. - Realism. Real space centers, like Kennedy Space, took DECADES to reach their current size/scale. - Mods. Some of the features these level 4 facilities would provide would make some of the harder mods- such as Real Solar System scale-up's, a bit more playable on Career without having to tweak the Difficulty settings yourself. What the upgrades do/ look like: - Lvl 4 Launchpad. Somewhat bigger than the level 3 pad. Located a bit (maybe 10-20 meters) further away from the other buildings for range-safety of colosssl rockets if this is possible- otherwise the default distances should be increased 10-20 m or more (they are too small for realism, and increasing the distances a bit would add more of a sense of scale/size to the space center...) Maybe also adds a big, bare concrete pad nearby that still counts as Launchpad biome (100% recovery) for SpaceX-style recovery missions (the lvl 3 pad is an INCREDIBLY small taget to aim for landing on, and most players, except the truly crazy-skilled ones, just aim for anywhere near the KSC grounds for landing launch stages as a result...) - Lvl 4 Runway. Wider and longer than the KSC runway (currently 2.5 km long, the KSC runway in real life is 4.5 km, and quite a lot wider than the KSC one in game as well. I suggest at least 3.5 km for the level 4 runway, preferably 4-5 km). Maybe a bit thicker surface, for realism of handling heavier planes on it (could also justify then making the lvl 4 runway being a bit harder to destroy than the lvl 3 one). Wider runways will allow players to safely launch wider planes. The runway separation from the SPH should also be increased a bit (at least 10-15 m) for landing approaches of ultra-wide planes, range-safety of massive planes full if rocket fuel, and so wings of huge planes don't collide with SPH if players decide to taxi around near the SPH a bit. - Lvl 4 VAB. Larger/taller inside than the lvl 3 VAB, so players can see more of their tallest rockets (and have less of planes overflow the VAB when they merge really long shuttles/flyback boosters built in SPH, before attachment) without re-rooting of parts and constant shifting of the rocket stack. Larger exterior dimensions too, for immersion/coolness. - Lvl 4 SPH. Longer/wider internal dimensions than the lvl 3 SPH, for even longer/wider planes (having really wide planes that you can't see the wingtips of in the SPH is *particularly* annoying). Larger external dimensions for immersion/awesomeness/impressiveness. - Lvl 4 Tracking Center. Provides higher-powered DSN (so players have a better way to increase this with more immersion/coolness than just pulling up the DSN slider under Difficulty settings. I won't argue the necessityof the DSN upgrade beyond saying it'a both more realistic, and less obnoxiousfor players than building their own more powerful ground-stations on Kerbin and an enormous relay network just to provide stronger comms to Jool, or mods that expand the # of planets beyond Jool) and larger/more impressive-looking satellite dishes for the building. Maybe give the Tracking Center a proper parking-lot too? - Lvl 4 Astronaut Complex. Should provide a discount to astronaut-hiring costs (maybec10-20% off the base cost. 30%? 40%?) By the late-game, when you have a large crew roster, it becomes PROHIBITIVELY expensive to hire more Kerbalnauts (and forces players to just spam rescue-contracts to get more) or replace any lost crew members (w/o respawn). An option to refresh the current list of available hires, for a cost in Funds, for the lvl 4 complex (if you're going to spend a fortune on hiring, maybe you want a Pilot with better Courage, or a low Stupidity scientist? Helps with immersion/fun). - Lvl 4 Science Center. Purely a handout to modders. Lvl 3 center could be given a tech node cost limit beyond anything in the stock tree- allowing modders to lock parts behind a lvl 4 science center (which would remove all limits) for Career Mode balance and realism for futuristic parts taking even longer to obtain... Could possibly be disabled by default (but re-enabled under difficulty options, with a tooltip "just for looks in the stock gsme") if would annoy stock players. Could be larger/ more impressive than the lvl 4 center, so even some Stock players might use it, for coolness. Would of course also be default level in Sandbox/Science modes (so most players would still benefit from the cool model). - Lvl 4 Admin Building. Should come with a moderate (20-30%?) discount to buy-in costs for all strategies, or *maybe* add a few new, more powerful strategies (or allow existing strategiesto be set to 100%- with lvl 3 only going to 80%, and the strategies all being buffed a bit). Would make the game a bit easier if players bought it- but at VERY low Return On Investment (as the upgrade would be very expensive). Besides, most players don't use the Admin building much. This might give players a *bit* more motive to do so. Could also cone with a larger/cooler building model, maybe also a bigger parking lot? (To represent the increased staffing demands of a more mature apace program, and all the complex clerical work that makes modern space programs possible...) These are just ideas for what each of the lvl 4 upgrades could do- amd I'm sure other players could come up with even better ideas! This is a great game, and little improvements like this (or in the case of players who struggle with launching/landing enormous rockets on the puny lvl 3 pad/runway, BIG improvements...) would make the game even better. I don't expect everyone will agree with me on thos, or all the details, but I would like people not to be closed-mindef about this, or respond "there's a mod for that!". Thank you all for reading this! I think some lvl 4 upgrades, as part of the base game, would be a nice way to show appreciation for the KSP community- and by showing players the game is continuing to grow/evolve in a VERY noticeable way to any playthrough, would keep them involved- and more likely to consider buying KSP 2 and any future expansions for KSP as well...
  20. Kerbal players aren't exactly professional pilots (so landing is hard for many of us), and the runway is annoyingly short for some of the heaviest/largest spaceplanes we might build (ESPECIALLY given the lack of any Stock jet engines larger than 1.25 meters- meaning our largest spaceplanes tend to end up light on Thrust..) Thus, I would like to suggest that there be a longer/wider runway, which players can upgrade to as a "Level 4" runway (only effect is having more room to takeoff/land) in Career, or have from the start in Sandbox. While we're on the subject of facilities, a Level 4 Tracking Center upgrade would be nice- potentially allowing players to attain an even more powerful Deep Space Network, for an ENORMOUS investment of Funds (one more thing to work towards late-game) And, among the alternate launch sites, the Desert Runway is a serious pain- could we get a little terrain leveling of at least a few of the dunes right next to it? (like how the area around the KSC is flat) Maybe make it longer/wider as well? Historically, some of the largest/widest runways in the world have been built in desert areas, for aerospace R&D and potentially for spaceplane use someday (Dreamchaser and X-37b were only the start...)- yet the Desert Runway we have to work with is absolutely pathetic... As is the island runway too- meaning we only have one decent runway, at the KSC- and it's still not as long or wide as we might prefer at times... EDIT: since some comments on a Level 4 DSN aren't aware- there is already one for Outer Planets Mod. So it is definitely possible to do! EDIT #2: Since the lvl 4 Tracking Station idea has generated a LOT of discussion, and was only an aside (from the main idea of a bigger runway), I have created s new thread specifically on level 4 facilities. I would ask you take any discussion of upgraded DSN there- but I would ask that you please do not crowd out other parts of the topic people might want to discuss! Thanks!
  21. Here's the thing: Kerbals are a bit... same. They always have the same heads and the same suits, which sort of gets boring. Instead of just 2 heads, they should have a lot of different heads, and would be chosen like the name generator. Now, I know what you guys are about to say. Why not just use TextureReplacer or TextureReplacerReplaced? Hear me out: first of all, they are both very complicated to use for most players, and second, they are both outdated. Instead, an in-game UI like Kerbaliser should be implemented, so when you are trying to edit a kerbal through the cheat menu, you can just select a look and a suit.
  22. Hey. KSP has just updated (version unknown, date 12/05/2019) together with the launch of Breaking Ground, but a lot of things are still amiss. I made a list of points I'd like to go over here, some are bugs, some are suggestions, some are slight rants from issues that have been present since the game launched and have been not given any attention yet. 1) Show game version number at main/settings screen: when reporting problems we are having to resort to giving the date and hoping you guys can at least figure out which version KSP should be updated to by that given date since there doesn't seem to be any way for one to check exactly what version number he's running. This is a very important feature for bug-reporting and is present on pretty much every game. 2) Explanation for new features added (I'm not talking about Breaking Ground itself, but the "free" update): so, not only a performance calculator has been added for the VAB/SPH, but a lot of other small features as well - such as a new option to toggle "same vessel interact" in the VAB/SPH, for which the game doesn't care one bit to explain. This issue will lead into the following 3rd issue that is KSPedia (will talk more about it); it doesn't seem to be properly updated and, even after painfully scrolling through the document (as there are no table of contents for you to jump to) I could not find mention of any of some new features there (part because I may have missed it - there are literally 175 pages - and part because they aren't there) We also have the training scenarios there in the main menu that are pretty much abandoned. Updates came and gone and seemingly nothing new has been added to the tutorials in regards to the features that have been added with these updates. 3) KSPedia: I have made a post about KSPedia removal back in April (here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/183348-ee-kspedia-removal-feedbackquestions/) but it has apparently received ZERO dev attention on it. I won't bring up all the points I made there here, but pretty much everything discussed there is STILL present and/or important. The sad fact is that with the removal of the KSPedia from the console version we have pretty much traded a relatively functional and intuitive helping system for a poor .pdf file that's quite literally comprised of a series of screenshots of the KSPedia screen, featuring NO table of contents, is all messed up with pages of different sizes (check page 162) and one can't even tell what has been updated or when (although, funnily, as stated by "UomoCapra" back in March, 27; one of the reasons for this change was so that KSPedia could be more easily updated - yeah, right). I mean, honestly, take a look at this mess!: https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/files/KSPedia-XB1.pdf The two main issues we therefore require fixed immediatly in my opinion (regarding KSPedia) are the table content and a marker/line/changelog list in the start of the document that shows new players exactly what has been updated in the document; having a KSPedia version number here https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspedia/ would also not hurt, as I'm typically clueless on whether I have the last version already or if it has been updated. 4) Altimeter AGL/MSL toggle: Is there a radial funtion for toggling this (like we do with the landing gear)? There's a blank option at the 10/11ºclock position when oppening the Action Menu radial which could very well be used for this. Having to move the cursor with an analogue stick to click on the altimeter is painfully annoying. 5) Slider bug: has been present ever since the game came out on consoles, never fixed, never cared for. Two ways you can notice this are by trying to increase a parachute's spread angle to 10 (unless you're extremely lucky you'll end up having to move the slider up and down over fifteen times to get it to 10, more often than not it will go up to ~9.6 and not reach 10); and by trying to select how many sides you want a fairing to break into after it's deployed, in this case you can't select natural numbers like in the PC (that is: 1, 2, 3, 4... nº of sides), but only decimals that make no sense (like: 2.147 number of sides, or 3.879 - you get the picture, how would a fairing break into 2.147 sides?). 6) RESET stage letters are blank (*minor bug): in the VAB on the bottom-right of the screen where there should be the letters "RESET" with an orange background for you to reset the stage orders back to default doesn't have these letters anymore, only the orange background. It left me wondering what that was for, so I clicked on it and messed up my stages, no big deal though. 7) Vertical coloured bar beside kerbal in EVA shows "no text": possible bug? When going EVA we now have the Kerbal portrait on the bottom right. To the left of the portrait there's the vertical bar (which is used to show G-Force/Fatigue when the Kerbal is in a craft), in this case the bar is coloured up to half and, when hovering the cursor over it, it shows (NO TEXT). 8) Allow for time slow down (like a time compression, but opposite)! One of the main issues I have while playing KSP on consoles is having to move the cursor, especially because performance is usually suboptimal and you have to click on that tiny science part while everything is shaking. A very helpful workaround that I came to suggest more than a year ago (and obviously received zero dev attention) is having a system that slows the game down. Now, this system is already present, every time you open the radial menu the game goes "slow-motion" and performance is a LOT better (since the game has time to calculate everything). Therefore, being able to activate this slow-motion mode outside of the radial while being able to move the cursor and interact with modules would be extremely helpful! It would also be helpful when you're managing experiments/crew in a space station/planetary base, since the FPS drops significantly while near these two and it's close to impossible to properly move the cursor and click on the parts you want to.
  23. Here are some things I'm kindly suggesting for KSP 2, most of which are very simple and have great consequences, something lot of people have been asking for years. Most of these have been made possible by mods, but now there is no reason to leave them behind. Let modders deal with fresh ideas. (Order of suggestions is irrelevant.) Cosmetic enhancements: realistic sound behaviour - gradual transition to muffled, deep sounds of rocket engines in low pressure, screechy rumble in IVA during chemical engine operation, Kerbal breathing on EVA with sounds they would hear in spacesuits in vacuum part explodiness inequality - lots of reactive fuel in tank, big boom. Little fuel, small boom. Parts without reactive components, no boom. pitch dark, starless sky in daylight conditions - do not underestimate the aesthetics of real space. Universe is a black void that reveals its beauty only in darkness, making such reveal special. Please don't paint the sky with brown-gray goop and splotchy stars. no convection in vacuum - gases and powders follow ballistic trajectories in vacuum. No swirling. It looks very interesting, it's easier to simulate and teaches you physics. illumination by engine action - simple and looks nice for screenshots planetary body shine - immersive and beautiful realistic engine plumes - looks amazing in screenshots and teaches physics of fluids reentry trails - it's time to use something beautiful that KSP already has, but has never been officially unlocked atmospheric scattering, simple clouds and weather - beautiful and can be done with little downsides visible partial damage for parts - squashed fuel tanks, bent wings, punctured fuselages? Immersive and fun. proper naming of astronomical objects - Kerbol, not The Sun. Mün, not The Mun. Ditch English vicissitudes and pay respect to old, recognized Kerbal goofy names. Gameplay enhancements: astronomical body tilt - it's time to implement it angular momentum conservation - make those RCS thrusters more useful and allow constant spinning. Immersive and useful for centrifugal ships. camera action in docking ports - way more useful than any indicators, immersive simplified thrust curve of solid rocket boosters - no need for complications, a nice neutral curve creates less stress for launches. radioisotope thermoelectric generator power decay curve - one radioisotope with fixed halflife is enough raycast ionizing radiation model - simplified, but powerful in its gameplay impact, just like this WIP; powerful when coupled with Kerbal mortality, makes ship designs elaborate atmospheric curves adhering to same physical laws - in KSP, they are not a balloon - has implications on taking measurements or types of launches cryo-sleep - necessary for interstellar travel if we want same Kerbals surviving Kerbal interaction - chatting, movements, EVA following thermodynamical model with reflectivity - stellar missions with sunshields make Kerbol an active body - Kerbol has been neglected since it turned from a glowing spot into an actual body; this would be great, coupled with Kerbal mortality new planetary bodies - I know it has been mentioned, but I need to remind about great concepts early custom planetary body designers envisioned (a periodical comet, a Vulcan-like sungrazing dwarf planet, ringed planet, binary planet) dangerous surface features - lava, geysers life support, Kerbal reproduction and mortality - it opens vast gameplay opportunities - colonization, difficulties for interstellar travel, etc. sample museum - displaying all the collected and returned items in a special building Kerbals adding mass to vessel when boarding it - immersion and mission planning opportunity - to leave Bob behind on Mün surface, or to strand the ascent crew in orbit? Kerbal EVA building struts and resource transfering - loads of fun playing ballasts - for both airflight and ocean exploration inline parachute - we've been waiting for this for years, come on realistic start of career mode - unmanned start that progresses into manned missions as reward variable sphere of influence - useful for comets At the end of everything, my best advice, and I see it has already been announced, is: no magic stuff, only physics - please, never give up on this crown rule of KSP
  24. Is it possible that when parts with fuel and oxidizer explode, a shockwave is generated and destroys stuff around it?
  25. I think kerbal space program 2 looks stunning. I like the idea of interstellar travel and colonization, but I am worried that we can't keep the freedom ksp 1 had. I would suggest some mandatory things to stay, like the nav ball and all the keyboard controls. Then I would suggest a Gameplay mechanic so we ca place Colonies ANYWHERE. First : launch a factory to the place you want to colonize maybe a beautiful hill or something like that. Second build construction rovers. Third plan your colony, like the way you build bases in subnautica. You can place without you materials but it will only be a hologram. Fourth collect resources, get them to the factory and the let it construct the colony. I would suggest that the modules are built instantly, leaving no room for any time delays that could add micro transactions. I only want to buy the base game and the maybe 2 or 3 dlc's but NO MICROTRANSACTIONS It would really hurt the game. But other than that I am SO EXCITED pls keep up you work!
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