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  1. Banned for posting too much on this thread
  2. Im not sure why but whenever i select a parachute (only certain ones) it crashes the game. It might be something to do with one of my parachute mods like RealChute Parachute Systems but im not sure.
  3. Yeah i dont have much of an idea on it. they kinda just gave us a crumb of the cookie, they clearly have a multiplayer already
  4. ok aways, the last time i played ksp 2 (idk if its different now) they are displayed as circles (not filled in) but in ksp 1 they were made to appear like the body they are hiding beneath, and my problem is that it is really messy when you're making a maneuver node
  5. Can't wait to have me some lovely grid fins
  6. Got my first Jupiter flyby and solar system escape in RSS/RO! tbh rss gets more fun the more you play, and lot more challenging then stock system
  7. That would be cool, not sure how that would work though
  8. woah woah woah woah woah woah, slow down there, you said there will be multiple updates before the science update
  9. I think ksp 1 is a better fit for someone completely new to the franchise, but i think the current setup is good enough for ksp 2 as well edit, it doesn’t seem that their completely new but you get what i mean
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