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Found 9 results

  1. I have been playing KSP for quite a while but recently there is a problem. Every time I start my KSP save, it would revert in progress many days ago. At first I addressed the problem as KSP autosave stop functioning, but in Backup folder there is the updated autosave file. I am able to recover my progress but the fact that the main "persistent.sfs" not updating automatically really irritate me. Are there similar issues in others KSP? More importantly, Are there any fix?
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to revert jet engine sounds back to pre 1.4 sounds? I'm not entirely happy about the vacuum cleaner sounds we got in 1.4, so if it is possible I would like a "downgrade" of those.
  3. I was going to the Mun and I had actually made it. Here is a screenshot if you want to see what happened. https://imgur.com/a/cZnzVoX My engine broke. I made a new and improved ship that should work. But I don't want to go through that same complicated process to get there again. I had quicksaved right before I landed so i want to go to that quicksave with my new rocket. Is it possible to load a quicksave with a new rocket?
  4. KSP: 1.3.1 Windows 10, 64bit Problem: I updated to soon. Mods installed: Way too many. Reproduction steps: Update do 1.3.1 without thinking it through. See that all the mods you need for missions you were actively working on are as suited to version 1.3.1 as mercury-thermometers are to commercial airliners. Log: Not really necessary, nor useful. Okay, to put my question, as elaborated above, as simply as I can: How can I revert to 1.3? Technically, I actually know. Get the 1.3 installer, backup the "ships", "saves" and "gamedata" folders, install it all fresh and dandy, dump my bloated backup in there, load it up, and smile like the clumsy oaf that I am. Problem: the Download site on kerbalspaceprogram.com offers many flavors of installers and patches. Even the installer for ya olde version 1.2.2. But not, as of this writing, an installer for 1.3. Anyone. Please. Where can I find ye older v1.3(x64) installer, for Windows? I don't even need some official place. If anyone just happens to still have it, and would put it on Google Drive or some other file-host for me to download, I would be most grateful. I might name one of my ships after you! Pleasepleaseplease, help a guy out!
  5. I'm looking for something that'll take a save from a newer version of KSP (1.2.2), translate it into something that an older version can read (1.0.5), and maybe delete the stuff that shouldn't be there such as the fixed communotron. I know it sounds stupid but I have a very good reason - Hovercraft Dakar!
  6. Hi! By installing KSP through Steam (using the "Previous Stable Release" option), the version on the bottom of the main game window says "", no build data. Just to clarify, I'm planning to stick to 1.0.5 until some bugs of 1.1.1 are fixed, which completely breaks game-play - in my particular case I say. My question: is this build "1028", with all the latest bug-fixes of original 1.0.5? If not, how can I get those? Many thanks!
  7. When i revert to the VAB or the SPH all i see is a blank blue screen and the menus, no parts or the building itself are visible. The only fix is to quit entirely to the main menu and reload the game. I have no mods installed except mechjeb.
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