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  1. So there is bugs, yea we expected some. but looking at the most common bugs raises concerns that they need to go "back to formula" see what outers think is simply a annoyance bug points to much larger issues. and there are a few "gotcha's" First off is simply user interface, how key and button input is handled. but also how it is processed. an example is when writing a ship's name, M key takes you to a map view. this shows inputs are global instead of mode specific and/or the mode swapping is not handled properly. then there is the lack of response from interface when crafts of extreme loads are being launched, lets say you get time to pass once every 10 seconds, pressing esc you wait up to 10 seconds to see map. this is first a ticking issue, shows the menu is not calculated independently and have to wait for the world render cycle to complete before it is acted upon. the menu us a slave function to rendering. this should not be so. next there is time itself. time should pass once every second, no lag or load should reduce that. any function should be a slave of time and use "time passed since last action" as part of its calculations. instead of relying on each action's output to calculate the next, formula's should allow passing of any amount of time and be able to adapt to those. an example is rotating to a position over time, instead of needing to take action at every passing unit of time, a simple formula can be used to see how far it would be towards its goal giving this amount of time passed. so if a craft would need 8 seconds to rotate from prograde to retro, and you are on 10x speed, then simply assume that in the passing of 10 seconds it made the rotation and set it as such, and deduct the propellant it would have used for that. simple this will fix rotation and acceleration not functioning over time warp of any kind. then as for physics, this should be simplified where you can pre-calculate it take the assembled craft in its current state, then do a linetrace from it from every direction, get the relevant angle of the hit and assign a value to it. do an additive overlay for control surfaces and other moving parts. now simplify it into center of drag, and center of mass use this along with speed to calculate everything else needed, bit you now get to treat it as a single part and not 100's of parts, and only needs to recalculate if the assembly changes. you can further pre-calculate each part and in the final calculation use those as an is visible basis. you're welcome. the current setup looks to prioritize visual priority of execution should be: 1 - time 2 - interface input and response 3 - control input and response 4 - vehicle movement 5 - actual rendering, here going LOD or even complete basic Low poly will be acceptable as long as time keeps passing, input responding and actions happening reliably. next assembly again looks like rendering is prioritized. it looks like everything is as movable and lighting is dynamic, this is wrong and even bad for performance. treat every placed object as static, use directional light and pre-bake light as much as possible, then calculate dynamic shadows for the single combined model. also VAB should have better uniform lighting with less shadows, it's a rocket factory after all so can assume its getting at least 4x light from each side and from on top, this makes baking light easier. as for placement sockets, sure snapping to anything is a function now, but how about if we mid-mouse-button select something to then prioritize snapping to the object that we are focusing our view on? also you dont have to make an entire assembly as moveable to attach it, simply rendering a 2d version of it for the current view and using a depth offset, use that as a card for the moveable part, and hide the static once you render the card, then you dont even need movables. there is also collision issues with many parts, the simple solution is to do a visual interrace and get tangent at location, use that instead of collision, so a surface mount item will mount to the visual outer surface. these are just a few bug fixes and performance booster i would have looked at. again this is speculative and only the opinion of a play test, and I have no actual knowledge of how the code actually functions
  2. Eu instalei alguns mods no meu KSP 1.10 (EVE, DistantObject, KSP secondary Motion, PlanetShine, Sigma, Scatterer e Astronomers Visual Pack), despois de instalar quando fui abrir meu save todos os contratos, tantos os ativos quantos os do prédio de missão sumiram. Não consigo mais realizar nenhuma missão e assim não consigo mais pontos de ciência. Alguém pode me ajudar ?
  3. [0.25 - 1.9.x] Corona's model fixer v0.2 Corona's model fixer has the purpose to fix the 3D model of the stars coronas for planet pack makers. It always has been a challenge for planet makers to make decent coronas for their packs due to the stock Sun having a distorted mesh instead of a distorted texture. Thanks to this little addon, this will not be a problem anymore, any texture that has been made will be rendered as excepted. I know the new model is not perfect yet (the outer edges are not really equal in size) but it is already way easier to texture them. I still can improve it if needed, although I do update whenever I feel it so don't force me to. The mod has been tested down to 0.25 but also should work for older versions. However, you have to select either your game is +1.8 or not. Download and Source This mod is under the MIT license and is totally independent of Kopernicus but would be quite useless without it. Feel free to include it into your mod without asking my permission, but don't forget to say I made it Last version (Github) Source code (Github) Installation Download the last version of the addon corresponding to your game version (1.8+ or pre-1.8) and move the content of the GameData folder into your GameData. The library (.dll) can actually be placed anyway into the GameData folder. Note I am not a fluent English speaker so I hope that does not bother you. This is my first mod and it might not be that sick, try to not be too harsh with me haha. Changelog v0.1 - Initial version: Normalize and move the extra edges of the model. v0.2: Added a pre 1.8 compatibility because of Unity libraries that changed in the last versions of the game.
  4. I have been playing KSP for quite a while but recently there is a problem. Every time I start my KSP save, it would revert in progress many days ago. At first I addressed the problem as KSP autosave stop functioning, but in Backup folder there is the updated autosave file. I am able to recover my progress but the fact that the main "persistent.sfs" not updating automatically really irritate me. Are there similar issues in others KSP? More importantly, Are there any fix?
  5. Hello everybody! I have a problem. When I launched the rocket, a pink square appeared on its nose. How i can fix it ? https://ibb.co/wJcqp6R - screenshot.
  6. Hello I have a weird graphical glitch That's all. I heard that I may need the log file, but who cares? I can't upload it, you can't no one can't! Need I remind you that I don't have any graphical mods, such as, EVE and Astronomer's Visual Pack. Oh yeah, mod list: Flight Manager for Reusable Stages (FMRS) Continued (FMRSContinued 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET (Mk1CockpitIVAReplbyASET 1.1) [x] Science! Continued (xScienceContinued 5.26) 6 Crew Science Lab (SixCrewScienceLab 1.1) 6 Seat Mk3 Cockpit (SixSeatMk3cockpit 1.1) Air Tunnels (AirTunnels 1.0) AirlockPlus (AirlockPlus v0.0.11) Airplane Plus (AirplanePlus 26.5) All Tweak (AllTweak 0.7) ASET Agency (ASETAgency 1.0) ASET Avionics (ASETAvionics 2.1) ASET Props (ASETProps 1.5) Astrogator (Astrogator v0.10.0) AT Utils (AT-Utils v1.9.0) Automated Screenshots & Saves (AutomatedScreenshots Aviation Lights (AviationLights 1:v4.1.0) B9 Part Switch (B9PartSwitch v2.13.0) Ballast Water Tanks (WaterTanks v1.6) BetterTimeWarpContinued (BetterTimeWarpCont Champagne Bottle Redux (ChampagneBottleRedux Chatterer (Chatterer 0.9.98) Chatterer Extended (ChattererExtended 0.6.2) ClickThrough Blocker (ClickThroughBlocker Community Category Kit (CommunityCategoryKit Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:3.4.1) Community Trait Icons (CommunityTraitIcons v1.1.1) Configurable Containers (ConfigurableContainers 2.4.8) Configurable Containers Core (ConfigurableContainers-Core 2.4.8) Contract Configurator (ContractConfigurator 1.28.0) Contract Pack: Exploration Plus (ContractConfigurator-ExplorationPlus 1.0.2) CorrectCoL (CorrectCoL Custom Barn Kit (CustomBarnKit DaMichel's Cargo Bays (DCB) (DMTanks-CargoBays 1: DE IVAExtension (DE-IVAExtension v1.0.2) Decalc'o'mania (Decalc-o-mania v2.0.2) Destruction Effects (DestructionEffects 2:v1.11.0) Docking Cam (DockingCamKURS Docking Port Alignment Indicator (DockingPortAlignmentIndicator 6.8.6) Docking Port Sound FX (DockingPortSoundFX v2.1.12) Dynamic Battery Storage (DynamicBatteryStorage 2: EvaFollower (EvaFollower 1: Feline Utility Rovers (FelineUtilityRovers 1.2.10) Firespitter (Firespitter v7.15) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.15) Firespitter Resources config (FirespitterResourcesConfig v7.15) Flag Pack (FlagPack v1.1.1) Flight Tracker (FlightTracker Grounded - Modular Vehicles (Grounded 5.0) Historian Expanded (Historian-expanded 2:v1.8.0) Horizontal Landing Aid Redux (RCSLandAid HyperEdit (HyperEdit JSI Advanced Transparent Pods (JSIAdvancedTransparentPods V0.1.21.0) JSIPartUtilities (JSIPartUtilities Kabrams Sun Flare Orange High (KabramsSunFlaresPack-Orange-High 001) Kerbal Alarm Clock (KerbalAlarmClock v3.12.0.0) Kerbal Attachment System (KAS 1.5) Kerbal Changelog (KerbalChangelog v1.1.7) Kerbal Engineer Redux (KerbalEngineerRedux Kerbal Foundries2 (KerbalFoundriesContinued Kerbal Inventory System (KIS 1.24) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued (KerbalJointReinforcementContinued v3.5.0) Kerbal Launch Failure (KerbalLaunchFailure 0.4.11) Kerbal Reusability Expansion (SpaceXLegs 2.8.5) KerbalX Mod (KerbalXMod 1.1.0) KerbalX Part Mapper (PartMapper 0.4.2) KerbNet Controller (KerbnetController 5.0) Kerbulator (Kerbulator 0.45) Konstruction (Konstruction KS3P (KS3P V6.1) KSC Extended (KSCExtended 2.2) KSC Harbor (KSCHarbor 1.1.1) KSP Wheel (KSPWheel 1: KXAPI (KXAPI 1.2.0) LightsOut Relit (LightsOutRelit v0.3.0.1) MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 Memorial Wall (MemorialWall MissingHistory (MissingHistory 1.8.1) Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET (Mk1LanderCanIVAReplbyASET 1.1) Mk1-Cabin-Hatch (Mk1CabinHatch 0.2.0) Mk1PrototypeCockpit (Mk1PrototypeCockpit Version_2) Mk2 Stockalike Expansion (Mk2Expansion 2: Mk3 Hypersonic Systems (Mk3HypersonicSystems 1:1.2) Mk3 Stockalike Expansion (Mk3Expansion Module Manager (ModuleManager 4.1.3) Navball Docking Alignment Indicator CE-2 (NavballDockAlignIndCE 1.1.0) NavUtilities continued (NavUtilitiesContinued 0.7.2) Near Future Electrical (NearFutureElectrical 1.1.1) Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 1.1.1) Near Future IVA Props (NearFutureProps 1:0.6.2) Near Future Propulsion (NearFuturePropulsion 1.2.1) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 1.2.1) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 1.2.1) Near Future Spacecraft (NearFutureSpacecraft 1.3.1) Old Parts Redux (OldPartsRedux 1:0.10.0) Omega's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required (StockalikeStructures 0.0.12) Orbital Survey Plus (OrbitalSurveyPlus 2.3.6) Phoenix Industries EVA Survival Suit (PhoenixIndustriesEVASuit 1) PlanetShine (PlanetShine PlanetShine - Default configuration (PlanetShine-Config-Default RasterPropMonitor (RasterPropMonitor 1:v0.31.3) RasterPropMonitor Core (RasterPropMonitor-Core 1:v0.31.3) RCS Build Aid Continued (RCSBuildAidCont 1:0.10.0) RecoveryController (RecoveryController 0.0.4) ReStock (ReStock 1.0.3) ReStock Extra - Rigid Legs (RestockRigidLegs 1.0.3) ReStock+ (ReStockPlus 1.0.3) scatterer (Scatterer 3:v0.055) Scatterer Default Config (Scatterer-config 3:v0.055) Science - Full Reward! (Continued) (Science-Full-Reward v5.1) Science - Full Transmit! (Science-Full-Transmit v1.1) Science Relay (ScienceRelay 6.0) SnapDock (SnapDock 0.0.3) Solar Science (SolarScience 1:v1.1.0) Spaceplane Corrections (SpaceplaneCorrections v0.19) Stockalike Mining Extension (StockalikeMiningExtension 0.99.4) Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux (StationPartsExpansionRedux 1.3.3) Strategia (Strategia 1.8.0) Tarsier Space Technology with Galaxies Continued... (TarsierSpaceTechnologyWithGalaxies 1:7.9) TextureReplacer (TextureReplacer v4.1.3) Textures Unlimited (TexturesUnlimited The Janitor's Closet (JanitorsCloset 0.3.7) The SSR MicroSat: 0.35m Probe Parts Revived (MicroSatRevived 0.1.3) Through The Eyes of a Kerbal (ThroughTheEyesOfaKerbal 2.0.3) Toolbar (Toolbar 1: Toolbar Controller (ToolbarController 1: Trajectories (Trajectories v2.3.1) Transfer Window Planner (TransferWindowPlanner v1.7.2.0) TriggerAu Flags (TriggerAu-Flags v2.9.3.0) Tundra's Space Center (TundraSpaceCenter 2.0.1) TweakScale - Rescale Everything! (TweakScale v2.4.3.10) UNDOCKINATOR (UNDOCKINATOR v1.1) Universal Storage II (UniversalStorage2 USI Tools (USITools Utility Weight (UtilityWeight 0.9.2) Vessel Viewer Continued (VesselView 2: VesselView-UI-RasterPropMonitor (VesselView-UI-RasterPropMonitor 1: Water Launch Sites (Kerbal-Konstructs) (WaterLaunchSites 1.0.0) WetterWings (WetterWings Version_1) Who Am I? (WhoAmI 1.1.0) Xenon ISRU (XenonISRU 0.0.1) Zero MiniAVC (ZeroMiniAVC 1: Thanks!
  7. KSP is stuck on the last patch when on module manager, I deleted the mod stopping it, but then it freezes again to the last mod. Please help me solve this problem. KSP 1.4.1
  8. Stock Part Fixes For a long time I wasn't happy with attributes of some parts that nearly prohibite us to use them. So I compiled some inconsitencies and created some Module Manager scripts to change the data. Here is the "Suggestion topic" This is not really a mod, but a script which will need Module Manager, which you can find here Download the mod (ZIP) This zip contains 3 files Consistency fixes : it'll fix many mass and few temperatures inconsitencies. It also add 50RCS to the inline docking port and extend the interaction range of Goo experiment and Lab Jr. Science changes : increase mass of many experiments, size Atmo scan and narowband to match goo canister size and mass. Only small experiments keeps their physicless atribute. ISRU are also more heavy. Delete this file if you don't like it Dubious changes : Basic fin has be buffed to a real fin and Airbrake is now more resistant. Those 2 modifications may change the game play, so delete this file if you don't like that. Feed back is very much appreciated. Further more, I would like to change some data on drag for some parts, but I don't know how to do it. Science rescale (atmo sensor and narrowband scanner) Inconsistency fixes details Science changes details Dubious changes details
  9. I'm trying to get to Mars in RSS/RO with an heavy ship , insipired by the Constellation program from NASA (2005-2009) and the only mod that gives the BNTR (Bimodal Nuclear Thermal Rocket) engines is way outdated and all the links are broken(mod name : Constellation Essentials).I luckily got the parts from Winged, but they are made for 1.1.3 and I'd like to use them in 1.2.2.The only part that works (1 out of 4 parts) is the engine mount for the BNTRs. I don't know much about modding/fixing ,so I gently ask someone that understands coding and Module Manager to help me.Thanks! Constellation Essentials parts here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yyrs766kcqmd8wg/AACJDLpj2QnMoRmIrsNEq3s3a?dl=0 Part demonstation:
  10. Hello everyone. This is a very simple "mod", more of a patch, which will help the lag when looking at the ocean from space. This doesn't fix lag at sea level, as the ocean lag is purely dependent on your hardware, so don't expect it to be 100% gone. This patch works by lowering the ScaledVersion and PQS fadeStart, fadeEnd and deactivateAltitude. The ocean completely unloads at 70,000, when you get to space in this patch. Before, it was 160,000. DEPENDENCIES: Kopernicus: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-1.3.0-2 ModuleManager: https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/127/artifact/ModuleManager-2.8.0.zip DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8yizsm8c3orheh/GSLX - OceanPatch.zip?dl=0 PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT CURRENTLY EXPERIENCE LAG WHEN LOOKING AT THE OCEAN, THIS PATCH IS NOT NEEDED AND WILL HAVE 0 EFFECT ON YOUR GAME. This patch is aimed at people with low spec PCs with either an integrated GPU, or an old one. @lajoswinkler Note to the Moderators: I had no idea where to put this thread, but making an addon release for it will bring more attention to it, meaning people suffering from this problem will see it easier. Feel free to move if needed.
  11. Hey guys, anyone who can fix the adjustable landing gear mod from BahamutoD for ksp 1.1.3 I understand he has no time for it and waits for a good wheel mechanics fix. Dont know if there are any experienced modder out here who wants to give his time for this mod. The main problem is that if it touches the ground it clips or bounches the like he is seeing the kraken himself. In my opinion the stock landing gear is still a bit a pain in the ass... edit: What a moderator said: 'The author has indicated that the mod wouldn't be updated until Squad is finished with wheel fixes, I think the idea is to avoid having to update them for the currrent version and then having to update them again after fixes are applied. These parts are a bit more complex than the typical wheel parts, given their procedural nature. I think it's understandable that they require a bit more work than most wheel parts.' and this is what another forummember said: guys! i got a build for 1.1.2 for all of you guys. Main Download : link (not working as intended) fixing it... Sourcery : link Enjoy! if you want me to take it down. just tell me. EDIT: after a look around.. i cannot find a solution to the wheels sinking into the ground. baha could use this as a base though. EDIT 2 : after some after thought.. someone will need to use unity to update the wheel colliders.
  12. i update ksp 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 after update i am facing a problem in career mode neither i can make maneuver nodes nor i can select any object such as mun minmus etc in map view, my active vessel orbit is in grey color instead of yellow, but every thing is fine in sandbox any one know how to fix it, i install all mode through ckan
  13. The Hyperedit ship lander for kip 1.1.3 won't work!
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