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Found 5 results

  1. This wishlist is meant to be a source of inspiration for developers and modders and also a tracking system of the things implemented in the game. General: Lore: Kerbals: Progression: UI and game mechanics: Colonies: Parts: Science: Communication: Environment (visual and/or gameplay enhancing): Sound: Multiplayer: QoL & other improvements:
  2. Yep, you heard that right. We need a black hole in KSP2. I would imagine that it functions just like how jool did in KSP1, maybe destroying the craft completely after reaching a certain "altitude". a quasar would be beautiful. Plus, having a black hole would allow for some game breaking slingshots, being able to perform gravity assists that accelerate you multiple times your orbital speed. I would love for it to be a supermassive black hole, but at the same time, maybe a stellar black hole, or a black hole orbiting another star would also be great. I noticed in the game's introduction trailer there was a quasar, so maybe the KSP2 devs are hinting at something. https://youtu.be/VUiY2WqCet8?t=19
  3. KSP Wishlist (Parts only) These are all the parts that I would love to be added into KSP at one point or another. Yes, I know there are mods that add these, but I simply like it better when these things are Stock so that they won't break with updates, I never have to worry about managing my mods everytime and that I don't have to worry about mods becoming outdated or discontinued. Please leave feedback or your own suggestions on what things you'd like to see. Parts: *Requires Making History DLC Engines: Paid: · Merlin 1-D equivalent with Vacuum variant · BE-4 equivalent · Raptor equivalent · Rutherford equivalent with Vacuum variant (0.3125 meter size) · RL10 equivalent · RS-68 equivalent (Maybe the Mainsail could be altered to fit this role) · RD-170 equivalent with 4, 2 and 1 nozzle variants · GEM equivalent with editable nozzles (change angle) · RS-88/SuperDraco equivalent with Launch Escape Mode (Full thrust regardless of throttle) · Turboprops and helicopter rotors. Free: · Rework of the ‘Thumper’ to equivalate with AJ-60A with editable nozzle · Variant of the ‘Puff’ with an inline-mount and higher thrust · 1.875m SRB with segmented variants (You can choose how many segments you want it to have)* Command: Paid: · Dragon 2 capsule equivalent · CST-100 Starliner/Apollo equivalent (Basically a flatter version of the Mk1-3 Command Pod) · New Shepard crew capsule varient · Passenger plane cockpit · New 0.3125 meter Probodobodyne probes for very small probes and landers Free: · Mk1-3 Command Pod with Silver/Shiny metal variant · Mk3 and both Mk2 cockpits with heat shielded bottoms Fuel tanks: Paid: · New 0.3125 meter size tanks with White, Black, Silver and Orange variants. Also with RCS versions · New 2.5 meter Liquid Fuel tanks for planes Free: · New 2.5 and 3.75 meter tank variants in full White, full Black and Gray/Orange (plus a higher quality 3.75 meter standard variant and Orange variant) · New 1.25 meter tank variant in full Black · New 1.875 meter tank variant in full White and full Black* · 0.625 meter tank redesign and more length variants. In full White, full Black and Silver/Grey variants · New Mk2 and Mk3 tanks with heat shielded bottoms · Redesigned smaller RCS tanks to match the larger ones Command and Control: Paid: · Low profile RCS blocks like the ones used on Falcon 9 · Larger RCS blocks · Larger place-anywhere RCS thrusters Free: · Redesigned reaction wheels Structural: Paid: · Strut-like adapters between sizes · Structural tube adapters between sizes. i.e. hollow adapters · 0.3125 to 0.625 meter adapter Free: · Redesigned Girders and I-beams · Structural tube variant in Black, Orange and Grey-Orange · Struts that snap on both ends Coupling: Paid: · Multiple size docking port, can dock both normal and Jr. ports · Strut-like decouplers for 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75 meter sizes Free: · Redesigned, animated docking ports like the ones used on real-life spacecraft · 1.25 meter engine plate · New engine plate variant in Black Payload: Paid: · 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75 meter cargo bays Free: · Mk3 and Mk2 Cargo sections with heat shielded bottoms · Redesigned Payload Fairings: Slimmer design that’s hollow. Think of it as a Structural Tube with Fairing capability Aerodynamics: Paid: · Grid fins · Slanted nosecone in the style of the Atlas V SRB’s · Large FAT-465 Aeroplane Main Wing for large planes Free: · 1.875 meter nosecones* · Wing pieces with heat shielded bottoms Ground: Paid: · Landing legs in 3 variants. Falcon 9, New Shepard and New Glenn styles · Sideways retracting landing gear with shallower bays · Large, open structure wheels like the ones seen on that Batman-style Mars rover concept Free: · RoveMax Model S3; basically a larger S2 like the Mars 2020 Rover wheels. Thermal: Free: · Tiny Radiator Panel · Black variant of heat shields Electrical: Paid: · Electric Servos. Can be used in 3 separate way. 1: Can be setup to work as a fin, wing sections can be connected that will act as wings/fins. 2: Can be rotated on command using the UI or Custom Actions and 3: Can be set to continually rotate at a given speed. Come in a variety of sizes. These will consume Electricity based on the amount and speed of rotation. · Electric hinges: Can be opened and closed on command either with the UI or Custom Actions. Come in a variety of sizes · Medium deployable solar panels in the style of Orion, Dragon and Soyuz · Round, deployable solar panels in the style of Orion · Round solar panels in the style of CST-100 Starliner · Massive solar panels like on the ISS Free: · Redesign of RTG · Redesign of deployable solar panels · Option to limit Solar Panel rotational range, Communication: - Science: Paid: · Camera; Can be placed onto any craft. It will photograph whatever it is aimed at and can send those images to the Tracking Station Can be used while in orbit around a body to record it’s geography and create a map that can be used to find a suitable landing spot. It will only record a small section of the surface at any time, so making a complete map requires a polar orbit and time. Maps can be uploaded to the Tracking Station from the craft Utility: Paid: · New 2.5 meter Crew Cabin for planes · More powerful Launch Escape System in the style of SLS/Soyuz Free: · Smaller radial parachutes · Redesigned Mk16, Mk16-XL and Mk25 parachutes so they look better New Mechanics: · Fairings are now solid and stuff can be attached to them. · Fairings can now partially be deployed from any chosen point upward. Players can now choose what part of the fairing separates and what part stays. It is also possible to have the top portion of a fairing stay attached to the craft, see the Launch Escape system of the Soyuz for an example.
  4. Hi Guys,I decided to make a new wishlist as a master thread that has my own complete wishlist of new parts and some new features. I know a lot of these have probably been requested by many other players, but I thought it would be a good idea to showcase them all in one place. Feel free to add your own ideas below. Barely any of these are major things that definitely need to be added, I'm simply thinking everything I myself can think of that I'd personally like.Most, if not all of these can be solved with mods. However, I think some of these would be a very nice to have added the base game. Problem though, having all these parts may have an impact on the design simplicity of KSP, like I said most of the items on this list are by no means crucially important things to add and this will end up probably adding absolutely tonnes of not hundreds of parts (unless they be made procedural or tweakable). I know some of these are badly explained, I will try and make these more concise. Now do I start with the biggest one first and get it out of the way or do I leave it till the end... Oh well, better prepare thy selves this is gonna be huge, prepare for death by words (I do apologise): [all measurements are in metres] Structural parts overhaul, this one is quite extensive. I'll start with the I-Beams - currently they have quite an awkward size in terms of length - for me it's be great if they were redesigned keeping the 0.2x0.2 cross-section but having lengths of say 1, 2 and even 0.5m maybe even 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75m even procedural. It would be great if these had a tweakable so that they can be changed from an I-Beam, to say a hollow cylindrical tube or a tube with a square cross-section, it would also be great if their material could be changed from the metal (presumably steel/titanium) to the material found with aero parts (these should change their density and thus bouyancy, the metal should naturally sink whereas the aero material (presumably a composite material) should be excessively buoyant and should probably have lower impact and thermal tolerances. For structural panels I'd like to keep the existing ones but again, maybe add the tweakable material for them, besides that for me a 0.5x1 and a 0.5x0.5 would be good. The other thing I'd like to add are different shapes and configurations of structural panels, again these could be made procedural and have tweakables. The shapes I'd like to see are triangles (both right-angled and equilateral), hexagons, octagons and circles, conveniently sized to match structural panels and the radial size form factors. Back onto the tweakables for structural panels, I think it would be nice if there were windowed versions, either versions that are just plain windows or have windows embedded in them. All for the sake of allowing over-engineering of crafts to make them look more perfect. Better tweakables for changing the amount of fuel/authority limiters etc - I'd like to be able to double click the number by the slider and input a value in just to save the frustration of precisely moving the slider (which is still good for larger increments), sometimes it can be frustrating when it won't go to 0 and you have to go hunting in craft config files. Also, when I remove fuel in the editor I'd like this to be able physically change the maximum amount of fuel the vehicle can take, so when I fly it the fuel bar doesn't start partially empty - it should redefine the maximum fuel a vehicle can take (obviously make this an option, so players can start with reduced fuel loads and then top up to max as well as doing what I just described). A new set of aero engines, specifically electric propellers, I propose versions like the ducted fans seen on the Avatar helicopters, ducted fans like on most modern airships and ones styled like commonplace EDFs in RC models. These should have versions that are radially and attached via nodes where applicable and come to suite all current form factors, they should also have tweakables to define blade types (either like a conventional propeller, scimitar blades, or more gas turbine blade like), number of blades from 2 and onwards (similar to the fairings) and to have the duct or not. There should be an inline version as well with a rotor with blades lining it's circumference. The blades on most versions should be reversible allowing for reverse thrust, These should be adequate for both conventional and VTOL aircraft as well as watercraft. More wing parts, mainly for 0.625m parts with smaller wings and smaller control surfaces (I'm a big fan of gliding probes, but I can also see them being used for... other purposes). A 0.625m SRB that can be attached radially and inline (basically scaled down RT-5 or RT-10). Node-attached inline version of sepratron 1 with identical performance Omni-directional lights in 3 sizes A retractable version of the Pegasus 1 Functional pre-cooler (acts like a radiator - if it doesn't already) Rangefinder and camera/telescope science parts, for finding above ground level altitudes. Range should go from say 0-10km maybe more for slightly larger versions or whatever is more suitable. Stabilising landing legs, so that for example if you land on a hill, the legs will automatically extend/retract telescopically so that the thing they're supporting remains level - useful for the foundations of structures and bases. Tank steering options for wheels and if possible tracked wheels A permanent docking connector, should be as strong as connecting parts normally in the editor, isn't able to be decoupled, useful for orbital construction, should be shaped like the current 2.5m docking port but with smaller sizes (could be a tweakable option on current parts). Square solar panels and radiators, as well as flat radiators, new solar panels that conform to structural panels (don't replace existing, they're good for mounting around the current cylindrical tanks etc). 1.25m and 2.5m cargo bays and taller service bays. Horizontal and Vertical versions of the hitchhiker storage container and mobile processing unit (at the moment, they're aligned vertically with circular floors) I propose another version that's aligned horizontally, the external model won't change, but the IVA will - just because at the moment having them vertically orientated means they're at a different orientation to the command pods except the lander-cans Another Kerbal seat that doesn't have control functionality plus the ability to add Kerbals into seats from the editor. Another RCS system that uses compressed air from jet engines/APUs instead of mono-propellant Reworked cockpit IVAs (I'm looking at the non-functional MFDs here). Stock bearing parts (they are possible with current stock parts but it would be good if we could get a part as stock). These really don't need to be motorised because we already have good possibilities for actuation, though I imagine a motorised version is desirable for robotic arms - like everything here this is open for discussion Stock actuators and hinges (like in infernal robotics) with selectable ranges of motion, speed of motion and torque (as well as a realism option for you if you want high torque -> moves at lower speed or something). More suitable aircraft antennae or maybe a tweakable option for radomes A ballast tank with a super precise slider or the possibility of inputting values - this should contain a very dense and totally inert resource - isn't used up by anything (unlike ore) and have a super precise slider or alternatively be able to enter a value from the editor like I discussed earlier. More ladder sizes (or tweakable Kelus-LV) Covered 0.625 and 2.5m docking port Graphical improvement to T-1 "Dart" Toroidal aerospike, at the moment it seems too truncated, the cone (spike) should be extended to be made more spikey Graphical improvement to the S3 KS-25x4 "Mammoth" to match the S3 KS-25 "Vector" the Mammoth is just 4 of the latter engine mounted together, however the former has nozzles that are of poorer quality than that of the Vector and burns with an orange flame instead of the blue flame. Wet/Dry modes to JX-4 "Whiplash" Turbo Ramjet A more powerful 0.625m jet engine to complement the J-20 "Juno" jet engine with wet/dry modes (should either be a scaled down JX-4 or J-404) Graphical improvements to some parts that aren't maybe as good as the standard set by some other parts More airbrake variants (could just be control surfaces which a very large range of motion (60-70 degrees) in one direction only) The addition of the old style fighter jet like Mk.1 cockpit alongside the new Learjet like Mk.1 cockpit - I miss it dearly and would love to have both instead of just the 1 A linear toroidal aerospike in multiple form factors More air intakes for 0.625m parts, eg the shock-cone intake, the inline adjustable ramp intake and the radial adjustable ramp intake (kinda goes with the wing/control surfaces parts for 0.625m form factor) Circular 0.625m and 3.75m probe cores (scaled RC-001S and RC-L01 RGUs Have the grappling hook be able to grapple onto planetary surfaces not just parts and asteroids - will allow it to be used as anchors Optional life support system and applicable resource tanks for said life support Supersonic shock cone and boom effects Define exact part to autostrut to, but keeping the current attach to root part, heaviest part etc Tweakable option for J-90 "Goliath" to remove its structural hardpoint (unless it's already possible) A new structural hardpoint of different sizes to complement the current airliner style ones (they should be more like the older style ones but suitably modernised and in different sizes). Inflatable toroidal heat shields Inflatable airbags for buoyancy and cushioning landings. Fix mirroring issues on structural panels and I-beams at certain orientations Landing gear that retracts outward laterally (sideways) Animated cockpits and hatches Updated lights for runways and towers Flashing variants for lights with defined period and flash mode, as well as rotating beacon lights. Features have been discussed to death including: Multiplayer Atmospheric effects Multiple solar systems
 Give yourself a great big pat on the back if you made it through that! Cheers! Ollie
  5. Do any mod that automatic naming the spacecraft?
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